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6pm, November 25th, 2012  


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BondLady Clarifies & You Decide
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 11am email
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Greetings and Salutations;

Listen very carefully to the words of this song, if you can get pass needing to hear a banjo or 'spoons' in everything. Folks are out plowing thru everything said by somebody in the web. Conspiracy stories are everywhere...mass confusion. There is no need for it, just because you can't decipher the players, be cool. All is in order. Time was always on our side. The losers can always be spotted by their bad behavior. As long as the old folks stuck to the plan, they'd take a shot of oxygen and do their jobs. Who knew, it would take so many D9's to keep the runway clear? Many folks lost their power and freedom in the last few weeks, you just didn't hear about it. There are many ways to skin this cat, with out making a public spectacle of it. No need for the chaos of getting the masses all tripping when it's all being handled. Below are some links to show you where the world is going, no longer happening behind the curtains. Change is upon us, now they 'fund' it. That makes you and I, mules, to spread the load out across the planet recreating the world we live in. I recommend staying close for a spell, now. Might find a surprise at your door. Everything ends and begins in this world. See ya 'out there'.

Consultations until the door bell rings.

Love and Kisses;


[BondLady] seems i got bashed pretty heavy from some places for it as i didn't have a clue to what was really going on in iraq politics and the people in charge so i redefined and proved what i said

[BondLady] 1 of the best posts though i've seen out there was sent to me by some one..... from a woman who used to or may still have her site on the net and whose claim to fame was she has read the constitution...was...highlander

[BondLady] this is highlanders coment from some other site....................................... I happen to agree with BondLady. Power sharing does not work in any government in any country. That would be like our President having to power share with a co president.

There is some background to the Kurds that one must look at to understand that whole situation. And as for Allawi he is just a walking disaster. He gets his funding from the Saudis.

The Saudis are primarily Sunni based in power and they are also the number one country in the region for financing terrorism and Al Qaeda.

A lot of the problems that Iraq is having is started from outside influences but not from the places that people suspect nor from the places the US media always shoves down our throats.

Allawi won't even attend the meetings in parliament or cast a vote.
Muqtada Sadr's Mahdi Army militiamen slowly resurface

After two years, ex-militiamen are being seen again in Baghdad neighborhoods. Officials fear the shadowy group could take advantage of Iraq's festering political crisis and U.S. troop withdrawals.

June 28, 2010|By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Baghdad - Mohammad and his gang are back. There may not be a Glock semiautomatic strapped to his waist anymore, but the terrifying mystique of the Mahdi Army still shrouds the Shiite Muslim militiaman like the menacing black uniform he once wore.

Civil servant Haidar Naji remembers how Mohammad used to strut around his east Baghdad neighborhood like a mob boss, ordering himnot to wear Bermuda shorts, too immodest and Western for his Islamic tastes

Axe attack

Mr Allawi is well-connected in Washington and London, has extensive business interests, and has close relations with Saudi Arabia.

Born in 1945 to a prominent Shia Muslim merchant family, Mr Allawi joined the now banned Arab nationalist Baath Party as a young man.

But he fell out with Saddam Hussein in the early 1970s after the party came to power and was forced to go into exile in the UK, where he completed his medical training.

He was badly wounded in an assassination attempt while living in Kingston-upon-Thames in 1978, believed to have been ordered by Saddam.

The assailant attacked Mr Allawi in his bedroom with an axe, nearly severing his right leg and inflicting a deep wound in his chest.

Mr Allawi spent a year in hospital recovering from his injuries, after which he began to organise a network of opposition to Iraq's future president.

