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6pm October 21st, 2014    


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Tidbits From Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Morning
News, Rumors, and Opinions Tuesday Morning
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KTFA CC Mon.10-20-14 with Frank26, Delta and MyLadies
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The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter
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Frank26: "Anything Past the 24th is Next Year"
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BondLady's Corner Admin Tlm724 With News & Comments

Economic parliamentary reveal that the balance in the fund Iraq DFI reach 24 billion dollars

[tlm724] the things that are discussed within the Commission stocks traded for the mass cash charge by the central bank as well as the laws that help to develop the work of the Central Bank

[tlm724] stocks traded for the mass cash charge by the central bank

[tlm724] campdav how do you see that ^^^

[campdav] tlm724 All blue beautiful skies ahead IMO

[tlm724] sounds good to me   



Omega Man October 21, 2014 at 12:13pm UPDATE; FROM HK the TRNs are live and now waiting for the RV. The Iraq Gov't must RV by Friday, as per their Constitution. It could be later today, or anytime until Friday. Saturday is their New Year.

Omega Man I PREDICTIMATE THE RV no later than thursday...predictimate: to estimate a predictionor to predict an estimate...estimadiction:

LVegas Got 3 different Intel going on right now. Each one with a different date. From Omega Man to EXO to RV/GCR....From later today? to 24th to 25th to 26th..But 26th weekend, so Monday? Am I the only one confused?

Vinman > LVegas Not necessarily. The parallel announcements on Monday doesn't have to be the RV. I believe it will be stock exchanges. In other words the real rate will no longer be able to hide




contender17 :  Frank, Delta, Nova and My Ladies, How can Iraq on the one hand talk about "removing the zeros" in the years ahead and at the same time install an international platform for their ISX which is to be revealed in days? Looks like someone is not telling the truth! Care to enlighten us???

Notthe1:  Have you read the CC notes? Frank mentioned that a lot of misinformation is coming out to hide what they are doing. Take care and be thankful...many are watching this MR with great expectations. be blessed.

:Frankie I believe we have an engagement the wedding and honeymoon is soon to come ... you have always told us that the GOI and CBI will be married before we see the rate. LOL...

Frank26:  Baby is next from this union .......... Hope it weighs 386 lbs..... lol





J + G October 21, 2014 at 8:49am i thought that the world ran on one main calendar. how does iraq have a different calendar

> J + G  The world does not have one main calendar,,there are numerous

wilbur grodan Keep an EYE on Ag

Ag perking UP .....TUESDAY is still IN PLAY

R.V. / GCR > 
FOUND ON WEB:....They have FINISHED the budget. Iraq is now ready to help the world with its RV'd currency. Articles are saying they will lift the three zeros "next year". The Islamic new year starts on the 25th October. New currency will be done very soon. Currency is already printed



BLC Staff and Members Chat 10/20/2014

[tlm724] spur of the moment chat 

[tlm724] coming days, soon, in the coming period, do they make you go ugh ???

[tlm724] make you curl your lip up like Elvis ?

[mathews99] yep 

[cat] tlm724 yes but those days sure seem closer than ever

[tlm724] let me show you something then   

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
Early Tuesday Morning:


R.V. / GCR October 21, 2014 at 8:19am The one thing we do know is the GOLD is signed off but the release has not been IMO....this will happen closer to the 24th...

The parliament is stating the deletion of the zero's which is pivitol to be after the first of the year, That would be the 25th and beyond but the kurds have it in their agreement for this to be done before the end of the year being 24th. hmmm guess we will wait and see,

The one thing we all know is they are about to rebuild their country and if you hold their currency you might be RICH.


Notes by Bulldogford65:

IQD update

* Please do not call Frank with questions about what other websites are saying

* Tonight My Ladies and Delta will speak, then Frank will give I Team's report

* Frank related that I Team reported the 2014 budget was opened to the GOI and it has already been ratified; watch the Iraqi Gazette; do not look for the rate, look for a date 
* I Team was in the meetings with the CBI and the GOI

* Please read the post from I Team to My Ladies

My Ladies joined the call at this point



R.V. / GCR October 20, 2014 at 7:51pm the iqd is not live yet nor is the TRN's
The world still waits on the eye of the needle and with it we should see the TRN's go live at the same time as the IQD
We have heard a few reports today that the IQD is LIVE...sorry NOT YET.

We have also heard the Admiral has gone in and that money is moving. Sorry,,,,Not Yet.

We have heard that the roll-out for the GCR is in motion and we know this to be true. The other thing is some currency holders in distant countries are now fighting with the ministers of finance from those countries as sting operations and psyops continue to look for warehouses full of ill gotten gain. ...that hurts the folks who are not holders of criminal money and it even sucks that they will have to use the legal system to have their currencies returned....

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter
Millionday Roundtable 10/20/14  Part 1

    Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!



    Millionday: Committee announced that the economy and investment representative, on Monday, she will discuss three important laws in the coming period, noting that the Central Bank reserves reached 76 billion dollars.

    The committee member said MP Jawad al-Bolani told a news conference attended by the (long-Presse) that "the coming period will witness the discussion of three laws after it came from the government is the Central Bank Act and the Banking Act and the Money Laundering Act," noting that these laws will support the work of banks.


Millionday Roundtable 10/20/14   Part 2

    Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!



Reader  Thoughts & Comments on "Multilateral Economics 101" By JC Collins

    Kbnow:    JC as always, appreciate the insightful commentary. Cash is king during deflation, right? However, trying to time the end of deflation before the bubble once again inflates itself could prove to be a fools errand. Dangerous business indeed...

    thomas18z:   Thank you. Recalling the time and productivity metrics in one of your other writings, I'm concerned those Americans receiving pensions will be particularly vulnerable during (and after) this restructuring of the dollar.

If the US system which emerges after adjustments are made is capable of sustaining the majority of its citizens then I'm guessing things will remain relatively similar to as it is now.


ajs :  Hi Frank, Looking over the recent history of this....In 2013 Abadi, then in the finance ministry ,stated that the deletion of the zeroes would not happen until after the elections.. Of course, we all thought that was BS , yet it came to pass. Now, we have the headlines that say deletion of zeroes will not happen until next year. Do you feel this is BS?  From your perspective, how do we reconcile the difference of these two situations? Not doubting, just would like some clarification as to why this time, its different. Thanks for all you do..

I wish to be SILENT until Your CC tonight ........ But here is a small look ahead:
LOOK at the so called article about lifting the 000. It says NEXT YEAR but no where does it say ........ 2015. Because for THEM ......... Anything past the 24th IS NEXT YEAR.
Bring something .......... RED.  KTFA,  Frank

Sager :   Islamic New Year 2014 begins in the evening of Friday, October 24 and ends in the evening of Saturday, October 25..... Sager

lbosdo � Frank and Sager--THANK YOU for the explanation about "next year"!!!!

Frank26 :  26 ........ Frank26th.

Aggiedad77:  Ok...ok...ok....I'm starting to get the "fever"'s time to warm up the dancing shoes for some "boogie"

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