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10am November 1st, 2016

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Dinar Updates Monday Afternoon  Chat  10-31-16   Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
rcookie: U.S. aircraft to block ISIL militants fleeing Mosul in Iraq
Jim Michaels, USA TODAY 4:35 p.m. EDT October 31, 2016 AFP AFP_HN7CI I CFG IRQ  (Photo: Ahmad Al-Rubaye, AFP/Getty Images)
The U.S.-led coalition has developed plans to target Islamic State militants from the air if they attempt to escape the Iraqi city of Mosul and head west toward Syria, as Iraqi ground forces close in on the city from several sides, a top U.S. general said Monday.
"This is all about getting after (the Islamic State) and setting up an opportunity where, should they try to escape, we have a built-in mechanism to kill them as they are departing," said Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, commander of U.S. air forces in the Middle East.
Blocking militants from escaping has been a key challenge as U.S.-backed Iraqi and Syrian ground forces have retaken towns and cities from the Islamic State. Hundreds of militants have managed to slip away.
The Pentagon has acknowledged there is no simple solution to prevent militants from grabbing civilian hostages or simply escaping in small numbers.

Dinar Updates Monday Afternoon  Chat  10-31-16   Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

jeffusa says():Nineveh - The US-led international coalition air force bombarded an explosives plant belonging to the Islamic State in central Mosul, Al Sumaria News reported on Monday.

The Iraqi media outlet stated, "Today, international coalition aircraft bombarded a large plant that was used by the ISIS to manufacture explosives and booby traps in al-Okaydat area near a train station in the east coast, in central Mosul."
"The aerial bombardment resulted in a massive blast," Al Sumaria added.
Earlier today, Media officials with the Ministry of defense announced, that the security forces start to advance toward the west coast of Mosul from three axes
clay says to jeffusa():(y)
ol lar says():Iraq needs procedures to activate foreign investment
10:59:00 10.31.2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - BAGHDAD - Adel Mahdi
The head of the Iraqi Businessmen Union is willing Blibl, the need for Iraq to «adopt swift action based on economic feasibility studies, do direct investment due to their role in achieving the development of all sectors of the economy».

Dinar Updates Monday Afternoon  Chat  10-31-16   Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

rcookie says():Iraqi forces approaching eastern districts of Mosul, reports say
Commander says forces are within metres of entering Isis-held city after troops took one of two remaining key towns
A member of the Iraqi counter-terrorism service looks out at his comrades driving near Bazwaya, on the eastern edges of Mosul.
Kareem Shaheen in Beirut   Last modified on Monday 31 October 2016 11.54 EDT
Emerged reports have Conflicting over Whether Iraqi forces battling Islamic ( Azan ) Software a near the Mosul have breached the eastern districts of the city color : as a Coalition Including special forces units, tribal fighters and Kurdish paramilitaries pushed ahead with hwy offensive.

Highlights From KTFA Monday Night CC 10-31-16


FrostytheSnowman:   Here's tonight's HIGHLIGHTS ...

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: We're going to give you three things tonight.

#1 - The articles

#2 - Mosul

#3 - News to tell you about Warka Bank

Team Chat on Friday got a sneak preview of this.

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Dinar Updates Monday Late AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Monday Late AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 3 of 3

loop says():Economic workshop to discuss the crisis between the center and the region
Last update: Monday , October 31, 2016 - 10:20
Economists have studied the role of the presence of an official of the Central Bank of Iraq in resolving the economic crisis in the center and the region, and discussed the economic and workshop hosted by the American University in Dohuk province overall challenges facing economic development in Iraq.
The workshop was chaired by the governor of Dohuk Farhad Alaterci and attended by Minister of Planning and Salman al-Jumaili and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Keywords and financial advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Minister of Planning Ali Sindi Kurdistan region and Dr. Fadhil Nabi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal.

Dinar Updates Monday Late AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Monday Late AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 2 of 3

rcookie says():Edit villages Ndjemom Tel dry northern Mosul
31/10/2016  Independent) .. declared war media cell in the Joint Special Operations Command, the liberation of the villages Ndjemom Tel dry northern Nineveh.
He said a brief statement from the cell, "The pieces of the band 16 within the northern hub of operations, (coming, Nineveh), liberated villages Ndjemom Tel everybody."
He said the cell, that "progress continues." (End)
rcookie says():Economic > Financial parliamentary recommends organizing an auction currency
Parliamentary Finance recommends organizing currency auction
Mon, 31 Oct 2016 13:55:28   # Algmehorah_uz   Finance Committee visited headed by MP Mohammed Halbusi Central Bank of Iraq has been discussed many things with the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords Advanced cadre belonging to the Bank's business and financial reality and Economic been listening to the steps and mechanisms established by the Bank Administration to regulate the work of the auction currency.

Dinar Updates Monday Late AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 1 of 3

rcookie says):31-10-2016 03:55 PM Agenda includes a vote of Parliament tomorrow and the reading of a number of draft laws
Resumes the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, its reading of the vote and a number of draft laws.
The agenda of the meeting includes 'vote on the draft Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, and the vote on the draft law amending the decree passport filter atomic endowment No. 1 of 1955, and vote on the draft of the Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act'.
It also includes 'view a report and discussion of the draft protection of witnesses, experts and whistleblowers, victims, and report and discuss the draft law on ratification of the Convention on the financial loan to the World Bank report signed on 02.03.2014 the Republic of Iraq Act'.
It would be 'report and discuss the draft law on ratification documents Bucharest Conference on the Law for the year 2004 attached to Universal Postal Convention, the first reading of the draft law of the rights of the Turkomans' on tomorrow's meeting agenda.

