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6pm, October 10th, 2013   


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GeorgeH: I am posting this email sent to me from my freind Mnt Goat. I have her permission to post it. I only  hope the news is appreciated.

Please don't bash or argue I am only the messenger.

Mountain Goat:  Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a secret with you today. Sharing secrets is a game Meine youngest Kinder like to play on rainy days. Today is a rainy, cool, fall day in Bavaria. So they play and I join in. What is the secret we share today?
Our Business of Today

Last week we should have had grand announcements of RV in Iraq to citizens and activation of rates at all the banks international.

We did not see this. Why?

This was held up due to a political situation in the USA. Only USA held this up. It was caused by the debt arguments, political posturing and lack of compromise. I was told by all my contacts that the new rates were ready for activation and that the debt issue would not interfere.
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BulldogFord65 wrote on October 10th, 2013, 1:40 pm:  Posting for Frank:

ATTENTION EAGLE1: Please quickly put up the schedule with the IMF and Christine LeGard.

Bluestar is with Christine LeGard right now on CNN. Family, please pray for Bluestar, and that he will be able to ask questions. On CNN now, started at 1:30 PM EDT.

Eagle1 � October 10th, 2013, 2:37 pm  * 

Hi, Family!

John (BLUESTAR) was able to pose a very direct question to Christine LaGarde. He phrased it carefully enough, but it was about as pointed as you can get.

Richard Quest -- the CNN moderator -- repeated it back to Christine when she looked like "how in the world do I get around this question?" but his repetition of the question didn't do John any favors.
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Early Bird Am Update

Update 10-10-13 3:59 am est;
Banks still on standby, rates still very high, control is still political and we wait for this Presidential decision that's where we are at no matter what one said, it is scary to think that just one government can control all world economics but then there it is before you.

It shouldn't take long now after todays meeting I think agreements should be reached and this international release can finally go forward. Will it surpass the debt ceiling imo I surely think so, would it be beneficial for us ? Most definitely in value think about it.

I now wait simply for my phone call nuff said, I think you should to. Bottom line they are by this finally getting rid off all negatively bad and controling individuals who have held your country hostage for the last 100 years, believe me in a few days once they are rid off them you will financially be free and justly prized.

Happy Journeys


The I.Q.D. Team Connection along with L.J. from L.J.'s Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call
Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013   8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question &  Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar & the RV... Pre & Post RV... Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number:   760-569-7676 Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 712222# (listen only)


Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...
And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team Connection
"As Always... All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More... Pre & Post RV... Followed by Live Q & A"

Tuesday & Thursday 8PM EST 

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News


Managing Conflict with Others in Real-Life Situations  By Shelly Wilson

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, conflict is defined as a "competitive or opposing action of incompatibles" or "a mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal demands."

It is inevitable that conflict will occur and even the most competent, intelligent, ethical people will disagree from time to time.

Conflicts are typically about the topic being discussed or the actual process of how to obtain the desired result. Conflicts can also arise from relational issues . These disputes center on how parties want to be treated by one another.

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(highhopes) Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great. - Mark Twain

7:53 am est already blessed we had great info all night last night...very hopeful for today... No intel yet this morning so we all have to wait and see what transpires...hopefully it is our blessing.

7:57 am js86901 already blessed did something happen to stop everything last night?

7:57 am already blessed rickyt i don't think SO....AND we don't think anything has been stopped 

[wantingfreedom] ♪♫**We're gonna have a good time TODAY We're gonna have a good time TODAY Let's celebrate, it's all right♪♫**.................♪♫**We're gonna have a good time TODAY (Re-val-ua-tion) Let's celebrate, it's all right We're gonna have a good time TODAY (Re-val-ua-tion) Let's celebrate, it's all right♪♫**..................
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FillyJJ wrote on October 9th, 2013, 11:05 pm:  Now for a quick bank story: my husband went to chase bank today for a private client this is a new service they have and you have to have $250,000 to be eligible...we however do NOT have that kind of cash!

So he goes in and visits with the JP Morgan Vice President he tells him we don't have that kind of money but we do have currency and when it rv we will. His first question is.. Do u have dinar.

Yes we do. He said we don't buy or sell it But we know that we will soon just waiting. They a lady had joined them and told him they would call him as soon as it goes up. They then told him they would help us with anything we wanted... Trusts , tax attorney , LLC , investments, what ever we need.

 My husband then ask what are your fees! none was their answer! Feeling pretty excited!

I was stoked when he came home tonight and told me! He said they knew more than they were saying... The lady told him they would have to do training of their staff because of so many people exchanging!

Hummmmm I bet they have already done that! Also now we have 2 banks that will exchange so we will go with whom ever gives us the best rate! Chase bank was in xxx so much closer for us!
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The below posts were in our 10am email
    [millionday] Iraq annually assesses events for the Baghdad International Fair kicks off in the first of the month of November of each year, which was the beginning of the Baghdad International Fair in 1956 when it was held industrial and agricultural exhibition which supervised by the Baghdad Brigade .

