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11am, November 17th, 2012  


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cdjsilver51 what's up mailman?  any news to report or opinions?

mailman17 just looking  been watching you guys for a couple weeks now..<) same as my last chat...jan 1
cdjsilver51 not fair

mailman17 lol  forum running very smooth
calldinar Sounds Good to me..
cdjsilver51 we're always wondering where you are and whether or not you'll talk to us

mailman17 always here....just watching i love talking...but nothing to really update ya
cdjsilver51 Med calles that Miming

mailman17 my key as it was before will be shabs
mailman17  yes...yooper miming
cdjsilver51  what if shabs never comes back    I mean, would you?

mailman17 i dont think its so much as if he comes back to assume the cbi role as it is what he brings with him  i still say...him not breaking a sweat and staying outside iraq is a very good move
cdjsilver51 hopefully some bodyguards

mailman17 and i think it also makes maliki think twice  HE MAY NOT EVEN COME BACK  BUT ITS WHAT HE WILL PRESENT IS WHAT WILL BE VERY INTERESTING    REMEMBER


This is a Kaperoni opinion from yesterday:
11-15-12 Kaperoni: Tariffs are directly related to the exchange rate as the WTO to the Tariffs. One goes with another. So if they hold this new target date, we should see the rate rise well before June. Now is good.

DEBORAH LAYNE:  I'd like to add my two cents to this if I may. No offense to Kaperoni, but I believe his thinking is a bit too black and white in this matter.

There is nothing from the GOI that I'm aware of that says "we won't apply the tariff laws until our poor blessed people have the money to pay them but we're not going to revalue the currency until we're ready to apply them", although I think it's safe to conclude they won't apply them until the people CAN pay. If there is something written to that effect, somebody please let me know so I can retract this.


[2:37:59 PM] Nancy(nano36): [michigander0131] FEATURE-They're buying what? US investors latch onto Iraqi dinar NEW YORK | Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:35pm EST Nov 15 (Reuters) -

The U.S. stock market almost wiped out his retirement account, but retired pilot Ronald Scarpa hasn't lost his taste for risk. Lately he has turned to one of the chanciest investments in the world - the Iraqi dinar.

"It's not a question of if, but when Iraq revalues its currency," said the Las Vegas-based Scarpa, who keeps dinars in his retirement account. "The dinar will eventually have   substantial value, possibly the highest in the  world."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
 He's not alone in risking his money on an investment thatcan charitably be described as a long-term turnaround project that will pay off only for the extremely patient. Thousands likeScarpa in America are buying the dinar, hoping someday thewar-torn nation can revalue a currency worth just a fraction ofa penny.


So I was doing the usual reading today and noticed the michigander statement about Iraq's rank with the World Bank and it piqued me to do some background on some other statistics. I found on the World Bank's site comparisons on Iraq's economy in 2012 to projections for 2013. Interestingly enough, you'll see most all the projections showed a mostly downward to stalled PROJECTION trend. So let's look at the numbers:
Iraq 2013 2012

Starting a business 177 177 there were 1,943 new LLC's started in Iraq in 2011. At approximately 74 days per to start and costing 25.2% paid-in minimum capital (The amount that the entrepreneur needs to deposit in a bank or with a notary before registration and up to 3 months following incorporation and is recorded as a percentage of the economy's income per capita.)

Dealing with Construction permits 84 80 187 days. The total number of days required to build a warehouse. The measure captures the median duration that local experts indicate is necessary to complete a procedure in practice.


[healthscans] Capt Ron so are we still looking this month?

[Capt Ron] healthscans, I see the two usual camps out there in Dinarland......

 [Capt Ron] camp thinks they have inside knowledge of the finance world d they say the rv is very close.....

 [Capt Ron] ....the other camp thinks that we may have to wait a month or so, waiting on the larger political process in the m.e.

[Plowboy] Question: what's the relationship btwn the UST notes and the RV? I must have missed that somewhere along the line

[hub] Plowboy i dont know.........................

[AuntieTeeTee] Plowboy ... actually there is NO connection.

