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6pm, November 14th, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
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BWM] due to a computer HACK... Please do not try to login to 3sintel forums... If you want to visit 3s chat please use:


[shining] Silver Market Making Members are under investigation for collusion and price fixing. It's happening!

[shining] That's from Bix if any of you follow him

[Jeff] shining yep wondered

[childofgod] shining cool! Thanks for sharing!

[shining] Bix is always a step ahead of the game and it lines with everything else

[sherry ann] shining may i ask who is BIX?

[calibeach] shining IYHO How many more take downs before this thing is over?

[shining] sherry ann Bix Weir he is an inside trader or used to be

[sherry ann] shining OK......THANK you

[shining] calibeach all I know is they are making sure no corruption can touch the money that is going to be flowing
Read More

SWFLORIDAGUY: 11-14-12 New York Times (By STANLEY REED) : Delicate Balancing Act for Western Oil Firms in Iraq. Iraq's re-emergence as an oil power is inevitably sending ripples through the industry and the surrounding region. The country has surpassed Iran as the second-largest OPEC producer after Saudi Arabia, raising questions about whether other oil-producing countries may at some point need to trim production to accommodate a rising Iraq.

But the more immediate tensions are between the federal government in Baghdad and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government, which is headquartered in Erbil in the north of the country.

The Kurds, who suffered terribly under Saddam Hussein, are determined to maintain their autonomy from Baghdad - not least by developing their own oil resources. Baghdad insists that only it has the authority to grant access to the country's natural resources. But the Kurds are succeeding in bringing in the world's top oil companies against Baghdad's wishes.

Strains between the two governments were on display Wednesday at the Oil and Money Conference convened by the International Herald Tribune and Energy Intelligence Group, a provider of independent analysis and data to the global energy industry.

Adam Montana] ok no typing for just a short bit so I can do the weekly update

[Adam Montana] Before I get started, however - HUGE congrats to our newshound yota - yota recently passed 10,000 posts!

[Adam Montana] yota, thank you for your hard work and all you bring to the forum!

[Adam Montana] now to Dinar

[Adam Montana] At this time, Shabibi is still on the run. I think it's fair to say by now that Maliki has been planning this for some time - he has been making small moves to take control of the CBI for some time now, and this is definitely working in his favor to that end

[Adam Montana] In my opinion, this will make it much easier for him to force an RV - Shabibi is/was a very steady character, he did a great job of controling the value of the Dinar, but we know that he was against a major increase... so it's probably a good thing for us that he is no longer in that seat

[Adam Montana] Chapter 7 is not officially 100% released, but there's no reason we won't see that happen shortly and the main thing to watch - the really BIG ticket item - is the HCL

[Waiting] mbd4049 Are you hearing good things??

[mbd4049] Waiting not one single word - my sources are saying the same as last week - telling me to just wait, it should be here shortly, sorry that's all I know -- but all is on track and positive at this point lol

[Waiting] mbd4049 ty

[Dsatmhk7] Awww geee, and I used to like the word SHORTLY - LOL

[cruiser] FABER: 'The Great Reset Is Coming!'

[mbillions] cruiser Hi there... Is that the reset we are looking for sir?

cruiser] Please watch that video.

[xyz] cruiser wow!

[shining] cruiser CNBC has been talking about global reset for about 2 months now,,,their way of prepping the way

[cruiser] shining No kidding. Just wanted to share a video for those that need re assuring.
Read More

While this article is dated it has shown up in recent posts and will most likely be of interest to newer investors or others who have not been aware of it

How the U.S. Plans to Make Trillions Off the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation By Greg McCoach Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

U.S. national debt will exceed $14.5 trillion by the end of the summer.

The government has been underwater so long, it has gills...

But despite their desperate condition, the Feds still have a few tricks up their sleeve that will allow them to keep "kicking the can" down the road.

One of the gimmicks they've cooked up to stave the wolves off is becoming more and more evident: Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.

