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6pm October 28th, 2016

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Dinar Updates Thursday Evening Chat  10-27-16   Part 2 of 2

subgirl says to clay():Not only will vertical building help to minimize urban spread in Basra, but it will help to make efficient use of space in what AMBS Architects calls one of the fastest growing business centers in the world, and one where space is at a premium.
This thinking is baked into a downtown masterplan commissioned by the Basra Governorate, which seeks to maximize the city's capacity by 2025. The Bride will be the centerpiece of this masterplan.
The project began in 2014, but has been kept confidential until now for security purposes. It will cover an area of 1,550,000 sq m (16,700,000 sq ft) and the firm is at pains to make clear that, not only is it a vertical city rather than a tower, but its planned height of 1,152 m (3,789 ft) - which would make it the world's tallest building by a substantial margin - should also not overshadow its other innovations

Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat  10-28-16   Part 1 of 2

subgirl says():United Nations warns of environmental hazards in Mosul
2016-10-28            United Nations Environment Organization announced Thursday 27 October registration of environmental damage caused by the burning of oil installations and factories ISIS militants, with the start of a recovery from the grip.
It said they "identified 19 oil wells ablaze following the launch of military operations to regain control of Mosul and burning stockpiles of sulfur dioxide in an industrial facility, which led to the formation of large toxic cloud", according to the organization.
And organization of ISIS, who seized two years ago, the city of Mosul to ignite fires in an attempt to disable satellites and aerial attacks, but to no avail, according to analysts.

The Chinese Yuan Becomes Official Currency in Zimbabwe


BREAKING: The Chinese Yuan Becomes Official Currency in Zimbabwe 

by  Mathew Ogunsina
This is another milestone set by Beijing to be in the court of the great powers, those whose currency refers. As of January 1, the yuan (or remimbi) rub shoulders with the US dollar, South African rand and the Botswana pula in the pockets of the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Goes Down The Path Of Hyperinflation... Again

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Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
October 28, 2016    Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwe Goes Down The Path Of Hyperinflation... Again
Some people just don't learn.
After becoming the most famous case of hyperinflation in modern history roughly ten years ago, Zimbabwe is about to have another go at conjuring paper money out of thin air.
I'm sure this time will be different.
You know the story. Starting in the late 1990s, the Zimbabwe government's policies under Robert Mugabe began to have some devastating effects.
He confiscated private property from established (mostly white) farmers and redistributed the land in very tiny tracts to his supporters, most of whom had no experience in farming.
Unsurprisingly, Zimbabwe's once-booming agriculture exports collapsed almost overnight.

News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Morning 10-28-16


Cole: Don't mean to gang up on admin for sensitive and highly confidential questions... but I feel this is the question floating around in just about everyone's head IMO... are we in the 3 days till release? You don't have to answer... just agreeing with hootowl. LINK .. I guess we will find out soon enough IMO... ok I'm bouncing off the walls sorry fam... I'm cool and collect... like fonzie

Frank26:  LOL .................. You Funny.....3 days ....... 10 days ............. A month ........... End of December ........... We do not focus on a DATE but STUDY these days and their events. Which IMO have been substantial in our evaluation.

The RI is INTERNAL and a NEUTRAL event i keep TEACHING. IOO .(in our opinion) .......... The gradual IQD increase is occurring but not familiar to a majority.

Yes IOO at any moment they can surprise us .......... The International Investors ............ But not until their RI phase is complete and we said the Mosul Liberation is but ONE of these RI Steps.

Wednesday night into last night TEAMS flooded me with ............... Stuff. Am giving it all deep thought and consideration on what to SHARE on MONDAY CC.

IOO ............ FAMILY needs to LEARN Arabic Word Definitions. We will SHARE some tonight on TEAM CHAT and some more on M CC. Constant Prayer is our protection from want and the realization of patience's.

Stevel: "I Like The Article A Lot"

Post From Peoples Dinar
Stevel Comments
dadonine said:  Steve, may I respectfully ask a question I am confident many others have on our minds but may be too timid to ask???
I was wondering if you are going to try to make contact with your contacts over there and get their perspective on this latest tantalizing tidbit from the news, and then maybe, perhaps, give us an update from your perspective?    Blessings On YOU!
Stevel:  I was not going to do that until Mosul was almost done. We need that done first.
I had a talk with a few of my guys, and they all agree that it sounds like the process has started but not made official yet. I have a few more people to talk to yet to get their take on this.
I like the article a lot.
I read this many times and will bring to your attention what I found very interesting or positive.

Late Thursday Night Dinarland Chatter 10-27-16


Late Thursday Night:


RE:  Thursday CC Notes 

Quote: Frank26:  If you read the article (picture with the 100 USD note) ... and if you could read the Arabic CBI website ... they are telling you they have raised the value of the IQD under the cover of Mosul.

Hootowl:  is the rate posted and we can,t see it.....and do they have three days now to release it internationally?

Cole:  Im gonna agree with hootowl... are we in those 3 days? Hasn't it already been at least 2???? IMO... I hope I'm right lol!!!  

Jay:  I know Cole..Its SOOOO Praise our heavenly Father.

Idk when the clock would start. I don't remember if the cbi has to announce it publicly or if they  had to announce it to the citizens and then the clock started. I

Either way I like BEFORE NOVEMBER and THEY CHANGED THE VALUE ALREADY...AS PER THE CBI LEAK.... SO ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG...IMO. I think we are just waiting for them to tell us. imo

Cole:  You said it!!! Wow!!!! Praise the LORD!!!! It's already done and set in stone! One night we will (not be sleeping because of things that we know) and then suddenly then BAM!!!!