In the 1980s he travelled extensively in the Middle East, holding meetings with other exiles, and cultivating links with rebel army officers still in Iraq.


let me try to clarify some things here, see if this flys all over the net as well, if u want to take part then take all....first of all...i dont think maliki is some good ole boy just tryin to do the right thing...i dont think most of them are good and trying to do the right thing....

but i go from what i can read an what i can see and actions do speak louder than words....

the thing is....theres reasons..allawi only got 1 term as pm...he was so much like saddam, the people named him saddam with out a mustache....allawi was put in pm by the usa..... the next term allawi was pulled out as the usa begin to unravel all of what allawi had said and done...they then put maliki in ...i was around back then to see what went down..

old timers in this investment can verify these things i say....sadr who some seem to think is some goody 2 shoes...u couldnt be farther from the truth...he is a terrorist an the worst kind of religious cleric, he hates the usa and would do any thing to "off" us all...

in the term of maliki... sadr's army was mighty.. the mahdi army...full of terrorist creeps and was backed by extremist from all over the middle east.... the usa AND maliki and the iraqi army fought a bloody long battle with sadr and his mahdi army...many americans and iraqis were killed....

after desymboling the mahdi army sadr went on the run and was exiled to iran where he stayed until maliki who needed the saddrist vote to become this term pm... now going bk a bit...
(Where Is The Power? Who Has The Power? The answer is as elusive as the RV)

Carrello: The IMF and others may have been letting Maliki dance while the preparation continues, but his time is short and the dance card will be filled soon with someone appropriate. Maliki is a dime dance. IMHO.

Tobyboy: Carrello I hope you are correct that Maliki's time is short. I am glad they releasing the CBI woman on those trumped up charges thanks to Maliki. They should put him in jail for false arrest. Maliki has not intention of letting this RV/FF this year.

It is apparent he wants credit for the RV so he is going to wait to near his time for reelection which I believe is March 2014 next yr vote on representatives in house.

He wants more support his party to make him even more powerful these 2 reasons why I believe not allow RV until next year.

In meantime we can only hope to see Shabibi released and returned to his position he's only one can get this moving again the way we would like to see RV/FF without him I am afraid we not see anything for long time if Maliki will let an RV happen.

Remember Maliki hates Americans so he will do anything to cause trouble for America. He also does not care about his own people just a power freak.

I happen to agree with BondLady. Power sharing does not work in any government in any country. That would be like our President having to power share with a co president.

There is some background to the Kurds that one must look at to understand that whole situation. And as for Allawi he is just a walking disaster. He gets his funding from the Saudis.

The Saudis are primarily Sunni based in power and they are also the number one country in the region for financing terrorism and Al Qaeda.

A lot of the problems that Iraq is having is started from outside influences but not from the places that people suspect nor from the places the US media always shoves down our throats.

Allawi won't even attend the meetings in parliament or cast a vote. Allawi has tried to stage a walk out on parliament and the council of ministers this year and completely shut down the government.

[WILDDUCK] goodmorning

marmeysue] WILDDUCK How are you today?

[WILDDUCK] bouv WAS reading recaps this morning and saw boat load of iraq drama queen new, gotta remember Iraq did not invade itself and it did not drop its currency from 3.00 not nothing becuase is felt like it, if people wanna watch iraq watch it for the theater value not for signs of an RV

[okrocks] amen now we just need WILDDUCK to bring us our RV LOL

[bouv] WILDDUCK I stopped watching it awhile ago rofl

[okrocks] WILDDUCK can you give a brief summary as to where we are in your opinion please and thank you

[WILDDUCK] ok stuff is lining up remember months back I said the panda express "china" was driving this bus, then the big rumor VND going ahead of dinar with full IMF approval to roll after they signed their contract to pay France back, well that was pressure IMHO to get the foot off the brake.

[okrocks] WILDDUCK agreed, where does that stand right now? have you heard anything?

[WILDDUCK] okrocks fasten your seat belt
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timo] I guess Dec. 1 is our next target date ???

[SSO_Scooby] timo ...and My target is end of dec lol

[timo] SSO_Scooby ...Sounds good to me

[911GTS] here is one, never has a rv taken place in a even numbered year

[SSO_Scooby] 911GTS I have 3 diffrent dates for 2013

[stargate] In all honesty I think we will be well into next year before anything happens.

