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10am, January 7th, 2013   


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    ranjoesgirl: I'm here  hey Med


    ranjoesgirl: ok
    ksdunlap: hey Med & rjg
    ranjoesgirl: hi ksd


   BAGHDAD - Uday Hatem failed attempts Chairman of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari in the collection of heads of political blocs around the dialogue table, while the legal committee ruled strongly the possibility of the dissolution of parliament.



[pat888] here's some interesting tidbits to consider for this week by 3 different people: 1) Strykers ISX will be closed during December 27, 2012 - January 6, 2013 due to the end-of-year closing operations. Here is the second one;**** the fact that this week is a period of restoration and closure of the financial accounts for the year (2012). All I'm doing here is moving my prediction out to Sunday night the 6th or Monday the 7th.

[pat888] 2) 1-6-2013 Ocrush Here is a fact that was in the news that I think many folks missed. For the first time that I can remember, Iraq has officially closed the accounts (books) ending in the year 2012...from what I do recall, it was always carried over from year to year. So we all feel that if you close the accounting budget (books and accounts) for the year end 2012, in order to get monies from the Ministry of Finance for 2013 you will need to open the new budget. Do you see where we are going with this one?

[pat888] 3) from Delta: real fiscal year starts on the 8th, but believes cbi is using this weeks auctions to bring in as many 000 notes as possible, up until the last minute. The CBI has made tons of money through the auctions. Now they are giving away the business that they are making money out of. How can they do that? This gives you an indication that they are going to raise the value of the dinar. The rate has to come out before the budget and then the budget will be approved, or around the same time. On January 7th or 8th, they will open the books for 2013

 [telemar59] I think if this were a simple revaluation of the IQD we would have seen it in June 2011. At that point when it was supposed to go alot of other things got attached to it. Just MHO
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JANUARY 6, 2012


(link should work now)

PLAY BACK 530-881-1399 PIN 894786

113 Minutes


(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

xyz] A high-level source confirmed the death of President Jalal Talabani in Germany, the source said in a statement to a news agency, Iraqi President died the day before yesterday, at 3 in the morning. Adding that Hero Talabani returned to Sulaymaniyah to predispose to receive funeral ceremony. The source added that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan declined on the death of President while choosing his successor

 [dwanna] I have been searching the archives of Recaps and am unable to find a post that addresses what to do immediately Post RV in regards to saving taxes and banking issues. Does any one have a suggestion or link?

 [MarkZ] dwanna tell the bank you want to put your deposit in a sweep account and then get professional help.

[MarkZ] konacoffeegal It is kinda like a escrow/clearing account and will be fully insured while you decide where to put your money. Post frank/dodd it is your safest short term option. SW told me about it.

 [MarkZ] gourmetgirl was just telling him to use a sweep account for the initial deposit. Seems the safest option until you get professioanl help. then move 250k or less into your operating account.

 [ready4riches] MarkZ what is a sweep account?


1-6-13 SWFloridaGuy: I'm going to lay out the actual process that a revaluation must go through before it can go live to try to help clear up some confusion. I would like to say that Bear is a real gentleman and one of the few people who I believe does have good intentions. His rumor about an impending revaluation could absolutely be true and I am praying that it is. However, I do question the ones providing this information (not Bear) for the simple reason that a professional FOREX trading broker will be the first to tell you that looking for the IQD on a paid FOREX account is a futile exercise. The IQD is not traded on FOREX and will not show up there first.

At least he is speaking to someone who has a real FOREX account and they're not using Netdania and Yahoo Finance type sites which are not FOREX brokers/market makers and a poor proxy for volume, riddled with anomalies that lead to frequent chat room agitation that usually coincide with trading session openings. The spikes are directly related to the volatility of the USD or simply malfunction
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[cashinqueen] 1-6-13 Poof: Stay loose. It'll happen for you like a lightning bolt on a clear day. My statement to you is the weather is 'right' for that to happen. Watch the birds, and feel the wind, you won't miss it. For God's sake no running around with your hair on fire.

[cashinqueen] All is in order. Maybe not your idea of order, but the east and the west are merging now, starting with the banking system. All the rest goes like dominoes

[diverdown] Does Poofs post mean its done and its time to move on to the next project?

[MarkZ] diverdown pretty much and that he is tired of talking heads babbling that know nothing.

[diverdown] Child thats how i read it thx

[wolverine7] diverdown That's what I got out of it...I think. lol

 [candy] wolverine7 i agree

 [childofgod] bamanana Poof really knows what he is talking about


Greetings and Salutations;

Lemme tell you, I am at the end of these missives every week. I see you've got other 'entertainment' now and I'm not interested enough to challenge every piece of stuff being thrown out under the guise of 'the facts'. The folks in the rafters aren't doing updates on the web. There's a big pot of stew out here boiling and there's way too many bones to pick out to enjoy it, like, 'Where's the Beef?' As I said, some time ago, the announcements will fill in the details, not my job. If you have an assignment, you agree to it, you follow orders until such time, you fulfill that assignment. You don't go wondering off, you stay on point...regardless of the head winds and the coral reefs. I used to live in the 'volunteer state', I gave up volunteering for anything, somebody needs to ask, that's the only way your work is 'received', anyhow. Other wise you get blamed for the failure. Instructions must be followed to the letter, which I see, the folks that got something are following the n/d to the letter. They shut up and have said nothing, good. They'll keep their goodies.