[Plowboy] Auntie Tee Tee strange Precious and others make much of it

[hub] Plowboy i think some people think that the ust notes will come out under the asset based currency and the rv will happen to back up some of the currency by providing a vehicle to obtain the assets

[Plowboy] Hub thanks. I can't say as I really understand that though

[hub] Plowboy the rv will provide countries a way to obtain assets, oil production, gold, mineral production, all these cost money to obtain, and the rv will provide the money, and the ust notes are to be asset based


[okrocks] I honesty believe there are things happening we are not aware of and those things could make some things happen very soon so do not give up your hope!

[Precious] Just got back from Wells Fargo....the oficer there told me she expecs the UST notes by the first week n December

 [Expendable3] Precious that was you that went to the WF?

 [Precious] Expendable3 ys a little ole me lol

[Expendable3] Precious Wow thx

 [Expendable3] Then it's true double wow

 [Bravo] Liberated Iraq calls on Arab states to use oil as 'weapon' against U.S. A top Iraqi diplomat urged Arab states to "use the weapon of oil" against the United States

 [goofy] cisco411 did you ever get confirmation of the new UST bills?

 [cisco411] goofy NOPE proved to be like O's stance on Isreal inconclusive

[goofy] cisco411 lol

 [redhead1] cisco411 - have you seen anything on the VND today?

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Allawi in Saudi Arabia to meet with the Director of intelligence and preparation for the upcoming elections
November 16 2012

Baghdad - Hisham Khalid: Saudi daily al-Watan revealed in its issue dated last Thursday that the leader of the Iraqi List, made an unannounced visit to Saudi Arabia, citing that he met the Saudi intelligence chief,

The newspaper said that Allawi discussed the latest political developments in Iraq with new intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan,

The newspaper said the two sides reviewed a number of topics of common interest, pointing out that Sultan asked Allawi stressed the importance of activating the issue of Tariq al-Hashimi and mind oppressed the Iraqi List, also called for not to put a substitute for it to be brought back to the office,


in response to clashes in Tuz Khurmatu ... Maliki issued his orders to bring Kirkuk under the leadership of the Tigris
November 16 2012

A source close to the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki issued an order whereby subdue the province of Kirkuk to the Tigris Operations Command.

The source said the commander in chief of the armed forces held an urgent meeting of senior leaders and advisers office to discuss the implications of the incident Tuz Khurmatu and actions to be taken, adding that Maliki is subjecting the province of Kirkuk, and all the security agencies deployed where including the Peshmerga forces to operations command Tigris, stressing that if it does not comply forces the province about it will be treated as a hostile power.

A security source said clashes on Friday between the driving forces of the Tigris and the Kurdistan Regional Guard "Peshmerga" in Kirkuk province which resulted in the martyrdom of one person and injuring 10 others.


Baghdad Broker Dodges Bombs to Rack Up Stock Trades
November 16 2012

it was exceptionally cold in Sulaymaniyah, a city in northern Iraq's Kurdish region, on the morning of Dec. 22. Shwan Taha was sitting in the airport lounge with a bag of gifts, waiting to get back to his wife and children at home in Istanbul.

Iraq Stock Exchange CEO Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam al-Rubaye surveys the trading floor. The market value of companies listed on the ISX has grown to $4.1 billion in 2011 from $3.1 billion in 2010 as the Iraqi economy expanded.

Just before boarding, he got a call on his mobile phone from Rabee Securities, the Baghdad-based brokerage he owns, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its December issue. The manager was on the line to report that a car bomb had exploded next door at the government anti-corruption agency.

Taha hung up. Fortunately, the last trading day of the year had been two days earlier, so none of Rabee's 16 employees were in the office. He tapped out an e-mail to Rabee's clients that said in part:


Oil Ministry: Iraq received the "signals Aaahabih" Lukoil Lucy... PVC
November 16 2012

A senior official said the Iraqi Oil Ministry, told Reuters that Iraq had received "positive signals" from the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNN... PVC) and Russia's Lukoil that they Stdrsan ExxonMobil stake in the West Qurna oil field -1.

The official, who asked not to be named, "We have received positive signals from CNN... PVC and Lukoil that they would consider buying Exxon's share in the West Qurna-1."


In a strongly worded communication .. Biden owners: Talibnakm not launch Daqduq and you did the opposite and did not respect the blood of our sons
November 16 2012

Source revealed communication conducted this afternoon by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the release of Lebanese Ali Daqduq accused of killing Americans in Iraq, noting dissatisfaction with the U.S. administration to launch.

