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6pm October 24th, 2015

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More News, Rumors, and Opinions Saturday Afternoon 10-24-15
We have really arrived!   From Martha, sent to Dinar Recaps

Depending on who's intel you want to be believe, on October 22,2015 was truly a completion and start of not only our future, but that of Iraq and a whole new world so to speak.

As we await our time to go to the bank, realize that come Monday 10/26/2015 the whole financial world will wake up to a total shift in the world markets. NO, it won't be a crash, but a change in how the world financial system will function in the future.

This will be a starting point to re-alignment and "balance"(like in US budget).Every country will have the opportunity to work, manufacture, produce, invent, explore, and re-education each other in a peaceful atmosphere.

Post From Chat Room  10-24-15
Wealthwatch Morning Chat  10-24-15  

chattels: US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter predicted on Friday that his country's troops in Iraq carried out a similar operation to free hostages Bahoijh ground operations yesterday.
He stressed Carter, in a press statement that "the process of US military support has succeeded in freeing 70 hostages were with the organization Daash in Iraq and resulted in the collection of a great deal of intelligence."
 He pointed out that "supporting the Iraqi army by US forces will be carried out probably more raids in the future ".  chattels:

The Role of an Asian Currency Unit for Asian Monetary Integration Part 1 of 2
Masahiro Kawai  --  Dean and CEO, Asian Development Bank Institute
In recent years East Asia has seen rapid advances in market-driven economic integration through cross-border trade, investment and finance.
In this paper, East Asia includes the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), the newly industrialized economies (NIEs; Hong Kong, Korea, Taipei, China and Singapore), and Japan.
China is the most recent participant in this integration process as a result of further opening its economy to international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI). Growing economic integration has strengthened macro-economic links across those East Asian economies that have also opened financial markets and liberalized capital accounts.

The Role of an Asian Currency Unit for Asian Monetary Integration Part 2 of 2

Masahiro Kawai  --  Dean and CEO, Asian Development Bank Institute
Dollar, Yen, Yuan?
 Even when a consensus emerges on the advisability of regional exchange rate policy coordination in East Asia, the question of how to achieve such coordination remains. There are at least two options for achieving similar exchange rate regimes throughout the region and, hence, intraregional exchange rate stability.
The first option is for each economy to stabilize its currency through a joint reference to a common key currency or a common basket of key (and other) currencies. The second option is for these economies to jointly create a regional, cooperative system similar to the Snake or Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in Europe.
So in remembering these main items below you tell me if an RV is imminent:

Maliki and his goons and the Iranian influence must be out of politics completely and safely neutralized or no RV.

I don't care what anyone else tells you this is the USA and UN's process not mine. This stance has not changed a bit. The Parties Law becomes fully implemented at the end of Oct. The 90 grace period is over. Can they be waiting for this to occur since it eliminates any possibility of Maliki and many other alleged corrupted officials from being involved in the government again. 

Have you especially noticed this week's recent smear campaigne against Malkik? They seemed to have turned it up a couple notches. Are they getting ready to pluck him out soon?

(Thank you George for emailing Dinar Recaps.)

UU6823 - "End of Week Update - RV Windows?"  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

The broken record is playing once again and Iraq is resolving their corruption and terrorist issues, but this is the stage Iraq is in right now. It has taken some time but it is sure progress. I can assure everyone reading this news letter today that one thing in life that is certain and that is change. Change is inevitable and will occur in Iraq. What I mean by this is this whole mess in Iraq is about to end once the Iranian puppets are gone. We are about to see this happen. 

News today from some sources are saying that an RV is imminent but the data I have tells me this is not the case and will not happen until a Dec or Jan timeframe. Again this is only a possible timeframe that seems to me and others could be feasible. Could my data be wrong? Certainly and I hope it is but if you have been studying Iraq as long as I have, know the politics and the overall plan since last June, you too would then know there is no way the RV could happen now.

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter


puffdragon: Got a wake this site up with something really special millionday !


Investment Law Will Happen Quantum Leap In Iraq's Revenues

Post Emailed to Dinar Recaps
Thoughts / Comments From Enorrste

Parliamentary Economy: 

  "Investment Law Will Happen Quantum Leap In Iraq's Revenues"

The very fact that this announcement came from the Parliamentary Committee on the Economy means that this will happen.  That is my first point.  But my second point is actually more important.
The second point is that the Parliamentary Committee is openly acknowledging that the system as is has existed throughout the Maliki regime was actually designed to stifle investment rather than encourage it.

Not only were there no guarantees for the investor, but in addition to that, "most of its projects stalled and lagging behind due to a large corruption in all departments, provincial councils and the center," 

Simon Black: Here's What $66 Gets You In Medellin

Sovereign Man  Notes From the Field   By Simon Black   
Here's What $66 Gets You In Medellin        

Medellin, Colombia
Last night after a flurry of legal meetings and property tours throughout the day, I had drinks with a Canadian real estate developer who set up shop here in Medellin a few years ago.
He told me a great story about his family background-- he comes from a long line of real estate developers going back several generations.

His grandfather emigrated from Germany to Canada in the 1940s to escape the coming war in Europe, and, at the time, Canada was a business and investment paradise.