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10am November 27th, 2015

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Thursday Night 11-26-2015  The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s 

Playback number: (605) 562-3198
access code 123456#
90 Minutes

The Big Call


Iko Ward:  Isn't it nice when 1081.5 becomes the norm...not nice enough..... China lost 5.6% last night...hmmmmmm

MissGemini28:  IKO - Do we want China to lose?

Iko Ward:  Gold has dropped to 1055. Yes, right now we want China to lose. Gold to drop. And yes, MsGem, no more 1165.

BaldEagle:  USD at 100.13

Iko Ward:  Bald Eagle, .2 would be awesome.

TheEyeGuy:  IKO, is there a new target, or still looking for the deep stab?
Iko Ward:  Deep Stab, deep, deep, deep stab.


  Many factors hinder the increased production of state employees
11/26/2015 0:00  Baghdad Rula confident --  appeared on the face of resentment Mustafa he talks about dealing with state employees when reviewing one of the circles to complete a transaction by saying (go reluctantly and I'm nervous), I understand from the outset underestimated citizen stall and style.

He admitted Mustafa Nasser with the forty-year-old, that this case does not include all the staff but the majority of them have these qualities, Fterahm arrive fairly begging to get a job and when sitting on her chair dragging their heels to work and neglect their jobs,


BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments 11-26-15 Part 1 of 2

Parliamentary committees: the media to expose corruption cases part of the People supervision to prosecute those involved 
BAGHDAD / long-Presse    It confirmed the legal and financial committees both parliamentarians, yesterday, the need to disseminate corruption cases as part of the People's Control "stimulate" the judiciary to deal with these files.
Committees revealed that there is coordination with the government and the judiciary and the central bank to follow Chalabi files, and threatened to resort to the fourth power in the event of failure to take appropriate action.

And published (range) the files of corruption in the currency auction and the involvement of dozens of local companies and banks in this file that Juma, Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee late Ahmad Chalabi before his death, blessings and copy them to, inter alia, the long Foundation for Media, Culture and Arts. The (long) hand over the entire file to the Judicial Council, which has formed a committee to investigate the files. 


Highlights from The Big Call Thanksgiving Evening

PinkRoses:  Bruce: special Thanksgiving call night

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: an hour or so call, short call

Plogania:   Bruce: Praying 

pinkroses :  Bruce call: Bruce speaking plans and goals

ploganea : Bruce: lifting up areas of world dealing with persecution

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce Praying now

GizmosMom:  FAMILY please pray for kim clement, he was rushed to the hospital today with another brain bleed


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

Frank26:  Many days .............. We pray to ask God of something for us and others.

He is about to answer You.

Then on this days may we ............. Thank Him.

Be Happy today in all You do ............ For to say "I'm sorry" is correct. To not accept it is ......... Wrong.

The Lord's Love be with You and Yours today KTFA FAMILY....... \m/

I made turkey COOOOOOOKIES ...... LOL !!!

GO LIONS GO DALLAS ............ GO AWAY M .......LOL !!!   KTFA    Frank

F rom FA, sent to Recaps 11-26-15
My theory on why gold, silver and oil will go up in value after the RV
I am a long time student and researcher of the global financial system. We certainly all live in interesting times indeed. Our best estimate at total money supply of Dollars is 20 Trillion. Years ago the FED used to publish M1, M2, M3 and L. Now it takes more noodling.
I believe commodities will go up after the Dinar RV. Some say a basket of currencies will revalue. We'll see, but for now let's just theorize on the impact of Dinar RV.

"New Year Upliftment"

 Hi; Just another soul on this journey of the RV/GCR and Upliftment or as many know it as "Ascension".
A quick thought on the RV/GCR process; not to discourage anyone;
Since we have not seen this manifest 'til now; it may not occur 'til after The New Year, and for good reason too. Many are aware of the great changes happening within and around us, this RV is part of the whole.
To simplify things, we have good guys and we have bad guys;
Well the good guys want to audit or shut down the Federal Reserve and change the way we pay taxes in this nation called America, so we are not robbed out of our GIFT(to share). 

So, if the RV was to occur before December 31, 2015, our GIFT(to share) would be taxed at about 40% to 50% no less.
When the RV is manifest on or after January 1st, 2016 that means the good guys have months or a year to get rid of the Federal Reserve and change tax laws, so at the end of the year of 2016, we pay about 10% tax(or less) on our GIFT(to share).
From Heart To Heart; Forward With Love;  KejRaj(KayRy) Thank You! 
Wealthwatch Thursday  Chat 11-26-15  
chattels: no report yet on the Iraq federal supreme court decision on the constitutionality & legality of sacking VPs chattels: no report yet on the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad  no " RV " yet either :)
chattels: Najib reveal a joint meeting between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil for the application of the customs tariff  (unable to fix link)
      Butifldrm: Hi everyone I just want to come in and say Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a safe and Lovely Holiday.
THANKSGIVING  Day- from Martha 

I hope that everyone saw the beautiful post done by Zap and Susan.I could not have said it any better than that. Link

WE ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE OUR BLESSING. ( I  have intel that a group that has paralleled us and has an skr was told ,now, funds will be available today or Friday.......again treat as rumor.)

Realize that due to some banking issues, we are once again  back on track for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The important thing we have heard is that we, the Internet group are supposed to be completed by the 30th of November.

Why, you ask ?   WE hear that on November 30th the whole world is going to know about the Renminbi and the GCR/RV.

The treaties have been signed, the bonds have been released, the banks have been ready for weeks.

IMO The bank failures won't happen now and the new financial system is in place.

As we enter the season of giving, we need to remember where we have been, how we got to this point and where are we going.

We, as Americans, still have our work cut out for us. We need to speak out, remain positive; and raise an awareness to all to be open for positive change.

This country, the home of the free and the brave had taken a backwards turn. Now it is full steam ahead.

Happy holidays to all.    Martha

P.S. Friday, 11/27 is the full moon which will be a 100% full. This is a sign of completion of a cycle and hopefully a completion for us.