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6pm January 8th, 2016

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Wealthwatch  Friday OOTW  Chat 1-8-16   

chattels: Reidar Visser @reidarvisser 2hr 2 hours ago In sign of impatience with Iraqi politicians Shia clergy use Friday prayers to say "no real reform" achieved in 2015 ...
Doug_W: that is like "tell us something we DON'T know"

MichelleL: hello friends
MichelleL: xe has the dinar at .00092 - first time I've seen it that high
MichelleL: ok, y'all have a great morning!
MichelleL: never mind, that " MichelleL: aberration went away, back to .00091 - later friends
Donnie: 9 Dec 2015 15:00 UTC - 8 Jan 2016 15:42 UTC USD/IQD close:1092.0 low:1092.0 high:1106.3

Donnie: last months range  ] Donnie: just a drive by :)
Doug_W: drive Slow...


TennWolfMan: intel today is as quite as a cemetery

Crushr13:  With China doing all that they are doing, and with the supposed announcement about Vietnam making a currency announcement in the next 48 hours (almost up now), and the 2 economies being so related by commerce, I wonder if the Vietnam announcement might be the trigger for all of this, with China at the indirect controls. Just a wild thought - just trying to put a few pieces together, somewhat intelligently.

OKRocks: crusher they are certainly connected but its when they really show it not when they say they will.... you know... lol 

LAdyB22:  Bruce said hopefully ..... the hold ups have all been sequestered.

Peaches1 : BREAKING: All major indexes turn negative; energy weighs as oil approaches 12-yr low

Luvwulfs : the way I see it all markets have to go to their real value, not the inflated value, before a reset. Just guessing


Aggiedad77:  Here are the notes from last night's CC Family....enjoy
Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC NOTES Thursday Dessert Notes 01-07-2016

Frank26:  It's time to go into a little dessert. Let's get to work right away.

I would like to really quickly say hello to were asking about brought a link onto our forum....a very good link by the way....Vietnam is growing without it's big brother telling it what to do...

Emailed to Recaps:

From Martha:  China stopped and leveled and actually added value to the yuan will be curious on IKO'S take on this.

This may have been just a warning shot and more to come.

Stock Market - from Martha

It's 4 am and I'm surfing around and am concerned at what I see. All is quiet again. China closed without further fanfare and at present European markets are all up.

The US markets will probably follow suit, so was this just a minor correction or is there more to come Sunday night?

Is this enough to shock the world markets or are we in for more?

Yes China removed the breakers but didn't drop down but leveled. They also increased the value of the yuan.


Federal Reserve's "Net Worth" Collapses 33% In Two Weeks 

Sovereign Man Notes From The Field By Simon Black
January 8, 2016  Santiago, Chile
Federal Reserve's "Net Worth" Collapses 33% In Two Weeks 

In case it weren't completely obvious how completely screwed up the financial system is, please allow me to introduce Exhibit A: the Federal Reserve's own balance sheet. 

First we need a quick accounting background. And, stay with me, because this is important. 
The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
Post From  Chat Room
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Wealthwatch Late Night Early AM Chat 1-8-16   Part 2 of 2
chattels: A member of the parliamentary finance: the government is unable to face the repercussions of the drop in oil
chattels: The Iraqi government is considering several options to address this deficit and secure the war on terrorism and the lack of imports expenses through the possibility of postponing the payment of staff salaries or partial sale of state property of land and privatization of some government institutions in addition to the two loans Alforeigh.


Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion
Wealthwatch Late Night Early AM Chat 1-8-16   Part 1 of 2
chattels: good evening all
chattels: Economist: Central Bank reserves half depleted during the past two years
 chattels: The head of economic research and studies department at the University of Mustansiriya Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, Thursday, the central bank drained half the reserves of gold and hard currency during the past two years.
chattels: "And despite the fact that the central bank did not disclose the reserves of hard currency, but all indications and reports that we are following confirm that the reserves of foreign exchange and gold less than (50) billion in the reserves in 2014 (82) billion dollars, a sense that he drained Nearly half of the reserves. "


Thanks Lee H. For sending this to us today

Al Hodges update 1/7/2016

As most of you are aware, I represent Mr. Michael C. Cottrell who will be responsible, under the Gold Treaty, to implement the U.S. Dollar Refunding Project.

In the course of such representation we of course engage in a continuing colloquy. Today, in hopes of shedding some further light on what is occurring in the background, I want to share a few items with you:

1. Very early this morning I received another inquiry [there have been hundreds of similar] to the effect of "...Shouldn't we shareholders (and others) be DOING something?"

