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10pm, October 21st, 2013   


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European official threatens to cut off support for Iraq due to corruption and human rights violations

[tlm724] $ 800 million come out a week from Iraq

[tlm724] the wealth of the Iraqi people, but this wealth goes to Swiss banks
and pointed out that the agreement of friendship and partnership that was signed by the EU with Iraq based on good government,

and I do not see any indication of the Government of rational in Iraq so far, "he added," We have economic interests tremendous in Iraq and we are the biggest market in the world more than 500 million citizens and our industries have the desire to invest in the Middle East, and we have the potential to encourage them to it.



[loechin] Here is what I'm told. Several weeks back I told you guys people were exchanging at around eight locations. I got the crap beat out of me but now you know it's true from Tony and others. I know several Senators who have exchanged and some who opted to wait. I'm excited to see the next several days and what they hold.

[catz] loechin is there any way they can deny us the ability to cash in? Like say the 30 days expired or printing a new currency? Thanks

 [loechin] catz No

[catz] Thanks

[dkg] I hope they let us rv and exchange before the 30 days dead line is up so we too get the high rate like the big whales
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The below posts were in our 6pm email
Millionday Roundtable 10/21/13

    [millionday] The federal financial control Bureau announced Sunday, his participation in the Conference "representation" to be held in China to develop oversight, considering the opportunity to exchange experiences and views and discuss important technical topics.

And car press release Diwan, received "alsumaria news" .. The "Chief Abdel Basset Turki headed a delegation to participate in INTOSAI in China for the period from 19 to 27 October.

    [millionday] The Congress is the highest authority of INTOSAI and is held every three years ", adding that the Conference" will be an opportunity for all members of the Organization to exchange experiences and views and discuss important technical topics, as well as to make proposals and take decisions for the improvement and development of financial control.

Greetings and salutations,

Susan is recovering from surgery. She appreciates the well wishes and donations that have been sent her way. .

Are you experiencing events that you have had come around before, only this time they feel more intense and in your face? One thing after another. Sometimes there is rest in between; sometimes not.

What is going on? What is happening in the outer world is happening within us. Jim Self at is teaching about the importance and benefits of being in a neutral space as events, on all levels, are unfolding.

Doing things the way we always have is often not working now. Because we have grown and changed and no longer wish to be where we were. Reinventing the wheel isn't an option. We are being urged and guided to open up our hearts and minds and to draw to us solutions. It doesn't have to be hard anymore.

This can be a most exciting time as we make choices of what kind of world we want to co-create. Poof often said that it wasn't about receiving the money from the programs.

REPLAY    805-399-1500    409029#


Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:

TNT CALL - 1:00 PM EDT - 10/21/13 ... STARTING NOW....T = TONY | C = CALLER

TONY - Let's go! Good morning, TNT Dinar! It's Monday morning, October 21, 2013 at 1:07 PM EDT. How is everyone? I know you're all superfantastic! Here's the news upfront then we'll do the Q&A.

T - The weekend was up and down. I did a blast on Saturday evening because there was so much noise out there. I tried to take a break from the info, but not let you guys go thru the weekend on the roller coaster. If I find anything I'll put it out there. But I won't do a blast or call if it's not important.


[daz] Good morning is not just a word, its an action and a belief to live the entire day well. Morning is the time when you set the tone for the rest of the day. Set it right! ~ Fain Blake

[daz] Don't just drag out of bed every morning. Get alive and awaken your mind and body for the gift of a brand new day gift wrapped with sun light and air. Not just another ordinary day, it is the day of new opportunities. ~ Phoebe Kites

[LEMusic] If you haven't listened to it yet, check out Max Keiser's report from Oct 19th At least listen to the first 90 seconds where he says it is "time to reset the Global Financial System - AND it's happening RIGHT NOW", and if you want a good lesson on global economics, the whole piece is 28 minutes. Be Happy! :)

[LEMusic] Oct 20 9:04 PM loechin] I'm still getting info since I've been gone but like I said someone got their butt kicked... So we will see the rv now... So it will happen now guys... Take the street rate guys please... Don't negotiate... 27.87 and 3.67 VNN... Won't say when now is just being told now it goes... Yes rates are great and ready


tyvm timmy.......Subject: BLC Administrator Shredd Chat 10/21/2013

[tlm724] Despite the White House end the Government shutdown crisis of America there is another crisis threatening the US economy is the US government debt ceiling height to record levels reached 10 trillion dollars,

an amount much difficult in the absence of indicators of recovery of the US economy, threaten new economic crises threatening the dollar.

