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10pm, November 28th, 2012  


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It's been very slow in dinar land this Wednesday evening
News, Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland Wed. Evening
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The Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency
Dinar Updates Q&A Conference Call Wedn. Nov 28th 6:30pm CST with BGG and Guests
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Adam Montana Q & A Chat - Post By VIZIOIRAQI Dinar Vets
Wednesday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 10am email
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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It's been very slow in dinar land this Wednesday evening.  Please check our BLOG page on-line for any new stories.


[ontime] puppylove Have a silly question! If our President thinks the Fiscal Cliff will be bulldozed tomorrow, do you think this could go tonight so there is "no problem" tomorrow?

 [puppylove] ontime not a silly question but I do not have an answer for you

 [ontime] puppylove Ok, I'm a dreamer so though I am here, I am off in my own little dreamland rofl

 [kids] ontime Buffet thinks they won't decide taxes until next year

[2012jesus] RV does not have anything to do with the fiscal cliff

[superbiz] cisco411 hello how are u today? Any news for us today?

[cisco411] superbiz I am fine I have no news to SHARE

 [superbiz] cisco411 ok, I will hope u are still confident

 [cisco411] superbiz Extremely confident

[ [cisco411] bouv I am breathing so praise God with every breath

 [bouv] cisco411 absolutely!!

 [barb] cisco411 Positive waiting wanting some hopium...and how are you?

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Banker: private banks steadily growing heads of their money
28/11/2012 11:42:24 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Said Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, that private banks steadily growing heads money because of the increased volume of deposits has, noting that it has an effective contribution to the economic development of the country through funding for projects.

said Hassoun (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The business results of private banks suggest that private banks continues to grow and has a significant contribution to the development of the national economy through its funding of investment projects and all the different economic sectors.


Parliament discusses today's final accounts of the general budget

The presence of al-Issawi, a Turk

BAGHDAD - morning : House of Representatives decided discuss the final accounts of the general budget in the session on Wednesday in the presence of Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and Chairman of Supreme Audit Abdel Basit Turki.

Said source of parliamentary early for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that today's meeting will also see the first reading of the draft law of Animal Health , and the first reading of the draft law the First Amendment to the Law Fund Agricultural Credit for farmers and small farmers No. (28) for the year 2009, in addition to the first reading of a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Arab Organization for information and communication technology. will also be the first reading of the proposed law Fourth Amendment to the provincial elections law The districts and areas No. (36) for the year 2008 as amended, and vote on the draft telecommunications law and informatics.


Directions for expanding agricultural investment

Baghdad-morning : Agricultural business enterprise oriented towards activating its role through specialized courses in different agricultural areas with a view to contributing to the process of agricultural development in the country.

He said Chairman Yasser Khaled Al-Kubaisi: we seek to open prospects for cooperation with the ministries of agriculture and water resources and their Chambers, the aim of expanding agricultural investment in the country as one of the goals of the institution.


Work extends the time of receipt of the annual statement to mid-February

BAGHDAD : role Ameri extended the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs submission annual statement by the covered salaries of social protection to the fourteenth of February next.

said Director General of the Department of Social Welfare in the Ministry Salem Gomaa Abdel Saheb's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that the ministry had identified on Thursday as the deadline for receipt of the annual statement on the beneficiaries of subsidies social protection network, but the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Nassar al-Rubaie face extend the submission annual statement to the fourteenth of February next, taking into account the circumstances of humanitarian and health are covered by these subsidies from those who did not submit the statement Annual in Baghdad and the provinces during the previous period with the exception of the unemployed that their completed previously.


Today .. Telecommunications Law and Informatics on the agenda of the parliament session

Baghdad Farah pumice : parliamentary source revealed early Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network, on the status of the presidency of the parliament Telecommunications Law and Informatics on the agenda of today's meeting. As ruled Congress to be voted on in the same meeting.

said committee member legal parliamentary Mahmoud Hassan in a statement �Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network�: The �bill of Communications and Informatics regulates the institutions, which holds spectrum also includes the granting of licenses for spectrum, in addition to organize the work of the Telecommunications Authority in a manner consistent with the reality in Iraq, is also under which the organization of work cables that relate to communication and coordination between the Commission and the Ministry of Communications �.

predicted Hassan said voting on the law during the parliamentary session on Wednesday, referring to the lack of objection to the law.


