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10am October 22nd, 2015

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Drlla9:  "...Not So Easy Being Rich"

Therapy for the 1%: Why it's not easy being rich

By Quentin Fottrell

Published: Oct 20, 2015 9:35 a.m. ET

Wealthy Americans have their own set of problems

Having money doesn't solve all your problems. In fact, it may even create more.

Some psychotherapists have found brisk business in catering to members of the super-rich who feel guilty about having amassed fortunes, but also feel isolated by their wealth and unable to talk about their emotional problems.


Thoughts From Backdoc and Thunderhawk Late Wednesday Night 10-21-15


Thunderhawk:   Hey Doc - I'll ask the question. MMMM
How will the oversupply of oil be delt with to control
the price per barrel worldwide?






Post From Chat Room  10-21-15
Wealthwatch Wednesday Member Chat  10-21-15  Part 2 of 2
chattels: According to the Erbil-Baghdad 2015 budget agreement, Baghdad must provide the KRG $10 billion, but only $2 billion dollars has been sent to Erbil so far this year, according to Dizayee. The Kurdistan region sells on average 600,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd), according to Dizayee.
chattels: The Iraqi government held an extraordinary session on Sunday passing the Iraqi budget bill for 2016 with a budget of $91 billion and a deficit of almost $23 billion.
In the bill, the Kurdistan region's 17 percent budget share has been approved on condition the KRG should export 550,000 bpd though SOMO to the world market, according to a statement by the Iraqi government following the session.


Post From Chat Room  10-21-15
Wealthwatch Wednesday Member Chat  10-21-15  Part 1 of 2
Doug_W: today is "back to the future day" Oct 21 2015   today at 4:30 PM
Doug_W: very quiet today?
creekside: Happy #BackToFutureDay!
TxBrand: Harry Reid calls Kate's Law "vile legislation" that "might as well be called the Donald Trump Act" 
TxBrand: IMF may offer major loan to Iraq in 2016, official says  :ermm:



Willydell70 : What are your thoughts on what CNN is saying about Putin "Trying to flex his muscle in Iraq"? Think this will have an effect on the RV?

Elmerf123456 : Willy. I don't know. Seems the U.S. Didn't do what they were supposed too ...Putin steps in and now it's a Political Flair. China needs to tighten their muscle and get all on same page. It appears they are doing just that. Money speaks louder

Elmerf123456 : We have always stated this is a Global Event. Seems to be the case now.

Charlieok:  elmer: I have thought for some time that there has not been enough discussion intel wise on how China/Dragon Family is seeing things. Allegedly they are a huge factor? Lol

Elmerf123456:  China has not only the cards to play the table. They have the table


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

I call
it a LAVA FLOW for a very good reason.

Have been SHARING that the last 3 weeks to be ....... S .. L .... O ... W.

But may I suggest that after next MONDAY and After Your MONDAY CC .......... THE LAVA FLOW WILL BECOME LESS VISCOUS .......... It will run at a much Quickened Pace !

In fact may I suggest that the viscosity lessens starting today ......... Yellow Light.

Told You WHY .......... Last night and WHAT would be done on that day........ 2 come.



aggiedad77 » October 21st, 2015,

Wednesday News Summaries and Commentaries

I'm excited....why.....because of what I was able to glean from Frosty's notes for last night, from what I heard before the call last night, and then from what we see in the news's all good.....

Indeed the Iraqis seem to be on fire with the actions they are taking....I know some say oh this is the same old thing we've seen and heard for the last xxx years....well to you it might be....but IMO.....we've never seen the lava this hot....this cherry red to catch your pants on fire....

I'm pumped up and excited as I have not been in quite a while.....keep the roll going boys....Now for the news.


Infrastructure Opportunities
Although many infrastructure projects are underway, Iraq remains in deep housing crisis, with the war-ravaged country likely to complete only 5 percent of the 2.5 million homes it needs to build by 2016 to keep up with demand, the Minister for Construction and Housing said in September 2013. 
 The needs for basic services infrastructure continues to go unmet, in part due to budget and corruption issues.  Huge economic possibilities exist if this segment can be properly unleashed.


Are Conditions Conducive For An RV Event?  Part 3 of 4

Very Current Updates
September 15, 2015: Iraqis are alarmed at recent media reports that Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani recently made a second visit to Moscow. This comes after Iran and Russia insisting that a July 24th visit by Soleimani to Moscow did not happen. During the July trip Soleimani was said to have met with Russian defense officials and left after two days.
Since 2007 Soleimani has been under numerous sanctions, including ones that are not being lifted by the July 14th Iranian peace deal. Soleimani was not supposed to be able to travel to Russia and Russia knows it. But Russia and Iran simply deny the visits actually happened, the same way Iran denies that Soleimani has spent time in Iraq supervising the creation and use of pro-Iran Shia militias.
September 7, 2015: Several hundred Turkish troops entered northern Iraq in pursuit with some PKK Kurdish separatists believed involved in a roadside bomb attack in Turkey the day before that killed 16 soldiers.

