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6pm October 29th, 2016

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Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Saturday Afternoon 10-29-16


Reignofheaven:  I am personally of the opinion that zim is going to work far differently than the rest of the basket. Since it's not a currency I don't see how the banks are obligated to exchange it or abide by certain rules. In other words if you have 1000 100t notes they might require you to keep a large portion of it in the bank is order tonprocess you. The zim isn't on the open market so the ball is in their court.

CalGoldy2: I wonder what AdminBill means him it is TOO early for the internet group?  Link
ReignofHeaven:  CAL because the timelines was before the election. If you take that right to the wire, and take the old timeline of about 3 days to get all of us first responders through, that would mean we can expect to go around the 5th. We're still a ways out from that..... That's my personal opinion btw, Bill didn't say that.

Mnt Goat News Brief for Saturday Oct. 29th

( Thank you George for sending this to Dinar Recaps.)
October 29, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
Today is a cheerful day in Bavaria. Fall is moving on to very colorful trees and fests are everywhere. Winter will soon be with us and we want to celebrate the last of the fine weather as we will soon feel the cold winds from the north blowing in the mountains.
Today I have some new news and some old news to clarify. So let's get started.
First I need to address a couple articles that came out just recently. Many of these so called "intel gurus" jumped on the band wagon and once again (without using their heads) began to shout the sky is falling, sky is falling (the RV is happening, the RV is happening). Really? So now let me show you just how wrong these "gurus" are and just how ridiculous their claims are.
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65 Minute Call

Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  10-28-16   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  10-28-16   Part 2 of 2
rcookie says():Iran in the face of the challenges of the application of an action plan , " the Task Force on Financial Action"
October 29, 2016 in the media center , articles comments on Iran in the face of the challenges of the application of an action plan , " the Task Force on Financial Action" closed
It issued a "Task Force on Financial Action" at the conclusion of the regular meeting of the year in Paris last week, "public statement" on the "non-cooperative jurisdictions and high-risk" - a category that still include Iran.
The first meeting of the International Commission on the Status of standards for AML / CFT since suspended the so - called "call to take counter - measures" against Iran for years at a time when Tehran is working to apply the "action plan" to address the shortcomings in the fight against laundering systems money / combating the financing of terrorism.
"urged the Task Force on financial action" in a statement issued on October 21 / October members to "continue the recommendation of their financial institutions to apply due diligence to enhance the scrutiny of labor relations and transactions with legal persons and legal persons from Iran.

" The organization also brought reminders that Iran will remain within the public statement until a complete plan of action fully.

Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  10-28-16   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  10-28-16   Part 1 of 2
loop says():Calls for the development of the private sector
29/10/2016 0:00  BAGHDAD / Farah pumice After positive indicators of the existence of communication between the public and private sectors in the development of strategies and plans within varying limits, urged the Economic member of Baghdad forum Amer Jeweler representatives of the private sector to unify and coordinate directions.
Came calls Jeweler after noticeable «weakness the limits of the executive will , serious and professional when involved, and the lack of involvement of civil society and the private sector institutions in the executive procedures, and in the monitoring and evaluation in the public sector in coordination with the private sector prioritization ».
palmkabl, he found the jeweler that he« has to be a high coordination between private sector representatives of both before, during and after participation in government meetings and unification or orientations format to ranges wide and solid and agree on a quick and clear procedures in detail can be applied effectively and the impact clear to develop and implement quick solutions to address the significant challenges in turn and choose to start priorities by sector without spreading Giralmsatr the package ».

More News, Rumors and Opinions Late Saturday Morning 10-29-16


StephenMac:  I'm waiting for the moment when either the cbi or the goi makes it against the law to use the USD in the country after the full RI. It could be that they have a time limit to turn them in to cbi as the usd could be sold to another country that will accept it. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. And when.....
Frank26:  Like an Easter Egg Hunt in this ending Red October ........................ i have laid out in a horizontal position THREE clues for my KTFA FAMILY since our last W CC.

In preparation for Your next MONDAY CC ............... And DELTA's Return on WEDNESDAY'S CC.

Last night's Video contained the third of THREE.
Then PURIFIER shows You the evidence of it................ With this post.   Articles Posted Here

The below posts were in our 11am Newsletter

Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat  10-28-16   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

rcookie says():Large fiscal deficit: IMF is expected in the Gulf States. Tough choices
An economy Since 2016-10-28 at 17:10 (Baghdad time)
Scales-up news  The IMF in his League about the prospects for the economy "that falling oil prices and the continuing conflicts constitute a burden on the Middle East and North Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq wars and especially with Libya, Syria and Yemen, where the expected growth will not exceed 3.5 per cent barrier through 2016 that rises slightly to 4.5 in 2017, while the indicators carry a lot of uncertainty amid oil price volatility.
As you guessed, his fund Wednesday from Dubai, financial controls and the liquidity shortage "larger-than-expected negative impact" on growth, coupled with concern about the Chinese economic slowdown and tightening of us monetary policy. In all cases, the report predicted that large deficits remain despite recently announced austerity measures.

Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat  10-28-16  Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

wickedwitch1 says():I realize a dinar is a dinar and always will be. I do have a question about something I don't understand. After the RV, if an iraq citizen has a 25,000 note and the rate is 1:1, will it have the purchasing power of 25,000 dollars?
wickedwitch1 says():I'm sorry if I asked an inappropriate question. I'm not guessing at a rate, just trying to figure out how this will affect the citizens of Iraq.
Ame9632557644 says to wickedwitch1():the answer is yes Witch
Ame9632557644 says():if teh rate is 1 to 1 then 1 dinar = 1 dollar so 25K Dinar is 25K Dollars
Ame9632557644 says():remember I said IF the rate is
Ame9632557644 says():then if 1 dinar =1 dollar it will be 25K

News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Morning 10-29-16


Upstart:  Give me Moooosul !    Ok folks, here are my thoughts.....(See article Below)

You may think this is just a report about the ongoing internal political bickering around Maliki and his cohorts, but this is why we need to read EVERY word.

I do recall that in the build up to the operation to retake Mosul, Sadr agreed to stop the demonstrations in Baghdad, until AFTER the liberation of Mosul.

Yesterday (Friday) I saw a report that Tahrir Square was being cordoned off again, in the fashion that we became accustomed to when Sadr held his regular gatherings..... Hmmm, wonder why ?
Then I saw this latest report (see below) and spotted the mention of our dearly beloved Sadr, which I have highlighted for emphasis.

Are you with me on this ? 

KTFA Video Friday Night: "Frank Asks a Question" 10-28-16

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Frank asks a question tonight:  See Video Below:

Cole: 2nd one IMO... (answering your question on the end of your video) they have already lifted the 3 zeroes and that WAS lifting of article 8

7-FA:  I agree