Iraq to settle airline dispute with Kuwait with a single USD500m payment
Nov 28 2012

Haider Ibrahim: The Iraqi government is likely to pay in a single tranche a USD 500 million settlement to end a conflict between Iraqi Airways and Kuwait Airways to pave the way for the development of a joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti airline venture, a senior official told Zawya.

Iraq and Kuwait reached to an agreement in March 2012 to resolve the airline dispute arising from the destruction and seizure of Kuwait Airways assets during the 1990-1991 Gulf War.

The reparation was to be made in two tranches - USD 300 million by the end of 2012 and USD 200 million in the first quarter of 2013 as investment in a joint airline venture between the two nations.


Maliki orders to cut the salaries of three battalions of Kurdish band 12
November 28 2012

A source familiar with the Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki made the decision to cut the salaries and allowances of three battalions of the band 12.

The source said the three regiments that have been reported to cut payroll consists drawn from the Kurds, most of whom were from the protections officials in the Kurdish parties were organized in the framework of the band mentioned.

He added that the General Command of the Armed Forces has also cut off all allocations from the Military College in Qala Golan and the Military College in Zakho subsidiaries to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

They pointed out that these measures have been taken because of the tension between the province and the center on the Tigris Operations Command.


Vice President of the Government of Kurdistan confirms the importance of the representations of the region in Alkharh developing relations
November 28 2012

Erbil (news): Vice President of the Government of Kurdistan, the importance of the Government of the Territory Representations abroad, noting that the Iraqi constitution grants the region the right to be his representations, praised for its work in building political relations and the development of trade and economic activities and cultural exchanges.

This came during a visit by Imad Ahmed and Nechirvan Ahmed, chairman of the Council of Minister's Office and Chairman of the Department of follow-up in the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday, the Department of Foreign Relations in Kurdistan.

A statement by the provincial government received Agency (news) copy of it on Wednesday: Deputy Prime Kurdistan Regional Government pointed to the large number of consulates and diplomatic offices in the region, and there are a number of other countries seeking to opening representative offices in the region.

The below posts were in our 6pm email

"Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, Tuesday, that the budget for next year 2013 will be the new currency after deleting three zeros from the current currency, arguing that the reluctance of traders and companies from trading in the Iraqi currency behind the adoption of the Central Bank project to delete the zeros." Full Article & Link at end of Post

Easyrider: Chapter 7 doesn't have bearing on the value of their currency and revaluing those are UN sanctions, what we need to see is them enter into Article 8 through the IMF which deals with their currency going international they are 2 separate things completely.

Therefore I believe they can still revalue being present under chapter 7 sanctions. There are Articles and there are sanctions dealing with borders and war reparations, also countries to start arming themsleves those are the type of sanctions they are under. I do believe a change in the currency is happening in January.

NO Erbil? Who cares we dont need the erbil for them to RV do some ressearch will ya? the erbil is probably one of the most complicated laws between the blocs that will ever be done to man it involves what saddam did to the kurds it might never get settled and oil in tirkuk.



Getting NOTHING today from all the regular contacts... just like yesterday.... Which as Charlie Chan might have said on the silver screen 7 decades ago, "leaves two possibilities:" The first is the easily acceptable "Nothing IS happening"... period.

The other choice is that what ever IS happening is at levels that have such security and involve such people of high position that even the best contacts are uninformed or denied access to the meetings, schedules and topics of discussion.

