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6pm November 22nd, 2015

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Wealthwatch Late Night OOTW Chat 11-21-15

  Lauren305: '@chattels' hello and good evening.. I need your help. In your own, inimitable way, can you please explain (debunk) this post? I've had tons of email and a few texts today about it and I am frustrated.... your help would be most appreciated.
Lauren305: 11-21-2015 Intel Guru TD Very interesting comments from my Kurdish friend (treat all as rumor and please due your own sound diligence). My amigo states that the GOI, economic committee and CBI are now in unanimous consensus to finally execute the long awaited deletion of the zeros program with an anticipated rollout within the 1st half of 2016.

This program will reduce the note supply dramatically with the retiring of the old notes and exchanging them with the new ones which of course will not have the extra 3 zeros. This is most certainly the LOP program. Their goal then will be to weed out all the old notes within a (still to be determined) short period, most proposing 60-90 days.

SassyD:  The ISX has been dropping from the high 900's until last was 650 something on Wed. ... UP on Thur... BOOMED again today !!! Seems Investors have are feeling good about Iraq's future !!!
Iko has said that the ISX may be our first indicator of the RV coming to us VERY soon!!! 

 The ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange) has been falling for months.... from a high of 1002, down to about 650 lat Wed..... Thursday a big jump upward.... Today another big jump upward !! .... Investor must be feeling HAPPY about Iraq's future !!     Wonder how many of those investors are from the US ?????

I thought maybe Thursday was a quirk..... stayed up to watch the ISX this morning... and NOPE... no quirk !!!!

OKRocks:  I believe Tony already told us, Iraq is done, just waiting for The agency to release it

Millionday Newstime 11/21/15  Part 3 of 3

Millionday: First, contrary to the guidelines of the International Monetary Fund approved and committed to by the Member States (including Iraq)
Second: the restriction intersects with the Central Bank Law, which stipulates in Article 28 thereof on (buying or selling simple unconditional "cash or deferred" of foreign exchange).
 Third: the creation of a large deviation between the official rate and the market price of obscene and achieve gains for speculators, brokers, and lead to a general rise in prices and harm the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar.
Millionday: NOTE -- LOOK AT NUMBER 3


Millionday Newstime 11-21-15   Part 2 of 3

Millionday: MUSIC TO OUR EARS >>>>> Second , although the economic model of the new Almarquintala (Commercial) reflects the strong state capitalism represented, but he has the strength of the partnership between the state and the market or create a cooperative state, especially in a country like Iraq where the state dominates the country's natural resources major,
currents new Almarquintalah, unlike doctrine Liberal consumer, confirms priority productive side in the economic process. Sound economy in their view, it requires the presence of a production structure intact based on high operating structure of the labor force and wages Kavih.
valtjarh according to doctrine Almarquintala is not Imports ready flow of globalized markets, but that the production of partnership flows into the globalized markets, the national product of Iraq, as it flows into the local market produce it

Millionday Newstime 11-21-15   Part 1 of 3 

Millionday: Managed (State - components) of the framework of its new economic characterization as a system (Riei- liberal) alternative economic system (state - the nation), a system (rent-Central) based on the severe state capitalism Central, which remained determines the directions of economic policy,
and installation constants and variables of financial, monetary and trading and operational trends all power consuming serving Liberal consumption in the mechanics fragile of the parties to the global market without the ability to generate production and diversification of the national economy and in accordance with the structural following:

Note: Please consider everything as a "Rumor" until we are at the banks.....Thank you


Carl:  Very good news!!!!!! 11-20-15 --- RV Update Intel, Rumors & Links Redemption

C arl wrote:This I received in an email I hope this is OK to post; so many of mine get pulled
RV Update Intel, Rumors & Links Redemption Review November 20, 2015 ---

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthor Schopenhauer

Intel Every IMF, WB, UN, USG, PROC mandate has all been satisfied. Each NATO/BRICS/ASEAN sovereign nation is in full agreement per international treaty.

The Philippines was last nation to sign off and did so this week. United States of America RV'd Saturday. Meaning, new RV redemption rates are now on front and bank screens without pending or hold designations.

All levels of clientele are now free to be processed--and at any amount. Germany also RV'd this past weekend.

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter  Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Like starved Thanksgiving diners ready to dive into steaming hot turkey and stuffing, most members of the Federal Reserve's policymaking committee appear eager to sit down at their long board table and raise interest rates at their last scheduled meeting of 2015.


chattels: Central bank: $ 60 billion currency reserves are sufficient for six months
chattels: Depends upon whether there is 10 billion missing or not it occurs to me.


Post From Currency Chatter 11-21-15  
Member Questions & Discussion    Part 2 of 2

Mike:   Hi-five, I think the dollars fine now and will be into the future, it's the Chinese yuan and stock market that's in a lot of trouble right now.
It's no secret that China is the largest holder of U.S. debt.
So should Americans be concerned that China has started dumping some of its Treasury holdings?
After all, it raises serious questions about whether China will keep lending Washington money to help finance the federal deficit in the future.
But right now, China is selling because it's in dire need of cash. Recently, it unleashed multiple moves to support its markets and prevent its currency from a freefall, while at the same time trying to stimulate the economy.


Post From Currency Chatter 11-21-15  Part 1 of 2 

sweed61:    Who are the petroleum engineers maintaining the refiners and refining the crude oil? Are they held at gunpoint against their will?
Who is the commodity trader breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various "western alliance" governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding ISIS for as long as it has?
  It might take some time and manpower to locate the players in the purchase and distribution of isis' stolen crude. (which should also be done) But the exact location of EVERY oil rig and refinery in Iraq is common knowledge.



Megameallionear: 8 ways to prepare to become a millionaire

Written by Sam

Today I went to lunch with a very wealthy person. I don't know exactly how wealthy , but based on his frequent trips to Maui, the fact that he earns a free plane ticket  every month through his frequent flier points, and the fact that the other day he decided to go out and buy a truck just because he's never had one before, there's good reason to believe he's close to a seven-digit earner.

As I talked with him, it raised a lot of questions in my mind about how managing my finances will change as my wealth grows.

If I were a millionaire would I still need to budget? Would I still want to track all my spending? Would I still need to negotiate with my wife about finances?

It seems logical that with an income over $1,000,000 a year you wouldn't need to plan as vigorously. But in the end that's a lie. Millionaires that manage their money irresponsibly can quickly lose it all and fall from grace (MC Hammer comes to mind).