[911GTS] i do too, jan 1, 2, 3rd

[timo] I'm interested in seeing the tariff law enacted...things should really start moving if that actually happens

[SSO_Scooby] 911GTS jan1 ...march 28th.....jan 2014

[911GTS] coming up fast

[911GTS] all kind of good signs

[Imperium] SSO_Scooby the global econ will be in utter ruins by then.
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Karbala operations announces the success of the security plan to visit ' Ashoora '
Sunday, 25 November 2012 19: 32

Karbala: Middle Euphrates operations command announced the success of the security plan for the visit of Ashura, noting the arrest [88] suspect and confiscated five stacks of the outcome of the security plan during the first 10 days of the holy month of Muharram.

And middle Euphrates operations chief Osman Al ghanmi told a news conference in Karbala after antham Ashura day visit ceremony that "arrested [88] suspect and confiscated five stacks of gear and [12] bomb in Northern Babil and Karbala security plan earnings during ten days in the month of Muharram Al Haram".
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Legal Committee demanding Maliki's explanation about preventing cars from entering the territory Baghdad and the provinces
Sunday, November 25 2012 12:29

BAGHDAD / Oruz: Student member of the parliamentary legal committee cute Mustafa Amin Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to clarify the validity of the news about the release from his office circulated to prevent the entry of cars with numbers Kurdistan region to Baghdad and the rest of the other provinces.

The Secretary stated in a press release that "some media ran a story on issued a circular from the Office of the Prime Minister to all departments of the Ministry of Interior and checkpoints to prevent the entry of cars with numbers Kurdistan region to Baghdad and other provinces," adding that "this news if true it means that the matter was very serious and out of the game of political differences between the blocks to enter the prejudice to the unity of Iraq and anti-people, or part of it. "
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Source: Maliki rejected the Iranian offer for fear of American anger
Sunday, November 25 2012 12:16

Baghdad / Orr News: A source close political view that the Iranian leadership offered to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki concluded a military cooperation agreement and not an agreement common defense, but he refused to do so because the U.S. administration had advance knowledge of the offer Iran is perhaps the cautious reaction of Washington is behind Maliki's refusal to him,

Adding that Tehran wanted an agreement of military cooperation with Iraq allow vital front in order to provide military support to the Assad regime because Defense Agreement Syrian-Iranian will activate to the atmosphere and the Iraqi territory inevitably and thus realize the Iranian leadership the importance of having a military cooperation agreement Iraqi Iranian this time and these conditions with special Syria.
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MP calls Maliki to clarify banning movement of Kurdish vehicles from KR in other provinces
Sunday, 25 November 2012 15:50

Baghdad (AIN) : MP, Latif Mustafa, of the Change bloc and the member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, called the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to either prove or deny the reports over preventing the vehicles that are registered in the provinces of Kurdistan Region.

He stated in a press statement received by AIN on Sunday "Some media outlets reported that Maliki's office order all the checkpoints of the Interior Minister not to allow the vehicles that hold the plate numbers of the provinces of KR," noting that "If it is correct, it will be a very dangerous issue because it is not a political issue, but it targets a part of Iraq."

"If this order was issued by Maliki, it would show that Maliki consider the Kurdish people as his enemies and he returns to the policy of the previous regime where the constitution states that vehicles registered in KR are legal and like the other vehicles of the Iraqi provinces," he concluded.

Click for Link
Liberal show conviction legislative performance for the House of Representatives
Sunday, November 25 2012 11:04

BAGHDAD / Oruz: Confirmed the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement that the work of the parliament in the legislation of laws good in the light of the political differences between the blocs and parties in the Council.

The MP said the bloc Awad al-Awadi told (UR) that "the laws legislated by Parliament in its current session is good in spite of political differences between the blocs," pointing out that "some MPs from the same block vote on laws and others did not vote as it is a positive thing that vote away from the vice president bloc ".

Awadi added that "there is a consensus in the parliament a package of laws when legislation," noting that "the House of Representatives start to accelerate the legislation of laws but must be of important laws and which are in the interest of the citizen."
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Economic parliamentary: payment on credit will not solve the housing crisis
Sunday, November 25 2012 10:31

Baghdad / Orr News: Confirmed the parliamentary economic committee on Friday, the payment on credit law alone does not solve the housing crisis in the country, but you need to enable investment to solve the whole problem.