The dinar collapsed after the United States invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam. Prior to U.S. invasion, the Iraqi currency was trading over USD3 to one Iraqi dinar on the strength of the country's massive oil industry.

MIDEAST MONEY-Iraq dinar is short-term disappointment, long-term bet
By Aseel Kami Reuters.Com

* Iraqis still prefer hard currencies for many transactions

* But some foreign speculators see long-term opportunity

* External, budget surpluses could eventually boost dinar

* For now, central bank wants to keep currency stable

* Any major appreciation unlikely before two or three years

BAGHDAD, Oct 3 2012 (Reuters) - Many Iraqis have lost faith in their dinar currency but to some foreign speculators, it promises big profits. The contrast underlines the uncertainties of investing in Iraq as the country recovers from years of war and economic sanctions.

The logic of the dinar bulls is simple. Iraq's oil exports rose to 2.6 million barrels per day in September, their highest level in three decades; the country aims to hit 6 million bpd by 2017, which would put it close to Saudi Arabia's current level.



GOP: on my way
38CABO: shabbs is respected has friends in powerful places


38CABO: they couldnt pay for it without raiding the cbi


tmac096: I don't know why they need to be buying russian arms. we got lotsof good stuff herein the good old USA.

38CABO: i agree

guardian: it took it as his knowledge of Shabibi was limited: "This is what can Agip within the limits of my knowledge Dr. Shabibi. "

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call
Theme: Christmas in November

Conference Call Replay - Nov 13, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

What a Great Round Table Discussion with Straight Talkin' Mike and L.J. from L.J.'s Next Step Team Last Night...

Straight Talkin Mike Overview
It was a Great Day in Baghdad...I am going to call today "Christmas in November"
Maliki was passing out gifts - 3 of them - He screwed up - Apparently he can't find where he placed all the evidence on Shabibi and the warrant - Imagine that - Having a hard time finding it - Another disappearing act.....more bad days for Maliki....

And Santa Claus...I mean Talabani seems to be jolly with everybody - having meetings with everybody and finding out from them what they want and who has been naughty and nice.

Please listen to the replay in its entirety to get caught up on all the latest CBI, Economy, Government & World News from the list of articles below and the analysis after each article - all put in perspective by Straight Talkin Mike and LJ from LJ's Next Step Team - A written recap would not do this call justice. Great Call....Enjoy!

Footforward Nothing that happens in Iraq affects our blessing. The people that support the Iraq only theory, it doesn't make any sense. Iraq has nothing to do with this. They have done everything that they needed to do. This was a plan that was put in place stratigically by the authors of the plan, not Obama. Maliki can't take over the CBI, the GOI doesn't have the authority to appoint the new governor of the CBI.

Shabibi is under protection, tucked away safely. If he was harmed it would not have any affect on the timing of the RV, one person being removed would not have any affect on the timing. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. I am still expecting a very good rate and I am expecting this at anytime, expecting it now and we should not have any trouble cashing in.

[cruiser] GM all!!

[cruiser] How is everyone doing this morning?

[wheezer2]! what kind of thoughts/insights do you have that you can share? :)

[cruiser] wheezer2 I have none. There is alot happening, way above my secret intel. There are others that are more privledge, I guess. roflmao

[cruiser] wheezer2 It is going to happen when it happens. Everything else is just a headache.

[jamajacks] cruiser When you say"alot" what the alot you speak of? TY

The below posts were in our 10am email
Thank you Shybaby for this wonderful story today~The Dinar Recaps Team


A British journalist breezed into Manila with an assignment to write about 'the essential Filipino. He smiled confidently over his easy assignment relishing the free tour as complementary reward. For three days, he ran around searching.

He rejected the business district of Makati which reminded him of cold and calculating London. He went to historical places in Intramuros but saw only a glimpse of the past not the present. Next he tried the native cuisine at Market Market. Delicious yes, but nothing on the essential Filipino.