The first session of the exhibition was launched in 1964 and this is the real beginning of the Baghdad International Fair Participation was modest as involving only five Arab countries .

    [millionday] The sessions continued on an annual basis and took characterized by quality and quantity , and the expansion of the size of the halls and posts has increased the importance of the exhibition on the local and international level because it represents a cultural interface , media and economic Iraq.

Millionday Chat 10/09

    [millionday] Economists counting investment and economic agreements signed by Iraq with the countries of the world one of the important steps that pave the way for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization because it is considered a first step toward collective bargaining .

 Economist and academic Dr. Yassin Acer said in a statement ( morning): "The contract of these agreements to the benefit of both sides through the exchange of experiences and attract investments and allow foreign investors and the Arabs."

He Yassin said the Iraqi investment law gives the group guarantees and benefits for foreign investors , especially in the field of construction and reconstruction, these benefits have not benefited Arab investor in the past few years , as it did not try to invest in Iraq and the trend towards the Iraqi economy because of security conditions , so it has to be to attract investors Arabs to be the leading construction projects .

2013 Bretton Woods International Council Meeting In DC Today

Date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Washington DC

As the world marks five years since the economic collapse of 2008, a shared roadmap to lead the international community toward its desired destination - global growth with systemic stability - remains elusive. Economic, regulatory, and financial sector reforms are progressing, but may be taking divergent paths.

The 2013 Bretton Woods Committee International Council Meeting will explore the road to global financial stability.

We will consider whether the actions and incentives driving monetary and fiscal policies, regulatory reforms, and financial market participants are sufficiently aligned to sustain global growth.

MEETINGS TODAY IN DC...Thursday, October 10, 2013

8:45 a.m.

World Bank Press Briefing: World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

IMF HQ2, Conference Hall 2 (Press Briefing Room)


9:30 a.m.

IMF Press Briefing: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

IMF HQ2, Conference Hall 2 (Press Briefing Room)


9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Eurozone Crisis Seminar (WBG)

World Bank J Building, J 1-050

The below posts were in our 10pm email

 [AlreadyBlessed] we were told that banks had codes but not 800#s yet .. They had authorization to release 800's to sites but haven't done it ...WE don't know which sites will get them...we are probably the biggest right now so they can get to the most people so i am guessing they will got with the major ones?



ALREADY BLESSED: TONY CALL TODAY - I think we're in a good position. 99.999% say it's going to happen today or this evening. I've heard that authorizations have been given to the banks. As far as we're concerned it has been released from certain people. I've heard that they're not going to give them (800#s) to the banks until 20 minutes before the calls start. Yesterday banks notified us they had received their pamphlets.

    <><     <><     <><     <><     <><     <><     <>< 


When I look at a patch of dandelions, I see a bunch of weeds that are going to take over my yard.

My kids see flowers for Mom and blowing white fluff you can wish on.

When I look at an old drunk and he smiles at me, I see a smelly, dirty person who probably wants money and I look away.

My kids see someone smiling at them and they smile back.

(Life is not complicated - Life is not bad - Only if in your mind you make it so)

LIFE IS NOT COMPLICATED    By Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Life is not complicated. It never was, and never shall be! Life is simple, spontaneous, pristine and flowing, but that is not our experience. It appears to be quite a riddle and a juggle!

 Those who have practiced meditation for a long time, and have reached a state not so much of "practice," but of "being," tell us that all complications are our creation. We all know our happiest moments always come from the simplest things of life.

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Shaways: promising Iraqi market in various economic sectors

[tlm724] Shaways is a smart dude, I like him

[tlm724] stressing the importance of holding such a forums to explain the economic reality and invite companies and businessmen to work in Iraq.

[tlm724] pointing out that Iraq is seen to experience Belgian democracy as one of the successful experiences in building federations in the world.

[tlm724] in his speech, the good real efforts to develop the financial and banking sector, stressing that the sector needs to rebuild and develop and modernize systems, and help private banks to take the role in the development process,

Eagle1 � October 9th, 2013, 4:28 pm  *  [Post 266]   Good Afternoon, Family:

Well, here we go again! Despite all of our best efforts to communicate accurately, something just seems to fall through the cracks, and we see what appears to be interference on the part of others whose interests are self-serving.

Some folks have questioned whether or not I'm being deliberately lied to and deceived because of the number of people who either listen to me or read my posts in order to effect the spread of disinformation.

Let me say up front that I trust implicitly the individuals who supply me with intel.

 They have no reason to lie. They pass on as much as they are allowed to without breaching their own non-disclosure agreements.

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