Said Commission decision Mahma Khalil Agency (UR) that "the law of payment on credit read two readings and is now flattened vote," adding that "this law will not solve the housing crisis and Sakpl financial Iraq indebted".

Khalil said that "the housing crisis is not resolved only activating investment and move Jlth", adding that "the House of Representatives calls and demands for activating investment but the economic environment of Iraq is appropriate to attract investment companies."
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Coordinate contacts with international companies to develop services
Sunday, November 25 2012 11:20

Baghdad / Orr News: Communications Ministry confirmed it is working with Turkey to develop its performance and raising Rabahha rates.

The General Manager of the Internet in the ministry Zainab Abdul Sahib Agency (UR) "The ministry coordinates with Turkish companies and other global rehabilitate and develop the performance of state-owned companies in the telecommunications sector",

Adding that "the ministry is working to enhance the performance of its subsidiaries and to provide better services to citizens through the next phase. "
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Oil Ministry decided to enter 40 stations within the project eligibility electronic control
Sunday, November 25 2012 10:58

Baghdad / Orr News: The Oil Ministry announced it had decided to enter the 40 stations to provide civil and kerosene fuel used to supply cars and power stations within the electronic control project.

Said the director of the oil distribution Baghdad, Ali al-Moussawi told (UR) that "his ministry decided to enter the 40 stations to provide civil and kerosene fuel within the electronic control project," pointing out that "the completion of the stations will be before the beginning of 2013."
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Iraq Adds 250MW to National Grid
25 November 2012

A spokesperson for Iraq's Electricity Ministry, Musaib al-Mudarisi, says the newly constructed power plant in Babel is now fully operational, adding 250 megawatts of power to the national grid.

The plant comprises two generating units, each with 125 megawatts, and has already been linked to the national grid.

The plant was inaugurated by Prime Minister Noori al-Maliki who in his opening remarks noted that "Iraq ... will have surplus power." The ministry has promised to put an end to power cuts by the end of 2013 at the latest.
Iraq unveils the prisoners to "rape" cases of forced confessions
November 25 2012

Palm-Deputy of the Iraqi list, Saturday, the number of inmates in Iraqi prisons to cases of "rape" by investigators to extract confessions, and in the fear of the scandal prevents many of them from the truth, he stressed that his list would ask the Presidency of Parliament to form a Committee to follow up this issue.

Ahmed Al-alwani said in an interview that Iraqi prisons inmates assured us the relatives have to rape and abuse by some investigators, indicating that a number of inmates spoke via satellite from rape and abuse by interrogators trying to extract confessions were forced, he said.

Al-alwani, said the fear of scandal, by nature, traditions of Iraqi society, prevent many inmates in prisons for the truth exposed abuses, saying such attacks are incompatible with the ethics of manhood.

Al-alwani said the Iraqi list will discuss the issue with the speaker of the House of representatives next week, we will call the investigative Committee to expose these attacks, calling on the Government to take a firm stand against such abuses and to hold accountable those responsible.
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The below posts were in our 11am email


12:07 AM [Gabriel24] all forex quotes are current as of wed night. Last trading close12:08 AM [Gabriel24] but i saw the vnd it a gigh of .39 euro on fri *************12:09 AM [Gabriel24] closed at .367 or something like that so basically .37 rounded off
12:10 AM [Gabriel24] I'm just wondering why the VN CBI isn't showing anything that's what I'm trying to confirm
12:11 AM [toni1960] oh ok thats weired if the others are
12:12 AM [Gabriel24] hve to wait till monday and see what happens too many typos tonight

JEEPGUY: hhahhaa at 12 a.m. better put the drinks down ,,,, last i heard vietnam was pushing for all gold holders in the nam region { melt down your gold and buy the v,n,d, :blink: } w-t-flub Vietnam: Central bank wants people to "melt gold to get Vietnam dong" VietNamNet Bridge - It is estimated that 60 tons of gold has been sold, which is considered the result of a new policy on taking full advantage of the gold resource that the central bank attempts to pursue.