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

1Bobby & MadDScout  News Time 10-27-16  Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

MadDScout says():Again I want everyone to keep their feet on the ground
We can only ever watch the action
When the action bears this out to be an accurate report, then I will throw a party
Untill then my people keep their focus
Elane says():IS this the only source of this sort of news?
MadDScout says to Elane():No I have seen it in 5 places but that a truth does not make
I am watching with both eyes
Elane says():Great... so multiple sources..are these from newspapers?
Elane says():or?
MadDScout says to Elane():Some are some aren't

1Bobby & MadDScout News Time 10-27-16   Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

MadDScout says():Bobby didn't you have a tie in report?
1bobby says():I do lemme grab it
1bobby says():Ur "equip Karkh electricity cables and wires ten billion dinars"
2016/10/27 13:12   Long-Presse / Dhi Qar   Announced Ur State Company for Engineering Industries, on Thursday, for the contract with the Karkh Electricity Directorate for processing Bkablwat and wires worth in excess of ten billion dinars, usually it "a good initiative" from the Directorate to encourage national industry.
The Director General of the company, Haider month Al_husenawe, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Directors contracted with Karkh Directorate of Electricity in Baghdad, for processing Bkablwat and wires worth more than ten billion dinars during the five months," she returned to "the feet of the Karkh electricity on buy the company's products a good gesture to encourage the national industry. "

1Bobby & MadDScout  News Time 10-27-16  Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

MadDScout says():We like to call this a week in review
But todays news by itself has been stupendous
MadDScout says():I want to bring in our first report this is from Andrew
MadDScout says():_AB_Newsflash - He is one of our great posters from Facebook
Andrew if you would bring that in.
_AB_Newsflash says():Iraq opens complex "General Electric" technologies in the North Rumaila     title of article
_AB_Newsflash says():Twilight News / Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi opened the workshop and compound (General Electric) technology in the North Rumaila.

Highlights From "The Big Call" Thursday Night 10-27-16 by PinkRoses

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Thanks PinkRoses for sending this to us tonight:

Bruce:  Welcome everybody who is listening on the call especially our international audience. Good to have everybody on the call. Also Bob, Sue, and Tank, and all who support as Pastor Steven, Robert, Yosef, and others. I am excited.  We are highly expectant.

Bruce:  Our website is  We are looking up to making some updates on our site. As far as I can tell this is the last call we will have with the same dial in numbers that you used to get on the call.

KTFA Thursday Night CC Highlights and more 10-27-2016


FrostyTheSnowman:  Family ... I didn't catch everything ... but here's a few highlights I was given permission to share ...  Highlights after tonight's Bible Study.

Frank26 -As far as what's going on ... today and into last night ... it was like an explosion of articles.
The MR of the IQD is moving forward, no doubt.
They say there is a "source" - (newspaper) ... and on Wednesday, there was another source ... but actually there was a 3rd source.
The 1st article was confusing ... because it was not for you - or anyone outside of Iraq.
Delta could read it in Arabic - which is a lot different from what people can determine in English.

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Dinar Updates Thursday Evening Chat  10-27-16   Part 2 of 2

rcookie says():Form a new contract
Executive, said in one of the companies bidding for a new contract that Allaibi wanted to leave his mark through «increase production quickly».
And the people of Iraq for 19 companies to the new round of bidding, including giants such as «Glencore» and »Rosneft» Russian, »Mubadala Petroleum» UAE.
And it may be a small or medium-fields by Iraqi standards, but they are big by any other standards. And it contains nine fields, including combined 2.3 billion barrels, which is equivalent to Britain's entire reserves, which currently produces about one million barrels per day.

Dinar Updates Thursday Evening Chat  10-27-16   Part 1 of 2

rcookie says():Waste of $ 4 billion annually in customslogo jumhuriyaWaste of $ 4 billion annually in customs
Thu, 27 Oct 2016 09:35:48   # Algmehorah_uzSaid a member of the Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri, said that 90% of the customs officials paid bribes they are corrupt, revealing that the corruption of customs wasted $ 4 billion annually.
He said al-Jubouri, in a press statement that "the central bank sells in a year (35-40) billion dollars, to cover imports traders, the sale of the center as well as directly as $ 5 billion in cash to citizens to cover travel and treatment missions, Hajj and Umrah, medicines, and that the tax 3% and suppose that the customs in less cases is 10%, which total 13%,
conclude that Iraq his income from tax and customs is estimated at $ 5 billion, but what goes into the state budget from two economists implementing less than a billion dollars; because of corruption in customs. "
He pointed out that "in recent hosting of the head of the Customs Service said that 90% of the customs officers are corrupt, we told him is the staff, he said: Even if we changed staff Satlut new employees; because of the corrupt system in which they operate customs," pointing out that "Customs officials are getting from (2000-3000) dollar a day illegally.

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Thursday PM 10-27-16

Emailed to Recaps:

Thanks Dinaridori for sending this to us today: 

From Islandg1211 - Iraq is NOT on the WHITE LIST when in fact FATF states that they have FOUR MORE REQUIREMENTS LEFT.

There was an article on Iraq getting on the "White List" with FATF.

Although the article stated January 2017, a number of posts indicated that it had already happened.

However, in reviewing the FATF website today, it had no reference as to when Iraq would get on the "White List," only the four remaining steps required.

Here is the statement posted on FATF's website: