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6pm November 15th, 2015

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Wang Dang Conference Call - Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015 at 8 PM CT

SUNDAY, NOV. 15, 2015 at 8 PM CST

DIAL IN:530-881-1300 PIN 894786

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Wealthwatch Late Night OOTW & Member Chat 11-14-15

chattels: Is Congress paving the way for a Christian safe zone in Iraq? Can the US Congress help save Middle East Christians from extinction? Read more:
BOBBY: Interesting week to say the least
TxBrand: '@BOBBY' for sure and very confusing
BOBBY: TxBrand.... evening...... its par for the course  lol
TxBrand: :smile:

EXOGEN:  It now looks likely the yuan will be formally admitted to the IMF's "special drawing rights" currency basket at the end of the month, which would mark a milestone in China's efforts to become a global economic power.

Rabbit:  $o when they say the RMB will be par with  the USD does this mean China is going to RV first. $o RMB is 6.3 to USD so that translate into $6.30 by 11/30/15



Thanks Martha for sending this to us today:

Martha:  I spent a quiet day watching the aftermath of the Paris bloodshed and even the train crash. What a terrible distraction, but IMO it will not stop the RV.

IMO It has actually created a solidarity of countries banding together to destroy these so called religious fanatics called DAESH, a re-introduced term by France, England, and the USA.

Today is 11/15/2015 and hopefully the start of the final push to the RV. Perhaps this is the weekend that Bloomberg eluded to for the GCR.  Link

But no matter what, China is in control of this venture at this point.

The banks have been "fixed"; the financially "broke" countries have been built up with "sovereign " bond money, some debt forgiveness and movement of historical assets  (gold) to create a new balance of wealth.


Ricci51 :Frank with things happening so fast can't we have a CC every day (Just kidding)

Frank26:  When You look at last week ......... We almost do:

CC's last week on Sat ... Mon .... T .... W ...... Th......TEAM CHAT Friday .........C U tomorrow on your next CC.

Many did not take my post seriously yesterday.

I posted yesterday a further nugget ........... IMO the LD's were distributed two days ago. This AFTER the 50K's were programmed ......... NOT DISTRIBUTED YET.

Have a wonderful Sunday KTFA Family as I leave You with this ............... Our #4 is now moved to the second and third week of December of ......... 2015.

For the first time in many many years today I will talk to God about the dinars He gave me and ......... Count them.

I Love You KTFA Family......... \m/


The below posts were in our 11am newsletter
Post From Chat Room  11-14-15
New With Links & Discussion

Wealthwatch Butifldrm Evening Chat 11-14-15    Part 2 of 2
Butifldrm: He said the prime minister that "the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani called me two days ago and we discussed the importance of Sinjar because they cut off the road to supply terrorists between Mosul and tenderness, and the process of editing the Peshmerga participated in the Iraqi security system and the Iraqi army through the aviation as well as the lifting of mines and improvised explosive planted and Sinjar freed demolished by Iraqi We must raise the Iraqi flag in it. "

Abadi said that "there are those who speak about flags of the Kurdistan region and at the same time present a paper where all the concessions in order to withdraw the mandate," Abadi was not called this party. The prime minister said "reforms but did not target people who came to get rid of the quota system,

 I have not dismissed any position without reference to the Cabinet and parliament," he said, adding "the importance of objectivity opposition voices that we listen to them and benefit from them." (End)

Post From Chat Room  11-14-15
New With Links & Discussion

Wealthwatch Butifldrm Evening Chat 11-14-15   Part 1 of 2
chattels: good afternoon all
chattels: The Council resumed debate on the draft of the amnesty law and submitted by the legal committees and human rights. In the interventions of the House of Representatives on the bill, expressed MP Hamdiya Husseini support for the demands of the legal committee in Parliament to reduce the exceptions contained in the draft law.
He called Abdul Kahar Samurai to amend the law's name and Add expression redress the oppressed who did not prove their right to any condemnation in addition to an apology to them and compensate them. I suggest MP Hassan Salem failure to extend the resistance within the article on terrorism, calling for the postponement of the law until the liberation of Anbar and Mosul to the clearer the picture.
chattels: MP Ahmed electrodes with the exception of those involved in the act of inclusiveness Amnesty Law and that the exception does not have an absolute pointing out that the problem lies in the investigation process, not at the trial. For his part, expressed his deputy Ardalan Noureddine reservation on amnesty policeman contained in the draft law calling for the cancellation of some of the exceptions contained therein.



Frank26:  Why do I feel many of us are NOT ready for our next STUDY FILES ?

Read this carefully :

" The Eagle landed on the "7th" (Lower Denoms) .............. They were distributed IMO last night on the 13th ............ As of within 3 we will take our first walk on the surface of this new Terra Firma."

They are going faster than the speed of Sound ....... Light .......... To Warp.

On Your next MONDAY CC ............... We will show You .............. #4.

Was going to hold a THIRD EMERGENCY CC tonight but IMO ................. Staff already knows what I am going to say Next M CC .


Post From Chat Room  11-14-15
Wealthwatch Saturday OOTW & Member Chat 11-14-15 
*SCZIN11: [Image: image.php?token=a0cd61f891fcbc28ae45bd0a62aeb921&size=][dir=ltr] Dinar exchange rate against the dollar on Saturday 14-11-2015 Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar on Saturday in the Iraqi banks and markets: US $ 1 = 1093.0000 Iraqi dinars 1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0009   *SCZIN11:
 *SCZIN11: House of Representatives completes a second reading of the general amnesty law [/dir][/dir] Finished houses on Saturday, the second reading of the draft general amnesty law.
The parliamentary source said in an interview with Sama Baghdad's "The House of Representatives ended, in its meeting held today, the second reading of the draft general amnesty law." The House of Representatives held on Saturday morning, its the 37, headed by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 232 deputies.


Thoughts On "Global Economy On The Verge Of Another Crisis (FreePOM)"

Nzallblack   Great write up JC. I'll say hi to Matt for ya.
JC Collins   Thanks buddy. Give him a nuggy for me.
neal poole   At least outside of Canada (and Australia!)
moksha  It sure seems like big changes are close at hand, JC. I can feel it .... Good timely post.
There is no question that no one else even comes close to this analysis. Glad I'm here reading the POM.