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10pm, October 7th, 2013   


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Blackbird136 wrote:

Welcome to Our Positive and Happy Place at TNT:

Stay positive Guys and Gals!   If you are here because you have done your DD and know like all of us Superfantastic Folks (SF) here that the dinar will RV at some point and we will take our mere $800 investment per million dinar and Become Millionaires, then you know that this will happen in God's and the PTB's timeline after all is ready;  

For God that may be when everyone chosen is invested!  

For the PTB it will be when they have perfected everything needed to make them look powerful, helpful to the world, and to maintain the control and wealth they have!

This plan was hatched long ago and has evolved to make the Iraqi Dinar a linchpin of the greatest transfer of wealth to such a small and blessed group in history.
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Want to be a millionaire? Saving up a million dollars is a goal well within reach for many Americans, according to Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, wealth researchers and authors of "The Millionaire Next Door."

Surprisingly, those with a high income or sizable inheritance aren't necessarily more likely to build wealth than those with mediocre incomes and no wealthy ancestors. If that's true, then what exactly is the key to financial success?

The answer is, quite simply, behavior. First-generation self-made millionaires have created regular, consistent habits that build wealth.

Is it possible to learn these wealth and savings habits and then emulate them?
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Emailed To Recaps

This is info from the TNT Forum, good to review to see if any of it resonates with you...xoxo

FIRST THING after it RV's if not sooner...go get a new disposable cell phone with new cell number for security, with a big minute package 2000+ minutes, YOU CAN AFFORD IT...this is business line use only.

Disable "GPS location" in the menu before making even the first call. (One of these days you may want to shift a few of the business contacts to a single personal line ...and throw the business phone and everything attached to it away...

get rid of it completely...and go on with life without people hassling you for money and services for the next 20 years).
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FLPatriot59] So, tomorrow is the 8th. Big, important number in Chinese numerology. Many - including Blaino - are practically calling it for tomorrow. So looks like we're in the money (almost).

[FLPatriot59] SPECIAL INFO: The 8 is the most prosperous of numbers in Chinese culture, as the word for "eight" sounds like the words for "prosper" and "wealth." It is considered a highly lucky number and is worked into daily life as much as possible in many areas of China (think addresses, wedding dates, phone numbers, cash gifts, etc.). The number 8 is associated with the Earth element, melding the ideas of stability, determination and goals with the realm of money and success.

[GAPatriot60] WOW Blaino just issued a RV warning!

[FLPatriot59] GAPatriot60 Seriously?

 [GAPatriot60] FLPatriot59 yes, of course!

[sixfigurenow] GAPatriot60 then that means it is done, finished, ready to cash exchange...imo
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Poof's say" "....What is important to remember is that many people think that all of this is a scam and that we should shut up and should go away. told you before that story has been repeated a million times - and so it has - but, in case you have not noticed, I am still here and still saying the same thing.

 Why? Because I know the damned facts, it is real, and that it is happening; the timing won't be what we might want, but it will happen.

My job has always been to keep the vigil, to keep the flame aloft, and to make sure you people do not forget that it is to help you and to help humanity. That aspect they have likely forgotten.

It is all one human family on this globe, and we are to share plus recognize the more we keep our options open and are willing to share just what is practical, the better our options are.

 That is how it works. How it is meant to work. Never forget that someone thought enough of you to invite you to participate in this program; what if he had not? How would you feel these days? What if you were on the sidelines?
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Domino] millionday I do have a question - Last week we saw where some salaries would be paid on the 14th which is rapidly approaching. We also agreed that to do that the new rate was necessary. Any update on that?

    [millionday] not yet except the news from last night the work being done on telecommunication

    [Domino] millionday I did read last night but don't know what you're referring to on this topic

    [millionday] we saw that there has been a lot of work but they have not said anything more on the disbursemens  -they have to be able to pay all citizens -- the ones in country and out -- so the cards should be usable

    [Domino] millionday Gotcha, thanks

    [millionday] yw all the time hun
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The below posts were in our 6pm email
Millionday Roundtable 10/07/13

    [millionday] ok here we go  ---  recognizes and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, in a ceremony held at the headquarters of the ministry Court a copy of the credentials of five ambassadors from "Turkey, Kuwait, Canada, Sudan and Vietnam," accredited to the new Iraq.

A statement from the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received and Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of it today, "Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received today credentials Farouk Qaamakja, the new Turkish ambassador to Iraq."

 He added that "Zebari welcomed the guest and discussed with him to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and the prospects for its development."

Domino] millionday I do have a question - Last week we saw where some salaries would be paid on the 14th which is rapidly approaching. We also agreed that to do that the new rate was necessary. Any update on that?

    [millionday] not yet except the news from last night the work being done on telecommunication

    [Domino] millionday I did read last night but don't know what you're referring to on this topic

    [millionday] we saw that there has been a lot of work but they have not said anything more on the disbursemens  -they have to be able to pay all citizens -- the ones in country and out -- so the cards should be usable

    [Domino] millionday Gotcha, thanks

    [millionday] yw all the time hun
from Eagle Has Landed
HOW and WHEN Iraq will repay Kuwait in full.

