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10am, November 12th, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
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The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call Sunday 8:00 PM (ET)
First All Female Air Force Combat Mission
Repost- Sudden Wealth and Avoiding 12 Deadly Mistakes
A Fathers Journey To Iraq Documentary Sunday Night
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
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Mike:    Tlar, the GOI has backed off of the ration card cancellation this weekend, the cards will continue to be used at least until they bring more value to the IQD.

There has been no movement on 140 that I know of, the Kurd's as late as last week stated that there is still a large gap between the two parties. I don't know how the 2013 budget effects the rv......

I'm confident they'll pass it but it really has no bearing on our investment, does it? And that leaves us with Chapter 7....the elusive twice a year joke that is always at the expense of the Iraqi people.

I do not believe Chapter 7 will be lifted until they have a functioning, fully seated government. The Kuwaiti's seem to be happy but the UN will not release them from sanctions until power is distributed preventing actions similiar to the previous regime.

It seems a lot of folks believe that Shabibi will not return to Iraq, essentially giving up on any hope of habeus corpus in Iraq. Hashimi was accused of terrorism and death squads.....

musiccitylady] It's Just Another Manic Monday

[Princess M] musiccitylady here is your song The Bangles - Manic Monday

cruiser] GM all!!

[cruiser] Americans Say Europe Lesson Means Act Now as Austerity Will Fail:

[cruiser] Rajoy Aims to Stem Evictions as Suicide Darkens Crisis:

[sananddan24] Cruiser did Greece approve their budget yesterday?

[cruiser] Eurozone ministers to discuss new funds for Greece: .

 [cruiser] from the BBC Article "On Tuesday, Greece is to make an urgent bid to raise funds from the financial markets in case it does not get the tranche of bailout money."

7:51 PM [ericasmom] if I have one million dinar and the rate comes back at 10$    how much would I be able to make in american dollars

7:51 PM [ericasmom] love you TK

7:52 PM [ericasmom] my sister is here and wants to know how it is calculated

7:52 PM [ericasmom] Yea!!! go rv

7:52 PM [TERRYK] 10X1,000,000=
7:53 PM [ericasmom] so that is 10 million american dollars correct?

7:54 PM [charps84] 10 would be great

7:55 PM [DISHMAN] Awesome stuff banks get sorted then
7:55 PM [tzeman7390] not yet


10-11-2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - -  Baghdad / term

Conducted Foundation term cultural symposium through the Internet on Saturday, and Devt which Dr. Shabibi former central bank governor, and was attended by a number of bankers and experts in the field of economy and media multiple, and symposium was talk about the issue of the central bank and the charges leveled by the government of Hbibi of corruption financial and administrative especially with regard to the issue of money laundering and currency auction in which the central bank.

Read more:

Tlar:  All Maliki has to do is not rescind the arrest warrants and that creates a Mexican standoff.

 Shabibi will mostly likely never return to Iraq and most certainly will never be re-instated.  Maliki would never let him stand trial.  He would consider it too messy and too much would ultimately be revealed. 

Shabibi will continue to complain from afar but will soon fade away if

one: there is a new governor picked and , two: the IMF attempts to work with him.  Checkmate. 

[devildogmom] God bless our troops, bring them home safely and bring healing and comfort to those veterans in need. Shed your grace on those who have left usand take care of their loved ones.

[devildogmom] [jm44] Fellow Vets: Don't forget that many businesses in the US are offering specials to Active Military and Vets today and tomorrow. Google Veterans Day Discounts for a list.

[devildogmom] [presley] It is the VETERAN , not the preacher, Who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN , not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN , not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN , not the campus organizer, Who has given us freedom to assemble It is the VETERAN , not the lawyer, Who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician Who has given us the right to vote. It is the veteran who salutes the Flag, it is the veteran , who serves under the Flag, eternal rest grant them o lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

[MtnStar] cruiser  is there something you can / want to share with us.

[HIGHERGROUND] Our time is so very near!!! I am praying with expectancy and very :whoohoo:

[Mitzi] cruiser please tell us anything that will help us get thru this, please

[cruiser] MtnStar there really is nothing to say, unless you want hopium. There s no one who knows the rate or the date. That simple. Can it happen at any time. YES. But that is as much as anyone knows.

