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6pm October 11th, 2015

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Brothers and Sisters, There is Much to Do By Christine Lagarde,

Managing Director, IMF 
2015 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings Plenary 
Lima, Peru, October 9, 2015

As prepared for delivery


Presidente Humala, Presidente Bedoumra, Presidente Kim, Gobernadores, invitados de honor: Estoy encantada de estar aquí hoy y doy mi bienvenida a la Reuniones Anuales del Fondo Monetario Internacional y del Banco Mundial. ¡Bienvenidos!
Hablo en nombre de todos cuando agradezco al Gobierno y al pueblo del Perú por su gran hospitalidad. ¡Muchas gracias!


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2015  9pm ET - WANG DANG Conference Call

 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2015 @ 8 PM CST

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BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments

World Bank refuses to give Iraq a loan of six billion dollars. 

[tlm724] the World Bank lending to Iraq's refusal to six billion dollars to cover the budget deficit,

[tlm724] no huge bailout for Iraq and as we talked about the other day it is time Iraq stood on it's own and take responsibility for themselves !

[tlm724] Iraq needs a loan of six billion dollars to cover his inability

[tlm724] his inability !

[tlm724] this crisis and austerity program could have been avoided !

[tlm724] if the World Bank keeps bailing them out then they will never impose taxes, privatize etc.... I think it's good that they said no to the 6 billion dollars


Wealthwatch Member Chat  10-11-15  Part 2 of 2

Donnie: Statement of the Committee on Culture and Information on the closure of a number of media

Donnie: Of the Committee on Culture and Information in the House of Representatives and in the light of the tense atmosphere experienced by the Kurdistan Regional Government demands in the region preserving the lives of journalists and media workers,

the Committee expresses its deep concern of the authority of the region to close a number of media and space stations carrier of the protest movement under way in a number of areas, and it calls on the authorities in the governorates of Erbil and Dohuk to prevent these violations against the media ...

Wealthwatch Member Chat  10-11-15  Part 1 of 2

chattels: OH BOY, SAY IT ISNT SO..Reform plan parliamentary cancel read the laws and committees :

chattels: No need to despair. Note : "the reform plan is still just ideas are traded in the presidential offices and with international organizations," pointing out that "work is under way on the inclusion in the reform paper, which the House of Representatives plans to be submitted in the next legislative term." The reforms, whether set forth in the Abadi government plan from September or his recent declarations, are being discussed with input from parliamentary experts from other countries. IMO

chattels: " House of Representatives plans to be submitted in the next legislative term."
aggiedad77 » October 11th, 2015,

Sunday News Summaries and Commentaries

On the sidelines of the Conference on Bank and the International Monetary Fund ..alarac discuss with Turkey the previous regime and reaffirms its commitment to debt

Finance Minister Zebari met with his Turkish counterparts while attending the World Bank and IMF meetings in Lima, Peru and one of the issues that was discussed between the two neighboring countries was the commitment of Iraq to repay debts owed to Turkey that stem back to the former regime.....

Zebari reconfirmed the Iraqi commitment to this effort, saying that to do so would be in compliance with Paris Club requirements that was set in place to ensure the protection of rights of both parties....


The below posts were in our 11am newsletter


Dave101: OM (Open Mic call) Rayren said they are doing exchanges today and we are expected to go Tues - Thurs and be done

rockymtnlady :Ray confirms that private exchanges did take place again today. It appears that the plan is to complete private exchanges by Monday eve or sooner. Then it is us...the internet people...they plan to be done with us by Wed or Thu eve...then general public can start. Ray plans to be on a beach in St Thomas by the 20th!

rockymtnlady :Also an OM caller whose hubby is higher up in the IRS reminder is everyone to use only the word "exchange" in all dialogues, with banks, exchangers, not use "cash out" or "cash in" or "investment"...huge tax implications because exchanges are not a taxable event...should this hold true for us, the language used at the time of our exchanges will be slip and the IRS will get you.

Post From Chat Room  10-10-15
Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-10-15  Part 2 of 2

*SCZIN11: Tamimi (and added a deputy from the bloc of the Sadrist movement Liberal) that "the financial budget for next year will come to the House of Representatives on the fifteenth of this month, found and discussed and then be voted upon for the purpose."

 The parliamentary finance committee confirmed earlier that the general federal budget deficit for 2016 has reached 29 trillion Iraqi dinars what caused the budget to reduce the amount of the budget of 113 trillion to 100 trillion dinars.

The country has the financial and economic crisis because of a sharp drop in oil prices and rising costs of the war on terror Daash gangs, prompting the government to follow the austerity system and reduce government spending and taxing Kartat shipping to operators of mobile .


Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-10-15  Part 1 of 2

  chattels: Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citi All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?

chattels: "The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed today the importance of continued support from the top religious authority for the process of reform," adding that "some aspects of the reforms argue the years for implementation." His spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq [where ]

Friday, "We believe that public support and reference blessing is very necessary to achieve tangible progress in the way of reforms and does not have a retreat with him, but some reforms need time opportunity, reasonable and adequate to be applied and many aspects have been achieved in reforms

and the other in the way of achievement and the need to support the legislative authority of this reforms through the creation of a legal environment that fit with the direction of reform.
Ultural, Economics, Esoteric, Free Pom

The Cloven Hoof Of American Politics (Freepom)

October 9, 2015 JC Collins             A Tool for the Transfer of Human Time and Labor

The diametrically opposed mandates of America's main political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, are two halves of the same hoof.  This hoof stomps all over domestic and international issues and serves to produce little of value for the American population. 

Both parties act as leverage against one another. A sort of political tug-of-war over public opinion, which can be better understood as a balancing of wealth between engineered demographics.

The philosophical question has often been asked if human beings are naturally political.  Is the society in which we toil and participate an artificial one in which we all collectively agree that things remain as they are?