He was getting not only tired but also nervous that he has not found his 'easy' story yet. Time was running out, he had to go back in two days. He wasted the next day on inconsequential probes into malls, churches, monuments.

On his last day, he wrote his editor saying that no one can possibly write about the essential Filipino in so short time. He asked for an extension; he was expecting a week. The editor was kind but he was given only one lousy day extension.

Written By "Bored"  with added agreeing and disagreeing member opinions - DINAR VETS

I know that the Iraqi Dinar is one of the most popular scams on the market out there but don't be too quick to dismiss it simply because of its unpopular opinion.

Let me clarify something, when they call the dinar a scam they are referring to dinar dealers that jack up the price of the dinar they are selling and essentially rip people off.

 The other scam that I've heard of that isn't quite as popular is that you send your money to a individual that as an Iraqi bank account, i.e. a Warka Account (yes you can get one of these as a U.S. citizen..I have one and I'm just your typical college student), and promises to give you your fair share post revaluation.

The fact is with this one is that the individual has no responsibility to give you what you "earned" back. Not gonna go into the legal explanation of this but don't do it.

What I'm here to tell y'all about is that the Iraqi Dinar is a legitimate speculative investment IMO, let me tell you why. Pre Sadam era the dinar was worth about $3 and change. Its now worth $1=1166 dinars so it's about a tenth of a penny.

[oucrazy] This is the day that the Lord has made. . . I will rejoice and be glad in it.

[devildogmom] : I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you

[SGD3] Anyone know what time O's speech is today?

 [kimskennelklub] For those looking for an O speech/announcement: Obama's press conference is at 1:30 today, followed by meeting with CEOs at 2:45

[queenmother4] devildogmom is someone saying they think obama will announce rv?????

 [devildogmom] queenmother4 I don't think you will see that announcement, but there is some speculation with regard to timing and his speech

[#2sister] The RV will not be announced

[queenmother4] #2sister got to agree with you thats not how it will go down

 [SGD3] queenmother4 Just another peice of this puzzle

[devildogmom] queenmother4 all is rumor until you have a receipt


The Big Call for Tuesday, November 13th with special guest Footforward.


Playback Number is 559-726-1159 access code 123456#

73 Minutes


Precious] Thursday a public holiday to mark the Islamic New Year Decided the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers disrupt official work day on Thursday 15th of this month on the occasion of the new Hijri year. According to a statement of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Tuesday he decided to disrupt official work day on Thursday 15/11 on the occasion of the start of the new Hijri year.

ok rocks] Precious hmm he decided to thats interesting

 [xyz] Talabani not pleased with Maliki's performance "Talabani is not pleased with the performance of Maliki including his stances from the political crisis which the country is going through in the last few months." "Maliki is not the one to decide the fate of the national partnership, the one who is responsible for this decision is Iraqi National Alliance, which considers the State of Law Coalition as a part of it."

[xyz] ...Regarding the national meeting called for by Talabani and Maliki announcement that it is not possible to hold such meeting, he said "national meeting is on hold at the moment and had the chance to alleviate the country from its current crisis, unfortunately some parties did not cooperate with the cooperate with the President Talabani to conclude the National dialogue with success".

 [redhead1] captaincaveman - do we have any news on status of our investment or what can be expected?

[WCW] barb hello im still praying that this is our week

 [captaincaveman] redhead1 everyone worth paying attention to is saying we are in a great position to see this NOW

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Plan to create a control center on the transfer of petroleum products

BAGHDAD - morning : announced oil pipelines for developing a plan to create a national control center to monitor the transport of petroleum products to reduce theft.

said Director of Information Company Mustafa Rashid: develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the project "Control Center National "which includes the use of modern techniques and control electronic devices linking all networks of pipelines to follow the movement and transport of oil products from the fields to the distribution stations, to prevent tampering and theft of products if moved.

confirmed: it will be implemented during the period coming when contracting with an international company to manage the project. added: that the most important task of the company is to transport petroleum products of all kinds such as oil and white raw liquid and dry from the producer to the consumer via a pipeline network covering all parts of the country, where you are running Pipe and maintenance work and everything related to piping.


