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6pm, October 4th, 2013   


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[generals64] You know, you get shot at and sometimes you get hit and sometimes they miss. Nobody has tried to compromise the list your names are on and No one is making money on you. I started this to try and get a little extra above street rate for EVERY ONE involved.

Your names are secured and your old General and Roscoe the Wonder Dog are still standing tall but, For someone like Freeway Bill to post what he did is so kind and even Debtarheel and Papa Bear two of those I have battle with are coming to our defense is just making a softie out of me right now.

Thanks for what you you guys have said and done and the fact that you realize that we are trying to help everyone get in and maybe get a better rate and maybe get in soon.....its just tearing at the old heart strings.

[generals64] Folks:...I have given my all for everyone and at No Cost to anyone.....I don't like to be accused of anything wrong and to have the support of everyone other than a few is great...We ARE a Team....Freeway Bill thanks for your support...Deb...Papabear....Thanks......Generals64 and Roscoe the wonder dog will keep on riding.
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My friends, there have been some things put out today about the General64 group that just is not true.

I am a member of this group and I can tell you that you are as safe as can be in this group regardless of what sensationalism that comes out on some site.

I will give you some points to hold onto:

NOBODY stole your email address and sent you an email to comfort you.  Your email was provided by you in order for you to be notified when the RV happens and for you to be in a group that would be contacted and given the opportunity to cash out possibly with a higher rate than the street rate.

NOBODY is making money off of you cashing in with this group .... NOBODY!
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REPLAY   805-399-1500    409029#


Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:


TONY - This will be a short call and hopefully will follow with another call later today. First, some negative news. I'm getting all this good info and we're hearing what has been the sticking point and how it was resolved, including what has happened up to today. Our puzzle piece should only be missing one piece. I've been honest with you in all the info I've shared as I believed it to be, and it made sense. I'm not going to undo anything.

T - I was on the phone all day yesterday through 11PM last night and again starting again at 6AM. I got a lot of PMs and calls this morning. What I don't like is that yesterday I was tired and people complain that I didn't do a call yesterday. Those people saying this were trying to take over the board, and that kind of got to me. The other thing that bothered me is that the group scenario has changed.
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[tdlee] If the RV has been released, hope we see it today!!

[yolanda] tdlee THE rv HAS been released, not if IT HAS! :)

[lanalane] 30MDINAR tyvm for bringing this to us, so many confirmations that this happening

[cherryberry] lanalane seems like your person was on target with the date, yay

 [lanalane] 30MDINAR A month ago my source said RV Oct. 5 and a couple days ago confirmed, so I totally agree with you

[trigger] On yesterday evening at 5:00 pm est a teleconference took place with the gatekeepers & key masters & all has been finalized,. Many global contacts are expecting the gcr today. Listen to cl & jl closely. Prepare for rv!!! Exo
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walkingstick � October 4th, 2013, 10:30 am  *  [Post 183]   BRETT ARENDS'S ROI Archives | Email alerts

Oct. 4, 2013, 7:31 a.m. EDT  Why Uncle Sam is hoarding gold

The Treasury says it won't tap its gold stockpile, even to avoid a default

Grab any Wall Street trader in a bar, or any portfolio manager in his office, and he's likely to tell you gold is finished.

It's silly, nothing more than a shiny metal, a substance with little use and little real value, a "barbarous relic," and the stuff of nothing more than superstition. Only a fool would own any gold in his portfolio.



DonarTattoo wrote on October 3rd, 2013, 9:09 pm: Ya but remember what they said about the rate being in the budget last ear and here we are a year later

another mailman � October 3rd, 2013, 9:28 pm  *  [Post 75] I hear you, but, they didn't pass their budget 3 months early last year. I can't think of any other reason they would do that for the 2014 budget unless a rate change was in the works.
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[Papa Bear] Folks u know today is Friday and we are going into a Dinarland weekend which is usually tough. It appears the Bear has made it through the bear hunting season again this year. Im thankful for all the Lord has given me and I think we need to thank our Father for those blessings.

[Papa Bear] I know many of us in the Forest have been required to live on less berries, fruits, and HONEY but the Lord will carry us through. The bark of that tree we are gnawing at is getting a little boring nRIGHT?

 [Papa Bear] We in the Bear family through Gods blessings have gotten ready for hibernation which can only be had upon abundance.

[Papa Bear] I have resolved to stay the path and move forward in our journey until the end and I would ask you for prayers and the same resolve I have. Staying awake does get hard sometime during those long winter nights. But I would ask all to stay strong by my side and remember our next road will be a lot different.
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The below posts were in our 10am email
Don't blow your inheritance Instant wealth can trigger excessive spending and lending By Gary Foreman The New Frugal You Gary Foreman is a former financial planner who currently edits The Dollar Stretcher website and newsletters. He writes "New Frugal You," a weekly Q&A column about frugal living, for

Dear New Frugal You
My father-in-law recently passed away and he left us an inheritance. We've always lived paycheck to paycheck. My wife is afraid we'll blow the inheritance. Can you help us make the most of this instant wealth? -- Nigel

INDYGUY � October 3rd, 2013, 9:10 pm  *  [Post 70]   Bank story My Sister who is new to this, needed this to confirm what she really already new...Its real...She called me as soon as she got out of the bank.

