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6pm, November 17th, 2013   


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Sunday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
Money & Spirituality In The New Paradigm
"Now is the TIme" By Mnt.Goat Posted by GeorgeH at TNT Forum Sunday AM
News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Sunday AM
The below posts were in our 11am email
Wife in the Know Sunday morning post sent to Recaps
Wang Dang Sunday Afternoon 3pm (ET) Conf. Call
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Dinar Recaps Weekly Newsletter Schedule



Sunday November 17, 2013


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Mrs. Biggo: TONY POPPED INTO CHAT!! 11/17/13

 12:45pmEST:TNTDinar wrote Nov 17th @09:45am: Good morning everyone. I am just in here looking around. There is no update at this time. I am still waiting to talk to my sources. 

P.S.  EDITED BY TONY........I am still hearing this should be over this weekend and we should be at the bank sometime tomorrow.

[tigger1] so we have tony saying be at bank tomorrow lochen says tomorrow and now mt goat says tomorrow and i think okie is on the same page

[trigger] Spguru 9:18 am Chat 11/17/13 from spguru @ 9:18am today: Let me say. I can't believe my bank is open on Sunday. That's all I can say and you can for sure repeat that.
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Money and spirituality in the new paradigm By Jenny Griffin

Money and spirituality in the new paradigm

So, 'The Shift' has come and gone, right? And yet money still exists and the world hasn't come to an end. So what exactly has happened, and how do we make sense of working with old, existing structures in the new paradigm?

Too often lately I've heard people lament that they have to pay for services that they believe should be free - such as spiritual guidance from those who have chosen that as a career.  There's some huge anger and resistance around the idea of paying when you feel as if your world is falling apart around you, and you 'just want help, NOW!'

The other side of this equation is that too many people who've taken personal and financial risks to provide services and value that just cannot be found elsewhere are uncertain about charging for their work. This is very much tied into old paradigm thinking.


Hello dinarians. Just wanted to post some current news from the goat that I just recieved.  I think this is it. It is  "going down" now !  George

Mnt.Goat:  Hi Everyone,

My Bavarian family and I are getting our customary party items ready for a celebration. As we prepare for the Christmas magic ahead we also know that the celebrations this year will include something very special.

 Most special this year will be the blessings we have been waiting for so long. Yes it is finally upon us. There will be a spiritual aspect to this years celebration since this blessing seems almost unreal.

We are very fortunate to be able to a part of this effort and watch the nation of Iraq grow and become it's full potential as a democratic nation. The USA  too as will Germany and other EU countries benefit greatly from this blessing. 
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Nov 17 5:49 AM loechin - Ready now - Did you guys know that the banks are now ready and have been given the green Light?

tdooly to loechin  - What does the "ready and have been given the green light" REALLY mean? Seriously, can you elaborate?

 loechin to tdooly - I can but you would poop your pants 

lightman to loechin - so are we at step 4 or 5 on Tony's list?

 oechin to cjackclose/lightman -  We are the final systems check

 loechin to coastal girl - Yep a final systems check is being done and so far OK then BOOM

The below posts were in our 11am email
Good Morning Everyone;

As I promised here is a little bit of info on the time it has taken for the 'average joe" to get the cash in call. Politics reign surpreme in every country, and Iraq is no different. Now that they have an active democratic govenment in place, proper positioning for Maliki is essential.

The United States wants this man back in office, believe it or not he has been working with our government throughout this whole endeavor. The last thing the US wants is another leader from a different religious block in power.


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OK now, do you have what it takes to make it yet through another Sunday or week even?
Do you have enough faith "in your Knower" to make it until our "Suddenly" shows up?

Let's read this together and let this word below renew your faith!

#1.There is faith that says I believe but doesn't move on what they believe, instead the let time and silence wear their faith down.

#2. There is "Great Faith" persistent faith, faith that will refuse to give up because of a word from God. Real faith is more than just saying that you have faith. When we stand on the promised word of God, that is action and trust as God says "He daily watches over His word to perform it"....

So when you get down about this RV not showing up as we were told it would, GET OUT THE PROMISES OF GOD and DECREE THEM.

Millionday News 11/16/13

    millionday] if we are ready to go we have an activation

    [millionday] Ali Anbure told (morning) that the foreign investor looking for economic laws in force and applied on the ground to be able to practice activities of investment and the establishment of projects, not conflicting with it. , and pointed out that the legislation of a package of economic laws would have a competitive environment among enterprises,

stressing the importance of their application on the ground by the executive bodies not be neglected, and stressed the importance of activating the Consumer Protection Act who admitted not implemented yet despite the passage of nearly four years on the legislation.

    Flygirl02] What happened to emergency mtg on sun.??

    [millionday] The Prime Minister stressed that "Iraq is trying to cancel the differences with the countries of the world and frees its economy and goes towards increasing Iraq's oil revenues."

 He added that "Iraq's role in the balance of power in the world, which now occupies a place envied by others, for his quest to be the focal point in the region, by pursuing a uniform policy stems from the process of rebuilding Iraq and not to allow one of meddling in its affairs."

Maliki said that "the policy reckless that were pursued by the former regime was a lesson for all Iraqis and political partners, that does not go away, and to be Bosslthm toward Iraq," adding "we are looking for relationships and partnerships and friendships and integration with others, and do not allow that turns some of us to agendas for the implementation of external ambitions. "

Since it's a quiet night in Dinarland......Enjoy 
Had Boys, Have Boys, Thinking About Boys

The following came from an anonymous Mother in Austin, Texas...
Things I've learned from my boys (honest and not kidding):

A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq. ft. house 4 inches deep.

If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite.

A 3-year old Boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant.

If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound Boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough, however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all four walls of a 20 x 20 ft. room.


Love2Fly:   UST's 8 Step Process Per Tony

Tony wrote in his blast today (11/16/13)..."The ball has/is currently being handed over to the UST and the checklist will soon be completed once again."

During the conference call on Friday (11/8/13), Tony explained the UST's Eight (8) Step Process.  For those that need it again, and if nothing changed, here it is...

 Eight Step Process:  UST has 2 hours to complete step 1 to 8 process.

 1. IMF notifies UST to activate process

2. UST runs (activation) codes, report back to IMF when completed

3. IMF gives OK for next step

4. If go from IMF, UST to call in people and activate call centers

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