According to what I'm told at The Central Banks meetings held in washington , the IMF did (and has stated for couple months now) that Iraq (as a sovereign nation) could INTRODUCE their currency at any time.

And that they would be supportive and help out in any way they could BUT that if they gave it more time and focused on a laundry list of actions to take namely robust private sector banking, production of other goods & services (not just rely on oil) , make foreign investment & capital more attractive, increase security issues and provide a atmosphere of safe tourism ,

The below posts were in our 10am email
    [millionday] the more the better is what maliki said and he said get it all ready -- saying this to the companies and joint companies etc --- so to see this timeline -- it is not necessarily meaning that is how long the rv will take but it is saying that the size of the isx will become more attractive as they get their compliance and transparency right in order to be a part of the run on the new stock market that many will think they can make a lot of money off of

    [monique13] Oh... now I got it

    [lojak] this article is taking about full disclosures, other type stuff--nothing to do with RV timing

    [faith1] Ohh mee too Thanks !!

Millionday News 10/20/13

    [millionday] so this is something that was emailed to me and i am going to share it because i can tell it was written by a journalist and we have other things that we will look at that are along the same lines

    millionday] in other words - it makes sense but we will look for more evidence in the next day or so

    [millionday] Called on the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, the Iraqi banks to activate some modern banking services, such as the settlement of financial transactions through mobile phones, or credit cards, so as to reduce the handling of paper currency.

It's Monday - I know - no RV word yet - Do NOT lose hope - Our SUDDENLY is coming! 

Our disappointment is one of the primary vices the devil uses for us to give up on prayer. We all have experienced times that what we pray for seems to not be answered.

 In moments like this, when our heart is broken in a million pieces on the floor, our adversary, the devil, would like us to give up on prayer and ultimately just give up on God. This wait is molding us and shaping areas that we are needing "change" in... This CE/RV is surely coming.  

KNOW IN YOUR KNOWER that God did not bring us this far to drop us = AMEN!

 You have a glorious destiny and God is urging you to trust Him one more time. To believe Him one more time. To obey Him one more time...this could very well be the time that you burst through and receive all you have believed for. 



[daz] . there is one single piece of material that i always hang my hat on. As long as records have been kept, Iraq's currency had value and was internationally recognized until the day the coalition of forces banded to together to make a regime change in that country. In order to support that effort they had to turn the money off.

Iraq did not lose its wealth...the value was removed from the currency...this is displayed at IMF link below. At the point in time when Iraq meets the requirements to suspend all UN restrictions...."they" will simply turn the Iraq economy and money back on...adusted for new-found wealth and, ten years inflation adjustment.

DinarPrince: Just in: Poof newsletter will be on Monday(10-21-21023)

(This content is for general information purposes only. All information given is the sole opinion of the provider.   Dinar Recaps does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of this information.)

To know the truth, you have to take the "red pill" and embrace the painful historical reality of the malevolent Bankers, as to who really has control of your country's economy, but you will be set free. 

["So if the Son (Who is the Truth personified) sets you free, you will be free indeed" John 8:36]. Otherwise, take the "blue pill" and fall back into the blissful ignorance of illusion and the false belief that all conspiracies are mere speculation, our leaders are not controlled by money, and politicians would never intentionally hurt you, lie to you, control you, and never would do anything to make you an economic slave. 

In fact, most politicians have taken the "blue" pill and believe in the system.  Most people do not want to be labeled a rebel or an extremist.  All of the Founding Fathers were labeled as rebels and traitors by England when the Declaration of Independence was signed. 

Memphis � October 20th, 2013, 7:27 pm  *  [Post 23]

With the anticipated re-pricing of the dinar one of the items we watch for is for the CBI to reveal how they intend to peg their currency, meaning to WHAT will it be compared to in expressing it's value going forward.

One thing has been apparent for a while now is that they will NOT continue to relate (peg) their currency only to the USD. It has been speculated that some assortment of currencies along with gold will become their new standard.

A totally separate discussion would be regarding what they will hold in reserves to support the dinar, i.e. what will be kept in their vaults.

Brief Bear Bites Post From Dinar Detectives





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