I am informed from my Primary sources that this is in fact our scenario. "They" do know that we are watching and that they have "leaks" at the high up levels too, so they are ramping up security as well as increasing the onslaught of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies!
xyz] China central bank official slams U.S. tax dodging law

...U.S. should find a better way to tackle tax evasion than the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). "It creates unreasonable costs for foreign financial institutions and directly contravenes many countries' privacy and data protection laws," he said during the Thomson Reuters Pan-Asia Regulatory Summit.

[findmoney] Stop looking at 1 thing like the Iraq RV. Its a whole new system. Iraq is just waiting like us for this to happen. Thats why u followers of Iraq see the same ol crap.

JstBringIt] One of my custs is a tax guy and he came by today and had just attended a tax workshop...Here is the reality... We as middle classers will have child credits cut from 1000 to 600, if you own a business that is S corp or llc, you will be taxed on all dividends at the same rate as income.....

[findmoney] I come back here and people are talking taxes on something they dont have yet. Thats weird

[findmoney] Ill explain so u know. Ive been sent here for a purpose. Take a glance at the charts first

[sailman] findmoney Just noticed the Metals indexes are all bouncing around like a pin ball game =---- any relavence to our RV --- just thought maybe the alignment we have been looking for may be coming up ??
Read More

The Republic of Iraq - The Ministry of Planning

The Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency in Economic Feasibility Studies

Below are the central controls related to the exchange rate of the foreign currency to convert the project inputs and outputs from foreign currency to its equivalent in the local currency, and that is by calculating the net discounted present value standard and the internal return on investments in economic analysis that governs investment projects that costs excess one million dinars.

Estimate the shadow price of foreign currency:

1. It is necessary to put central controls to amend the official exchange rate * to reflect the shadow price of the foreign currency, and that is considered one of the necessary requirements to implement the net discounted present value standard and the internal return rate on investment in the economic calculation stated in the instructions, paragraph nine

The central controls for adjusting market prices distinguished a group of outputs and inputs traded internationally, where the projects production or usage of them is reflected on the abundance of foreign currency in the economy and thus project outputs or inputs used of such are considered purely foreign currency outputs or inputs.

Dinar Updates will be doing an "Interactive, Dial-in - Q&A Conference Call" at 6:30 pm CST Wednesday

Dinar Updates Q&A Conference Call

Nov 28th - 6:30pm CST with BGG and guests

760-569-7676 pin 593395#

The Big Call with FootForward Tuesday Night Recording Link and Replay #'s


Playback 1-559-726-1159 123456# PIN

73 Minutes

[Adam Montana] let's have our weekly chat... Topic: official chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] First - I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday and holiday weekend

[Adam Montana] now on to the current Dinar situation There is no specific "date" that I can nail down, but I have to say.... things are looking very interesting And I mean that in a good way

[Adam Montana] I am constantly in touch with people (bankers, politicians, investors, etc) that are HEAVY hitters, and some of them are very involved in the Dinar

[Adam Montana] while I don't have anything concrete to share, I'm starting to feel a vibe... have you ever played Bingo? You know how when the ball pops up on the screen, and suddenly you hear a "buzzing" from one of the tables across the room? And you know they got BINGO... that's kind of what this feels like right now

[Adam Montana] I hate to even insinuate that one of the "Gurus" out there might be right about a DATE, but I sure won't be disappointed if one of them turns out to be right this time!

[findmoney] Its kinda amusing. It costs Iraq 100 times at least to print a currency note than what its really worth. And the USA GOV finally figured out that it cost then 4.1 cents to mint a penny and 16 cents for a nickle. Go figure

[ready4riches] what time is the rv i want to be sure i am here happy happy

[texasguey] findmoney anit it the truth

[Stitch] findmoney Charities can be checked out here

[MrMiyagi] g'day mates.....what is the latest on our RV

[findmoney] Just have to see whats happening in the world. Financially. This is a crescent into a new system. You better think again as to where O went to first after election. And it wasnt to Rothchilds House in England or France

[3than] findmoney where did mr o go?

findmoney] 3than asia

3than] findmoney hmmmm didnt know that.... why do you think he went there?