[xyz] MP expects endorsing federal budget . ''The first reading of the federal budget law draft will have the priority on the agenda of the Parliament session on Monday," ...''The Finance Parliamentary Committee has accomplished all its preparations to speed up the endorsement of the budget.'' ''The MPs will have many notes on the budget law draft especially concerning the final statements of 2012," she added, predicting that ''The budget will be endorsed during the current legislative term.''

[xyz] cnn breaking news: he Greek Parliament voted Sunday to approve the nation's 2013 budget. It contains steep austerity cuts required for Greece to receive the next installment of a crucial economic bailout.

[nolaspice] Okay so who thinks we RV this week?! Anyone ready?

[deb2blessed] Ready? I am wayyyyyyyyyyyy past ready!

[nolaspice] I know we all ready. I just joshing!! ;)

[flashing] well 2 important days coming up. one is the meeting between iraq and Kuwait to sign some papers very important to us. Second next UN meeting dealing with iraq ch 7 status.

[Pearlnoir] flashing how about the VND?

11-11-12 4aprofit: There is a plan, a master plan which is much bigger than we think behind this, of a huge global monetary magnitude. It will happen when it happens. Many think after Jan. 1, 2013 as per the new higher taxes that are coming.

There have been what, like appx. (5) new foreign currency tax laws, (things I have seen that have an impact directly or indirectly on foreign currency speculators, and/or windfalls for the same "this is to the best of my recollection").

These things have been put in place in the past 2 to 3 years or so and now with higher capital gains taxes and other taxes that are coming first of the year. Hey, if all of this was set-up for collecting it why not wait a few more weeks or per being able to collect it all?.

Wouldn't it stand to reason, that probably 80-90% of all dinar holders are long term holders, which would put them under the long term capital gains bracket, (which is going from like 15% to like 22-23.%, like a 50% increase.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Starting car industry strategy in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Mohammed Ismail : signed General Automotive Company in Babylon / Alexandria sharing contracts with a group of international companies; automobile assembly, beginners with two Antegean Strutegeyn.

A source in the company's (morning) that it has signed contracts post with companies (GM) and (Hyundai) and (Renault) and (IDC) and (Levan) stressing: The company began the event to sign contracts erect lines primer for car assembly half dismantled.


Banker: the investment process needs a development bank shareholder

BAGHDAD - morning : suggested banking expert Mohsen Ali, the establishment of development bank investment shareholder with capital high for the advancement of the process of investment in Iraq, noting that the state banks are unable to finance investment projects in the country.
said Ali: must work to establish a development bank shareholder by public and private sectors and give him some powers that help him to develop the investment process in the country such as opening credits and loans and some financial transactions other, to ease the burden winning state banks. added: that the banking sector in Iraq needs to banking systems modern fit with the case in the world , because the Iraqi economy-oriented free market, calling for introduction of the technological side of the banking business. witnessing the banking system in Iraq two branches of government and private confusion and clear due to a lack of technology of modern banking and awareness programs citizens, making his limited to issuing letters and deposit money.


Talabani expressed full support for the protection of the independence of the work of UNHCR and professionalism

Posted 14 employees out of the country for training on program data entry

BAGHDAD - morning : stressed President Jalal Talabani on the important role undertaken by UNHCR in its supervision of the elections, describing them the task of national large, they contribute to the preservation of the democratic process and development in the country.

Talabani said during a meeting , Sunday afternoon, in the city of Sulaymaniyah new body of the Office of the Independent Electoral headed Serbst Mustafa Chairman Board of Commissioners and members of the Council. that work of independent bodies, including the election commission work fateful and sensitive, and if maintained these bodies on the independence and integrity, it would be the guarantee mission to build and establish democracy and promote track and make culture bright in the community.

across the president, according to a statement issued by the presidency and received "morning," a copy of it, for full support for the protection of the independence of the Office's work and professionalism, adding "the High Commission only bow to pressure from whatever source, so as not to lose the democratic legitimacy and nature of civilization fair. "


Integrity Committee: questioning of three ministers for their involvement files financial and administrative corruption