A proposal for the formation of the monitoring work of banks

BAGHDAD - morning : suggested financial expert Salim al-Daini, forming a higher banking commission is working on linking all Iraqi banks unified communications network to monitor its work to control money laundering and reduce the phenomenon of smuggling hard currency abroad.

Daini said: phenomena of money laundering and smuggling of currency spread considerably in the country during the recent government and central bank proved their inability to control these phenomena, making it fester much of the country.

added: that the fight against the phenomenon of money laundering and prevent the smuggling of currency hard come by forming a higher banking commission consists of a group of financial experts and economists are working to connect all government and private banks a unified communications network from which to monitor the work of banks and how to conduct foreign remittances of money.


294 billion dinars budget Najaf in 2013

Najaf Hussein Kaabi : working Najaf provincial council to discuss the budget for regional development proposed in 2013 for the purpose of validation. said Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee in the province of Najaf, Dr. Majeed Zinni's (Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network) : The amount proposed by the ministries of finance and planning for the budget 2013 for the province of Najaf is about 294 billion dinars, adding that the preparation of the budget in the province of Najaf took into account the three points, the first having ongoing projects of the year 2012, and the second requests local councils in districts and counties, and the third point of strategic projects that require implementation over a year and need to be large sums of money, such as sewage projects.

Zinni said that the proposed budget was distributed according to population ratios of administrative units in the province, The county received the largest proportion being a 53 to 54 percent of the population across the province, he said: "As distribution is then between different sectors and which number 26 after adding three sectors for this Endowments and Religious Affairs, and the media sector and human rights, and the transport sector ", and take into account this aspect consulting the competent department in every sector to find out their needs and readiness to take over the proposed projects, as we ask the administrative units to coordinate with organizations representing these constituencies in each administrative unit to raise their projects. "


Maliki, Biden discuss bilateral relations and efforts to promote
11/14/2012 15:03:15 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki call from U.S. Vice President Jobaidn affairs of the region and the latest developments of the Syrian crisis.

statement said the prime minister received Agency (news) copy of it on Wednesday: new U.S. Vice President U.S. position in support of the development of friendly relations and cooperation strategy between the two countries, stressing the determination of the U.S. administration to strengthen bilateral relations in all areas in the next four years. added: that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama supports the unity and stability of Iraq and seek to double support at the military and scientific, as well as the industrial, agricultural, Both sides also stressed the need to intensify committee meetings joint and its follow-up.


Presidency of the Council of Representatives allocated two days a week to discuss the budget 2013
November 14 2012

Baghdad / Orr News: A source in the information department of the House of Representatives that the Presidency decided to allocate two days of every week to discuss the budget 2013.

The source said the Agency (UR) that "the Presidency Council of Representatives decided to allocate two days of every week to discuss the budget 2013 in order not to disrupt the rest of the laws predisposing to vote," explaining that "the decision to the presidency came to give a chance to pass laws" communication, informatics, infrastructure, general amnesty , the Federal Court "before going to the legislative recess."

The Council of Ministers approved a resolution at its regular Forty-sixth on 23 October 2012, approved a draft law the federal budget for 2013 of $ (138) trillion dinars, an increase of 18% from last year .


Trade demanding allocation (6.5) billion dinars for the ration card

BAGHDAD / JD : demanded the Ministry of Commerce to allocate approximately (6.5) billion dinars to cover ration card, for 33 million by Ahsa�atha for the population of Iraq, while stressing the Ministry of Planning said the number of population 31 million.

said decision Economic Commission Parliamentary Alliance MP Kurdistan's / JD /: The Trade Minister Khairallah Hassan Babiker student allocation (6.5) billion dinars for the ration card, is providing Vocabulary five of the card, and the distribution of alternative cash to citizens who supported the decision to cancel the card.