Are Conditions Conducive For An RV Event?  Part 2 of 4

Post By Oldwazhisname

September 2015 Status of Iraq -

Are Conditions Conducive For An RV Event?  Part 2 of 4
Maliki's Second Term - When All of the Prior Good Gets Undone
Bush left office and Obama became President in January 2009.  With the Obama administration vowing to end Bush's "dumb war," and the continued distraction of the global economic crisis, Maliki seized an opportunity. He began a systematic campaign to destroy the Iraqi state and replace it with his private office and his political party.

He sacked professional generals and replaced them with those personally loyal to him. He coerced Iraq's chief justice to bar some of his rivals from participating in the elections in March 2010. 

After the results were announced and Maliki lost to a moderate, pro-Western coalition encompassing all of Iraq's major ethno-sectarian groups, the judge issued a ruling that awarded Maliki the first chance to form a government, ushering in more tensions and violence.

Are Conditions Conducive For An RV Event? Part 1 of 4

 Are Conditions Conducive For An RV Event? Part 1 of 4
Post By Oldwazhisname

" For me, the information that makes the most sense is to meticulously connect a narrative of what has happened and what is happening from a big picture stand point." 

October 1, 2015   oldwazhisname's blog
September 2015 Status of Iraq - Are Conditions Conducive For An RV Event? 
The collapse in the value and any subsequent revaluation of the Iraq Dinar ("IQD") is inextricably linked to the overthrow of the Saddam Regime of Iraq and the subsequent reconstruction and restoration of the country of Iraq. 

Only the most ardent conspiracy theorists and cynical detractors of US politics assert that the invasion of Iraq was motivated by reasons other than threats to the security and the interests of the US and its allies around the world. 
 Those who assert that a predetermined plan for a revaluation of the IQD was a primary motivating factor of this costly and risky endeavor are blind to the obvious and numb to common sense. 

In its simplest form, the invasion of Iraq occurred in a post-9/11 environment during a time when the US invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime (a Sunni dominated government) that provided a safe-harbor to Al-Qaeda (a Sunni militant terrorist organization). 


Post From Currency Chatter 

Seraphim:     Question?  My understanding is that the CBI is sending its Reserves to the banks at the tune of somewhere around 5 Billion per month to prop up the Dinar. If this continues, will this not deplete all of the Reserves in time and bankrupt the country?  Would you'all see this as an indicator that Iraq "has" to raise the value of the Dinar? Or am I seeing this matter incorrectly?
Aloha Alex:     ...or have the "authors of the plan" devised a sinister scheme to screw everyone over?
Tommy Charles:   We need for Randy Koonce to have a conference call....It is long overdue...Anyone else agree?
Seraphim:     The whole thing just doesn't make any sense...


  Post From Chat Room  10-21-15
Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-21-15   

chattels: Parliament's efforts Maliki fails to get immunity Writings Sunday, October 18 first 0.2015 He wrote Aktham Saifuddin: fail the Iraqi parliament, today the efforts of Vice President of the Republic article, Nuri al-Maliki, to return as a member of Parliament for the purpose of obtaining parliamentary immunity from any legal accountability, after his dismissal from his post as deputy president of the republic, which is still clinging to him for a second month respectively illegally.

For his part, counting political expert Raad Rashid, that 'resignation Sinead is the refusal to try to thwart the return of al-Maliki to parliament.' Rashid said that 'al-Maliki after his dismissal from the position of vice president, feared the same legal accountability for the many involved corrupt files out, which led him to seek to return as deputy in parliament for parliamentary immunity '.


Emailed to Recaps:

Are we lining up for 10/22 RV - from Martha sent to Dinar Recaps

The year 2015 has been determined to "our" year. Since January we have hit dates that should have been but we're not for various reasons. I was told that by April all would be completed and in fact on April 22nd it should have and in the history books this will be the official date of Iraq's RV.

Then coming forward we find out there was a 3 month extension.

Now add worldwide drama, political manipulation and general finger pointing we came to July, August and September. We followed dates, holidays and calendars of ALL people. We delved into history, present time and started looking to the future. I know that everyone is sick of looking at the numbers but I think we need to look at Thursday 10/22/2015.