News, Rumors and Humor Monday Night 10-31-16


Airam:  someone in the know ........has Iraq done something to get into the WTO in the last yrs......there are posts saying the GOI has not done anything

Yada:  airam,,that question was asked on the call and not, not necessary for them to do the RV,,,

Airam:  Yada my question is not pertaining to the RV .............Just about the GOI doing his job to enter in the two.......if the previous steps are not taken I don't think that just the RV is going to do it all .......there are previous steps that need to be done .......that is what my question is about .......TY

CharlieOK:  I think the WTO thing has to be done by tomorrow. For that to happen, Iraq would have to have revalued their currency to be a viable member. Hmmmmm.   I am thinking that on a govt. to govt. basis, a lot of things are history. For whatever reason, "they" are keeping a lid on it.

KingdomWarrior76:  Some say Iraq has years to go to join the WTO

Three Lessons From Safari In Zimbabwe

Notes From The Field   By Simon Black

October 31, 2016   Chiredzi, Zimbabwe 

Three Lessons From Safari In Zimbabwe
There's nothing quite like watching animals in the wild. 

I've spent the past four days at an enormous game reserve in Zimbabwe with a guide who would put Bear Grylls to shame. 

(Ironically, guides in Zimbabwe are the most highly qualified and well-respected in Africa-- they undergo more years of rigorous training and apprenticeship than most doctors in the West.) 

Whenever I come out here and watch wild animals in their natural habitat, I learn so much about our own species. Here are a few examples: 

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Dinar Updates Monday Early AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Monday Early AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 3 of 3

rcookie: First Published: 2016-10-31
Iraq's vice president regain office
The Financial Department of the Office of the Iraqi presidency says that the costs of the return of three deputies to the office of three billion and 500 million dinars annually.
Middle East Online
The return of corruption of the big doors
BAGHDAD - announced sources from the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq for the return of the three Vice-Presidents Osama Nujaifi and Iyad Allawi and Nouri al-Maliki to direct their work, after the decision of the Federal Court, which overruled the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi abolishing the post of vice-president. In a move that will cost the state in which they live to the beat of a severe financial crisis billions of dinars.

Dinar Updates Monday Early AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Monday Early AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 2 of 3

rcookie says():Edit five villages within the northern axis toward Tilkaif
Monday , 31 October 2016 09:52   Alsumaria News / Nineveh   A security source in Nineveh province, on Monday, that security forces liberated five villages within the northern axis toward Tilkaif spend.
The source said in an interview for the Sumerian News, "The joint security forces were able, today, to edit five villages within the northern axis toward Tilkaif spend."
The military announced the media cell, on Monday, that the security forces began to progress towards the left coast of Mosul of the three axes.

Dinar Updates Monday Early AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Monday Early AM  Chat  10-31-16   Part 1 of 3
rcookie says():Law Llayradat
31/10/2016 0:00   Maitham and coffee   before you make an initial assessment of the law and imports municipalities, I would like to say that the use of the word "imports" is not agreed upon among scholars of the economy, it is mixed with "imports", so usually we are what we tend to term "revenue."
To the right of the country without a doubt need the legislation is pushing to increase government revenue and units outside the dependence on oil commodity, especially with the lower prices crisis, and without it mainly because the oil country usually Taatchris the natures lazing and dominated by inefficiency, poor distribution and manifestations of corruption and undermining democracy and systems of good governance standards.
It is in line also with directions diversification to raise additional resources to cover the burden of municipalities growing constantly.

"Green Flash" Republic/RV Update 10-31-16

Emailed to Recaps:

Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don't know and I don't care. -- Jimmy Buffett

A "green flash" at sunset is an optical phenomena that sometimes occurs when atmospheric conditions are just right, a green spot is visible above the upper rim of the disk of the sun.

Green flashes occur because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors. Thus, a green flash usually only lasts for no more than a second or two.

Harvesting sovereign rates during the RV is like waiting for and seeing a green flash at sunset. It's very rare, but very real for paying close attention... otherwise you'll miss it entirely.

More News, Rumors and Opinions Monday Afternoon 10-31-16


AdminBill:  MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2016 (9:30AM MDT)




Let me start this out with a bit of a test for you. Try to answer the following questions:
The last time you stopped for gas, how many other cars were getting gas?
What color socks was your boss wearing today?
What did the people in front of you and behind you at the grocery line look like?
How many of your neighbors left this morning, before you did?
Were there any unusual cars parked on your street when you got home today?

News, Rumors and Opinions Monday Morning 10-31-16

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 31 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 31 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

A. Oct. 30 2016 11:22 pm EST Situation Report Veritas:  "Response to ZimJim" - Guest Post by Veritas

1. Fact: Still watching my friend who had a Tier 1 transaction, spend money.

2. Fact: Tier 3 complete to the stage of final disbursement to individuals. Consider it staged and ready to release.

3. Fact: Just received notice that 800 registration number should release tonight  Oct. 30 2016.

4. Fact: Admiral's Group told payouts prep process very smooth; very soon for disbursement to individuals for spending.