Khalil added, that data and ministries of trade and planning on Iraq's population, trade calculated customizations that you want to ration according to 33 million, and planning says that Iraq 31 people.

said: The Economic Commission demanded the Ministry of Planning procedures general census of population to provide data truth to the population and it is calculated customizations.


Kurdistan Alliance: Include Balancing fiscal 2013 in advance of the Peshmerga
November 14 2012

Baghdad / Orr News: Confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance bloc that the federal government will give the Ministry of Peshmerga in advance until the financial agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the wording of a common understanding on the salaries of members of the Peshmerga.

The vice president of the block Mohsen al-Sadoun said "the government has ensured in the budget for fiscal year 2013, paragraph gives the Ministry of Peshmerga in advance to its members for financial pending agreement with Erbil make formula allocations Peshmerga rests with Baghdad."


Iraqi judiciary is an investigative committee file of the Central Bank

BAGHDAD / JD : confirmed Parliamentary Finance Committee that the Iraqi judiciary has formed a committee to achieve stop the circumstances of corruption in the Central Bank revealed involved process of money laundering.

said committee member MP for the Liberal bloc Magda Tamimi's / JD /: "The file's central bank became the hands of the judiciary was formed a special committee to reveal the facts and names involved money laundering.

confirmed Tamimi, that all the names mentioned media reported here involved money laundering incorrect and far from the case a lot.


UAE's Crescent Petroleum plans to expand its work in Iraq

BAGHDAD / JD : CEO of Crescent Petroleum Emirates Majid Jafar said the company is preparing to expand in the oil and gas sector in Iraq and the start of activities in Libya and Lebanon.

added that countries such as Lebanon are shaping regulatory bodies in preparation for the start of activities in this sector, and continued that this area potential interest on the part of the company.
Crescent based in the emirate of Sharjah and its principal activities are located in the UAE and the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Egypt.

The company plans to expand investment and production in Kurdistan and other parts of Iraq. He explained Jaafar this concern by saying that he was digging 2000-3000 wells only in the whole of Iraq, compared with ten times that figure in Saudi Arabia and one million wells in Texas alone.

said that Iraq at the beginning of the process of development of the sector, adding that there is not yet consensus on policies and that there mentality prevalent that the State sector management.

The below posts were in our 10pm email


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♥ The Dinar Recaps Team ♥

 I am sure many got up this morning looking for the China news that they were supposed to be making an announcement today... and they may still be. But last night elsie was in chat and said something that made me think of this. So wanted to share.

The Intel Maze... this process is one we are not supposed to know, and there is no handbook telling us if we are right or not, until after the fact. So all we can do is follow the intel down the path it is leading us to see where it goes. If we can do that knowing that some paths are short and some are rather long, and all but one will end up with a dead end. We need to understand and set our expectations up front, that we will most likely be hitting a dead end, but unless we follow it we wont find the correct path.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Justice completed its investment budget for 2012 increased by 100%
13/11/2012 12:29:50 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) : Ministry of Justice announced the completion of its budget investment for 2012 by 100%.

said Director General Administration Department and the Ministry of Finance Abdul Karim Faris Abdul Amir received Agency (news) copy of it on Tuesday: The Ministry of Justice has spent the investment budget for their projects investment for 2012 and $ 9 billion and 100 million dinars in full and by the completion of 100%. added: The amount of the budget allocated to the Ministry is not enough to complete the investment projects, so the Justice Department hired $ 14 billion dinars have been used by the Ministry of Housing and Construction for the purpose of completing the completion of their projects for the year current.


Member of the Commission on oil: Iraq will not give Kuwait (160) oil well to settle the file Airways and wells joint problems will be solved easily
13/11/2012 12:18:50 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) : Denied a member of the Commission on oil MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Qasim Mohammad Qasim unequivocally, reports that recently that the issue of Iraqi Airways was ceded by Kuwait against (160) wells Iraqi oil.