For a long time, people and analysts have been guessing wildly about the policies the State Bank of Vietnam would set up in order to mobilize the huge capital of 400 tons of gold from the public, after banks stop accepting gold deposits, slated for November 25.
Read More Link On Right

Experts believe that the central bank "wants people to melt gold to get Vietnam dong," which means it tries to encourage people to convert gold for dong, keep Vietnam dong instead of gold and put Vietnam dong into production or deposit at banks.

However, if the central bank really insists on going that way, if favorable conditions appear.

First, people would only convert gold for Vietnam dong when they feel safe when keeping dong. This can be obtained only when the inflation rate is curbed at reasonable levels, thus making the dong more attractive.

Second, it's necessary to reduce the attractiveness of gold in the eyes of people, thus encouraging people to convert gold for Vietnam dong.

Regarding the inflation performance, experts say the high inflation rate has been curbed, while the dong/dollar exchange rate has been stabilized and the Vietnam dong interest rates have been attractive (the dong deposit interest rate is 7 percent higher than dollar deposit interest rate). This has led to a movement of selling gold for Vietnam dong.

In 2008-2010, the gold market regularly witnessed the gold price fluctuation, which prompted people to rush to buy gold to hoard up as their valuable assets. However, the long queue for buying gold now cannot be seen in front of gold shops anymore. Especially, people kept calm in the last two months, even when the gold price heavily fluctuated.

A report by the State Bank of Vietnam shows that commercial banks have reported the excess of gold purchase over sale of 60 tons over the last six months.

Since people decided to convert dollars for dong and convert gold for dong, the dong deposits at commercial banks have increased rapidly since the beginning of the year.

By October 19, 2012, the mobilized capital had increased by 14.02 percent in comparison with the end of 2011. Of this, the mobilized capital in foreign currencies had decreased by 1.55 percent, while dong capital increased by 17.52 percent.

As for the capital mobilized from the public, the mobilized foreign currencies had decreased sharply by 5.53 percent, while dong increased by 28.76 percent.

Analysts have affirmed that the high sale of gold (60 tons) and the movement of depositing Vietnam dong at banks both can show the rise of the local currency.

Regarding the measures to help ease the attractiveness of gold, experts think the State may decide to completely stop mobilizing gold from the public. If so, people would have to keep gold in their coffers, or leave it at banks and have to pay fee for gold keeping, instead of depositing gold at banks and enjoying interest rates for the gold deposits.

It's very likely that the state management agency now thinks of proposing to impose VAT on gold, reasoning that gold is a kind of goods and it must be taxed like all other kinds of tax.

The agency may also think of imposing luxury tax, because gold is a kind of special commodity  news hound dudes


12:04 AM [Gabriel24] still on phone confirming...brb :)    ok, xcan't confirm forex because it's been closed since thursday    Euro is .37 though
12:07 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 because of the holiday

12:07 AM [Gabriel24] yes
12:07 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 ok thanks
12:07 AM [westf] so we waite til monday

12:07 AM [Gabriel24] all forex quotes are current as of wed night. Last trading close
12:08 AM [toni1960] oh ok when will they open

12:08 AM [Gabriel24] but i saw the vnd it a gigh of .39 euro on fri
12:08 AM [toni1960] westf duh monday right

12:08 AM [Gabriel24] high
12:09 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 wow so thats good

12:09 AM [Gabriel24] closed at .367 or something like that   so basically .37 rounded off
12:09 AM [toni1960] wow thanks
12:10 AM [westf] good

12:10 AM [Gabriel24] I'm just wondering why the VN CBI isn't showing anything  that's what I'm trying to confirm
12:11 AM [toni1960] oh ok thats weired if the others are



Open your hands and come to Me for My eyes are upon you and my ears are open to your requests. Do not worry if the ears of others are not listening to you. I will make a way, even when there seems to be no way, because I am the Way. Draw near to Me now, and I will draw near to you.

