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6pm January 5th, 2015     


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Late Sunday Night Jester Chat: "History of The Sheer Magnitude of The Great Deception"
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January 5th, 2015, 3:55 pm  HI FAMILY:   ESX Website Update!!!


Frank26:    DELTA ......... Only bring this GOI REPORT and Erbil Stock Exchange Report for tonight.   TY Sir.   KTFA,   Frank

moneytalks1 : 
HI delta and happy new year!!!   Thanx for bringing the ERBIL STOCK EXCHANGE NEW LOOK!!! into focus. I assume that have no International rate-yet!!??
Don't they have an international
trading platform software? I have looked at the website already.  Thanx, Delta



JC Collins JANUARY 4, 2015 AT 3:33 PM   Perhaps this foundational social trust could have representation at the governance meetings of the global institutions, such as the IMF and BIS. It would remind everyone of the humanity behind the numbers.

Fullcirclelife (@fullcirclelifeO) JANUARY 4, 2015 AT 7:48 PM  Are you proposing that a collective solution would be better than an individual one? I thought a foundation of individuals who have done the introspection and begun the process of self-sustainability in all aspects of life would yield better results. 

Similar to when the United States was founded. The quote by Albert Einstein comes to mind, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU4321 - "The Pressure is Building?"  by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

Holidays are over and Meine Kinder are back in school this week. It was a nice season of joy, goodwill and prayers. I wish everyone else also enjoyed it. Here now in Bavaria we are geared up for winter sports in the snow and many are now taking mini holidays from the north and surrounding countries. Business is good !

Today I wanted to give everyone a very brief news letter !  I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 12/31 (LINK) since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga of getting this 2015 budget bill passed thus showing us the way to the RV event.

If you are one of my readers skipping to read only the Summary section I highly recommend you DO NOT and take the time to read the entire news. There is so much valuable information in the content of my news letter and you will be missing so much if you read only the summary. Sometimes it is not so much what I say but how I say it. It is difficult to put emotions sometimes in writing but I try. This is important to note. This may be the reason why these same readers always have the questions and fill up my inbox. These questions can easily be answered if you only read my entire news letters. This is why I take the time to write them. So as a compromise I too will attempt to make the news letters shorter.

Okay - can we all please do that going forward? I will not be doing anymore "spoon feeding".


Ozymandias 3  JANUARY 2, 2015 AT 7:11 PM  This is more, but very serious, bovine scat from the BIS. 

Yet another nefarious and behind stage curtains committee of the cabal drafting opinion papers or 'white papers' 

This time the "Financial Stability Board" drafts a 'white paper' (aka; more edicts from the banksters at the BIS) that recommends "commitments", "obligations", and "requirements" for members countries to impose on the backs of the uninformed taxpaying serfs without their approval, consent, or any of the usually burdensome formalities of legislative processes or debates and votes on treaties. 

All of the multiple pages of the FSB 'white paper' get a rubber stamp of approval without any reviews or public debates.


Standing at     Freedom's Gate: Guest Hallie Neill of Coats4Kurdistan

Kurds refuse to let their fight for freedom disappear and believe that freedom is worth fighting and even dying for. 

'Standing at Freedom's Gate' will join one of 'Coats for Kurdistan' creators, famed international opera star and Christian humanitarian Hallie Neill. 

Neill will share the challenges and the practical solutions to assist the Kurds in their fight for their children, families and future. 

International Prayer Call Monday Night 7pm est

530 881 1400    406878#
530 881 1499    406878#  recorded version

Starting the new exciting promising, awesome, new year with great vision of the giver, Jesus to get us on the road of royal overflow of blessings is riveting and a eye opener. Jesus hand on each and everyone of us directing us to fulfill the kingdom work.

Lets get together and bring it in the right way with thanks and praise be upon him. Join us wont you, and ck out our new web site.

Shalom Shalom
God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for being there for all.



R.V. / GCR January 5, 2015 largest meeting of ministers of FINANCE IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN Washington when they are finished. Is the most opportune time to throw the RV/GCR SWITCH....TONIGHT AT 6 EASTERN

Crystal > R.V. / GCR January 5, 2015 Hallelujah!!! Thanks RV/GCR!

OilRat January 5, 2015 at 10:46am Copied From Twitter

Good morning everyone! Intel coming in slow but nothing negative. We are still moving forward.

aggiedad77 � January 5th, 2015, 11:05 am 

Monday News Summaries and Commentaries

Well from first glance it would appear that the Iraqi gnomes that seemed to come out of the woodwork over the weekend have rescinded back into whatever deep dark recesses they came from.....the news today has taken back on an air of believeableness that was missing for much of the weekend.

Mutlaq exposed to stroke and transferred by private jet to London

Prayers go with this man to London to bring back a healthy heart so he may be able to complete the investigation into the allegations against him and then stand trial if he is believed guilty of the wrong-doing that stands before him.

Jester's Place:



[Betsy Ross] Jester We had a lot of prepping questions.

[Betsy Ross] And what to do with money in banks. I can only answer so much. Lol


[penguinprancer] Jester are gold and silver important to have for prepping along with food, water, etc. if one is tight on money currently or should we be alright to purchase some after receiving our funds IYO?

Morning News Comments For 01/04/2015 & 01/05/2015

The winner claims the amendment of paragraphs of investment law in line with law 21

[tlm724] by amending paragraphs of investment law in order to be in line with law 21 of the provinces.

[tlm724] "law of 21 gives broad powers to local governments and avoids red tape and eliminate Central and accelerate the implementation of projects away from interventions

[tlm724] now when the powers in the hands of local governments can better manifest in the implementation of projects for the provinces and the Elimination of corruption

[tlm724] the Supreme Coordinating Committee for provinces to study the above amendment Bill within 30 days, and to propose the necessary amendments to harmonize and streamline work between Central Government and local authorities in accordance with the principles of the Constitution.

[tlm724] I like this, get the investment law going along with the power to the provinces , good stuff there and I believe the infrastuture law is in the budget so this all could be coming together nicely for them and for us 

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter


Subject: Sweet By and By   Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 19:17:03 -0500

Greetings and Salutation:


Much is going on and a lot is happening as always but the gambling is still going on with the stakes being even higher than they were before. Some won't give up easily. 

Others are ready to let it roll; others are holding back and others are locking down some traffic flows that need to happen.

The last few hands are being played out as the Chinese families are plenty ready for the stakes to roll.

Everything is digital, electronic, and all systems fold in and upon themselves; and if they don't then the pipeline gets plugged and that has been a steady issue for many months. 



In my OPINION......I think this weekend's articles have intended to create a great deal of confusion.......a complete misdirection than what we've been seeing from the Iraqis in the past 3 or 4 months.....

All of a sudden I get a sense of disbelief in what I'm reading.....I haven't had that feeling for quite some time.

Family.....listen up....We have seen a few articles this weekend that have talked about 000's and not being ready for this to happen

IN MY OPINION.....these articles are meant to confuse....they are the opinion.....for the most part of one individual

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