These are normally received in the obvious context of assisting and hastening the denouement of ER, the WGS and the GCR. I again posited this to Mr. Cottrell, who responded as follows:



Isa52bc: CBI: To all licensed banks (buy gold commemorative coins) 01/07/2016

 CBI: To all licensed banks / due to the stop system (Rtgs) at the Central Bank for the day on Sunday will depend 3/1/20016 deposits Monday 4/1/20016 as requests to buy dollars in cash on Sunday and Monday 11/1/20016 10/1/20016. 01/04/2016

more cbi: To all licensed banks / due to the fact 6/1/20016 Wednesday a public holiday will depend on banks' deposits in the 5/1/20016 on Tuesday and Wednesday 13/1/20016 12/1/20016 which are offset in the week, followed by requests for cash.

And enhancement requests will require a deposit of banks on 5/1/20016 will depend on 5/1/20016 enhancement requests to the assets of banks abroad. Whereby hoping to work 01/04/2016

...and the best one (note: international standards)

To all licensed banks (the transition from the uniform accounting system for banks and insurance companies to international standards) 01/07/2016


Round Table Dinar Call for Dinar News that MATTERS!! with BGG, Mr. White and RCookie - Thursday 1/7

Round Table Dinar Call for Dinar News that MATTERS!! with BGG, Mr. White and RCookie - Thursday 1/7

Audio Player and Replay #'s


641-715-3639  pin# 570743    

57 Minute Call

(in Recaps Newsletter, click blue title for audio player)

TNT:  Highlights from The Big Call

Ploganea:  Bruce: Call beginning

Bruce: Excited about life and where we are

Bruce: Intel now

Bruce: Supposed to have gone on Jan 1st. But didn't. We think it is here almost every night but things come up to put if off a little. That is why we keep hearing soon and then doesn't happen. Tomorrow is the 8th, China likes 8. 8 is the beginning.

Bruce: Why is China's market sliding? He thinks that China may be getting back at certain people, billionaires. He thinks that will continue tonight.

Bruce: If currency get's devalued, say 7%, they will not stop the slide. That is what he heard. China's dive goes to Europe and then US markets.


The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion
Wealthwatch  Thursday Chat 1-7-16  
Doug_W: GM Gang
Doug_W: 11
ladyfox: GM CHATS  ladyfox: nice report on msn today of top ten countries with stockpiles of gold!! guess who is leading. USA 72.7% . uhmmm
ladyfox: PBoC of china reports less than 2% yeah right :ninja:
ladyfox: Have a great day Chats. off to another day of my last Jan to work this job!!!!  :w00t:
Butifldrm: This is good news  --  News & Announcements To all licensed banks (the transition from the uniform accounting system for banks and insurance companies to international standards) 01/07/2016 To all licensed banks (buy gold commemorativecoins) 01/07/2016      Content originally from

Reader Thoughts On "Don't Panic Just Yet!"

  Economics, Free Pom, Geopolitical
Don't Panic Just Yet! (Freepom)
January 5, 2016 Jc Collins 
New Year Volatility and the Shifting Sands of the Middle East

Reader Thoughts On "Don't Panic Just Yet! (Freepom)"

Speedspirit     JC as far as trade surpluses and deficits cannot the same be said about pollution and proposed carbon credits. The United States has exported all of its pollution causing industry off to China and could that cause some issues for China with the global warming crowd?
JC Collins      That's an insightful comparison.
Tony Graupp      Greetings JC;  I just read an article over at ZeroHedge implying further devaluation of the Yuan....
Is that what you mean by wider trading band ???    

More Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Early Thursday Evening 1-7-16


Dallred123: Bank buddy is in a meeting as we speak.He said it pertained to the exchange.
That's all I got so far... hope to get more after he gets out.


Dallred123:  Bank buddy is still in a meeting - He has no idea how long he will be, but said things are looking great.  He has been in from 7 am... they brought in lunch.

Later Update:

Dallred123:  just got a text from bank buddy all $$$$$$$$$ thats it

KarmaKing:  I was just reading the blog here. There was some talk again about exchanging in fiat or asset backed. I would not be concerned about this. If you exchange and walk out with the cash, it will with the same money you use everyday.

Tony went over this multiple times in the past. The TRNs work between banks. IF there was a new currency coming out, everyone in the country would have to be told beforehand that there would be a new currency coming out.

One, so they'd go to the bank and change out their old bills for new ones. Two, so business know to accept the new currency.

You wouldn't offer someone business in exchange for some blue and pink note that they claim is money without knowing officially from the government if it is or not.