[findmoney] 3than Follow the money
Read More



[devildogmom] : I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you

[findmoney] I was told several months ago they would set the price of gold as the tier 1 backing of the financial system at 1700 .

[findmoney] Looks like they have pulled the the trigger!!!!

[ConeyDog] findmoney what are you basing that statement on? I'm looking at that webpage

[ready4riches] findmoney what does it mean?

[pmw1973] metals dropping

[cruiser] GM All!

[cruiser] findmoney interestng link. Please explain?

[findmoney] Metals are selling off for banks and hedge funds to cover margin calls on losses in the stock market

[cruiser] findmoney not that part. The tier 1 banking side of it
Read More

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Calls to speed up the legislation of the oil and gas law
28/11/2012 08:41

Called the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary to speed up enactment of a law of oil and gas to reduce the financial and administrative corruption was rampant in this sector, and sandbox according to the constitution, stressing that the formation of an ad hoc committee by the federal government and the Kurdistan region as well as producing provinces to develop a clear mechanism to get a result satisfactory to oil and gas law , recalling Altgariraly that Iraq would be the source of the world's needs in the next 25 years.

The deputy chairman of the Commission on oil and energy Dhari Fayad told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that oil and gas law represents the spirit of the political process and motivation to work for building the institutions of state and government and the future of Iraq, noting that there are ways and many ways to solve and resolve all the problems impeding the adoption of this law. added: "that the Constitution is clear and Article 112 which states that the federal government is concerned draw oil in coordination policies with the producing regions and provinces."
Read More
50 thousand Iraqis still missing since the eighties War
28/11/2012 08:57

Department reported human rights that the number of remains of victims of Iran-Iraq war who was extradited from the Iranian side reached more than 9 thousand, in addition to receipt of about 65 thousand prisoners, while still more than 50 thousand missing, while the total number remains the 1991 Gulf War who was extradited from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia 312 along with 80 thousand prisoners, and there are more than 5 thousands of Iraqis missing.

The Undersecretary Hussein Zuhairi told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that the Iraqi side received from the Iranian side nine thousand and (162) to Iraqis extracted from the battlefield was extradited during the war with Iran in the eighties of the last century, and (2185) information identity, even the eighteenth of October of this year, while the total number of prisoners from the war 65 thousand and (866) prisoners, noting that 56 thousand and (542) of them returned to the country by the International Red Cross, as well as the 1606 prisoners returned illegally before the fall of the dictatorial regime on the ninth of April 2003, in addition to 5922 of them returned the same way after this date, explaining that the number of deceased in captivity reached 1627 prisoners, recognizing the Iraqi side remains 1166 of them in 2002, and remained number of prisoners is returning 169 prisoners, noting that during the year 1991 4752 prisoners were detained them returned from Iran.
Official Journal of President Talabani's party accuses the son of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki corruption of Russian arms deal
Wednesday 28/11/2012 11:59 am

Baghdad - Hisham Khalid: Official newspaper accused the PUK prime minister's son "Ahmed" the corruption of Russian arms deal,

The newspaper, the Union in its issue on Tuesday about the involvement of the Iraqi prime minister's son Ahmed in the suspicions of corruption that long arms deal with Russia.

The newspaper added on to San current Liberal leader of the Sadrist movement Mohammad Reza al-Khafaji, as saying that "among the defendants with Russian arms deal corruption Ahmed al-Maliki, the son of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."

In the same context, revealed the newspaper (Gulf News) Khafaji said that "suspicions of corruption in this transaction associated with the names of each of Ahmed al-Maliki the prime minister's son, Ali al-Dabbagh, spokesman for the government, and deputy Izzat Shabandar member of a coalition of state law, he said."
Read More
Barzani was ready to give up all differences for solution operations Tigris
Wednesday 28 November 2012 12:35

Baghdad / Orr News: Political sources revealed pressure Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani on some politicians in Baghdad in order to bend the commander in chief of the armed forces, Nouri al-Maliki for his decision to impose control Tigris Operations Command on Kirkuk.