The source, who declined to be named, said Biden made contact surprise Maliki expressing disappointment and displeasure personally release Daqduq, which Washington accuses of killing Americans in Iraq, adding that Biden was a stern and transfer point of view the U.S. administration, which he decision by the Iraqi government to waive them in the non-implementation of their demand not at all and it did not respect the blood of their sons who were killed in Iraq at the hands of Daqduq.

He said al-Maliki tried to justify it and throw the ball in the court of the Iraqi judiciary who did not find it seemed to keep Daqduq where no proven guilty and must be released.


Banker: the need to develop (telephone banks) to facilitate the work of the banking
16/11/2012 11:52:29 Friday

Baghdad (news) : Called banking expert Mohsen Ali, the need to develop a way (banks telephone) to facilitate banking transactions, stressing the importance of developing awareness programs banking by monetary policy to the citizen for his guidance in how to deal with techniques banking business.

said Ali (Agency news) on Friday : The Iraqi banks today two branches of public and private face difficulties in how to deal with citizens being unaware of a lot of things that pertain to banking Kalscoc savings and withdraw money, etc., as a result of lack of awareness banking in Iraq.


Minister of planning [where]: five-year plan will Cabinet and Parliament end of 2012
Friday, 16 November 2012 18: 16

Karbala: Avinash's planning Minister said his Ministry will draft five-year plan for the years to come to the Council of Ministers and Parliament by the end of the year 2012.

Each agency correspondent Iraq [where]Planning Minister said during a visit to Karbala"The Ministry of planning the five-year plan will Cabinet and House of representatives before the 30th of the month of December of the year 2012.


Banker: the need to develop (telephone banks) to facilitate the work of the banking
16/11/2012 11:52:29 Friday

Baghdad (news) : Banking expert called Mohsen Ali, to the need to develop a way (telephone banks) to facilitate banking transactions, stressing the importance of awareness programs by the banking monetary policy to the citizen for his guidance in how to deal with banking techniques.

Ali (Agency news) Friday: The Iraqi banks today two branches of public and private face difficulties in how to deal with citizens being unaware of a lot of things that pertain to banking Kalscoc savings and withdraw money, etc., as a result of lack of awareness banking in Iraq.


Abtan: draft law payment on credit are ready to vote and will be presented to Parliament during these days

Baghdad : where member stressed the Economic Commission in Parliament MP for mass citizen Abdul-Hussein Abtan The draft bill payment on credit are ready to vote and will be displayed in Parliament during these days.

said Abtan told all of Iraq [where] today that "the law of payment on credit was added Notes when mentioned by deputies of the National Coalition and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, which notes a real technical and professional order not to waste the money order dispensing properly in line with the law. " and added that "the draft law payment on credit ready to vote but are waiting for the coming days to be shown the parliament. "


Bill the mandate of the three presidencies portends in fueling conflicts within the parliament
Friday, 16 November 2012 12:34

Baghdad Ambassador: News: With the approach put forward a draft law of the mandate of the three presidencies in Iraq on the agenda of the parliament, political parties began gearing up for a legal showdown, and a new constitutional.

The Parliamentary Legal Committee last week approved the draft law of the mandate of the three heads of two sessions Antkhabtin, amid strong opposition from the bloc �rule of law�, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which has threatened to resort to the judiciary �to challenge the constitutionality of the law.

And pre-empted the parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi the first reading of the law announced yesterday that the legislative authority has the right to propose laws and criticized the position of President Jalal Talabani contradictory decision of the Federal Court judge assigning the task to propose laws to the Government.

A statement Nujaifi that restrict the House of Representatives to vote for its executive authority of bills flawed wall constitutional authority and turn him into a continued executive authority as an advisory body, vote is alone does not represent the legislative power are real, and therefore refuse to turn the people's authority represented in the House of Representatives to group of voters.

The below posts were in our 10pm email

bluwolf] First of all I am out of all sites do to personal issues. Second of all I am not writing under no other handle for BLUWOLF IS BLUWOLF and I am one of kind, so to those confusing me with a Flashing fellow you are mistaken for when and if I write you can distinguish me from the rest.

