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6pm November 10th, 2015

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BondLadys Corner Admin Tlm724 News & Comments 11-10-15
Delete the zeros of encouraging the flow of funds towards the inside
10/11/2015 0:00    BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate  confirmed an academic economist and an expert on the process of deleting the zeros are not economic impacts him in the cash value of the currency but is a procedure for re-grading and changed.
Said Dr. Abdul-Hussein Jalil Ghalibi from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Kufa, that the spillover which can feel about in the long run it will encourage the investors' capital flow towards the inside of the expectation of low inflation, returned this thing that depends on the government's ability in establishing the ultimate effect of the deletion of zeros.

Next another GOLDEN NUGGET. I got to tell you I did not intend to do a news letter today but since the golden nuggets of news just kept flowing in I knew something was up.

Now we see in this article below that they have made a decision to float the currency and it will be solely the CBI's responsibility. In floating it they will get off the peg strictly to the US dollar and use instead an SDR. They are telling us by staying on the peg to only the US dollar this has been part of the problem in the money laundering, the issue with the auctions and many other aspects of money corruption to terrorists and not being able to keep a stable currency. They admit now is the time to float. Going on the SDR tells us they plan to float it but this time go international since the SDR is pegging against a basket of other international currencies and not just one such as US dollar. In the past this use of the USD was convenient to do since they use the USD (petro dollar) in oil sales anyhow. This entire post war arrangement is about to end.

With all the news we heard recently about the money laundering and corruption with the money auctions does it surprise you that they decided to gradually stop the auctions? But to do this they will need a float to create the demand for the currency.

So how will this float work?

(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6830 -"WOW!!!! - So Many Golden Nuggets"  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

So far we are seeing many things on path for a late Dec 2015 or early 2016 RV window of opportunity. There is a very strong indication for this window. I am not saying it WILL RV because the environment in Iraq could change as it did in 2012. It is very dynamic. We base this on FACTS not on some secret source whispering intel in my

The so called intel "gurus" had absolutely NO sound evidence or FACTS to back up to allow you to believe this RV would or could have happened so far. I am talking about FACTS and not some DC contact or some "secret" sources from Iraq or calls made to banks in other countries.

In my past news letters I asked everyone to be on the look out for certain events. These events would be our golden nuggets we have been waiting for.

Post From Chat Room  11-9-15
Wealthwatch Late Night Butifldrm Chat 11-9-15  Part 2 of 2

kk1: '@chattels' yes he retired from the cbi which is the bis, which is the federal reserve

Butifldrm: Oh Lord
Donnie: lol   Donnie: on that note - GN all
kk1: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
chattels: So, he worked for a central bank ?
Butifldrm: '@kk1' I'm speechless
kk1: '@chattels' that is the central bank
kk1: '@chattels'|9#letter_C
chattels: all central banks are one ?

Post From Chat Room  11-9-15
Wealthwatch Late Night Butifldrm Chat 11-9-15  Part 1 of 2
Butifldrm: Hi Bobby How are you this evening
Butifldrm: Hi chattels   I am just droppin in to see how you all are doing?
Butifldrm: Lot's of interesting news today   and the past few days
Butifldrm: chattels, did u see where they are droppin pamphlets over Anbar province today?
Butifldrm: I believe because iraq finally got their F16'
Butifldrm: I know I have been in this investment for a long time, but a few years ago it was a big deal when Iraq could finally control it's own air space
Butifldrm: From what I'm reading, ISIS has taken some pretty good blows today
Butifldrm: yet they executed 70 social media gurus in Mosul

Enorrste Post Emailed To Dinar Recaps
Enorrste:  I found two paragraphs of particular interest in this article. Here is the first:
"And it contributes to «Central» also in the financing of imports and the commercial sector, while  the sale process of the dollar means the withdrawal of the dinar from the local market, which will help the bank to curb money supply and reduce the resort to printing more currency."
Enorrste:  This is consistent with the CBI stated goal of reducing the money supply. As the money supply drops the value of the dinar will rise, over time. 
The introduction of the 50000 dinar notes does not affect this process, Punisher, because the introduction is an "even exchange" in which two 25000 notes are replaced with one 50000 note. Thus the introduction itself has no effect on the money supply.


Iko Ward:  Guys, the banks just wiped out their derivative debt with the stroke of a pen. Shows how corrupt and controlled the system has been all these decades. We've all been living on funny money and it hasn't been very funny for most of us. It's a good sign what Forex has been doing since Sunday evening. Just remember, Forex isn't THE indicator, it's one of many, but very good when all of them line up in the same direction.

WTCutter:  OK Iko how did they wipe it out?

Iko Ward: declaring it no longer exists

Hairdresser:  Iko are you saying they DID wipe it out or they COULD with the RV?

TBirdd:  Hairdresser:  im gonna take that one from Iko as they DID just do it, with the stroke of a pen..... hmm -- but good for us..


