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10am, November 26th, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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WHILE South Africans get used to the new banknote series, with the Big Five moved to the back of the notes, Zambia is preparing to remove three zeros from its money.

The Bank of Zambia has announced that the kwacha will be rebased by dividing it by 1,000, dropping three zeros off the currency, on January 1.

Zimbabwe's regular and drastic currency rebasing a few years ago might have created the impression that dropping zeros is a desperate and cosmetic exercise, but analysts say it is often necessary to rebase a currency, ideally when an economy is stable and growing.

"Currency rebasing is usually implemented when there is a need to address costs associated with an accumulated loss in value of the currency that undermines its basic function as a store of value, medium of exchange and measure of value," said Janine Botha, economist at NKC Independent Economists.







[RindsGuy] winalot winalot I'm starting to wonder if my source was listening to the gurus. I kinda thought that but wasn't sure. If I talk to him again I'm going to ask him point blank where he gets his info.

[winalot] RindsGuy best to just ....wait.

[RindsGuy] winalot That's what I'm doing. I got in because I was told "it's going to happen very soon." and I'm still waiting :(

[winalot] RindsGuy yup... as we all are.

 [winalot] For any of you that are interested... I posted a reply to BWM's little sound-off about my banking and forex news...


[blc] Precious What Lindsey Williams episode were you listening too?

[Precious] the one Nov 14 2012

 [winalot] Precious good morning!

[Precious] gm hon...ready for some NEWS....

[winalot] I am!

[Precious] me too lol


Iraq is on the verge of an unexpected increase in oil production up 7 million barrels

"that Iraq will continue to rank second strongest after Saudi Arabia in oil production and export internationally and will have led OPEC instead of being a member." (snippet - See Below)

Tlar: Projection: 7 million bpd by 2017.  That's approximately 5 years from now.  Revenues will be in the 205 ish billion per year which roughly corresponds to the projected budget in the next few years. All of this is dependant on stability in the oil markets. 

If the price varries up or down so goith the revenues.  There is approximately 30 million people in Iraq.  $200 billion divided by 30 million is about 7000 dollars annually for every man woman or child.  That's an incredible amount of income for Middle Eastern country. 

In 2020 they are expected to hit 12 million bpd.  That's approximately a litle under 400 billion in revenue and will insure them at least the number 2 position in producing nations. .


[BWM] well as we start another week... I know there were a number that were "expecting" some amazing shocker at the forex open today... oops.. time to call that 5/3rd banker again... HA

[BWM] Hobbit... well there is still opportunity... I don't want to sound negative to the point of saying there isn't still efforts being made... don't sell out on this year.. there is a lot to gain from the RV occurring this year.... 1) taxes (for us at least) 2) financial/fiscal cliff concerns 3) concerns for global economic issues still continuing to recycle (spain, greece, etc.)

[redsnowbird] BWM Do you understand why the VND shows certain rates on some sites but not on others? Or at least, that is what has been reported by different people in the dinar world....


devildogmom] I just received this text message from a member who wishes the credit and glory be given to God: I'm in the back of the church in the sound booth running the power points and the pastors message and he right now got stopped by the Lord and spoke a word that said that finances it's flowing from the heavens right now. open your hands... and he felt lead to annoint us with oil to receive all debts cancelled for the wisdom needed because the financial heavens have been declared open this day by the spirit of the living God and we will be His hilarious givers. Wooo Glory people are shouting everywhere hallelujah!!!

[justbelieve7] devildogmom Think we are all worn out with all the same things over and over and over yet again! :)

[devildogmom] justbelieve7 it does make people weary

 [devildogmom] justbelieve7 my wish is for all to have comfort and be relaxed until we are there. We have no choice but to wait so, may as well be patient and it does help to know that there is something worth waiting for.

[deb2blessed] devildogmom amen---this blessing is my HOPE for a better future for not only my family for generations but those who I can help as well

 [redhead1] deb2blessed - I am glad you said that about generations - I am not sure how many generations of family this will help but many- it will definitely pay for many educations which help families progress.

 [top_gun] redhead1 deb2blessed well said!