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice : revealed Committee Parliamentary Integrity for submit a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for its intention to interrogate ministers Almtlkin the background files financial and administrative corruption.

and said committee member Parliamentary Integrity Hussein Asadi said questioning ministers is of the issues raised and discussed in committee and there is an agreement to proceed with the process interrogation, noting that the Integrity Commission Parliamentary expressed its intention to interrogate ministers in the current phase two and Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.

between Asadi told of "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," The interrogation is a constitutional issue and the right of MP that the process Alastjob, either decision impeachment or withdraw confidence attributable to conviction House of Representatives as well as political agreements specify the subject, explaining that after sending the application by the Commission must determine the Presidency a date for questioning during two weeks.


Sayadi reveals the involvement of the executive and legislative branches central bank file

BAGHDAD / JD : confirmed Rep. independent MP Kazem Sayadi, implicated senior politicians in the state of smuggling $ 200 billion, denying his media names involved file the Central Bank.

said Sayadi's / JD /: The file central bank refers to the involvement of officials in the executive and legislative money laundering and smuggling out of the country, Mtdarka, but the Second Committee which was formed by the presidency of the parliament does not want to disclose the names involved. "

and said: there names political and signed herself on the process of engaging some banks and institutions with money laundering, and the situation exploited to include some names politically motivated.


Iraq spends nearly 6 trillion Denar_nuya when choosing cash alternative ration

BAGHDAD / JD : It is estimated that the government spends Iraqi approximately the 6 trillion dinars annually if people chose cash substitute for the ration card.

According to figures, the government will distribute an estimated 480 billion dinars monthly, if we consider that the $ 15 thousand dinars which approved by the government instead of food in the ration card will be distributed to the population of Iraq's 32 million people.

estimate what Iraq annual after the adoption of these figures about 5 trillion and 760 billion dinars.

Observers believe in Tbarham told / JD /: The process of pumping this large amount of cash into the market would lead to a staggering rise in the prices, and we get to a real crisis.

mentions that the estimates adopted by the agency / JD / did not refer to the number of people who blocked their ration card than those with higher incomes up their salaries (1.5) million .


Total turn back (to Hlvaip) and discovered a new oil well in Sulaymaniyah

BAGHDAD  : saw French oil company Total said there are opportunities and huge potential in the investment and exploration of oil fields in Kurdistan, ignoring warnings Baghdad to cancel the company's contract in the field of Hlvaip which is located in southern Iraq.

has discovered TOTAL recent oil wells southwest of Sulaimaniya province Kurdistan, making it sees optimistic remarkable work in the North of Iraq.

put CEO of Total Christophe de Margerie question demanded that the Iraqi government determine its position with the company, you will cancel the contract with M will continue to contract.

added: that the company sees ease in dealing with Kurdistan More than dealing with southern Iraq, the northern Iraq is enormous potential and investment opportunities in the exploration and development of fields and oil wells.


Parliament: investigations proved the involvement of the head of the Liberal and three deputies from the mass in the case of the Central Bank
11/12/2012 9:06 am

Accused independent MP in the House of Representatives Kazem Sayadi Head of the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement Bahaa al-Araji, and three MPs from his bloc with two deputies from the Iraqi List of involvement in money laundering operations in the central bank auction.

Said Sayadi told him his press office and received news agency Buratha copy on Monday that "the findings of her committee responsible for monitoring the work of the Central Bank indicated that there is corruption in the sale of hard currency and insider and central bank's relationship with a number of MPs including MP [Jawad Alshahyla , Talal Zobaie, Bahaa al-Araji, Jamal Karbouli, Uday Awad, Maha league] involved with private banks and banking offices and remittances fake to import materials and articles, business and industrial, as well as the lack of clarity mechanisms scrutiny in money laundering operations the central bank and private banks. "

He added that "Parliament finished the investigation on central bank policy and activities since 2003 and so far, noting that" involved the issue of central bank took advantage of the issue of ration card and clapped armament contracts for tattoo and lamenting the capabilities of the Iraqi people to draw attention from what they have done theft of public money " . according to the statement.


Parliament approved its budget with the budgets of the Supreme Judicial Court of the Federal Budget 2013
11/12/2012  3:15 pm

House of Representatives passed its budget listed within the financial budget of the state for the year 2013.