On June 27, 2013 following the UN Security Council meeting regarding Iraq and Chapter VII, Mr. Hoshyar Zebari (Iraq) gave a press conference to the Security Council media stakeout.

A journalist specifically asked the question regarding Iraq's indebtedness to Kuwait at approximately 4:17 of the video listed below. Mr. Zebari stated that a repayment Agreement was in place,that $52 Billion has already been paid by Iraq to Kuwait (as of the date of the press conference 6-27-2013) and that $11 Billion was still owed by Iraq to Kuwait, that payments were being made and that at the current pace of the payments the debt would be paid off in full by the end of 2015.

Whether or not Iraq still owes Kuwait money has nothing to do with the RV as a binding Agreement is in place and has been fully approved by the parties and the UN Security Council.

The question was asked in English, the answer was given in English (some were in Arabic) and as such there should be no confusion as to what was actually stated. One guru says the debt is paid and another says the debt is not paid. Why not let the parties in interest let us know how the debt is being dealt with?

here is the video....

Peace, Eagle Has Landed

New post  Cindieloohoo Today at 2:05 pm




REPLAY     805-399-1500    409029#


Notes from FlPatriot59 at I4U:

[FLPatriot59] T = TONY | C = CALLER

TONY - Good morning, TNT! It's Monday, October 7, 2013 at 1:12 PM EDT. Whoever thought we'd be here - surely not me. I know you have good question, but the biggest question is "why are we having this call instead of an RV call?" I'm going to give you an answer and you probably won't like it. I can tell you this: everything that needed to be done has been done. The meeting in Iraq with the HCL went through. Everything has been worked out. The banks were on high alert all weekend - 5 different states have already called in their staffs and we've heard it should go "live" sometime today. The issue is timing and who's going to take credit for it. By timing I mean where does it show up first, which country will it show first, etc.

[tlm724] I'd like to show you all this article from this morning  its a lil long so bear with me k   

Re: the Central Bank and to clarify the Gazette 10/07/2013 12:00 AM BAGHDAD - morning announced the CBI that the project divided the national will play a major role in the development and recovery of the economy in Iraq, where it will provide new business opportunities on the one hand and to attract foreign investors,

on the other hand. the bank said in a response about what was published by the morning in the number 2918 on 15/9 / 2013 in front Economic entitled (delay implementation of the project divided the national technical reasons) that he is working hard on the success of the project divided the national Everybody can from conducting financial transactions electronically easily and safely,

How I get through the Dinar Drama by Quantum Warrior

I find three attitudes help me handle this.

1. There are no free lunches
2. This process is training me to handle wealth
3. All information providers have a partial picture

What does all this mean practically?

There are no free lunches

No matter how much or how little dinar you may have, you still have to earn it. So think of this process as earning the right to have the wealth that will be yours. The pain and suffering you may be feeling are the "price", no different than if you had worked for it. There are no free lunches.

Yes, it's way harder and longer than I think anyone would have believed. But a story I heard on a training course may help:

DIRECT INTEL 12:58 PM  FROM stage2omega TO You  











Early Monday Morning:


[Papa Bear] GM Dinar Family. Many of u know yesterday was World Communion Sunday . Bringing all people throughout the world together. 2 Verseswere brought to mind Ephesians 2:14-18 which is where jesus made Gentiles and Jews know that all were equal in his eyes. 2nd Verse is directed to all LEADERS Colossians 3:23 . Work willingly at whatever you do as though you were working for the Loed rather than the people . Folks let ervery step you make fulfill your calling by encouraging all around you and reaching out to share and bring your best. Pay it FORWARD

[Papa Bear] 2nd subject all please listen to Phoenix from this weekend 9 minutes long and explains delay better than I could .IMHO

[Papa Bear] Also reread Dave Schmidt two articles on Global Reset from this weekend. Also Sorry no P but Large Reason Will come out though

[goin4broke] Papa Bear gm how do we know there are delays?

[Shredd] gm all I'll share a mid-coffee thought about this investment. I teach a class at the bank I work at and in this class, we analyze investors - who they are, how they invest and why they invest

and one nagging question I've had about this investment is why these savvy investors aren't making a lot of noise about the dinar and the reality is, investors really have two methodologies for investing regarding time....

[Shredd] one is a short turnaround, the other is longer term. For short term, it makes sense that investors aren't making a ton of noise about the dinar because we've been having to wait for this to gain in value. Investors rely on gains for their return in this.