Third about the tiers, tier 1- all governments, tier 2- all presidents, royals, and the wealthy of the world, tier 3- all common folks, peons or simple folks. But make no mistake if you have over a million dinar or dong you are already considered tier 2. Be bless and happy journeys.
11-16-12 LoriC: The U.S. Secretary of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Thomas Melia has been involved in 20 meetings during the past 3 days regarding Iraq's emergence as a sovereign democratic government and to promote human rights. A year after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq they are being helped along so they can be released from Chp7 sanctions and be fully sovereign.

Melia said that many are trying to pressure the government in order to continue the process of reform and push forward democracy forward. Iraq isn't receiving all this support and pressure to catch up to international standards because everyone has a bleeding heart for them. As the IMF stated, Iraq will be a tool for global economic recovery because they have not been affected by the economic crisis. Iraq may be content with procrastination but the rest of the world is not.

Kaperoni: I want to keep a positive attitude that "coming period" is within a few months. Remember there is a facilitator that is ready to go after making a deal in September. I don't expect they like just sitting and waiting either.

Not to mention, there is some money involved in setting up the trading room. I continue to see people relating the 1st of the year with this event. Yes, Shabibi himself stated this as it relates to the accounting records, budget etc.

But unless they RV the dinar to be worth more than the dollar, it has no effect. Therefore, as stated several times, we expect a float which will be gradual over time rising to 1 to $1 over a period of months.

This accomplishes much of what Iraq needs economically, WTO, convertable currency, ISX, investment, etc. to move forward. As for the GOI, they then would have to wait to 2014 to "officially announce" the lifting of the zeros and implementation which would take effect on the 2014 budget hopefully giving them a rate that would help them reduce the cost of the "investment" side of the budget. Keep in mind, none of that has anything to do with us as dinar holders/investors. We simply want to see the dinar rise in value, which can start at anytime.

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call
Theme: More Bad Days for Maliki

Conference Call Replay - Nov 15, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

What another Great Round Table Discussion with Straight Talkin' Mike and L.J. from L.J.'s Next Step Team Last Night..

Great Analysis and Discussion after each News Article Listed below - listen to the replay of the call for all the other great information shared - below is just the Recap of the News


To sum it all up is Maliki really had a bad day...The tone has changed - Talabani and his position - The position of the Kurds and the Tigriss Operation which we all have a better understanding of
Kuwait basically saying you need to decide what the future is going to be bring and have vision for what is going to happen in the future and what that means is they are going to be GCC - we are going to have cooperation here in the Gulf - We are all going to be on the same page one day so why not start today? You need to get out of the way or comply and if Syria goes down which you know Kuwait's position is that Syria is going to fall and that there is going to be a new regime/leadership there and what that means is we are all going to be in one basket together - Iran is going to be the odd man out and you really need to figure out how you want to position yourselves because your people they definitely want to position themselves in a place were they can prosper
Read More

[Josey Wales] Lets show our appreciation to the USA and to our Troops Worldwide, past and present.................I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

[Stitch] Josey Wales God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood "From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee, across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea...." :

[Josey Wales] Stitch awesome love that song

[Josey Wales] GM! Fellow investors....TGIF......lets hope it turns out to be TGIRVF


[redhead1] can someone please explain this to me - when the button is pushed will it come from Iraq - UN - IMF - World Bank - China - who actually will let the RV go????

[Shining] redhead1 I do not know for sure, but suspect those holding the release of the PP's also hold the button for RV as they go together

weimar] redhead1 yes, I though PP's were in conjuction with the RV - after the release, but obviously not

[Shining] The new system is in place. There has been a HUGE effort to make this all go as seamlessly as possible with the least amount of disruption. Consider this has all been in the works for about 20 years. I have studied all of this for over a year and it's still mind bending
Read More

38CABO: and the fastest rowboats golf cart goes is 24mph



38CABO: was it planned ?


Hello All

From now until the end of the year seems to be a very interesting time. The elections are behind us, in both the U.S. and China. Now is the time for this investment to move forward. There have been rumors of the new UST notes circulating.

