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6pm January 7th, 2016

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Wang Dang Conference Call, Recording Link and Replay #'s

Wang Dang Conference Call, Recording Link and Replay #'s
from Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Playback: 641-715-3868   PIN 894786  (new dial-in #)


104 Minutes

(Recaps Note: We just received this recording today and apologize for the late posting.)

Frank26:  So?  How are Your notes .............. MY KTFA FAMILY?

On the 1st..... 3rd ..... 4th ..... and 5th we TOLD YOU .............. We were EXPECTING on 1/1/16 due to a TRIFECTA manifesting itself in the MR (Monetary Reform)  of the IQD
TWO ............ BOLDLY told me ............ " I wasn't FRANK26 !!! ...... Bozo LOL ".

Too bad IMO .............. Because they ignored 1/3/4/and 5 where we TOLD YOU .......... A BUDGET LAW and 2016 BUDGET in the GAZETTE this week.

THEN ............ Yesterday WALKINGSTICK gives You an article stating those EXACT KEYWORDS given ......... To You My KTFA FAMILY....... For PRAYER.

During 1/3/4/and 5 .............TOLD YOU the TRIFECTA is a 2016 Budget...... T and T's Taxes and Tariffs.......... And the LD'S but said not time for LD's yet cause they BLEW 1/1/16 by not being complete. Even offered a 4th and called it a tetrahedral that OIL PRICES are going to go up in Jan/2016. This we said is the needed FUEL for the 2016 Budget.


International Prayer Call  Thursday Night   7pm ET

641 715 3660    406878#
641 715 3659    406878#   recorded version

Hanging on to what helps while waiting can be a long tired event. But setting aside this event and seeking daily blessings and the giver brings so much peace and joy in ones life. don't let this event effect your life so much lives fall apart. seek the give and join us wont you Shalom Shalom

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your generous help

Depaul13 : I don't understand what They are waiting for..... A complete Crash??? Brother!!
Heavenishome :  I know we have been waiting for this and why it's happening so no fear, but wow.. looks bad  
Deemoney :  Yes Iko mentioned the markets crashing. He was in about four. He said oil will drop to $31. And that this is it! And also he's feeling Great!! He'll be back later

Elmerf123456:  U.S. stock index futures indicated a sharply lower open on Thursday after China news overnight added to concerns about global economic growth. Oil continued to slide, with U.S. crude hitting a 12-year low. Dow futures were off about 380 points after earlier falling nearly 450 points, as of 8:30 a.m., ET.

Backdoc Alert:  US oil sheds 5.56%, posts worst settle since Dec. 2008

Oil prices hit their lowest in over 11 years on Wednesday, as the row between Saudi Arabia and Iran was seen making any cooperation between major exporters to cut output even more unlikely, and after a sharp rise in U.S. gasoline inventories.

Benchmark Brent crude futures were at $34.26 a barrel - down 5.93 percent - and at their lowest since early June 2004, having staged their largest one-day drop in percentage terms in nearly five weeks.

U.S. crude futures settled down $2, or 5.56 percent, at $33.97 a barrel - its worst settle since Dec. 19, 2008 - after already slipping 79 cents the previous day.







Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion
Wealthwatch Late Wednesday PM Chat 1-6-16   
chattels: good evening all
chattels: Khazali: What free of Ramadi, less than 50% and infrastructure destroyed by 100% Post # 2
 chattels: 20:23:08 2016-01-06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Karbala description Deputy for a coalition of state law, Riad Ghraib, on Wednesday, the financial budget for the year 2016 as "paper can not be implemented on the ground," Post # 186

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter
When to Give or Not to Give - by: DebTarHeelGirl

Today, I want to share with you some ideas, information in regards to giving. There are many out there right now, today, who are asking for money now for various reasons from good, innocent, and unaware folks like yourselves. 

We have not come into this life to be used or taken advantage of although many times we've allowed others to do so by innocently giving to others that of our precious time and even more precious, our money.

Do not fall prey to a false responsibility, or unnecessary guilt. Do not blindly give for the sake of giving or because you feel it's the thing to do! 

Even now, there are ravenous wolves itching to take advantage of your faith (yes, I stated faith), your kindness, and your generosity.  Don't be duped!  Protect yourself and give according to how and when you should give. 



CODreamer:  GM All, looks like another interesting day in the markets - premarket trading

GreatlyBlessed:  There are a lot of bad things happening in the world and the stock market is getting jittery. Saudi and Iran; North Korea and the Chinese markets. People are running for cover.

Appaloosa:  Good morning all - market expected to go down 400 points (down to 16435ish) at opening. China closed markets again for the 2nd time this week.

Brendad:  The overseas markets are tumbling, I wonder what today will bring in the US markets.

Elmerf123456:  The Pain of the market! I feel sorry for the Senior Citizens like my father and every senior who now is having their savings erode in the market right before their eyes. They will never recover from the financial loss because of age and retirement. This is truthful. It's good for the some and bad for many.


BGG N ews Time1/6/16
BGG: OK gang - I'm going to answer some questions...
BGG: as always use your??
BGG: Newshounds are welcome to contribute anytime - just hop right in...
BGG: P.S. while I have been very busy lately our News peeps have been stellar?? yes??
BGG: They have just loaded you all down with news.
BGG: and the Copiers/mods basically run the rest of it... TYVM.
satrib says: I received an email regarding the Stryker post you have on the you think/know whether or not VN may be Revaluing soon?
satrib says: see...someone does read the
BGG says to satrib: I am not as hopeful as he is... that seems like a stretch to me... but I pass it on. One never knows.



Elmerf123456:  China shares halted for 15 minutes after CSI 300 tumbles more than 5% Folks....if you've been following what's been told, you are seeing the reality now.! We have arrived.

Elmerf123456:  You've been taught for a long time now. I won't repeat or cast any doom theories etc. if you know! The system changes we've mentioned are all ever revealing. You with currency have the ticket you need to change your life and help many! To be prepared isn't to be scared. You're special and will see all that's been said reveal and I mean within reach. God Bless You!

Elmerf12346: They(China) closed the market down now. Checkmate.

Elmerf123456:  Thier market just opened folks.

Elmerf123456:  They shoot it down to the declines. Major Big News.


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

Stevel Q & A With Members 1-6-16

buck72801, said:  Government is moving toward raising the value of the dollar to 200 to cover the salaries of its employees.. Thread 


0 Comments   Picture   Tomorrow Press/Baghdad: 


heading the Iraqi government, during the current year to raise the value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to 200 thousand dinars for every $ 100, instead of 120 thousand dinars, including an attempt to cover employees' salaries.


A source in the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives, who declined to reveal his name, in an interview for "tomorrow Press", "The central government has received proposals by some parliamentary bodies and a number of ministers, requires raising the value of the dollar to 200 thousand dinars per hundred dollars, in order to fill The cover staff salaries, which have become the government unable to pay in light of the continuing decline of oil prices.



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Wealthwatch  Wednesday AM Chat 1-6-16   

Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion
Wealthwatch  Wednesday AM Chat 1-6-16   
chattels: Today is a holiday at the CBI. It is " Army Day " in Iraq.
tourman: Looks like the dong may revalue before the deenar
chattels: There are about three Shiites for every five Sunnis in the Middle East. Most of the Shiites are in Iran, but they are also the majority in countries like Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Iraq, and are a significant political and military force in Lebanon and Syria.