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10am November 2nd, 2015

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Sunday Night:

mangelo : hmmmm I don't know what's really going on......I just talked to my friend who has a friend from Iraq, we were supposed to meet on Saturday but things got messed up. I just got off the phone with my friend and he told me that his cousins and family have their cards loaded and are having fun spending money and that they are very happy..... So I am meeting him tomorrow and get the most up to date info that I can.

mangelo :  He said there cards get loaded each month, and they have been spending money, so I am going to meet up with tomorrow and get to the bottom of this


China: Yuan Retreats From Post-Devaluation High

China's yuan retreated from its strongest level since the Aug. 11 devaluation as the currency's gains on Friday were seen as excessive and data showed manufacturing is still in decline.
The yuan weakened 0.32 percent to 6.3378 a dollar as of 11:35 a.m. in Shanghai, according to China Foreign Exchange Trade System prices. It climbed 0.62 percent on Friday, the most in a decade, and traded as high as 6.3171.


Part 2

Chinese Trustees Madame Wu and General Li have signed off and are to receive funds.
New Republic President Carter Ham is another trustee.

This means that the General 64 Group & The Admiral's Group should get their start after President Ham has signed off, expected this week, as groups have been cleared to receive and disburse payouts.

Historical Bonds began paying outlast Friday worldwide. Sovereigns families will be hydrated first, followed by governments, tier 1 - 3 banks, private groups, and lastly the general public.

TRN currency and the scheduled public announcement are to be live no later than 12/15, whereby anyone can ask for new currency ... and actually get it.



We are observing the changes occurring worldwide in many levels of financial affairs. We see the glimmer of hope that these changes are bringing to some who are aware of how convoluted all of this has become. Do not get your hopes up too high because progress is known to be interminably slow.

Yet, keep the hope that you have and slowly add to it; use the word "resolve" and you will have a better handle on the coming attractions. As always there is a strong wish to have you be successful in all endeavors that betters the conditions for the world; the world needs you more than it has in a very, very long time.

 Many are disillusioned. Do not go to that place; stay aware and open to the currents of change...P


Dinar Updates:

wmawhite   ...ISIS has zero to do with what the exchange value is of the IQD. The exchange value is its worth outside of Iraq...not inside.

ISIS is an issue in many places besides Iraq. Furthermore, it is an electronic event. It doesn't not require a bank teller standing at a window in a bank.

There will always be security issues WORLDWIDE. It is the new reality.

A different world and it will not stop Iraq from what they want to be within the world economic forum.


Urgent Abadi: we seek to remove obstacles to the private sector and its partnership with the public
History of edits:: 2015/11/1 11:57                                                        
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The prime minister Haider al-Abadi seeking to remove obstacles to the private sector and its partnership with the public noting that "the government has committed itself to the Platform of the private sector and partnership between the private and public and pay in this direction to remove all obstacles and red tape that hinders ..itba economic activity
 [tlm724] the Prime Minister says to remove all obstacles and red tape that hinders economic activity !*hallelujah*


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Steve: Even Baby Steps Are Huge At This Point
Post From Peoples Dinar

Steve:  Private sector words are huge. They have talked about this for years that when the value changes the private sectore will flourish.
Excellent article, and yes this does provide yet another clue as to how close we really are to the end of this ride and the beginning of the next one.
Thanks for sharing this one with us.   Blessings,  Steve
Barney Fife:  Abadi: Baghdad locked and we are trying to switch to an open economy / expanded
Slyder | 1 November 2015 12:57 | sajad |
Prime Minister said the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi capital Baghdad militarily secured 100%, were the dimensions of terrorism by long distances.

Wealthwatch Sunday AM Chat 11-1-15   Part 2 of 2

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#Iraq oil ministry announcement of halt to Ceyhan exports because of conflict w/ KRG is dramatic since it will affect disputed Kirkuk oil.
  chattels: " ...... said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "oil exports from the port of Ceyhan finally stopped as a result of lack of the Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to the agreement of oil, and its failure to deliver oil to the Federal Government and the export of the Federal Treasury account "
 chattels: the European Union and the Member States' embassies in Iraq confirmed, support the sovereignty of Iraq, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government to consult with Baghdad over oil and the budget for 2016.

Wealthwatch Sunday AM Chat 11-1-15   Part 1 of 2

Post From Chat Room  11-1-15
Wealthwatch Sunday AM Chat 11-1-15   Part 1 of 2
chattels: raise the House of Representatives, its regular, day after tomorrow, Saturday to Monday after the vote on the two bills and read another four with the extension of his work one month.
According to a statement that "the House of Representatives voted usual Directors held today under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 251 deputies, the laws and the extension of the first term Legislative one month, while finished reading the four bills.
At the beginning of the meeting President al-Jubouri announced that the session today is the end of the legislative term The first of the second legislative year, based on the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the Council, referring to the validity of the President of the Republic Aorias Minister Aorias House of Representatives proposal to extend the legislative term of one month.

ER EXCELLENT FIND Dr WS!!!!     Thank you for all you do!!!
(And I thought the salary reductions were DrA's doing, solely .. .. this article shows the IMF was asking more of Iraq, than to just keep off the 'black list' .. .. Nicely Done Sir!!!

Frank26:  Look at Your notes :   In July IMF wanted DRS to RI....... He said no security yet.

So IMF said ....... While You wait get Yourself INTERNATIONALLY ready.

DRS did and so did A as HOLY MAN approved all ....... FOR HE IS THE HIGHEST COURT OF IRAQ!!!

NOW .......... You will see ........... NOVEMBER....... Please enjoy.......... C U tomorrow on a Powerful CC.