 Bring your concerns, burdens and each thing that weighs heavy on your heart; release each one of those to Me, and into My care, with your prayers. For I am the Faithful One, the One on Whom you can rely and lean upon. For is it not written, 'those who trust in Me will not be disappointed'? As you lift your face towards My face and take time to seek Me and wait upon Me, it is through this time that you will prepare yourself to hear My action plan. For I have wisdom for you, and Spirit inspired actions that will bring a shift, facilitate a change, and rearrange things.

 Is anything too difficult for Me? So, make a way for your time with Me says the Lord, for in the secret place, I have secrets to tell you. Pearls of wisdom that will usher in new things. New light for your understanding, new steps for your footpath, new strategies that will secure My will and release My glory.


I pray this email finds you blessed from these wonderful Thanksgiving holidays.  I pray this Christmas season will be the most blessed one we have ever experienced!    DebTarHeelGirl

Here is an Update from Freeway Bill - Living proof yet once again that Corporate Prayer of Works!!!

To all my dinar friends:  my wife and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers during this tough time. After suffering two broken bones in my back I actually feel lucky I was not killed in this accident. When I talked to Debtarheel on Thursday night, they were fairly certain that I could have internal bleeding but with so many people praying by the time they did the CAT scan nothing was bleeding.

Praise God!!!!  I slept Saturday night from midnight till 7:00am this morning and I needed that!!!  Cannot walk real well but see improvement from yesterday - GOD IS GOOD.  Have to take one day at a time right now. Thanks and I will be in contact with you to keep you up to speed on how my recovery is coming.  Thanks again.  Freeway Bill.


[devildogmom] : I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you

Nov 25 8:07 AM [flashing] Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Rafea Abdul Jabbar, of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee accused the United States of America and the United Kingdom of keeping Iraq under the UN Charter's Seventh Chapter under the justification of the Kuwaitis debts in order to control it.

 [flashing] Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he stated "The issue of the Kuwaiti debts has no relation to the Seventh Chapter, but the USA and UK used it as a justification to keep controlling Iraq."

[flashing] 'The government allocated 500 USD Million to finish the issue of the Kuwaiti debts when it formed a committee from the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to follow up this issue," he added.

 [flashing] "The Kuwaiti authorities have good intentions over settling this issue especially after signing the pact related to settling all the pending cases," he pointed out.


2:01 AM [hardtorecall] I wonder what the hold up is?

 [ono62] hardtorecall gotta be politics

 [hardtorecall] Has to be Iraq

 [winalot] hardtorecall or is there a hold up? this will happen all in good time....way above our heads, i think

[hardtorecall] winalot if it ever does I'm not sure they won't come up with a way to get it from us

[winalot] ono62 good...i know ropes are getting thin for alot of peeps

[hardtorecall] IF, if, if it ever happens it better be soon. The world ends dec 21st!    

[heartfelt] Fair amount of optimism that Congress will meet an agreement before the end of the year.

[freedom13] gm ,why did it take 3 years ,,for europe and usa ? because they had a plan with iraq dinar ,,end of 2012 ,or they would have done it before ,,this .  we rich soon . budget 2012 and fix europe ,,it was a plan .  cantwait to see what they say on how they cover budget ,,this will be good. they have the budget done ,,weeeeee they are not telling yet how


ok rocks] [Jeff] letitbe I think it will be before January 1. What I am looking at as milestones beyond what is stated in the recaps article is this: 1) The USA has no budget why? 2) The EURO meetings ended with no budget why? they stated next year 3) On CNBC Marc Faber plainly stated that we will wake up on a Monday and things will have changed [Jeff] Also what is up with Monday and Greece? How can their be no budget for the Euro blocs and yet they save Greece on Monday? [Jeff] One more how come the markets went up on Friday in most categories and the flipping Euro went up in value? No budgets? Debt laden and fiscal cliff imminent all interesting

[marmeysue]. So, I really think we are that close to this happeneing.

[schipperke] jack1977 I hate picking myself and others up when it doesn't thing to do is be patient and don't get caught up in the rumors

 [da58] schipperke chould be on forex tomorrow when mkts open

[marmeysue] schipperke agree a wait and see attitude is the best thing to do.