A parliamentary source said on Monday that "the House of Representatives approved the first reading of the federal budget for fiscal 2013 budget for the next year in addition to the budgets of the Judicial Council and the Federal Court."

"The budget of Parliament and the Supreme Judicial and the Federal Court is independent of the federal budget, but fall under their doors," adding that "the presidency of the parliament received a request for a number of MPs demanded the government to provide the final accounts for the year 2012, before the adoption of the budget next year."


Russia accuses U.S. of being behind the cancellation of the arms deal with Iraq
11/12/2012 9:49 am

Russia accused the United States of America of being behind the cancellation of the arms deal it signed with Iraq.

An official source in the Russian military-industrial complex in a press statement that the abolition of Iraq (already) arms deal concluded with Russia is the result of U.S. pressure on the Iraqi authorities.

The news agency "RIA Novosti" Russian news agency official as saying that "behind Iraq's refusal to implement contracts to import Russian weapons stands by U.S. authorities seeking to disallow the application of Russian-Iraqi agreements in the field of armaments."

The below posts were in our 6pm email
11-11-12 Hoosier1470: "World Bank offers to Iraq three analytical reports related to economic policy." However you look at it, and no matter how it is worded, the WB along with many others are pushing very hard for them to get their act together and make themselves, as well as everyone else rich! It's as if they're being told go on and move on this, we can work the details out later. Right now we need money!! We got your back, don't sweat the small stuff!! LOL JMHO, God Bless!

11-11-12 Roadrunner: "World Bank offers to Iraq three analytical reports related to economic policy." Not real sure where this is heading, but it sure sounds promising. At least there seems to be more interest in their economy than before. I like this part; "He said a Foreign Ministry statement that the World Bank is to be implemented in Iraq and cooperation with the Iraqi institutions in the areas of agricultural, industrial and service and investment."

11-11-12 Mike: Everybody is entitled to their opinion out there on when and how it will happen. You can argue about free float, managed float whatever. But if the basics of the economy are not set its all for not. That's what you need to look at because once they add value to this you have to get the people to put the money in the banks the banking system has to work like the Central Banking System is supposed to work.

11-11-12 BGG: "Najafi chaired a meeting of the heads of blocs to resolve the five laws Off and discuss the ration card." I believe this meeting has happened and they have the agreements in Parliament to get things done. This is a movement of the Parliament members themselves to solve the issues facing Iraq no matter what the big party bosses are doing. It's about time!!

Greetings & Salutations From Poof - Emailed To Recaps

Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 16:18:44 -0500

Elvis Presley If I Can Dream Lyrics Songwriters: WALTER EARL BROWN

(Words & music by brown) Scroll Down For Words - at end of Poof

Greetings and Salutations,

The time has finally arrived, the folks who live in the rafters have met and put an end to this long wait for this world to be made right. To put our behinds to work doing what needs being done.

Talk about being able to do their jobs without a lot of ego, many of these folks have been totally unknown by most, living humbly and seeking no attention as to the true purpose of their existence.

Even now they seek no attention for what they have done. No public bows and rah rahs from the crowd. Much personal sacrifice and trying times for whatever reason, they have done their jobs.

The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call Sunday 8:00 PM (ET)

The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call 11/ 11/ 2012

Sunday November 11th, 2012 @ 8:00 PM (EST)

Main number (760) 569-7676 Pin# 378652

Back up number (559) 546 - 1400 follow prompts

The Gatekeepers would like to wish all our Veterans and their

Families an Honorable and Respectable "Veterans Day"!

The Gatekeepers Team would like to thank Dinar Recaps for

all their help and support.

"God bless America and all our Troops"

Thank you Rayzur from Dinar Vets !!!!

And for Veteran's day ... a salute goes out to the women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.....

More than 800 female service members have been wounded in either Afghanistan or Iraq,

At least 139 have died from combat--related incidents.

Of these, 110 died as a result of serving in Iraq, however the last thirteen have all died in Afghanistan. Rayzur.... Dinar Vets

1st All Female Air Force Combat Mission

Martha Raddatz reports on the milestone in the war in Afghanistan.