[bouv] [11:56:41 AM] I just got off the phone with Blue skies. We talked for 25 minutes and she sounds great! She said still painful, but doing a lot better. She sends her love to everyone and thanks all for their prayers. She said prayer is very powerful. And told me to share with everyone in chat. She misses and loves you all and can't wait to get back.

[findmoney] The financial system is a mess beyond or imaginations. WORLDWIDE

[findmoney] Guys and Gals I deal with some real big time financial advisors. They are dumbfounded on whats going on.

 [Cyndee49] Findmoney dumfounded at what?

[findmoney] The biggest issue they have is there is almost flat 000000 money coming into the markets but it went up Friday

 [schipperke] findmoney hmmmmm how can that be???? Let me count the ways ol

[findmoney] They know something is screwballs with it and they dont know what to tell their clients

 [rickylee] findmoney I can't figure markets out at all right now?

[Instigator] All markets have and continue to be manipulated!

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Vice Kordestani denies selling low-priced oil region

BAGHDAD / JD : counting Rapporteur of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary accusations that the oil minister of Kurdistan is that the region sells oil at very low prices, incorrect and comes in the context of cramping between the Territory and the center.

said the Commission's decision Kurdistan Alliance MP Qassem Mchkta's / JD / : "The accusations claimed by the Minister of Oil Abdul Karim coffee spend sale region of oil at low prices for the world price I do not think that she is true and accurate," Mstvhma, if accurate did not remember the ministry figure who sells region oil on the basis of?.

said: The accusations randomly incorrect from the oil ministry comes in the context of cramping current between the Territory and the center.


Sari: Budget Law did not discuss the inside of the Finance Committee in accordance with context approach
11/26/2012 11:39 AM

A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Faleh force not to discuss his committee to the budget law according to the context in which follow when discussing each year despite the completion of the first reading.

The force said in a press statement on Monday that "there is a significant acceleration in Parliament went to the second reading of the budget bill without fully discussed as a law by the Finance Committee and not knowing the report to be submitted before the second reading of the law would lead to blocking."


Presidency of the province refuses to permit ratios for the owners to "limit travel regional officials in Baghdad"
11/26/2012 10:03 AM

Presidency spokesman declined Kurdistan Omid morning, a statement attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to limit travel approval of officials in the province, the federal government.

A spokesman for the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, "This statement does not deserve a response, because Maliki's call illegal and contrary to the spirit and principles of the Constitution."

The statements attributed to Kurdish Hawlati, not possible to verify the authenticity of that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, demanded an inventory of territorial officials to travel abroad by the federal government, for fear of the signing of various contracts.

Relations between Arbil and Baghdad heightened tensions after the government announced the formation of the Tigris Operations Command in the disputed areas in Kirkuk, Diyala, Salahuddin and rejected the Kurdish leadership and the Kirkuk Provincial Council move


Congress: to withdraw confidence from the Maliki has become impossible .. Others: You must start a big campaign for the withdrawal of confidence
11/26/2012 9:22 am

After the recent crisis between the Baghdad government and the province and escalating statements Almichjna that generated a gap between the two sides, suggested a number of Representatives may withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as the best solution to end the crisis, while others, the move will increase the size of the crisis and exacerbated and must resort to dialogue and peaceful means.

and MP for Sadrist Rafi Abd al-Jabbar's call the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr to hold a meeting in Najaf between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, is a preferred resolve the current crisis and make the country's interests above all other considerations, noting that the subject of withdrawal confidence in the government has not been raised and the Sadrist movement calls for reform. demanded: governments provide concessions mutually and not from one side to for the sake of the country in order to be a step indicates the return of confidence between the parties after it lost. of said MP / coalition in Iraq / Ashour Hamid, There should be a campaign stronger than the previous campaign to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and powers meet Erbil, Najaf again, stressing the lack of alternatives for the withdrawal of confidence and even if there is not futile Maliki remains. and expressed concern over the current situation, describing it as "tipping point" Being if does not bode well (to him).


Vice chest: Liberal bloc is not considering asking subject of withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki
11/26/2012 9:19 am

MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Hussein Resan Husseini said the issue of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has not been raised at this time by the cluster. statement of the office today him as saying that "the Liberal bloc ��Ę��Ń subject to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, which was raised during the months the past, "describing the subject of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister to" equation loser "if I tried other blocs renewal put on the political scene, to resolve the crisis in the country at the moment" and was Husseini, had confirmed earlier that the political blocs stand helpless in front of resolving the crisis the current political, attributing the reasons for this lack of waiving what you think as they fall due.