[da58] we'll see..

 [schipperke] marmeysue yes I agree....IF putting out too much information DOES keep it from us...then I wish they would just stop posting it....

 [jack1977] schipperke nope that is not gunna happen to me been in the rumor mill to long ............... lol

 [marmeysue] schipperke Yes and just push that stupid RV button already. But all we have all learned about governement, economy, banking and patience. Invaluable info


BondLady] malikis popularity with the people has increased now it was 77%now its 85%

[campdav] wow Thats huge

[BondLady] i'm tellin you if they don't pass the PM law limiting the terms he will run again and win  and it'll be a majority government this time a chance for him to truly excel in rebuilding iraq and passing much needed laws

[BondLady] what should have happened this term but the stupid power sharing doomed it to fail and keep them constantly fighting

[DogzNova] but can it work long term.. If they can't share

[BondLady] yes a pm has to be able to choose their own gov if they can't you saw what this term did absolutly nothing or very little so busy fighting over power they won't see the peoples needs just like the infrastructure law which would do so much for the people and give over 1 millon jobs


Kaperoni:   Good point maxgirl.  It does not matter who is in charge of the CBI.  As stated several times, any substantial currency changes (RV, float or whatever) would require the coordination of many agencies or departments in Iraq., engineering, advertising.

KAPERONI :  Saturday, November 24 2 / November 2012  BAGHDAD / Oruz

  For the release of 16 female from the Central Bank on charges of currency auction sale

I learned Agency (UR) of informed political sources that the judiciary decided to release 16 female out of 20 have been detained on suspicion Btorthen corruption regard ERA selling the currency in the Central Bank of Iraq last month.  (Snippet - Full Article & Link Below)

Terry:    Now, I wish they would give the good Dr. Shabibi a break also. Not gonna happen!

Fast Eddie:  let me quot a little for you all.

"He continued that "the families of these employees need to clarify those decided arrested after nearly a month of being arrested, and released for lack of evidence."

Now if they have lack of evidence for them I was say lack of evidence on Shabibi & that alone should send up red flags to IMF & World Bank.



6:48 PM [Rebel13]    rate at 3.7 cents

6:49 PM [Rebel13] that's better was hoping for a dime or more

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Full-Dulaimi warns of an armed conflict between Baghdad and Erbil .. The differences compete crisis 
25/11/2012 08:43:37 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : According to independent MP full-Dulaimi, that the crisis between the Federal Government and the Government of the Territory is the crisis of competition and land Taking no containment into armed conflict, noting that the solution to the differences between the central government and the region will open the door to resolve differences between the political blocs.

Dulaimi said in a statement (of the Agency news): The House Speaker Osama Najafi serves as good through the convergence of views between the federal government and the territorial Government to get out of the current impasse.


President Talabani: the defense of democracy in Iraq rests with the Peshmerga forces
25/11/2012 10:49:40 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Said President Jalal Talabani, the defense of democracy in Iraq and the gains achieved by our people rests with the Peshmerga forces.

said in a congratulatory telegram to the members and officials of the Association Peshmerga veterans in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, on the occasion of their conference second, in the time when the Peshmerga in difficult days of face genocidal policies and Anfal operations and murder committed against the people of Kurdistan and the face of policy smelting national, we emphasize this fact for the umpteenth time.


Barzani: Tigris operations is unconstitutional and must be stopped
25/11/2012 11:36:55 Sunday

Erbil (news) : New Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, refused to form operations Tigris, adding that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki imagine that the different blocks in the subject of withdrawal of confidence allow him the opportunity "to maneuver" through formed.

Barzani said during a meeting with delegates of the Arab press working Pkordstan and a number of writers and intellectuals Kurds: The formation of such leadership was not constitutionally, and this is confirmed by a lot of lawyers.

added: Maliki to imagine that the differences that have occurred in the subject of withdrawal of confidence will allow him the opportunity to maneuver, announced the formation of leadership Tigris, although Maliki promised by President Jalal Talabani to stop the formation of that leadership, but he went on to set up.