Repost- Sudden Wealth and Avoiding 12 Deadly Mistakes

(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only. It is not legal, tax or investment advice. Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

We are reposting this information due to the high number of new IQD/VND Investors subscribing to Recaps. Thank you-The Recaps Team

Sudden Wealth and Avoiding 12 Deadly Mistakes:


01:30 PM ET 108 Hours: A Father's Journey to Iraq airs Veterans Day on HLN Sunday Night HLN Primetime Special documents a military father's daring journey to Iraq

On Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, at 8 p.m. (ET), HLN airs a special "Stories of Courage" 108 Hours: A Father's Journey to Iraq. The HLN documentary tells the story of a military father Robert Stokely and his quest to honor his son Michael, a member of the Georgia Army National Guard who was killed by an IED attack in Yusufiyah, Iraq in 2005.

The documentary, presented with limited commercial interruption, traces Stokely's emotional journey from the Georgia countryside to the deadly Sunni triangle to accomplish his dream to place a memorial stone at the exact spot where his son lost his life.

The centerpiece of the HLN documentary is Robert Stokely's 108 hours on the ground in Iraq, where he makes a dangerous journey across the country that leads him to encounters with soldiers and civilians from both Iraq and the US. Stokely's unforgettable meeting with a grieving Iraqi father, whose son was also lost to the war's violence, leaves him with a new perspective on Iraq and its people.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Celebration distribute keys and bonds residential apartments at peace to those who deserve it in Najaf
11/11/2012 13:17:52 Sunday

Najaf (news) : Held in the province of Najaf celebratory to distribute keys and bonds Apartments complex peace residential accomplished the Ministry of Construction in the province and distributed to those who deserve it.

said a ministry statement received Agency (news) copy of it on Sunday: The process of distribution of apartments at peace residential is the first in 40 years, with no not successive governments since the seventies distribute any apartment for citizen owed. statement quoted the minister Mohammed owner Aldargi saying: Selhgaha distribution of housing units in the province of Baghdad and then in the provinces of Babil, Anbar, we started from Najaf for being the first province responded to the request of the Ministry Pthaoh names eligible for that we thank maintaining in Thaoh names.

Babylon: the distribution of kerosene among citizens reached 60% of the number of ration cards
11/11/2012 13:24:37 Sunday

Babylon (news) : Said director of petroleum products in the province of Babylon Munir Jaber, the percentage distribution of kerosene between citizens across the province reached 60% by the new mechanism adopted distribution by car pelvic.

said Gabr (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The distribution continued in the province is by 100 liters per family and the rate (150) dinars per liter and for payment transfer (5000) dinars, adding that distribution is under the direct supervision of oversight services in the Department of Oil and Energy Committee in the provincial council and mayor each region. added: it was divided districts, counties in the province to areas include distribution according to a schedule prepared by the company.

Ministry of Environment, giving the investing companies of the oil fields 30 days to avoid the emission of toxic gases

Ministry of Environment, giving the investing companies of the oil fields 30 days to avoid the emission of toxic gases  11/11/2012 13:33:14 Sunday

Wasit (news) : gave the Ministry of Environment investing companies of the oil fields 30 days to exceed its mistakes and avoid emission of toxic gases released from sources work.

said Chairman Wasit province Mahmoud Abdul Ridha Talal (for the Agency news) on Sunday: that the company petroleum products in the province has 70% reduction of the harms of the past few days due to the pressure applied by the Directorate of Environment and Wasit.

Vice Kordstani: the federal government continues its current oil policy will force companies to withdraw from the southern oil fields

Vice Kordstani: the federal government continues its current oil policy will force companies to withdraw from the southern oil fields  11/11/2012 10:35:09 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Criticized decision of the Commission on oil and energy MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Qassim Mohammed Mchkta, oil policy pursued by the Federal Government, describing it as "provocative" for international companies operating in the oil fields of Iraq through its threat to continuing her pretext contract with the Kurdistan Region.

said Mchkta (News Agency News): The threats launched by the federal government toward international oil companies under the pretext that it is working in the fields of Kurdistan will destroy the national economy because it would force companies to withdraw from the oil fields south from Exxon Mobil, which intends to withdraw from the West Qurna oilfield.  

