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10am November 20th, 2014    


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Millionday news 11/19/2014

In order to strengthen Iraq's openness to the world

Millionday: Farah pumice  cares Iraq of developing economic relations with the countries of the world through the activation of the joint committees, which stopped a number of them due to the circumstances in which the country witnessed after 2003, while the Ministry of Finance following the work of the joint committees and conventions and financial specialized agreements economic, financial and scientific cooperation.



THURSDAY INTEL UPDATE!!!  Posted by EXOGEN on November 20, 2014 at 4:51am

Guesses to Exogens Picture Clues/Intel:

Vinman It's a massive web of deceit.

The blueprint for the mad scientist bank robbery is in play.

The PTB Group 3 is on track to schedule exchange to 2015

The PTB Group 2 has a clear road to exchange in 2014.

All this stalling and tricks are causing sanctions and fines.

It's a coin toss for who wins the fight between good and evil.

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Millionday News 11/19/14  Part 2

Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!

Millionday: Islamic banking operations account for 1.5% of total assets of Iraqi banks and could rise to 6% in the next three years if stability returns to the country and a legal framework is put in place to regulate the industry, experts said.

There are eight Islamic banks among Iraq's 32 private banks while foreign Islamic lenders, such as the UAE's Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, have also opened branches in the oil producing country, according to the central bank.


Millionday: CHECK THIS OUT


Millionday News 11/19/14  Part 1

Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!


Millionday: Promised economic expert peace Sumaisem, on Tuesday, demanding that Iraq put under international protection, the most prominent formula for diminution of national sovereignty in the country and risk a warning bell for workers in the index as a result of government corruption.





Pole R. Bear November 19, 2014 at 4:39pm 

Good afternoon all. I can say that I'm sticking to my guns ;). I highly expect us to have one of the best & possibly the best Tksgiving ever

On a serious note we are hearing great movement & there are no, repeat, no delays or extensions authorized. Understand that I can't say more.

Things are in a state that it cannot be stopped. Once again pls avoid the hype and confusion. Let it roll out.

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Pastor Ed's International Prayer Call Wednesday Night 7pm est




International Prayer Call Wednesday Night 7pm est

530 881 1400    406878#
530 881 1499    406878#  recorded version

Enough is Enough its time to lift our heads be adults and receive all that is ours, God Promised us if we seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, then we would receive all he as to over. I see so many not walking in milk and honey. Why?? Is it really a frame of mind? Could it possibly be true putting our focus on the right thing could make it happen? Shalom, Shalom, Shalom, Shalom


I have been shown it is possible in reality to receive and walk in and be submerged in royal favor grace glory and blessings, and I bet you would like to know how!! Join us
Shalom Shalom

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all the tremendous help you provide day after day to help so many. Thanks behind the scenes folks.






[.SEDNET1] Those would be the 2014 or 2015?


[dbailey48] Sitting on pins and needles are hurting my

[.~Bulldog75] dbailey48 SOLUTION. DON'T DO THAT :)






Frank26:  As I told You on Your CC last night Family ........ The Kurds were invited to Baghdad's pajama stay over party ......... Last night.

Also told what they are doing at such party.

Now here is what we find fascinating as of today.

They are actually willing telling You many MR (Monetary Reform)  things RIGHT NOW !!!

(See Article Below)




[.~dinarmama7] Papajack sent this - OK this is my plan based on what we are hearing at this time!!!! I have told way too many people about the Dinar to be signing an NDA that if your kids shoot off their mouths you lose it all.

I tried to help people and got the typical BS about it never would happen but that is water under the bridge, GOD knows my heart. If you have done the same don't expect people to keep their mouths shut.

Be honest they will either brag or be jealous and want to hurt you. NUFF SAID!!!!

OK now the new banking law making your deposits the property of the bank, they only way around that one I see is to only deal with banks that didn't do derivatives.

So if we are forced to deal with a BIG BANK to exchange and not wanting to sign any NDA's, I plan on only doing a little of my currency at a time and getting my money into hard assets or safe banks.



White Hats Fact Check 125.7 Reader Comments Part 11
Previous Parts 1-10 listed at end of page

herbertbr549 says:  Sorry , Tony  No more guru stuff from me the last thing I want to do is mess up your site. Thanks for your response earlier. It's is sad the false hope they are passing out. As far This site it has prepared me to be ready if and when the time has come.

They have been so many ideals and plans for the use of the funds shared by many awesome members of your site.

I have also been made aware of issues that I would had never thought about from you and many other different members.

The WHITE HATS play a critical role in this process and you have taken upon yourself to pass information on when advised. This site is priceless to many and the ones that seem to have a problems with it a not seeking truth.

You have always promoted a brighter fucture and steady hand of all points of view no matter of our belief so thanks.  GIVE ALL GLORY TO GOD    HCB



White Hats Fact Check 125.7 Reader Comments Part 10
Previous Parts 1-9 listed at end of page

newfuture4us says:
 Tony are we still on for this year ? Sounds like we are closer to the goal , thank you

whitehatauxiliaries says:  Hello,  Despite the lateness of the year, I have not received any word that we are looking at 2015. We have a slight chance for mid December, but that is not assured. My personal feeling is that if we do not see this start THIS month, I think there is slim chance it will all come down in December.

I would start planning on a longer wait into 1Q 2015 for those of you holding currencies for public exchange. The private placements, which our readership is largely not involved in, are another story and that is something we really only watch peripherally, as the details of it are not published openly, since they are, after all, private arrangements.  Thank you.



Cash....... 11/19/2014 0:00

[tlm724] the time has come to change the whole perception of the banking sector

[tlm724] the CBI will now finally make the changes needed to give confidence in the system as well encourage deposits

[tlm724] experts believe that the time has come for legislation Administrative Law

[tlm724] to ensure that bank deposits to encourage the public actions and converted from the case of the compactness of the money to the banking savings in a safe and comforting atmosphere,

[tlm724] government to deal with the banking system as a single market through diversification of their deposits at private banks, similar to government banks to enable the banks to provide liquidity to invest in lending to strategic projects

[tlm724] again we will watch for this legislation

this action will create the cash necessary to move the economy and provide funding for the projects, gettin liquid  Wink 

The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday night 11-18-14




The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday night 11-18-14


Playback number: (559)726-1159
access code 123456# 

144 Minutes

The Big Call




Landons Nana: tlm724:  It is all coming together for us but like I have said it's not just pushing a's a process of actions and reactions.

As we watch them take these actions, all of them, like taxes, reform and legislation, these actions create reactions and that is what drives up the value of the dinar! supply and demand, confidence in the country, confidence in the NEW GOI.

We see accolades from governments and powerful entities through out the world expressing their pleasure with Iraq and that breeds confidence and that is what drives up the value of the dinar!

 I am loving where we are actual date or rate but I do like the 1st quarter of the year.

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