Zamili: Some inspectors general heading the mafias of corruption in government departments
11/26/2012 8:59 am

MP for the Liberal block of quitting that some inspectors general heading the mafias of corruption in government departments.

He said in a press statement, "We have clear corruption and mafias and conducting real corruption, the inspectors general community, and a lot of these inspectors considered the heads of the Mafia in the departments that are responsible for the files of corruption."

Zamili accused "some political blocs covering up accused of corruption from associate to it, and that's what caused a lot of corrupt people in the government departments."


OptaSense begins work in Iraq
11/26/2012 05:35am US/Eastern

OptaSense, the company that protects the world's key infrastructures by turning fibre-optic cables into a listening device, has secured a key pipeline security contract in Iraq. The contract is to help provide protection to a new 180km pipeline corridor, owned and run by the State Company for Oil Project Iraq (SCOP).

OptaSense will be providing the technology to allow vital operational and security data to help operate, protect and secure the pipeline along both sides of a 60 meters wide pipeline corridor.

When complete the pipeline corridor will be protected by over 20,000 virtual microphones making it one of the most monitored assets in the region. This means any activity in and around the pipeline corridor will be 'heard' whether these be footsteps, digging or vehicles. The OptaSense acoustic alert data will be used to inform and guide the correct response to maintain pipeline integrity.


Al-Maliki called on Parliament to speed up the ratification law of the Ministry of communications
26-11-2012-13: 04

Alsumaria news/Baghdad: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Monday, House to expedite the ratification law of the Ministry of communications, as well as invest Iraq strategic location linking international communication tariffs should be reduced to make it available to all citizens.

Al-Maliki said in a statement after talks with communication Minister turhan Mufti Agency and senior Ministry officials, and received "alsumaria news", a copy of the "Ministry of communications is one of the most important ministries because of work related to SOA and aspects in addition to economic aspects of security", calling on deputies to "accelerate the ratification law of the Ministry of communications.

He called Al-Maliki to "invest Iraq strategic location linking international is featuring an exceptional location in this area", stressing the need "to promote the work of the Ministry of communications and infrastructure development and citizen service through new communications networks and encourage investment in telecommunications".

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Greetings and Salutations;

Listen very carefully to the words of this song, if you can get pass needing to hear a banjo or 'spoons' in everything. Folks are out plowing thru everything said by somebody in the web. Conspiracy stories are everywhere...mass confusion. There is no need for it, just because you can't decipher the players, be cool. All is in order. Time was always on our side. The losers can always be spotted by their bad behavior. As long as the old folks stuck to the plan, they'd take a shot of oxygen and do their jobs. Who knew, it would take so many D9's to keep the runway clear? Many folks lost their power and freedom in the last few weeks, you just didn't hear about it. There are many ways to skin this cat, with out making a public spectacle of it. No need for the chaos of getting the masses all tripping when it's all being handled. Below are some links to show you where the world is going, no longer happening behind the curtains. Change is upon us, now they 'fund' it. That makes you and I, mules, to spread the load out across the planet recreating the world we live in. I recommend staying close for a spell, now. Might find a surprise at your door. Everything ends and begins in this world. See ya 'out there'.

Consultations until the door bell rings.

Love and Kisses;


[BondLady] seems i got bashed pretty heavy from some places for it as i didn't have a clue to what was really going on in iraq politics and the people in charge so i redefined and proved what i said

[BondLady] 1 of the best posts though i've seen out there was sent to me by some one..... from a woman who used to or may still have her site on the net and whose claim to fame was she has read the constitution...was...highlander

[BondLady] this is highlanders coment from some other site....................................... I happen to agree with BondLady. Power sharing does not work in any government in any country. That would be like our President having to power share with a co president.

There is some background to the Kurds that one must look at to understand that whole situation. And as for Allawi he is just a walking disaster. He gets his funding from the Saudis.

The Saudis are primarily Sunni based in power and they are also the number one country in the region for financing terrorism and Al Qaeda.