Pro-Tayeb: do not oppose the construction of a strong federal army requirement to be away from political disputes
25/11/2012 12:36:46 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Accused spokesman / Kurdistan Alliance / supporter Tayeb Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to create crises to escape from the failures in meeting the aspirations of the people, describing it as a desperate attempt to gloss over the dark Corruption acquired on state institutions.
said Tayeb said in a statement received Agency (news) copy of it on Sunday : The political crisis existed prior to the announcement of the formation forces the Tigris and will remain unless it addressed the causes, it is known that there are political agreements generated current government headed by Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, and when it is shun those agreements, both signed between the leaders of the main blocs or bilateral agreements between the blocs Kurdistan Alliance and the rule of law, the government become suspended in the air, the loss pillars upon which the.


Vice Chairman of the Committee on Energy:'s desirable Iraqi oil consuming countries of energy .. No fear of increasing oil production to some countries
25/11/2012 12:40:55 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Deputy Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / National Alliance / Ali Fayad, the desire of many East Asian countries to increase import of Iraqi oil, ruling him influenced increase oil production to some producing countries on Iraqi oil exports.

said Fayad (of the Agency news): The oil Iraqi him privacy with countries consumer of oil and energy, such as India and China as a result of its good quality and relevant international standards, making their strong desire to increase the importation of oil from Iraq. added: Do not fear the Iraqi oil exports when increasing oil production to some producing countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United States due to increased consumption of the world's energy The oil annually, especially East Asian countries and the U.S., because the consequences of the oil transfers in the economic and industrial world.


Chairman of the Media Committee of the Board of Nineveh: conservative owns 15% of Iraq's oil stocks and call for the establishment of oil refinery to address the scarcity of fuel
25/11/2012 12:50:24 Sunday

Mosul (news) : Prime media committee in the province of Nineveh Saad Tonius, that Nineveh owns 15% of the inventories of Iraqi oil.

said Tonius (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The announcement of this figure came after he had finished a number of council members in the province and a workshop in the affairs oil in Turkey, adding, that these quantities calls for reflection creates refinery or more in the province to eliminate the scarcity of fuel experienced by the city for many years.


Member of the economy: the allocation of less than one billion dollars for the industrial sector .. The budget (2013) does not meet the ambitious
25/11/2012 08:34:55 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Declared a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini, the allocation of a lesser amount than a billion dollars for the industrial sector within the budget year (2013), confirmed that the budget does not meet ambitious in terms of investment projects.

said Daini (of the Agency news): The budget next year to ensure allocation of very few estimated less than one billion dollars for the industrial sector for the purpose of promotion, noting that the domestic industry needs to sufficient funds for the purpose of advancement.


Iraqi Vice reveals: the coming days will witness the meetings of the political blocs sponsored Najafi
25/11/2012 13:57:07 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Revealed MP / coalition in Iraq / victory Jubouri, that the coming days will witness interviews and meetings of the political blocs sponsored House Speaker Osama Najafi, to find solutions to political differences, including the crisis between Baghdad and Rabel.


Maliki intends to dismiss al-Dulaimi, because of Russian arms deal
25/11/2012 09:07 AM

Babinaoz - Agencies: talking to sources close to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, his intention to dismiss Defense Minister proxy, Saadoun al-Dulaimi, and others because of suspicion of corruption in a deal arms Russian mothballed Baghdad.
In The sources said the "Arab. Net" that al-Maliki was awaiting the results of the Commission investigations by the House of Representatives to clear the Ministry of Defense of the senior officials in his office the military, as well as government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, because suspicions obtaining corruption and kickbacks of tens of millions of dollars involving Iraqi officials and Lebanese figures in the arms deal Russian government decided Maliki freezing and investigated.

In The sources said that al-Maliki had received reports from his advisers special require dismissal of Dulaimi because of his role in the arms deal with Russia and not to follow the seriousness of the negotiations with Moscow before the conclusion of the deal, allowing access for violations and an agreement to pay kickbacks to senior figures in the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, a Maliki.

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