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10am, October 18th, 2013   


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The I.Q.D. Team Connection with L.J.~~Replay Conf Call Thurs Oct 17~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Its
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Thursday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
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Early Friday Morning:


[FLAfellow] Good day Dinarville it is currently 100% chance if RV today with Dinar wealth overcast and dong snowstorms. In the tropics today there appears to be a non depression just upgraded and has taken the name of Hurricane Revaluation. The dollarmetric pressure is currently at 27 with a possiblity of rise.

This storm is expected to develop into category 5 with maximum sustained value not yet determined. At this time it is advised to seek out a tax shelter and stock up with attorney's wealth managers and bankers. And now back to you.

(highhopes) Reminder.....from Tony last night: Ok, I know you waited all day and nothing. We are still in the window though. Banks and agencies spent all day running through their procedures and updating instructions. The activation is still scheduled during the next 48hrs or less (I would go with less).

The I.Q.D.  Team Connection with L.J. from L.J.'s Next Step Team
Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013

Replay of Conference Call - Thursday, October 17, 2013

or 760-569-7699 / Pin  769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talkin Mike and L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team "THE I.Q.D. Team Connection" 

Listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage Thursday Oct. 17, 2013


(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

Attention Friends and Family,
Now that the Political Crisis is over and the path has been cleared to proceed with the reset and revaluation of world currencies in particular the Iraqi Dinar (IQN) and Viet Nam Dong (VNN) I am publishing an update to my Guideline memo that has been floating around the Dinar Community.

Assuming you have read the Peacewoman Guideline memo then the following information will not be new to you.

If you haven't I suggest reading it first as it is attached to this memo and then continue with this update.
The Sources: The information I am forwarding to you comes from folks in the community who have studied and followed this currency event for years. I consider them experts and I value their opinions and information. Thank You especially to TNTDinar and OpenMicChat.
The Update:

The below posts were in our 10pm email



Ok, I know you waited all day and nothing.  We are still in the window though.  Banks and agencies spent all day running through their procedures and updating instructions. 

The activation is still scheduled during the next 48hrs or less (I would go with less). 

Iraq has again been given the priveledge to announce the new rate. This should take place tomorrow and shortly after, all of your dreams come true. 

We should see the RV activated between now and sunrise (I thought that was last nights news, but it seems like that have made it tonights news too).

I was asked to pass along an important piece of information, please pay attention to it and pass it to everyone you know that is involved in this exchange.


(Note: Terri will certainly be missed by many . Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones~ The Dinar Recaps Team)





[preacher53] To Terri's family..


 Stryker Blog 10.17.2013. Setting Up Your Own Group. If you are like me a friend told you about this investment called the Iraqi Dinar, he or she was told by another friend and so on.

Now you can substitute the friend to be a family member or business associate but for this exercise it was a friend that told me about the dinar so that is what I am using here.

The friend of mine name is Trac and he must have really liked me or he wouldn't have gone through so much trouble trying to at least get me to stop long enough to look at it.
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Posted by GeorgeH :     Hi Everyone,
All is very good in Bavaria. Hope the dinarian family is just as well in USA? Our familie awaits this blessing about to be given to us. Meine kinder feel like it is Christmas eve and anticipate these great gift from our currency holdings.

Our Business of Today

This email will be short today since I over did my welcome in the my last

Just wanted to tell everyone that I am very optimistic about these next couple days.

I received a call this morning from one of my IMF sources explaining to me the next steps in this process.

As you know I am not very familiar with what is happening in the banks in USA but I am hearing from this source now that they are going to release very soon to your public toll free numbers for call in centers to schedule exchange meetings.

Exchanges should begin once appointments are made.
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(Dinar Recaps Note: This post contains suggestions that may or may not fit your individual circumstances and is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

Bounteous Blessings :   Post RV List

1. Before you call to make your SPECIAL 800 or 888# appointment get a no contract, no personal info Trace fone, ($19.95)( with 10 minutes already on it and Walmart will activate it for you.)