The sources said that Barzani expressed his willingness to reach an agreement with Maliki and forget the differences that erupted between the region and the center in the event of canceled Tigris Operations Command, indicating that the pressure Barzani to come through interests owned by politicians in Kurdistan.

Barzani confirmed that became in a very weak position after he left Western nations in this situation alone because the case was a major violation of the constitution. The sources said that al-Maliki has instructed to what is the most serious military incursion Operations Command the Tigris in Kirkuk, noting that the territory came under the hammer-Maliki.
Click for Link
Iraq: Maliki named ministers of security instead of forming processes Tigris
2012-11-28 09:32

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity: The MP said the Iraqi List and Walid Abboud Mohammadi, that today things military politicize for electoral purposes and party was not for security purposes as well as to the security situation confused and when fear Kurdish side of the formation Operations Command Tigris it is because there is no safety in the Iraqi provinces maintained by the Iraqi army.

He Mohammadi told the "integrity of electronic" that "operations Tigris is unconstitutional and not welcome in the disputed areas and the fact that these areas do not need to so a number of military units because this increases the political differences, referring to" the need to leave these things to another time to the fact that the current situation and the environment available inappropriate for such a things, wishing that "resolving these issues wisely so you do not go to the complexity of the political and security landscape of the new.

The student member of the Iraqi List, "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces not to form pieces or operations without needed noting" the need to be performed by filling voids in the portfolios of security would be better to go to the formation of new teams and the militarization of society and that increase government leaner and we are in the time we need to Limbering government budget and address that became today the biggest budget in the Middle East, alas.
The army and the Peshmerga putting the finishing touches to end the crisis today

BAGHDAD - morning : Alaa al-Tai hoped to accomplish federal army and the Peshmerga day working paper framed terms of the agreement between the parties to address and contain the crisis, which he described President Jalal Talabani as insoluble and must work to resolve them through application of the Constitution and work, while stressing House Speaker Osama Najafi pay attention to political negotiations whenever minor glitches technical negotiations and military obstacles to avoid confrontation, stressing the importance of negotiation in a positive atmosphere and a return to what it was before the year 2009.

Talabani said during an expanded meeting with center organizations Arbil PUK: �he according to the constitution does not may involving the army in political differences and not dragged into internal problems �. called Talabani �Kurdistan Alliance to dialogue with the National Alliance to address the problems�, stressing the Kurdish Alliance - Shiite, which serves all parties to that alliance between Kurds and Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites and alliance between the northern homeland and central and south.
Read More
Baghdad and Erbil agree in principle to withdraw their troops from the disputed areas

Erbil: Shirzad Shaikhani continue military delegation Kurdish negotiations in Baghdad with Iraqi military leaders to ease tensions in the disputed areas private area of Tuz in an atmosphere of cautious optimism expressed spokesman KRG Sven Daza Yi, who said in a statement moved the official website of the Government of , that the talks between the Kurdish and Iraqi delegations taking place in a positive atmosphere, and that negotiators are focusing their efforts to calm the situation and improve the security situation in the disputed territories to return to the Convention in 2009 and discussed all the key points that led to the occurrence of this military crisis between the two parties.

The official spokesman revealed that the Government of the Territory is now preparing to send the Minister of Peshmerga and Interior Minister to Baghdad to ratify the decisions and agreements reached by the negotiators during the current round.

Meanwhile, quoted media sources for Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who chaired a meeting of the organizations party within the province Irbil as saying that �the existing problems between the KRG and the federal government are solvable, and must work to resolve them through application of the Constitution and abide by�, stressing that �according to the Constitution may not involve the army in political disputes or problems Interior�, calling coalitions Kurdistan and national Shiite to dialogue to address the problems, and pointing out that �tense situation that occurred because of the formation of the leadership of the Tigris serve chauvinists, and the Kurds have logic and the Constitution to confront�.
Read More
America's ambassador in Jordan: Iraq will import movement active in the field of reconstruction