Notes by FrostyTheSnowman

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On Saturday night we had over 5,000 people gather for the special cc we did titled "The Eagle Has Landed."  Thank you for coming.

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
Bluwolf: You know it saddens me to be in a situation like the present, knowing that our rewards are finally transpiring and actually moving forward, but not being able to accurately give you an exact date because of the greedy, most powerful and their commitment to keep on trying to stay on top for whatever there malevolent cause may be.

This sickens me and makes me feel like some damn fool (which I am not ).

Please be aware that I am not giving up no matter what ...for I will keep at it until my Lords people get there helping rewards, this is His agenda and I will hang on to it to its end day, which is just seconds away no matter what this bastards do and their lies say.

Just be informed that I am sorry if you may feel low, deceived, lost, fooled, desperate, needy, overwhelmed, sick, mad, revenge minded, pissed, government disgusted, socially displaced and morally thinking that you are some kind of a stupid idiot for relying on this for so long.


Early Tuesday Morning:


Iko Ward: Hi ho, hi ho, it's to the banks we go...

vikkimark :GM IKO...are you feeling encouraged this morning?

Iko Ward : Sorry guys, was making breakfast. Yes, I am encouraged.

Natok:  everyone read where O lowered the deficit?

Christmas13:  Obama lowering the deficit is just the beginning of the end of our ride being leaked out IMO

Seems as though they are camouflaging erasing the deficit...this is just the beginning of the cover up so be patient.   Link

Smartblonde55:  Am I living in a parallel universe? .....interesting reference to Clinton,though. And we know how he left a surplus;)


Introducing The Alternative SDR   --   Emailed To Dinar Recaps

The Parallel Potential of an SDR1 and SDR2 (Plan B)

By JC Collins

With so much political disagreement on the 2010 IMF Quota and Governance Reforms, as well as the convertibility of the Chinese renminbi [ALSO KNOWN AS THE YUAN] and its inclusion into the Special Drawing Right basket, the Plan B monetary reforms are high on the agenda over the next few months.

Plan B action is meant to be implemented by December 15th of this year.  That leaves very little time for some of the more complex and political issues surrounding the monetary reforms to be worked out. 


Wealthwatch Monday Evening Chat 11-9-15  

Transport Minister Bayan Jabr with US Ambassador Stuart Jones on Monday, a loan of $ 2 billion for the purchase of Boeing aircraft. Transport Minister meets with US Ambassador to $ 2 billion loan for the purchase of Boeing aircraft
chattels: Daily Beast US newspaper reported that the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] is preparing to pay financial compensation to the families of the civilian victims who are being killed in Iraq during the American air strikes that have targeted elements of the terrorist organization Daash. US newspaper: Pentagon will pay compensation to the victims of the war in Iraq on Daash

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Astonishing Report From The Fed Says US Banks Are Not "Sound"
Late last week, a consortium of financial regulators in the United States, including the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, issued an astonishing condemnation of the US banking system.
Most notably, they highlighted "continuing gaps between industry practices and the expectations for safe and sound banking."
This is part of an annual report they publish called the Shared National Credit (SNC) Review. And in this year's report, they identified a huge jump in risky loans due to overexposure to weakening oil and gas industries.
Make no mistake; this is not chump change.


Iko Ward:  At 5:37 Forex went to 1095. Never does that this time of day. Stay tuned.
Isa52bc:  Thank you Iko, mine dropped to 1119 (lowest to date), then it did it's unusual stuff with the really low numbers as I have given you in the past.

GTCnote:  I beleive tony said that watching forex is kinda a waist of time. just sayin. but im no expert....just at waiting. 8)

Iko Ward:  gtc...watching Forex alone is a waste of time. But when 7 other indicators line up with similar info I pay attention.

ASN:  IKO>> What are those 7 indicators

Iko Ward:  ASN...Forex, Gold, Crude, World Stock Markets, ISX, British Forex, Iraq Forex, Bloomberg Reports.

Global Currency Reset (GCR) & Revaluation Of Currencies (RV)

Historical Overview  Part 2 of 2




The task of resetting all sovereign currencies back to a par gold value, countries agreed to be audited to determined who might be closest or furthest from a common gold standard.

Those who were furthest away, were placed in a what's been called the "first basket" of revaluations. Meaning, the above four currencies were grossly undervalued, and selected to redeem first at some pre--agreed international rate.

Global Currency Reset (GCR) & Revaluation Of Currencies (RV) Historical Overview  Part 1 of 2  
This GCR/RV Historical Overview presentation was created for educational purposes only. This information was never designed to be a for--profit venture, financial solicitation of any kind, or attempt at offering unlicensed professional legal, tax or investment advice to any individual, for any purpose, for any reason.
The content of this material strictly for research purposes, and readily available to the general public via the Internet, videos, audio interviews, e--books, major news organizations and website blog articles.