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10am November 24th, 2015

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Emailed to Recaps:

Interesting time frame - from Martha

I was reading some information from last night and realized that the month of November could be setting up for a December 2 total release to the world.

Look at it this way......Every month since April 22  I have been told that we have been given a 10 day window to exchange before the public.

If you remember the government in Baghdad was being paid on the 28th, and now they were paid this month on the 22nd.

The 29th of any month in the Arab world is a day to move money and release new money.

Of course are we waiting on this?  IMO NO because  we are very educated and following this closely we are not the public. 


Millionday: Baghdad denied the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Monday, "allegations of" vote the US Congress on the "division of Iraq" on Tuesday, saying it reports are baseless. He said ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal in a statement, News received Sumerian copy of it, that "allegations It claims that the US Congress will vote on the partition of Iraq on Tuesday, are completely untrue and based on a typeface on a topic unrelated to the division of Iraq. "
Millionday: SILLY
Millionday: He added beauty, that "the US Congress approved the draft authorization national defense budget of US law earlier, and the bill is now in US President authentication waiting for the stage to be passed once and for all," '


Millionday: The joy of pumice Refer experts lack the cash economy in a market trading day to the weakness of individuals the confidence of the sector of the Iraqi banking, the impact of fiscal policy in the liquidity available in the market size through realized spending in the framework of the implementation of the general budget annually, calling for work to restore confidence in the sector It is important.
and caused the lack of financial revenue earned from the oil sector due to a global decline in prices, pressing the government spending, which led to monitor most of the revenues and operating budget for the provision of wages and salaries in return investment projects that promised one of the challenges that have affected the lack of cash in circulation monetary stopped.


ZAP: "We Are On The Verge Of The Matrix Release"




Part 2 : Chat With Okie:

Nissi: Iko...said he met john lennon....talking about the world of dinar...I ko..brokerage...up to now he was going wells fargo...okie don't discount wf china has too much money and will be the last one standing....

Turtle13:  Okie wanting to deal with brokerage because of the insurance aspect they offer
IWFG:  Okie says brokerage will offer perks and additional insurance and stability... Okie says we may need to go to the bank first then move over

Nissi: we need to go the banks first before brokerage..okie may have overstepped........... exchange at bank and then brokerage......

Lealoha:  Okie - consider Brokerage to invest some money with some program and have them register you for Pre IPO, bank won't tell you how to invest in stock - brokerage house will have foreknowlege of IPOs increasing due to research they do

Lealoha:  Truckerbabe - working now tonight - Okie hauled Oil Equipment


Note: Thanks to all the transcribers at TNT tonight and Thanks to Okie for stopping by to chat!!

Dave101:  IKO you really think this is it

Iko Ward:  Guys, I can't be 100% because of the PTB Wild Card. Everything appears to be lined up backwards and forwards.

Elmerf123456:  Our time is numbered and we respectfully mean this in a great way. That plan has been set and realism is is so more clearer than days of past. Victory shall be sweet and remembered by those who stayed the course and pained by those who could not withstand the final journey.

fish4livn : For those that just joined chat... Okie was invited to OM by elmer123456 and is answering questions... several chat members are transcribing! Thanks transcribers!!!


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

More hawkish tone detected in latest post-meeting bulletins was reflected in October minutes
Since the Federal Reserve's last policy meeting in late October - and the latest strong US jobs figures - the market has been betting on an interest rate rise taking place next month.
Yesterday the minutes of the October meeting were released. Did they add to the case for the first rise in nearly a decade, or did they dampen enthusiasm?

Comments On "Get Out Of Gold Now While It's High" Part 5 of 5

  FlatShoeLance:     "Interest rates may increase sooner than expected. This will put more downward pressure on gold."
Oh brother, where do I begin? Did you think maybe this will put downward pressure on bonds? On leveraged loans? On collateral chains?
Where is all the money? It's in the bond market. After 7 years of ZIRP nearly all the bond stock out there has rolled over at all time high prices/ low yields. And, and...these bonds are often used as collateral for more leverage.
Besides, 25 bps has been long factored into the markets. It's the trajectory if any that is hazy and it's been made abundantly clear that real rates will be less than CPI for as far as the eye can see.
More Reader Comments On "Get Out Of Gold Now While It's High"
Alan:   Jared, it's an honour to offer support. I provide support because your analysis, frankly, is easy to support.  Yes, it requires an  abnormal amount of reading and digesting of material, hahah! But, your  multilateral transition thesis has many  friends [ easily determined by those that are willing and have the time to read].

For inquisitive readers, here's one of  my secrets  It's  always about how you research/google and  not necessarily  what you are trying to research/google.
With regards to Philosophy of Metrics, every PoM article I read by JC I try to find something, some term, that immediately  stands out to me (sometimes it can take days.) 

