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11am, November 24th, 2013   


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Thoughts from NovemberWhiskey Posted by BlueStar Sun. AM at TNT Forum
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The below posts were in our 6pm email
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Bluestar from NovemberWhiskey ...Why the lifting of Sanctions on Iran could be the removal of our final obstacle

Good early morning Folks:

As you know , I VERY RARELY post and at this late date on the weekend before what may be a soon to be forthcoming RV/GCR, this will hopefully be my LAST POST IN THE DINAR COMMUNITY!!

Last night I had a very interesting conversation with NovemberWhiskey who several weeks ago told me and others that we would NOT see our blessing before the US sanctions in Iran were lifted.

Lo and Behold...This past Saturday evening Secretary of State John Kerry speaking to us from Geneva, Switzerland indicated that MOST of the sanctions were now lifted! Additionally, continued verification of Iran's nuclear program would be in place to make sure that the Iranians were living up to their end of the bargain.

[millionday] so what we have here is the move to activate the jobs given to all administration to make sure that all i`s are dotted and all t`s are crossed -- this is for entire monitoring and also transparency and of course success -- major progress  --  let me finish it and then we will see who what where -- smile

    [millionday] and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals adoption program Ms Project Manager, who is one of the programs developed in the world of project management.

engineer said Karim Jabbar Youssef in an interview: The work on this project is for the first time in the country, noting its adoption is a sign (guide) for all projects implemented by the company in terms of engineering management of the project and management of materials, equipment and financial management in addition to the time factor, which is globally the most important priorities set by the companies in their contracts as well as

Millionday News 11/23/13

    [millionday] here we go  --  Shkran Fatlawi recommended a seminar hosted by the Institute of the progress of policy development in collaboration with the Federation of Businessmen and the Association of private banks need to identify the obstacles to achieving economic progress in the country Kanhsar state resources in the oil sector and stimulate the work of the private sector, which is by having a public sector influential in economic activity, paving the way for private activity to be coordination between the two sectors to achieve the goal to be achieved.

    [millionday] note -- advice to all work together for success -- makes sense

    [millionday] At a meeting with Dr Mehdi al-Hafez and Minister of Planning and former Chair said "morning" that Iraq is a country of oil and abundant natural resources, pointing out to the need to occupy his privileged position in the course of economic regional and international levels,

Post From Intel4u By Bailey2
[Tlar]   Many changes all geared to taking the dinar international in the next 3 months or sooner, are appearing in articles daily. The CBI will start selling bonds in dinar in December

 If successful then they will have more tariffs coming on line as they are continuing to be implemented, bonds as a new monetary control, and a new exchange rate that also can be used once they go international.

We are watching and witnessing every day a gradual change from being a closed monetary system in Iraq, to a liberalized exchange rate and an open monetary system.                                                                              

 [Tlar]     These tools are necessary to move away from the auctions which is the only tool they have had since 2003 but is requested by the IMF to be abandoned as soon as possible. These are the new tools they will be using in the near future to control both the rate of the dinar and inflation.

There is an end to this and finally it is close. I promise you won't be disappointed. You will have been a part of the birth of the new Iraq and the resurgence of our own economy.
Spguru...Don't read in to all the info because Intel is hard to come by. Remember the past and what is needed for this to happen and the economics of the GCR.....

Spguru..Put it this way I have nothing else to say other than be here to support. It is all handled and just waiting for blessings. New intel is old info and smoke and mirrors

Spguru ...Love all the smoke and mirrors coming out today. It seems to be at the brim. Just what we wanted. Denial denial denial. Patiently we wait for the blessing.

 [Chicago22] Leochin how are we looking

[loechin] Just preparing my plan for the Banks

[igotit] loechin ... do you expect banking on tomorrow, or starting Monday AM.

 [loechin] igotit I always bank on Monday

Jeff19:  ISX - Company Announcements

    Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) published a letter on its website on the weekend (dated November 1, 2013) directed to the Iraqi Islamic Bank (BIIB) stating that CBI has decided to give Iraqi Islamic Bank a new deadline to reach the IQD250bn paid-in capital, which is the target capital set by the CBI for all private banks with a deadline of June-end, 2013. 

The new deadline has been set on January 31, 2014 for BIIB. As of today, just five out of 21 listed banks (Kurdistan Bank, United Bank, North Bank, Gulf Commercial Bank and Mansour Bank) have completed increasing capital to IQD250bn or more, so, based on CBI's decision for BIIB, we believe that CBI may extend the deadline for all private banks that haven't reached the target capital yet.

The below posts were in our 6pm email


Central bank: we will produce next year, the currency (50) thousand dinars and small coins in Arabic and Kurdish

M 11/22/2013 - 17:05 | Revealed the CBI, on Friday, expressed his intention to issue coins denominations are small, indicating that those currencies, which may be issued sometime in the next year, will be written in Arabic and Kurdish, confirming the presence of a proposal for issuing Banknotes large value of fifty thousand dinars.

The governor of the Central Bank and the Agency Abdul-Basit Turki said that "the Central Bank is currently working in accordance with the tables and under the supervision of specialized committees to issue new coins with large groups."

[tlm724] ok arabic and kurd language is good should keep everyone happy 

[tlm724] now I may be wrong but i think is coins actaully means bills  because they don't have a 25 k coin out
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MWKD: Life after RV....

Ok many of you will have money that you have never seen before, more than you have ever dreamed of, and it WILL be a once in a lifetime thing.

Don't go out and buy all the flashy things, multiple houses, and taking care of everyone.

There will be a lot of people trying to get things from you, asking you for things, and trying to involve you in projects because they know you have money.

The first thing I would do is get a great tax attorney and a CPA. You want to make sure that all of your finances are in place and you are current on your taxes.. If you see the news, the two major things that involves a millionaires downfall is taxes and supporting an entourage of people.

TWO biggest mistakes ever. When you get your money, sit back for a minute and TAKE YOUR TIME.

You DO NOT have to be in a rush to do everything. You didn't become a millionaire over night and you surely don't wanna be broke over night either.
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[Already Blessed (PAM)] JUST GOT SOME GREAT INTEL IN.....FROM A GREAT SOURCE! ... Still on track and light is still green for on/before Sunday.

loechin) There is no news when our number pops most of you will poop

(princessA) Loechin are you thinking we are there too ?

(loechin) princessA All I can say is I confirmed the info Tony gave us

(sunsfan) Loechin thanks for your hopium

(loechin) sunsfan I think we are at factium now

[hopeinwyo] Wanted to share something I just Thomas Edison: "What you are will show in what you do." Something to think about....


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