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6pm October 9th, 2016

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Mnt.Goat News Brief Sunday October 9th, 2016 

Thanks GeorgeH for sending this to us today:

October 9, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
Wow! Already one week gone in October and time seems to be flying by us once again. Get ready for those fall pumpkins and Halloween costumes. Trees are turning in Bavaria and we are having our usual Oktoberfest parties honoring the long tradition of the wedding of king Ludwig I to Princess Theresa of Bavaria. What a party. It has lasted well over a 100 years already. Here comes today's news on the Iraq dinar and it too is very exciting.
Here comes the HCL:

The only sure way to guarantee all these conditions (in the below articles) is by having a law, the hydrocarbon law (HCL), It is already written.

What are they waiting for to get it passed? I will tell you in today's news.

More News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Afternoon 10-9-16


Jay:  Here is the question we should all be pondering family.

They have always done something on the 7th-8th in recent months. SO WHAT DID THEY DO THIS WEEKEND.


IMF, WB, etc Meetings in DC this weekend. Which is yearly, Yes I know (that statement was for you copier and pasters to pass on...hehehe)

Well is it yearly that they meet with the Iraqi MOF at this meeting in DC...???....HMMMM......DUNNO...TBO.



This "yearly meeting"  has WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more meaning than in other in history. IMO.

Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat   10-09-16   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat   10-09-16   Part 2 of 2

larrykn says():  Nineveh issued instructions to the people of Mosul with the approach of the liberation struggle
2016/10/9 11:35   [Oan- Baghdad]  Nineveh issued a command of editing operations, instructions to the population of the city of Mosul with the approaching date of the liberation of the city from terrorist gangs Daesh process.
A statement by the flags of Nineveh operations in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "for all citizens in the areas that will see large-scale operations, please include: 

Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat   10-09-16   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat   10-09-16   Part 1 of 2

jetset says to subgirl():is the big question what i think it is???
subgirl says to jetset():what do you think it is?
subgirl says to jetset():knowing what you know about rcookie/hutch and mr white, what do you think??????
jetset says to subgirl():well, i think there is only one important question and one that only matters based on the the answer to the first question.....
question One: When?
question One A: How much?

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter

News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Morning 10-9-16


SherryBaby:  With the China markets closed for the past week.... tonight is going to be very interesting as they get back into things.

I am choosing to believe that the most recent delays have been to prepare for us. There are a ton of us ready to go to our exchange appointments right now. Everything needs to go decently and in order.

I pray they are making the way for us to be in the banks tomorrow for our exchanges... with NO glitches or hiccups.

Blue: "if this becomes a reality...then we will have our answer."

Post From

UAE Central Bank confirmed, for «Union», it would allow the circulation of all Gulf currencies directly in the near future, after the completion of the establishment of the Gulf system for clearing and settlement «financial transfers to individuals and companies. »
"OK... if this becomes a reality... then we will have our answer.
There is absolutely no way that Iraq can start engaging in direct currency transactions with the GCC... with their present  dire liquidity problems.
They do NOT have the physical dinar to do it.   Additionally......

Dinar Updates Saturday PM Chat   10-08-16

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

dinarstudent says():so i wonder what tues big talk going to be 8-)

subgirl says to dinarstudent():guess you will have to tune in and find out???
hutch says to dinarstudent():With a 45 min amnesty... What would you pose as the BIG question?
dinarstudent says():hope it not saying matt coming back to south fla :)
hutch says to dinarstudent():If.. he does, He wont be as muscular
DIGIman1 says():does abadi take his martinis shaken or stirred....
subgirl says to DIGIman1():lol
hutch says to DIGIman1():Why... stirred ofcourse
subgirl says to hutch():lol
dinarstudent says to hutch():you know hutch first will be rate and dollar amount lol. you know that will be the question ,hehehe

Islandg1211 Saturday Evening: "Saudi-China Could End the PetroDollar"


Thanks DinariDori for sending this to us:

islandg1211 - Saudi-China could end PetroDollar- Breaking News - Currency Reset Step

Why did we ever invest in foreign currency?

One reason was because we saw the writing on the walls for problems with the USD.

No more Gold Backed USD:

When President Nixon took the USD off of the Gold Standard, he switched the USD to a fiat based currency. The public didn't noticed nor thought about the consequences. They never will get it because neither will the education system nor the MSNM ever teach the history of monetary policy.