Willeydell70:  So sounds like we really need to be watching for lower denoms to be out and Iraqi people to be paid.. I hope they release the RV after those 2 things quickly:)

Dave202:  Willey Tony said when the LD's go we are next

Willeydell70:  Dave101. Sounds like most gurus feel that way, i just wonder how long it will take.... There have been so many opinions of what we are looking for. I just dont think anyone truly knows. I am watching for LD's.

Rrrr:  It's time to give THANKS... It's time for the GIVING... how appropriate it seems at these moments we're living, to just STOP and reflect on THIS moment we share. What WAS, doesn't matter, it's of THIS time we should care.... For all who we love and interact with each day... to say Thank You to all who have brightened our way!... It's a time for perspective, so just take a moment, turn and give them a hug, and a smile, heaven sent.

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Fed Projects Interest Rate Increase In Early 2016

By John Lovett  Times Record * 

With the scare of a hard-landing Chinese economy subsided and steady decreases in unemployment, there is a high probability of an interest rate increase in early 2016 or sooner, according to a Federal Reserve official.
James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, told members of the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce on Friday morning that after seven years of a near-zero interest rate policy, the Federal Open Market Committee offers an 80 percent chance of ending the rate freeze.


Wealthwatch Sunday PM Chat 11-22-15

MichelleL: '@Donnie' yay! how are you doing?
Donnie: '@MichelleL' still on the job hunt
MichelleL: its a very lousy time of year for it Donnie
Donnie: still praying i won't need one :)
MichelleL: lol the eternal optimist
Donnie: obviously i have my feet on the ground and looking for a job and planing what to do until I get a job but......
MichelleL: but...
Donnie: i still keep an eye looking over my shoulder for a rate increase :)
MichelleL: look, i'm with you - let this happen yesterday -   means the difference between a prefab shack in the hill country or a real house lol


Emailed to Recaps:

Fr. trader said:I am a member of a Forex trading group. I get trade alerts. This was sent out late last night to all their Forex membership:

Surprise Fed Announcement   22, November 2015 11:07 pm EDT

FX Update

The Federal Reserve has scheduled a surprise announcement for tomorrow. This is abnormal and the last time we saw a scenario like this one was all the way back in late-2012. At that time, the Fed in conjunction with other central banks extended US dollar liquidity swaps. There is speculation that the Fed may be announcing a rate hike at this meeting tomorrow!

It is important to understand that this was an unscheduled news conference. It is likely to fuel volatility into U.S. Dollar pairs whatever the announcement. We would not be surprised if they use this holiday shortened (Thanksgiving) week to hike rates by 0.25 bps! Stay tuned...


Pastors Ed & Kat International Prayer Call Mon. Night 7pm ET

International Prayer Call Monday N ight   7pm ET

641 715 3660   406878#
641 715 3659   406878#   recorded version

Tonight's  Call of thanksgiving for what we have and were God has placed us to be part of something no one has ever experienced nor will ever see again so join in for a night of blessings. Shalom Shalom
God Bless 

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your faithfulness in helping the community Shalom

  Question: Garryowen: concern about the 4.00+ rate of exchange in USA (assuming you are citizen in USA and plan to exchange there, since you did not say) Very skeptical of this high of  a rate and said it is all just speculation.

Answer: Really? You think it is all JUST speculation? Mnt Goat is not assuming anything and this is NOT speculation, as I see it  but then again we have to start somewhere. I would not put a second mortgage on my  house based on this rate to buy more dinar if that is what you mean and intend to do based on you inquiry.

The IMF has themselves told us very specifically what to expect when the IQD revalues. They begin at a base pre-war rate of $3.22 the add on %'s based on assets of country since Saddam

(Thank you George for sending this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6838 - "While We Wait for the Next Step"  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to continue the discussion of the plan to launch the lower denominations in the future and the importance of this event in the process that will lead to the ultimate full revaluation of the IQD.

I am also going to answer many of your questions and concerns from my last 2 news letters. All very good and justified questions. But I have to say many of the questions are already answered and are found directly in my news letters. So in the future I will only refer you back to the news letters again. Today I am being

As I said, my news letters are chock full of information and so maybe you should print them out so you can highlight or underline what is important to you so you can refer back to it in the future.


Re-Engineering The Dollar  By JC Collins


Free E-Book Now Available (Re-Engineering The Dollar)
November 22, 2015


The Redback Revolution 

How China Is About to Flip from Trade Exports to Trade Services
By JC Collins
The Made in China label became a symbol of economic production lost in the western world alongside the rise of cheap labor and goods from the emerging economies. The cultural meme of "everything made in China" became common and could be heard at any given moment, anywhere in the developed world.
Whole industries and business models were built around the economic methodology of exporting cheap goods. Such as numerous chains of dollar stores, and brand name clothing outlets, which manufactured products in the Chinese provinces with the lowest labor costs, and then sold the goods at inflated prices to the developed world.
China now has the largest economy on Earth, and the monetary structure which made the USD the center of the solar system is shifting towards a multilateral framework.