The below posts were in our 10am email
Flygirl02] Many seem to be saying that the elections law is so important because it takes away some of Maliki's power. Do you think that needs to be done before rv

    [Sager] Flygirl02 good question... it is definitely floating in dinar land

    [millionday] i think that maliki is not going to want to walk out without this done and it is a good thing for us that the elections are coming for iraq --- he has 7 brothers and would like to gain pride in the history of the country for his name -- and

   [millionday] the law of elections started being on the table because it was brought up by outside organizations of its importance -- as far as before their economic reform -- no i do not believe it has to be done but believe it will be due to the time frame and how parliament is working -- daily

Millionday News 10/06/13

    millionday] we are going to start with some great and encouraging news  i like the part the best in the world when refering to Iraq  -- here we go

    [millionday] In a move designed to remove Iraq from the list of countries with rents unilateral , called economists to create a process of trade more with the world, through the implementation of a project called the Basra area of economic , commercial and industrial free.

Comes at a time announced by the Office International Consulting and Economic Studies on hold Conference middle of next month on the International Free Zone triangle FAO.


Date: Sunday, 6-Oct-2013 20:03:46 In Response To: POOFness newsletter not here yet, expected soon. Feel free to contribute while you're waiting. (hobie) Hi, Folks - Just received e-mail from Susan, sounds like the newsletter won't be out till at least middle of the night or tomorrow.. Blessings, all. -hobie

[MarkZ] Hi gang, I am exhuasted after a long busy weekend, this week is looking like we will see big things. Specifics are best left un-said. I am very relaxed and plan on hitting the beach with caddylady89 by the weekend I think. I will try to make it tomorrow for questions, I am just too tired tonight. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

[caddylady89] MarkZ wooohooo

[snowwolfsdee] MarkZ tks and have a great rest

 [MarkZ] Eagle1 looks to have it covered right now, my sources are sounding close to what he is posting. The process looks to be moving, none of will know exactly when until after it happens so be patient.

(Recaps Note: This sounds very similar to notes from Eagle1 last week. Several people say its new and several say its old.......we'll let you decide..)

Update from Eagle1 today:  from Stage2Omega to you:

FROM EAGLE1 CALL TODAY: Q - I'm getting the impression that the banks will be ready to go into Tuesday morning? A - Yes, I will receive a call at 6AM my time to let me know if the rates are on the screens and if there's a 24-hour hold. We've heard that once the GCR goes live there is a 24-hour period for the banks to get ready. Until tomorrow morning, I won't know for tomorrow exchange or not.

Q - So the next 24 hours should be very telling? A - Absolutely!

Dave Schmidt "So, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"  9 - 23 - 13  Previous Post
Post By Bailey 2  Intel4u Forum

Ok Folks,

First I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your response to my request.  You have been very generous, which allows me to give full time to guiding us through this process with the most accurate information available to me.  So, do feel free to send your questions my way.  It's my pleasure to help us all through this maze of information.

In the next few days I will be posting all my past newsletters to my blog site:  You'll be able to refer back to those as needed.

There has been some exceptionally good news in the last few days confirming that the RV could happen any day and the rates are reported to be very high. That's not new, but the way this news is coming through is more convincing to me than before.  I'll talk about that later.

(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.) 


Wealth is generally anything that is naturally part of the four-dimensional world.  Anything that exists in the natural is wealth, and often involves multiplication.  The created earth functions and supports this multiplication principle.   You put in a seed in the earth and you get back much fruit or herbs with many seeds in them in your harvest.  

Thus, everything that exists in the natural is defined as wealth, and it will have the inherent quality of producing wealth by  multiplication.

Also, wealth is not retrieved by a passive, but rather active participation through work and good management skills.  Wealth assets are land, houses, family (wealth handed down through inheritance) businesses, gold, silver, diamonds, oil, coal, lumber, fruit trees, vegetable farms, cattle, sheep, fisheries, and free energy production from the natural world, such as solar, wind, or the magnetic field around the earth. 

(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)


Biblitarian: I am an attorney at law, and this is for educational purposes only.  Consult your own attorney, your own financial planner, your own CPA, your own business consultant, etc.

1.  INCOME TAXES.   Wherever you are dominciled when you exchange your dinar or other currency, then pay your federal and state income taxes there.  Afterwards, move to a state where there are no income taxes and live there, conduct business there, and make it your bona fide residence. Living in a state where there is high income tax is not worth it.  If you earn 1 million a year, you will lose $130,000 for state income tax for example if you stay in California. 

Thus, lets take a hypothetical that you live in California currently.  California's top income tax is 13.3% (ouch), the highest state income tax in the nation.  If the Federal income tax treaty, or special tax reduction rate for the dinar, is passed, then your total federal and state income tax, if you live in California, is 24.3%.  If you receive 10 million from exchanging  your dinar, then your income tax liability will be $2,430,000, which will leave you net after income taxes, to be $7,570,000 net.

They not only steal your identity - They steal all of your money.

4 Risky Places to Swipe Your Debit Card

Bankrate.comBy Claes Bell | -  Debit Cards Are Different

Would you give a thief direct access to your checking account?

No? Unfortunately, you may be doing just that by regularly using your debit card. Debit cards may look identical to credit cards, but there's one key difference. With credit cards, users who spot fraudulent charges on their bill can simply decline the charges and not pay the bill.

On the other hand, debit cards draw money directly from your checking account, rather than from an intermediary such as a credit card company.

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