This tells me three things

1 All they are waiting for is an to be close

2 She was a teller and she knew what IQN is

3 She revealed this info to someone (my sister) she didn't know

Happy Friday everyone - today is a day we can rejoice and be glad in it -

KNOW THAT OUR FATHER GOD IS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES.  GOSH if we could only see what is going on in the heavenlies that is about to manifest here for all of us personally and corporately.  

What is done in secret will come out in the open... KNOW that God did not bring us this far to drop us... OUR SUDDENLY is going to manifest and this we KNOW IN OUR KNOWERS = AMEN?  

Amen.... God's promises are yes and amen and what which HE has ordained, nothing can stop. We are seeing signs our SUDDENLY is knocking at the door but remain in a mind frame of faith and let this play out, no one knows the exact time -

if it doesn't show up today do not lose hope - the plan is surely in process amen? Amen!  Have a blessed day and weekend!

Early Friday Morning:


[tbones] IMO the timing that makes the most sense to me to bring out the GCR is on Friday at 3:47 PM EST. Why? 1) All banks are open, 2) The worldwide FOREX and financial markets are all still on-line and aligned at that time and typically receive updates during that last fifteen minute of the market being open for the week, 3) Other major currency changes (e.g., Venezuela's devaluation), have been announced in this window, 4) it gives time for markets to prepare/adjust for Monday (opening 5 PM EST Sunday) especially with large changes expected in a few currencies, 5) it maximizes the time the US banks have to distribute 800 numbers, set appointments and begin exchanges while minimizing retail banking disruption, and 6) Friday afternoon is typically outside the major news cycle and is when news is buried. Maybe today.

[swellguy] tbones I mostly agree but wouldnt you think the second the banks close on Saturday would be best so people don't bother banks on Saturday.... that gives 30 some hours for the 800 numbers to go viral and if people have appointments before monday... they will be less likely to bother banks on monday....

The I.Q.D.  Team Connection with L.J. from L.J.'s Next Step Team
Straight Talkin' Mike,  L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver

Conference Call Replay- Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

or 760-569-7699 / Pin  769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team
"THE I.Q.D. Team Connection"

Listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013


Big Call Recording Link for Thursday, 10-3-13


Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#  

86 Minutes

The Big Call
Blackbird136:   Guys and Gals:

If anyone cares, here is my take on this China, Iraq and US meeting Tony talked about occurring last night...SORRY SO RAMBLING and LONG: 

It has to be about the the link below, or google Iraq-China-US and you get articles talking about how China has reaped the greatest benefits from the Gulf war as they now are the largest importers of oil in the world and get � of Iraq's output now...

So all this "RENO" stuff with Wells Fargo Bank acting as the escrow agent of China's purchase of dinar from people/groups with large amounts so they can use the dinar to purchase oil credits at a lower rate may have some legs...

I actually saw some of the contracts (I'm a lawyer), so it being an elaborate hoax is doubtful. 

The stuff was real, legal and someone spent a lot of time on preparing it. The thing that struck me odd was the high price that they were paying, at different tier prices from  $25 up to $50 depending on how many dinar were pledged; 

The below posts were in our 10pm email


dew7 � October 2nd, 2013, 7:58 pm  *  [Post 17]  Frank after all the excitement of waiting for WF today, can you tell us one bit of what you heard today? I know you are busy ... most people come to the site to read like me, and perhaps it will slow up some calls...

Thanks. I would love to know if you still think we are close enough that it is a day to day feel or after everything that you have been learning if you feel that is has been pushed back a bit...

 Thomas N wrote on October 2nd, 2013, 7:29 pm: Frank What about the suit and kilt????? Are you ready!!!!?????
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BondLady's Corner Administrators Shredd & tlm724 Share their comments on the News

Banker: private banks evolved considerably and now has external relations with international banks 03-10-2013 10:57 AM

[Shredd] private banks has evolved considerably from what it was in the past through the use of mechanization of modern to facilitate transactions Banking and speed of completion, as well as become their external relations with international banks, so the work is consistent with what issued by the Central Bank of the instructions and controls.
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More Info Than I can Put Here

I was waiting today, because I have received information 3 times today that we were to have a RV activation here in the U.S..  All of those times have now passed and it is still possible to occur. 

I have finally been given the information that you want as to what needed to be done in order for us to see this.  I was really hoping that I would not have the time or need to explain it to you, but I guess I lose. 

I have received very detailed information and it is way too much for me to type here, but I can tell you that it involved China, Iraq and the U.S..

I can tell you that the meeting last night was concluded with everyone in agreement. 

It was at times loud and angry, but that's how some people scold and negotiate and believe me all of those elements were a part of the process.
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