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6pm November 2nd, 2015

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BLC Admins Chat Currency Articles 11/02/2015
[tlm724] Central was able to overcome the side effects of currency
[tlm724] an economic expert is speaking
Iraq has achieved a significant decrease in the inflation rate for the period from 2010 to 2007. And it attributed the achievement to the efforts of the monetary authority in the recruitment of lifting the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar through foreign currency sale and purchase of the dinar in the exchange market foreign
[tlm724] the CBI managed the dinar through the auction of the dollar and was able to decrease inflation from 2007 til 2010
[tlm724] As a result, the surplus in demand for the dollar, followed by a significant and prolonged decline in the Iraqi dinar exchange in the free market, starting from the first quarter of 2011 price coupled with higher inflation
[tlm724] that is where the dinar showed it's weakness, too many dollars too much corruption among the traders



Emailed to Recaps:

Martha: Last night's post from Zap is an excellent synopsis of where we are.  Link

First, this is the start on Monday 11/2.Iraq has RV'd and yes, the country is broke but if one remembers there has been debt forgiveness and months ago I tried to explain about sovereign bonds that were not generated by the country itself but everyone refused to read and understand.

For months there have been excellent posts as well as conference calls from Landa Global regarding the bonds and prosperity packages which are for real.

Dinar recaps has always posted Zap, Poof and Susan for years. They have gone through the same ups and downs we all have.

I have respected the wishes of xxx in not referencing these groups in the room, but that doesn't mean that you can't read the information.

I suggest that we know take a serious look at the material at this time and let the naysayers fade away.


International Prayer Call Monday N ight   7pm ET

641 715 3660    406878#
641 715 3659   406878#    recorded version

Saving lives one life at a time. Opening eyes to daily overflow royal blessings one eye at a time. Going step to step blessing to blessing, glory to glory is easy once you understand the concept God has set up for us. Its a easy plan to follow, not difficult. Come join us and learn. God Bless
Shalom Shalom

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help in this great community


We need to see how Iraq progresses in all the areas in the coming month as we have been talking about in these news letters.

So what can we expect soon?

How soon is SOON? I will tell you.

I believe our next HUGE announcement will be the passing of the Accountability and Justice law. This law includes many of the reforms to the judicial system. It is very much needed before any RV. I believe it will be passed in the next couple weeks. Why?

(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6827 - "Watch for Certain Events- Its Time"  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

So this past week there was much news again. Yet more of the long awaited laws dealing with implementing the Abadi reforms were accomplished including the Investment Law, National Guard law and the National Unity Card law. I have talked about these laws and why they were important prior to any RV. Now we have them and we will begin to see their effects.

My last news letter was dedicated mostly to the fate of Maliki. I need to emphasize again that most of the needed reforms prior to the RV are already done but a couple areas still need to be addressed - that of getting rid of the stench of Maliki, the judicial reforms, amnesty and others. It is by far not all completed.

I bring you the article below to show you that the people will not settle for anything less than to see all the high ranking officials responsible for the past corruption brought to justice. So will the Dowa party now stick my Maliki and his goons or will they change their attitude? See article that follows this one. Amazing how it is all playing out! We can expect a big shake up in the Dowa party coming soon.


Wealthwatch Sunday Night Chat 11-1-15   Part 2 of 2

Post From Chat Room  11-1-15
Wealthwatch Sunday Night Chat 11-1-15   Part 2 of 2
Abraham: It is well known when your Country is in financial trouble you go to the IMF
TxBrand: The US has been in bankruptcy since the 40s or 30s
Abraham: I am pretty sure we are already talking to them
Abraham: And not as a Member, but input and credit facilities
chattels: Baghdad / NINA/ House of Representatives decided to extend its current legislative term, which is supposed to end today, one month. A parliamentary source said: "The Council voted today to extend the current legislative term until the first of next December".    404 - File or directory not found.

Post From Chat Room  11-1-15
Wealthwatch Sunday Night Chat 11-1-15   Part 1 of 2

Abraham: It is not unusual for the IMF to regulate salaries of government in a debt restricting program
Abraham: I warned about this same issue over a year ago. But most thought I was crazy. I know from first hand experience
TxBrand: what does it mean ? TxBrand: for us ?
Abraham: Are you asking me that question?
TxBrand: '@Abraham' yes
Abraham: It means that Iraq has to meet certain conditions in a debt restricting program. It has both positive and negative points for us investors 

Abraham: Restructing*  (restructuring?)


The below posts were in our 10am newsletter


Sunday Night:

mangelo : hmmmm I don't know what's really going on......I just talked to my friend who has a friend from Iraq, we were supposed to meet on Saturday but things got messed up. I just got off the phone with my friend and he told me that his cousins and family have their cards loaded and are having fun spending money and that they are very happy..... So I am meeting him tomorrow and get the most up to date info that I can.

mangelo :  He said there cards get loaded each month, and they have been spending money, so I am going to meet up with tomorrow and get to the bottom of this


China: Yuan Retreats From Post-Devaluation High

China's yuan retreated from its strongest level since the Aug. 11 devaluation as the currency's gains on Friday were seen as excessive and data showed manufacturing is still in decline.
The yuan weakened 0.32 percent to 6.3378 a dollar as of 11:35 a.m. in Shanghai, according to China Foreign Exchange Trade System prices. It climbed 0.62 percent on Friday, the most in a decade, and traded as high as 6.3171.


Part 2

Chinese Trustees Madame Wu and General Li have signed off and are to receive funds.
New Republic President Carter Ham is another trustee.

This means that the General 64 Group & The Admiral's Group should get their start after President Ham has signed off, expected this week, as groups have been cleared to receive and disburse payouts.

Historical Bonds began paying outlast Friday worldwide. Sovereigns families will be hydrated first, followed by governments, tier 1 - 3 banks, private groups, and lastly the general public.

TRN currency and the scheduled public announcement are to be live no later than 12/15, whereby anyone can ask for new currency ... and actually get it.



We are observing the changes occurring worldwide in many levels of financial affairs. We see the glimmer of hope that these changes are bringing to some who are aware of how convoluted all of this has become. Do not get your hopes up too high because progress is known to be interminably slow.

Yet, keep the hope that you have and slowly add to it; use the word "resolve" and you will have a better handle on the coming attractions. As always there is a strong wish to have you be successful in all endeavors that betters the conditions for the world; the world needs you more than it has in a very, very long time.

 Many are disillusioned. Do not go to that place; stay aware and open to the currents of change...P


Dinar Updates:

wmawhite   ...ISIS has zero to do with what the exchange value is of the IQD. The exchange value is its worth outside of Iraq...not inside.

ISIS is an issue in many places besides Iraq. Furthermore, it is an electronic event. It doesn't not require a bank teller standing at a window in a bank.

There will always be security issues WORLDWIDE. It is the new reality.

A different world and it will not stop Iraq from what they want to be within the world economic forum.


Urgent Abadi: we seek to remove obstacles to the private sector and its partnership with the public
History of edits:: 2015/11/1 11:57                                                        
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The prime minister Haider al-Abadi seeking to remove obstacles to the private sector and its partnership with the public noting that "the government has committed itself to the Platform of the private sector and partnership between the private and public and pay in this direction to remove all obstacles and red tape that hinders ..itba economic activity
 [tlm724] the Prime Minister says to remove all obstacles and red tape that hinders economic activity !*hallelujah*