Kassem said (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: There are no official or an Iraqi citizen or Kuwaiti coveted in Iraq's oil, stressing that the international conventions will be present to resolve the issue of problems wells shared with Kuwait with ease. added: that the State of Kuwait has suffered greatly from the previous regime's practices towards her, also suffered all the sons of the Iraqi people from the tyranny of This system, pointing out that the methods acquisitions do not work the two countries.


Kobler discuss with members of the Board of Kirkuk elections to maintain
13/11/2012 11:27:28 Tuesday

Kirkuk (news) : A source, today announced the arrival of Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler to the city of Kirkuk.

said the source (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: arrived, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler to the city of Kirkuk, to hold a number of meetings with the political parties in the Council and discussed the issue of holding elections to maintain.


Deputy of the Shabak: new alliances will be witnessed by the political process on the basis of the interests of the blocks during the coming period
13/11/2012 10:42:39 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) : expect MP / Kota Shabak / Mohammed networking, to see the political process in the coming period political alliances new built on the basis of personal interests of the political blocs.

said web in a statement (of the Agency news): there fundamental differences stuck between the parties politicians, because of the political blocs their viewpoint own. added: that the political process will see over the coming period new alliances based on partisan interests in order to strengthen the position of the parties and not in the national interest of the country.


Oil company pipelines, develop a plan to create a national control center to monitor the transfer of petroleum products
Tuesday November 13, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit:  The oil pipeline company for developing a plan to create a national control center to monitor the transport of petroleum products to reduce theft.

The Director of Information Company Mustafa Rashid in a press statement: was developed a strategic plan to implement the project "Centre national control," which includes the use of modern techniques and electronic devices control linking all networks of pipelines to follow the movement and transfer of petroleum products from the fields to the distribution stations, to prevent tampering and theft of products if transferred.


Moussawi: a general amnesty and structures greeting will not white papers to vote until after the national meeting
Tuesday November 13, 2012

Agencies : showed a member of a coalition of state law the National Alliance MP Samira al-Moussawi, that the legal infrastructure and a general amnesty Satrhan of vote after the national meeting of the lack of political consensus among the political parties.

Musawi said in a press statement that "there is no political consensus and ready to show a general amnesty and legal infrastructure to vote because these laws has been withdrawn from the agenda for political reasons."

He added that "these laws will not Atrha on the agenda only after the national meeting of the political blocs to reach an clear vision and agree on laws broken inside the dome of the parliament." P / h


Hassan Jihad: There is a kind of confusion in the statements related to the existence of corruption cases in Alashalh deals
Tuesday November 13, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : A member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Hassan Jihad said the government confirmed the presence of suspicions regarding cases of corruption in Russian arms deals.

Jihad said in a statement (radio public opinion), "The government has to decide either to cancel deal Alashalh this or that re-negotiated else." Noting that there is a kind of confusion in the statements related to the existence of cases of corruption in these deals. "


High Nassif: File corruption in Iraq has become complicated by committing his senior officials
Tuesday November 13, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : confirmed member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP for the Iraqi bloc high Nassif said free file corruption in Iraq has become complicated by committing his senior officials.

Said Nassif told (radio public opinion) "The issue of corruption was rampant in all aspects of the state and committed young staff is not about the arms deal only." Noting that reached by the corruption of high levels due to normal political process that formed in Iraq ".


Kurdistan: We are not against arming the Iraqi army and our observations only
Tuesday November 13, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Chuan Mohamed Taha that the alliance is not against arming the Iraqi army, but has many observations on nature Altzlaha policy in Iraq. "

Taha said in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) on Tuesday: "It is no defense within the system a large number of spoilers and they categorically reject similar free resource arming the army with sophisticated weapons."

Adding: "The absence of political presence Chweih inside armament makes some feared the deals that you want to be concluded with any state government."

He noted a member of the Kurdistan Alliance: "The diversification of weapons from various countries and not a single state is good because it will create an imbalance within the military establishment." N / a

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