A lot of the problems that Iraq is having is started from outside influences but not from the places that people suspect nor from the places the US media always shoves down our throats.

Allawi won't even attend the meetings in parliament or cast a vote.
Muqtada Sadr's Mahdi Army militiamen slowly resurface

After two years, ex-militiamen are being seen again in Baghdad neighborhoods. Officials fear the shadowy group could take advantage of Iraq's festering political crisis and U.S. troop withdrawals.

June 28, 2010|By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Baghdad - Mohammad and his gang are back. There may not be a Glock semiautomatic strapped to his waist anymore, but the terrifying mystique of the Mahdi Army still shrouds the Shiite Muslim militiaman like the menacing black uniform he once wore.

Civil servant Haidar Naji remembers how Mohammad used to strut around his east Baghdad neighborhood like a mob boss, ordering himnot to wear Bermuda shorts, too immodest and Western for his Islamic tastes

Axe attack

Mr Allawi is well-connected in Washington and London, has extensive business interests, and has close relations with Saudi Arabia.

Born in 1945 to a prominent Shia Muslim merchant family, Mr Allawi joined the now banned Arab nationalist Baath Party as a young man.

But he fell out with Saddam Hussein in the early 1970s after the party came to power and was forced to go into exile in the UK, where he completed his medical training.

He was badly wounded in an assassination attempt while living in Kingston-upon-Thames in 1978, believed to have been ordered by Saddam.

The assailant attacked Mr Allawi in his bedroom with an axe, nearly severing his right leg and inflicting a deep wound in his chest.

Mr Allawi spent a year in hospital recovering from his injuries, after which he began to organise a network of opposition to Iraq's future president.

In the 1980s he travelled extensively in the Middle East, holding meetings with other exiles, and cultivating links with rebel army officers still in Iraq.


let me try to clarify some things here, see if this flys all over the net as well, if u want to take part then take all....first of all...i dont think maliki is some good ole boy just tryin to do the right thing...i dont think most of them are good and trying to do the right thing....

but i go from what i can read an what i can see and actions do speak louder than words....

the thing is....theres reasons..allawi only got 1 term as pm...he was so much like saddam, the people named him saddam with out a mustache....allawi was put in pm by the usa..... the next term allawi was pulled out as the usa begin to unravel all of what allawi had said and done...they then put maliki in ...i was around back then to see what went down..

old timers in this investment can verify these things i say....sadr who some seem to think is some goody 2 shoes...u couldnt be farther from the truth...he is a terrorist an the worst kind of religious cleric, he hates the usa and would do any thing to "off" us all...

in the term of maliki... sadr's army was mighty.. the mahdi army...full of terrorist creeps and was backed by extremist from all over the middle east.... the usa AND maliki and the iraqi army fought a bloody long battle with sadr and his mahdi army...many americans and iraqis were killed....

after desymboling the mahdi army sadr went on the run and was exiled to iran where he stayed until maliki who needed the saddrist vote to become this term pm... now going bk a bit...
(Where Is The Power? Who Has The Power? The answer is as elusive as the RV)

Carrello: The IMF and others may have been letting Maliki dance while the preparation continues, but his time is short and the dance card will be filled soon with someone appropriate. Maliki is a dime dance. IMHO.

Tobyboy: Carrello I hope you are correct that Maliki's time is short. I am glad they releasing the CBI woman on those trumped up charges thanks to Maliki. They should put him in jail for false arrest. Maliki has not intention of letting this RV/FF this year.

It is apparent he wants credit for the RV so he is going to wait to near his time for reelection which I believe is March 2014 next yr vote on representatives in house.

He wants more support his party to make him even more powerful these 2 reasons why I believe not allow RV until next year.

In meantime we can only hope to see Shabibi released and returned to his position he's only one can get this moving again the way we would like to see RV/FF without him I am afraid we not see anything for long time if Maliki will let an RV happen.

Remember Maliki hates Americans so he will do anything to cause trouble for America. He also does not care about his own people just a power freak.

I happen to agree with BondLady. Power sharing does not work in any government in any country. That would be like our President having to power share with a co president.

There is some background to the Kurds that one must look at to understand that whole situation. And as for Allawi he is just a walking disaster. He gets his funding from the Saudis.