Member of the economy: the need to conclude an economic agreement with South Africa to serve the national economy and development

Member of the economy: the need to conclude an economic agreement with South Africa to serve the national economy and development  11/11/2012 07:51:21 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : According to a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Jassim Mohammed Hussein, the importance of concluding economic agreements with South Africa to enhance trade and economic relations between the two countries as one of the developed countries economically.

said Hussein (of the Agency news): must hold economic agreements with all states evolving global either European or Asian or African and even American, the requirement to serve the national economy and gives preference to support and develop it.  

Zebari: Iraq first nation in the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction waova with international commitments

Zebari: Iraq first nation in the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction waova with international commitments  2012-11-11 14: 10: 11 Sunday

Baghdad (newsletter) : Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Iraq UFA of all its international obligations regarding the Elimination of weapons of mass destruction.

Zebari told a joint press conference with the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano attended by a reporter (News Agency news) on Sunday: that Iraq was the first State in the Middle East has weapons of mass destruction, the UFA international pledges towards this subject.

He said: he had discussed with the Iranian nuclear issue, Amano and the role played by Iraq in meeting (5 + 1) held in Baghdad six months ago.

And: that Iraq today get rid of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction, and that Iraq calls for that region of the Middle East and the Gulf,./extensive details later

World Bank: the new procurement law passed is crucial for reform in Iraq

World Bank: the new procurement law passed is crucial for reform in Iraq Sunday November 11, 2012

Follow-up - and babysit : said the Special Representative of the World Bank in Iraq Marie Helen Pericnl "that passage of the new procurement law is crucial to the reform process in Iraq."

It added in a statement to the World Bank: "This law is considered one of the main points of a regulatory framework in the country"

And were the advisers in the Council of Ministers discussed with the World Bank in the earlier three analytical reports on the management of oil revenues, and economic diversification, efficient spending, and improve the delivery of services, and reform the legal and regulatory environment to attract private sector investment. 

The World Bank provides to Iraq three analytical reports on economic policy

The World Bank provides to Iraq three analytical reports on economic policy  Sunday, 11 November 2012

Twilight news : World Bank cooperation with the Iraqi Prime Minister's advisers, fired three analytical reports on the management of oil revenues and economic diversity, and reform of the legal and regulatory environment to attract private sector investment.

According to a statement from the World Bank and the "twilight news", "shrift in Bank Kevin Carey kolaksz Siebel to provide such reports on the effectiveness of which was attended by a large number of government officials from various ministries, parliamentarians and international organizations and civil society participants, as well as the media and business representatives.

The Chief Adviser said Prime Minister thamir Al ghadhban, that "these reports provide many useful recommendations for the reform process under way in Iraq."

"We welcome the World Bank's support for our reforms, we look forward to identify ways that will contribute to the implementation of the recommendations made by these reports". 

World Bank offers to Iraq three analytical reports related to economic policy as

World Bank offers to Iraq three analytical reports related to economic policy as Sunday, November 11 2012 09:02

Twilight News : World Bank in collaboration with the advisers in the Iraqi prime minister, fired three analytical reports on the management of oil revenues and economic diversification, and reform the legal and regulatory environment to attract private sector investment.

According to a statement from the World Bank reportedly for "Twilight News", "The experts economists at the World Bank Kevin Carey, Siebel Colacsz submit such reports to the effectiveness attended a large number of government officials from various ministries and parliamentarians, international organizations and civil society participants, as well as media and industry representatives Business ".

The head of the advisers in the prime minister Thamer Ghadban said that "these reports provide many useful recommendations for the ongoing reform process in Iraq."

"We welcome the support of the World Bank for our reforms, and we look forward to identifying ways that will contribute to the implementation of the recommendations made by these reports." 

Council of Ministers reconsiders its decision over canceling Ration Card
Sunday, 11 November 2012 12:39

Baghdad (AIN) : The Council of Ministers decided to cancel its previous decision over canceling the Ration Card and replacing it with cash money.

Informed source stated to AIN "The Council decided to cancel its decision during its urgent session that is held on Sunday."

Earlier, an informed source announced that the Council of Ministers will postpone the decision of canceling the Ration Card during its meeting on Sunday.

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