For the rest of us waiting, our 'turn' is up. And for the rest that couldn't 'hold' and had to make it all a bunch BS or impossible to do. Hold that thought and tell who ever shows up at your door, you aren't signing anything and tell them to leave you alone. The funds will be given to someone else, who Will help out in the world and get it green again. You can hope you don't fall over that fat lip you got poked out. Don't send me anything, I swear to God, I will Not respond. My part concludes and I Do know how to walk away and say nothing. I hear my next assignment is a big fat book and that'll take a moment....or not. lolololol Stay loose it'll happen for you like a lightning bolt on a clear day, my statement to you is the weather is 'right' for that to happen. Watch the birds, and feel the wind, you won't miss it. For god's sake no running around with your hair on fire. All is in order. Maybe not your idea of order, but the east and the west are merging now, starting with the banking system. All the rest goes like dominoes.

Um outta here, have a great life.

Consultations until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses;


The below posts were in our 6pm Email

dwg14] SWFloridaGuy not to sound ya know selfish but will Talabanis death have any effect on the rv

[SWFloridaGuy] dwg14 I have no clue. I sure hope not. I can't see how it would be good for us or Iraq. Will add additional unrest and turmoil.

[xyz] SWFloridaGuy died again? hmm

[BOBGETZ6] SWFloridaGuy Just talked with frozen friend. Doesn't think that happened.

[BOBGETZ6] In fact, phone service is either not working or he is not answering his phone. Message was service not available.

[Expendable3] BOBGETZ6 good sign....

[BOBGETZ6] Expendable3 He believes so.

[ok rocks] BOBGETZ6 trying to follow what you are saying... you talked to frozen and he says T is not dead but who is not answering phone?

BOBGETZ6] ok rocks His contact is not answering the phone. Service not available for whatever that means.
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[campdav] Heres my 2 cents worth

[campdav] Iraq is about to have its coming out party And there are alot that want to spoil that party Vested interests of some Greed as we know, Power

[campdav] Maliki is not able to be hit with corruption So what do you do????????????????? You make up stuff, blame on him and him alone the services he has championed He said do the job you in the Ministry of Electric, get our people electricity They stall him

[campdav] He says you over there get these people water and services thats your job and they stall It looks like he is the bad guy while all the while its the GOI that is stalling

[campdav] The Ministiries that hold that responsibility Not Maliki He can't pass laws Its the Parl & the GOI he can't, its not his job Its the GOI and those bungling idiots They Hold Maliki responsible and he is the wrong target

[campdav] Where were those pallets of 2 Billion dollars traced back to? Missing pallets The missing 2Billion $$$$$$$$ was traced back to Barzani & may surprise you TALABINI

Baghdad (NINA) - Iraqiya slate demanded all its lawmakers to attend Parliament's upcoming session; it described the session of being historic.

In a statement on Friday, Jan. 4, Iraqiya said that it is going to make public the names of all members who did not attend the session, for the public to know those who do not support the peoples' just cause. LINK

[BondLady] its the ones who don't show up or because they didn't get what they wanted on some other different laws they shoot down the ones they should pass

[BondLady] like the ministers and deputies in the protests its funny their protesting for services but those are the same one's who won't vote or show up to pass the laws because they want there own stuff

[BondLady] maliki' pretty much told them this is the last chance to get their act together and quit it with the quota system of disableing laws just to get their way

Remember the rumor from last week, she sent a followup... here it is....

"I am the individual who originally posted (sent directly to Dinarrecaps on 1/1/13) the information regarding the Dinar revaluing on or before the 10th of January.

I find it amazing how twisted the facts get by people as to who posted this info. Along with that, the over analyzing of my statements.

I'm not even going to address the questioning that has surrounded this whole post. People as a whole can be very cynical, especially Dinar investor who frequently seek updates on a daily basis.

My solo intent was to uplift the spirits of those who have become over whelmed by this endeavor with insight that I am privy to.

The statement I made of a Iraqi Dinar revalue before the 10th still holds true, take it or leave it. As I said before, things can always change, but as it stands, we are looking good."

Kind Regards, XXXX


[Precious] The death of President Jalal Talabani, Germany 2013-01-06 Baghdad/older/senior source confirmed the death of President Jalal Talabani, the source said Germany "to news/pin/secrets" that the President died Saturday at 3 a.m. Adding that hero Talabani returned to Sulaimaniyah body for the funeral ceremony. The source added that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan declined to death for while selecting his successor

[heartfelt] Precious more smoke???