The Saudis are primarily Sunni based in power and they are also the number one country in the region for financing terrorism and Al Qaeda.

A lot of the problems that Iraq is having is started from outside influences but not from the places that people suspect nor from the places the US media always shoves down our throats.

Allawi won't even attend the meetings in parliament or cast a vote. Allawi has tried to stage a walk out on parliament and the council of ministers this year and completely shut down the government.

[WILDDUCK] goodmorning

marmeysue] WILDDUCK How are you today?

[WILDDUCK] bouv WAS reading recaps this morning and saw boat load of iraq drama queen new, gotta remember Iraq did not invade itself and it did not drop its currency from 3.00 not nothing becuase is felt like it, if people wanna watch iraq watch it for the theater value not for signs of an RV

[okrocks] amen now we just need WILDDUCK to bring us our RV LOL

[bouv] WILDDUCK I stopped watching it awhile ago rofl

[okrocks] WILDDUCK can you give a brief summary as to where we are in your opinion please and thank you

[WILDDUCK] ok stuff is lining up remember months back I said the panda express "china" was driving this bus, then the big rumor VND going ahead of dinar with full IMF approval to roll after they signed their contract to pay France back, well that was pressure IMHO to get the foot off the brake.

[okrocks] WILDDUCK agreed, where does that stand right now? have you heard anything?

[WILDDUCK] okrocks fasten your seat belt
Read More

timo] I guess Dec. 1 is our next target date ???

[SSO_Scooby] timo ...and My target is end of dec lol

[timo] SSO_Scooby ...Sounds good to me

[911GTS] here is one, never has a rv taken place in a even numbered year

[SSO_Scooby] 911GTS I have 3 diffrent dates for 2013

[stargate] In all honesty I think we will be well into next year before anything happens.

[911GTS] i do too, jan 1, 2, 3rd

[timo] I'm interested in seeing the tariff law enacted...things should really start moving if that actually happens

[SSO_Scooby] 911GTS jan1 ...march 28th.....jan 2014

[911GTS] coming up fast

[911GTS] all kind of good signs

[Imperium] SSO_Scooby the global econ will be in utter ruins by then.
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Karbala operations announces the success of the security plan to visit ' Ashoora '
Sunday, 25 November 2012 19: 32

Karbala: Middle Euphrates operations command announced the success of the security plan for the visit of Ashura, noting the arrest [88] suspect and confiscated five stacks of the outcome of the security plan during the first 10 days of the holy month of Muharram.

And middle Euphrates operations chief Osman Al ghanmi told a news conference in Karbala after antham Ashura day visit ceremony that "arrested [88] suspect and confiscated five stacks of gear and [12] bomb in Northern Babil and Karbala security plan earnings during ten days in the month of Muharram Al Haram".
Read More
Legal Committee demanding Maliki's explanation about preventing cars from entering the territory Baghdad and the provinces
Sunday, November 25 2012 12:29

BAGHDAD / Oruz: Student member of the parliamentary legal committee cute Mustafa Amin Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to clarify the validity of the news about the release from his office circulated to prevent the entry of cars with numbers Kurdistan region to Baghdad and the rest of the other provinces.

The Secretary stated in a press release that "some media ran a story on issued a circular from the Office of the Prime Minister to all departments of the Ministry of Interior and checkpoints to prevent the entry of cars with numbers Kurdistan region to Baghdad and other provinces," adding that "this news if true it means that the matter was very serious and out of the game of political differences between the blocks to enter the prejudice to the unity of Iraq and anti-people, or part of it. "
Read More
Source: Maliki rejected the Iranian offer for fear of American anger
Sunday, November 25 2012 12:16

Baghdad / Orr News: A source close political view that the Iranian leadership offered to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki concluded a military cooperation agreement and not an agreement common defense, but he refused to do so because the U.S. administration had advance knowledge of the offer Iran is perhaps the cautious reaction of Washington is behind Maliki's refusal to him,

Adding that Tehran wanted an agreement of military cooperation with Iraq allow vital front in order to provide military support to the Assad regime because Defense Agreement Syrian-Iranian will activate to the atmosphere and the Iraqi territory inevitably and thus realize the Iranian leadership the importance of having a military cooperation agreement Iraqi Iranian this time and these conditions with special Syria.
Read More
MP calls Maliki to clarify banning movement of Kurdish vehicles from KR in other provinces
Sunday, 25 November 2012 15:50

Baghdad (AIN) : MP, Latif Mustafa, of the Change bloc and the member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, called the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to either prove or deny the reports over preventing the vehicles that are registered in the provinces of Kurdistan Region.