Throw it away after making these calls and get another no contract, no info phone...disable the GPS and make sure it has a verizon or at&t sim card so you can get better reception.
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The below posts were in our 6pm email


The Big Call for Thurs. October 17th is at 9pm EDT.

This may be a pre celebration call! We will discuss the latest info about the dinar and dong.  Is tonight the night?  

Participant Line is 559-726-1150 and Listener Only line 530-881-1150

No access code is needed for either line.

Q and A is still working  

Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#  

Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful effort they make.    

The Big Call


Hello Recaps ; thought I'd do a quick fly by and provide an update :

There are reports from some Intel Providers that are promising a 100% RV by Friday or this weekend. I'm sorry to disagree and am offering up what I learned just while back from my contact.

Iraq and all the Muslim world is celebrating Eid Al-Adha, a festival of sacrifice, by remembering the prophet's Abraham's trials by God's testing him on sacrificing his son. Muslims themselves slaughter an animal such as sheep and rejoice by having a feast, sharing this with friends & family and donating 1/3 to the poor.

As I've reported before that during such festivals, which can run a week long (this one was marked this Tuesday) , priorities are prayer, family & friends time and matters of financial significance are NOT on the priority list. We are again in the middle of that kind of celebration. Most all businesses have short operating hours and I'm told that the CBI is "basically half closed".



Fluffy: Fifth Third Bank Meeting today: The (large) company that I work for banks with Fifth/Third.  A serious cash flow issue has arisen for our company today and we've a real need to speak with someone this day.

Our treasury manager had called and emailed every single one of our contacts this morning.  She finally heard back from someone who apologized for the delay in response and who said "Everyone has been in a meeting all day today."

This may or may not be RV/CE related, but I assure you of this: it is EXTREMELY unusual that it take this long to hear back from our contacts at the bank.  The company is a very big customer and we are accustomed to hearing back within minutes of  leaving messages or sending emails.

Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but I really think this meeting was prepping bank personnel in prepartation of the RV...I sure hope so, anyway!
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Good morning to all.  I just wanted to let everyone know that the RV is still here, all bank personnel (call center and exchange center) are currently on lockdown. 

They arrived at 7am just like they were supposed to and were told that the RV should go live at 9:30am.  Well as you know, we are still waiting.

All sources are being told that final system checks are ongoing.  They are still being told that this should happen sometime today. 

The good news is we were looking for sometime between Thurs morning and Sat morning.  We are still within that window. 

The people in Iraq are being told that by Saturday morning the lower denoms will be available country wide, not just in certain areas. (by Sat, not on Sat)

All 3 ltr agencies, banks and countries are expecting this sometime today, there is nothing holding it up that we are aware of, it is just timing.

Be ready, so you don't have to get ready, the rest will take care of itself.

TNT Dinar.....Tony


The I.Q.D. Team Connection along with L.J. from L.J.'s Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call
Thursday, Oct 17, 2013     8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question & Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar & the RV... Pre & Post RV... Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number:   760-569-7676  Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 712222# (listen only)


Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...
And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team Connection
"As Always... All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More... Pre & Post RV... Followed by Live Q & A"

Tuesday & Thursday 8PM EST 

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News



[marty100] Egale1 did say only 70% chance today and 100% chance Friday.

[koflinn] . ok so we think that when all the banks are open maybe then, just trying to stay hopefull

[2sirden] Banks do NOT need to be open to receive the release codes or rates ?

[drugtester] I know I sound like a broken record, but I still think it will be impossible to change the currency rates on Forex during trading hours. I just cannot see how that could possibly happen. Now for a new currency to be added like the IQD or problem...since it is not being traded.

[Mya] Even tho tony said moves east to west --- not necessarily given 800# until west opens. Can you imagine the panics if you were on west boast and had to wait???

[goldstandard] Mya That could mean east as in Asia.
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[ALREADY BLESSED] Good Morning everyone!

I just got off the phone with Tony and as you may have guessed last night ... and from Tony's intel...we have an amazing team of people and all of them are on top of this for hang in there...nothing wrong..

.everything is great and we are just waiting! Tony will do an update blast later ... if necessary with details so far....could be anytime...hang in there

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