[Precious] idk

[goin4broke] Precious it was on Bloomberg early this morning that Talabani was making a quicker than expected recovery

[goin4broke] Precious i even think I saw it on Fox business channel on the bottom ticker too

[tdooly] heartfelt NO, that is a "dead" give-away-- It is done!!! Remember kuwait??!!

[heartfelt] tdooly that is what I was saying. :) agreed
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2:30 PM [Bear5642] Greetings everyone I tried to come back in yesterday site was down but he calkled me back late last night and said it's s a go for the RV

2:32 PM [geopia10] Bear5642 did he say a time period for it

2:32 PM [Bear5642] He told me to watch for it after 5pm easten. Was a while at church this morning sorry for coming in so late

2:33 PM [spankey] Bear5642: Great News !!! Your contact in a great position to know

2:33 PM [greek1212] Bear5642 thx for comming back and sharing that with us, cant wait

golferiam : The old saying, "Don't put all your eggs in ONE basket.", has been adjusted...."Don't put all your eggs in One basket AND don't put all your baskets in ONE cart." buy a diversity of stocks..=eggs ($) in different stocks (baskets)

NOW....put your stocks (baskets) is different brokerages(carts). IE don't put all your stocks with one agent...if you have 10 different stocks..divide them up with different brokerage firms....even diversify the places you hold your assets.

[whitelions] when this rv's it will be in a sec. and if the banks are open you can go and cash out just make sure they take foriegn currency and you will not need a reciept but if it makes you feel better take the reciept with you lol

[Jester] the banks are not crazy enough to not have a plan for this cash out... and I dont think they will take the chance that everyone will act right when the rv is announced...

[Jester] alot of people have not done their homework and will be rushing in demanding special attention... so then ask your self how they will get around that...

[prissynell] Jester people will storm the banks
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Speaker (?) John Boehner's Address to the Opening Session of the 113th Congress

[Shining] A new tone in our government? Listen very closely

WASHINGTON, DC- Following is the full text of House Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) address to the opening session of the 113th Congress:

Leader Pelosi, members of the House and Senate, dear family and friends, fellow countrymen:

We meet again at democracy's great port of call. Every two years, at this hour, the Constitution brings a new order to this House. It is an interlude for reflection, a glimpse of old truths.

To our new members and their families, welcome. You are likely feeling awestruck right about now. History runs through here. And now you are among a select few to share in this privilege.

For those who are returning, who have walked these aisles before, maybe it's time we feel awestruck again.

The way our founders envisioned it, the republic would be led by citizens who recognize that the blessing of governing ourselves requires that we give something of ourselves. Everything depended on this. So they made each other - and their successors - swear an oath of allegiance.
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[Stitch] God Bless America - Celine Dion

[WILDDUCK] hi and good morning to you all on this Sunday here and Monday someplace else

[WILDDUCK] flashing so do you know what I know and that all the stuff thats out has more legs then ever before

[flashing] Wildduck agreed 1000%

[WILDDUCK] flashing do you know who is driving the bus and it is not us

[Nuffsaid] WILDDUCK do you believe the rumor that Boehner is in charge now?

[flashing] Wildduck i know

[childofgod] WILDDUCK Who is driving today?

[gsp4] flashing WILDDUCK So, you gonna tell us what you know?

[flashing] gsp4 in summary we are in a historic moment :whoohoo:

[WILDDUCK] Nuffsaid no I do believe what Panda Express has always said " that China is large and in charge"
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Flashing: Just some points that you should consider during the cash out process

1 Remember that you will have millions in your hands. Get your security plan ready because IQD is like a bearer check.

2. Once rv occurs, don't scream or make significant noise in your neighborhood.

3. Thieves will be aware of this situation, so avoid risky areas.

4. Make copies of your dinars and/or dongs.

5. Don' t tell anybody how many millions you have including your sons children. This may expose them to kidnapping.

6. Don't trust anybody. Most of the most significant crimes are inside jobs.

7. Don't give excess information to the bank teller or any other official of the bank unless he is the one who will handle your account. Be careful with your conversations in and out of the bank.
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When You Thought I Wasn't Watching - Emailed To Recaps

(Written by a former child) LINK

A message for every adult to read; children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals.

Comments will be open and available for viewing upon approval

Ode To Women LINK
I hope you will read this with an open mind and a gentle receiving heart --the same as it is from the one posting it - May it enlighten you to more about life - other women - and yourself - May it encourage you to make changes that will make you feel better about yourself - and may it inspire you to be that mentor to younger women struggling to make their way in this troubled world -- Comments are open and will be available for viewing upon approval

There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to take a close look at herself. Not at her circumstance, not at what she did, not how unfair life is or not at who made you do it. She has to just look at herself in all her glory and imperfection.

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