He stated in a press statement received by AIN on Sunday "Some media outlets reported that Maliki's office order all the checkpoints of the Interior Minister not to allow the vehicles that hold the plate numbers of the provinces of KR," noting that "If it is correct, it will be a very dangerous issue because it is not a political issue, but it targets a part of Iraq."

"If this order was issued by Maliki, it would show that Maliki consider the Kurdish people as his enemies and he returns to the policy of the previous regime where the constitution states that vehicles registered in KR are legal and like the other vehicles of the Iraqi provinces," he concluded.

Click for Link
Liberal show conviction legislative performance for the House of Representatives
Sunday, November 25 2012 11:04

BAGHDAD / Oruz: Confirmed the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement that the work of the parliament in the legislation of laws good in the light of the political differences between the blocs and parties in the Council.

The MP said the bloc Awad al-Awadi told (UR) that "the laws legislated by Parliament in its current session is good in spite of political differences between the blocs," pointing out that "some MPs from the same block vote on laws and others did not vote as it is a positive thing that vote away from the vice president bloc ".

Awadi added that "there is a consensus in the parliament a package of laws when legislation," noting that "the House of Representatives start to accelerate the legislation of laws but must be of important laws and which are in the interest of the citizen."
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Coordinate contacts with international companies to develop services
Sunday, November 25 2012 11:20

Baghdad / Orr News: Communications Ministry confirmed it is working with Turkey to develop its performance and raising Rabahha rates.

The General Manager of the Internet in the ministry Zainab Abdul Sahib Agency (UR) "The ministry coordinates with Turkish companies and other global rehabilitate and develop the performance of state-owned companies in the telecommunications sector",

Adding that "the ministry is working to enhance the performance of its subsidiaries and to provide better services to citizens through the next phase. "
Read More
Oil Ministry decided to enter 40 stations within the project eligibility electronic control
Sunday, November 25 2012 10:58

Baghdad / Orr News: The Oil Ministry announced it had decided to enter the 40 stations to provide civil and kerosene fuel used to supply cars and power stations within the electronic control project.

Said the director of the oil distribution Baghdad, Ali al-Moussawi told (UR) that "his ministry decided to enter the 40 stations to provide civil and kerosene fuel within the electronic control project," pointing out that "the completion of the stations will be before the beginning of 2013."
Read More
Iraq Adds 250MW to National Grid
25 November 2012

A spokesperson for Iraq's Electricity Ministry, Musaib al-Mudarisi, says the newly constructed power plant in Babel is now fully operational, adding 250 megawatts of power to the national grid.

The plant comprises two generating units, each with 125 megawatts, and has already been linked to the national grid.

The plant was inaugurated by Prime Minister Noori al-Maliki who in his opening remarks noted that "Iraq ... will have surplus power." The ministry has promised to put an end to power cuts by the end of 2013 at the latest.
Iraq unveils the prisoners to "rape" cases of forced confessions
November 25 2012

Palm-Deputy of the Iraqi list, Saturday, the number of inmates in Iraqi prisons to cases of "rape" by investigators to extract confessions, and in the fear of the scandal prevents many of them from the truth, he stressed that his list would ask the Presidency of Parliament to form a Committee to follow up this issue.

Ahmed Al-alwani said in an interview that Iraqi prisons inmates assured us the relatives have to rape and abuse by some investigators, indicating that a number of inmates spoke via satellite from rape and abuse by interrogators trying to extract confessions were forced, he said.

Al-alwani, said the fear of scandal, by nature, traditions of Iraqi society, prevent many inmates in prisons for the truth exposed abuses, saying such attacks are incompatible with the ethics of manhood.

Al-alwani said the Iraqi list will discuss the issue with the speaker of the House of representatives next week, we will call the investigative Committee to expose these attacks, calling on the Government to take a firm stand against such abuses and to hold accountable those responsible.
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