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10am November 14th, 2014    


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Towards A New Global Financial Architecture Part 2
Yuan & Waterloo of Petro Dollars Part 1
HUGE NEWS - Dinar Talk INFO Call with BGG w/ Live Q&A - Thursday November 13th, Audio Player and Re
Bits and Pieces Late Thursday Night
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My Ladies Update from KTFA: "Wait For the Ride to come to a Complete Stop Before Jumping Off"
Nadita File For 11-12-14
The Big Call for Thursday Nov. 13th is at 9PM ET
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Late Thursday Afternoon Dinarland Chatter
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Multi-Currency Bank Account Can Help Diversify
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Landa Global Update: " Global Events to Begin at Any Moment"
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Brics Towards A New Financial Architecture Part 2

�uan and Waterloo of Petro $$   By Ari RUSILA (Finland)   Part 1

BRICS, Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): Towards a New Global Financial Architecture?

Global Research, November 13, 2014

The BRICS met in 2013 in Durban, South Africa, to, among other steps, create their own credit rating agency, sidelining the "biased agendas" of the Moody's/Standard & Poor's variety. They endorsed plans to create a joint foreign exchange reserves pool. Initially it will include US$100 billion. It's called a self-managed contingent reserve arrangement (CRA).

�uan and Waterloo of Petro $$   By Ari RUSILA (Finland)   Part 1

BRICS Towards a New Global Financial Architecture?  Part 2

Ongoing western sanctions due Ukraine are pushing China and Russia to close cooperation - the great Eurasian axis is already in motion. Despite the headlines in mainstream western media related to civil war in Ukraine the primary war is being fought monetarily. 

The Russia-China Strategic Partnership (RCSP) is truly global in scope, having come to encompass the entire world to varying degrees. The Ukraine War might be the U.S. Dollar Waterloo event.

As the Americans and their allies are trying to squeeze Russia and Iran with a combination of economic sanctions and political isolation, alternative poles of power are emerging that soon may present a serious challenge to the U.S.-dominated world that emerged from the end of the Cold War.

HUGE NEWS - Dinar Talk INFO Call with BGG w/ Live Q&A - Thursday November 13th, Audio Player and Replay #'s

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HUGE NEWS - Dinar Talk INFO Call with BGG w/ Live Q&A

Thursday November 13th, Audio Player and Replay #'s


760-569-7699 pin# 398647

60  Minutes

(In Email Newsletter, click blue title for Audio Player)

OMEGA MAN November 13, 2014 at 7:51pm i look forward to this weekend, or before, with great excitement...things they are achangin....

wilbur grodan November 13, 2014 at 8:44pm MARKETS set to react to RESET on SUNDAY NIGHT    SANTA comes at NIGHT

wilbur grodan November 13, 2014 at 9:52pm MARKETS are poised to MASSIVELY REACT to unseen drivers SUNDAY NIGHT....TNT Tony will look like a PROPHET for his weekend thesis...

Janie (FROM TNT CHAT) IKO WARD 5:05PM PST - forex just polled the basket ten minutes ago. Yes, yes yes. Forex should be at 0.000 right now. Not polling to see where the market is at.

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Nadita File - 11/12/2014 - Brought From Dinar Daily

Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J

Ebola Crisis : Gymrat76541 reported Texas hospital that treated a Liberian man who died of Ebola has reached a settlement with the man's family.  Move heads off a lawsuit from relatives of Thomas Duncan who died on October 8th.  

Duncan arrived in Texas from Liberia on Sept 20th , was initially sent away from the hospital's ER with antibiotics, which the hospital acknowledged was a mistake.  Under the deal, the hospital will pay duncan's relatives an undisclosed sum and set up a charitable foundation in his name to help Ebola victims in west Africa. 


The Big Call for Thursday Nov. 13th is at 9PM ET



The Big Call for Thurs. 11/13 is at 9PM ET

We will discuss the latest about the economic reform occurring throughout the world...subjects for future calls...and talk about how to be ready for our exchange. Join us tonight to be part of the precelebration.  

Participant Line is 559-726-1150
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The Big Call


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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter




How a Multi-Currency Bank Account Can Help You Diversify Out of the Dollar

Anyone looking for currency diversification strategies should consider a multi-currency bank account. Unfortunately this banking product is virtually unknown in North America and the UK, although it is commonplace in some European countries.

 I say 'unfortunately', because this is one of the most simple and convenient tools for anybody looking to diversify out of the dollar. In this article, I'll explain more about multi-currency accounts and how you can open one.

A multi-currency account is simply a bank account, with a single account number, in which you can hold balances in various different currencies. 



BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments Part 2

After failing to protect Iraq from terrorism .. Maliki's military coup led by Foundation Abadi

[tlm724] Took the commanding general of the armed forces in Iraq, Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, the unprecedented decision to purge the Ministry of Defense of the supporters of his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki, and represents the decision to dismiss 26 commander militarily from office, 

[tlm724] Abadi is taking out Maliki's trash !

[cat] amen get rid of them 

[Shredd] good job Abadi!!!!!!!!!!!

[rsp1] Good for Abadi



Kurdistan Regional Government approves draft law to regulate the management of oil wealth and oil revenues and fund resources 

[tlm724] Kurdistan Regional Government approves draft law to regulate the management of oil wealth and oil revenues and fund

[rsp1] They gonna need to do another census?

[tlm724] yes they are doing just that, it was read in parliament the other day

[tlm724] Naچarڤan Barzani talked about the recent meeting of the Regional Council for the oil and gas with the Kurdistan Parliament, which was held yesterday, and explained that the meeting came at the request of Parliament,

[rsp1] Useful and POSITIVE!



OilRat Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life!!!!!

THURSDAY INTEL UPDATE!!!   Posted by EXOGEN on November 13, 2014

More Guesses to New Picture Clues/Intel

EXOGEN:  The song "The Final Countdown" should be playing in your heads

G T November 13, 2014 at 10:59am Additional Thursday Morning CLUES....





Millionday news 11/12/2014  Part 2

Millionday: OK HERE WE GO

Millionday: MP said the coalition of state law, high Nassif, Wednesday, to reach an agreement on the export of oil between the central government and the Kurdistan region under the auspices of UN.

Nassif said the agency / information /, "The breach of the Kurdistan region on the export of oil to Turkey without reference to the central government in Baghdad and the former Currently, there are about it now understandings between the parties.




(Note: More information was just added- you may want to read more)


November 12, 2014

We have been apprised on the weekend that the Global Reset was signed off on.

 The source is one of the principals to this effort, and is credible.

We therefore anticipate all global events to begin any moment, and will be posting information as we are allowed to disseminate.


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