Please notice, I say rumors. Should not be hard to prove, if in deed factual. A picture of them would speak a thousand words. Without that proof or an announcement of the new notes from the U.S. government, that is how this will have to be treated, as a rumor. Is our government moving into a new currency, YES. Look for some sort of proclamation to come up in the next couple of days, could be as early as today, as and no later than the end of the year about the UST notes.

What is important to us is what these notes will stand for. The currency will be asset backed (BWM did an excellent job a month or so ago explaining Asset Backed Currency and for those who did not read about it, please do). Whether it is gold or some other type of asset does not matter unless you are an investor prior to the change.
Read More

[xyz] 3-5 Dec. Kurdistan Iraq Oil & Gas The Unprecedented Energy Expansion

[Diverdown] Wow go Rueters

deb2blessed] Shining...dear, what do you hear from your friend?

[BLESSME] Shining did he get delivery? Also, any new news. Thank you

[Shining] BLESSME as of last night I have not heard and know he is in court today so I will just have to wait till he gets home. He did say there was a discussion of sorts about the RV and it occuring on a Friday because it's not been done before. But equal discussion that it could be a good thing AFTER the market closes as to not disrupt it too much

[Shining] BUT with that, I feel we may be just 48-72 hours away praying

[Shining] Also Obama agreed to allow the Keshe Technologies, that will bring free energy so all signs are good for bringing ALL of this in

[nolaspice] All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others. Spend a part of today in reflection of all that we currently are blessed with and being thankful for all to come!

[Shining] The discussion about the new currency this is what I hear from "him" . It is correct about the new currency. The new currency HAS been delivered to the banks READY for distribution. They cannot wait until after the announcement to deliver them to the banks.
Read More

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Burhan Faraj: Adoption of important laws will remain suspended due to the lack of political consensus

BAGHDAD : Euphrates News likely Kurdistan Alliance MP proof Faraj to remain approval of important laws pending in the House of Representatives because of the lack of political consensus. said Faraj told {Euphrates News} on Friday that "the House of Representatives adopted during approval of the laws on the mechanism of consensus necessitate the approval of all blocks or manner of half plus one to acquire the law when voting on the degree of approval and application after reading twice. " , noting that "unfortunately suffer the political blocs of a clear difference of views as well as the lack of consensus on many issues that are still pending which impacted negatively mortgaged to pass laws basically in line missing now. " remains the adoption of several laws pending in the House of Representatives because of the incompatibility of the political blocs to formats such laws or claim to hold some modifications such as amnesty laws and payment on credit the Federal Court and the oil and gas industry.
Najiba Najib: Granting permission to the oil-producing provinces exchange 50% of the petro-dollar allocations to import electricity

Baghdad (news): revealed a member of the Finance Committee MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Najiba Najib, the presence of a relative increase assignments for regional development within the budget next year is estimated at (7.6) trillion dinars.

said Najib (of the Agency news): The oil-producing provinces granted them the authority to exchange rate (50%) of the allocations petrodollars to import electric power and employment. confirmed: that the budget (2013) included a relative increase of allocations for regional development where allocated (7.6) seven trillion six hundred billion dinars, of which (1, 6) trillion six hundred billion dinars allocated for petrodollar.

Abdul Khader Tahir: national meeting just informative article to lose time

Baghdad (news): MP for the coalition in Iraq Abdul Khader Tahir, there is no point in meeting national, ruling node, indicating that the preparations of the political blocs to provincial elections has begun.

Tahir said in a statement (of the Agency news): The national meeting will not held and statements from his contract just informative article to waste it time for the continuation of the political process to the next parliamentary elections.
Read More
Shahristani: Government had requested the withdrawal of ExxonMobil

Baghdad / term: Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani said his country is requested from the American company Mobil Exxon withdrawal from the project to develop Qurna oil and not vice versa. pointed Shahristani told him site (BBC) website that the Iraqi authorities are requested from the company sell its stake, they were not willing to do so, because of signed contracts in the Kurdistan region without the consent of the Iraqi government, and this consistent policy in Iraq that any company that does not abide by Iraqi laws should nullify the contract, this decision was an Iraqi was not a decision to Exxon Mobil . was the giant oil company had announced a few days ago its intention to withdraw from the Qurna project, with an estimated total cost of about $ 50 billion without giving specific reasons.

But media reports international pointed out that this development reflects the disappointment oil company growing from local authorities in southern Iraq and enthusiasm growing to work on projects more profitable in the Kurdistan region. believes a number of observers it Such developments that shed new light on the growing tensions between The central government and the autonomous region in the north that have signed hefty contracts with Western companies giants such as Total and Chevron to exploit the reserves of oil and gas.

Infrastructure law draft becomes ready for vote, says Abtan
Friday, 16 November 2012 11:51

Baghdad (AIN) : Member of the Economic Parliamentary Committee MP, Abdul Hussien Abtan, of the Citizen bloc confirmed that the Infrastructure law draft became ready for a vote.

He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The observations of the MPs from the Iraqi National Alliance, Kurdistani Alliance and the Iraqiya Slate concerning the law were considered," noting that "These observations were genuine and technical to avoid wasting the general funds."

"During the next few days, the draft will be presented to the parliament," he concluded.

Due to the disputes among the blocs over its draft, the parliament failed to vote over it for several times.
Click for Link
National Bloc white rejects the mandate of Prime Minister two terms because it violated the constitutional and confiscation of the will of the citizen

Announced the National Bloc white rejection of legislation Act of Parliament determines the mandate of Prime Minister Polaaatin only because it represents violation of constitutional and confiscation of the will of the citizen.

The leader of the Bloc MP Aziz Sharif Mayahi in a press statement today that: "Legislation any law that defines the mandate of the Prime Minister two terms only is constitutional violation in addition to being considered restricting the freedom of the citizen to choose who wants to fill this position based on his confidence and his what was presented to the country at a time when he took the position of Wi-restriction of this right is the confiscation of explicit freedom of the Iraqi people. "

South Refineries Company: Generation and third oil refining unit to the Basra refinery card (70) thousand barrels
16/11/2012 14:50:05 Friday

Basra (news) : Declared South Refineries Company Jabbar Oil Ministry for the establishment and refining unit third Basra refinery production capacity (70) thousand barrels per day in order to increase the production capacity of petroleum products for the company.

said Director of Information Company Habib Samer (of the Agency news): The most important strategic projects for Refineries Company South Generation Unit refining third Basra refinery card (70) thousand barrels per day, to increase the production capacity of the refinery, which will increase total energy of the company's production of oil derivatives and fill the local need him.
Read More
Iraqi civilian dies in shootout in country's north
November 16 2012

BAGHDAD (AP) : A senior Iraqi army officer says a shootout between police and Kurdish guards in a disputed city in the country's north has killed one civilian bystander.

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir al-Zaidi says police were chasing a smuggler who took shelter in the offices of a local Iraqi Kurdish political party. Al-Zaidi says Kurdish guards outside the offices opened fire at the police.

Four policemen were also wounded in Friday's shooting. Al-Zaydi says the smuggler fled during the shootout in Tuz Khormato. The city is about 210 kilometers (130 miles) north of Baghdad.

Tensions have run high lately in the area as Iraqi Kurds seek to carve out more independence from the central government. Tuz Khormato is a mix of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen competing for control.
Click for Link
Readings reveal the real reason behind Scott Najafi on the issue of central bank
November 16 2012

Revealed a source familiar with the retreat House Speaker Osama Nujaifi claim not to politicize an issue of central bank and accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by raising for political reasons.

The source said Najafi and after that it was the most ardent advocates for the independence of the central bank retreat now after being threatened Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki files reveal corruption against him when he was the minister of industry in the government of Iyad Allawi.
Read More
Iraqi names reveal the presence of family fiefdoms Iraqi embassies and accuses law exploiting their positions
November 16 2012

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News : Detection of the Iraqi List, Friday, for the presence of family and party fiefdoms in overseas embassies Iraq.

The MP said the list Haider Mulla said in a statement to / Baghdadiya News /, that "senior state involved the appointment of their children and relatives in Iraqi embassies and consulates outside the country," pointing out that "the State Department did not intervene in the matter did not move a muscle as a result of political interference and the sensitivity of the subject."

He added, "The leaders of the state of law, mostly were exploiting political office to set their children and relatives in government institutions, as well as thrown embassies outside Iraq, what made us reach a discussion about quotas among children between the government and the citizens in consistence of appointments".
Read More

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