BAGHDAD / JD : confirmed U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Stuart Jones role port "obstacle" vital in the field of maritime transport and logistics which would maximize benefit and take advantage of the arrival of goods through the port to Iraq that will see the movement of import active in the field of reconstruction and construction.

said Jones, during his meeting with Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the authority of Aqaba Special Economic Zone full Mahadin The Aqaba a success story, "adding that America on fully to provide all possible support to move forward with this story developmental sophisticated.
Read More
Khalil: New calls to withdraw confidence from Maliki
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 11:18

Baghdad (AIN) : MP, Mahma Khalil, of the Kurdistani Alliance confirmed that there are new calls by some political blocs, he did not name them, for withdrawing confidence from the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki."

Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he said "The proposal of withdrawing confidence from Maliki is still valid," noting that "At the current stage, this proposal is more effective and clear."

"The President, Jalal Talabani, can use his constitutional right in withdrawing confidence form the current government if there enough supporting votes."

"Some blocs launched huge efforts to endorse the law presented by the Sadrist MPs for limiting the terms of the three Presidencies to two terms," he concluded.
Click for Link
Member of the Finance Committee: the current crisis, the central bank does not affect the project to delete the zeros .. And will be implemented through the year (2014)
28/11/2012 08:22:38 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) :Ruled out a member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Amin Hadi Abbas, the impact of the current crisis, the central bank on the project to delete the three zeroes from the national currency, stressing its implementation and probably will be based during the year (2014).

Abbas said (of the Agency news): The device of the central bank a large and complex, as it contains multiple sections, and a large number of financial experts and economists, therefore, strategic projects are not linked to a particular person in the bank (governor).
Read More

Communications Act moving the country towards a new dictatorship

The future of Iraq / special: Parliamentary source disclosed that the Council will vote at its thirty-fourth day Wednesday on the Telecommunications Law and Informatics, pointing out that the law "one of the most serious laws that may restrict freedom of expression," he says.

The source, who preferred anonymity, told the "Future of Iraq" The law states that the squatters in the online reach of which are also subject to punishment extended to 20 years in prison, noting that the supposed crimes General addresses the strategic security of her children and public morals.
Read More
The below posts were in our 10am email


BLESSME] Flashing hello good morning. Whats the good news today?

[flashing] BLESSME 1.yesterday the Kuwait ambassador met with Iraq Minister of Foreign Affairs. 2. Iraq presented a buget with a deficit of 20 trillion dinars. how u balance a deficit, just with more revenues. Where they will get such revenues? happy 3. Parliament in a meeting asn in order to conduct

[flashing] the second readings and other things in their agenda.

[flashing] BLESSME strong rumors about it . remember rumors .

[flashing] Baghdad (AIN) -The Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hoshyar Zebari, met the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq, Ali Mohamed Muamen, and they discussed the mutual cases between Iraq and Kuwait.

[flashing] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in statement received by AIN on Tuesday ''During the meeting, the two sides discussed the joint relations and the activities of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint committee to consolidate the common interests concerning the maintenance of border signs and the Kuwaiti

[flashing] Airways file.'' The statement added ''Iraq confirmed its commitment to fulfill its international obligations and promoting the joint cooperation between the two countries." \ End


The IQD Team with Special Guest LJ
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay -  November 27, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#
What a Great Round Table Discussion with Straight Talkin Mike and LJ from LJ's Next Step Team Tonight
Please listen to the replay in its entirety.... A written recap would not do this call justice.  Enjoy!

The I.Q.D. Team's News Coverage
for Tuesday - November 27, 2012


Expert: citizens should be encouraged to handle credit card to facilitate banking transactions

Deleting three zeros and add the Kurdish language as well as English and Arabic for the new currency


While Iraqis suffer poverty .. cook Maliki has 4 apartments in the Green Zone

They said the next boom depends on the construction
American experts: draft �guillotine legislation will save the economy of Iraq bad

Controversy about the new tariff

Electoral Commission determines the number of provincial seats in each constituency


    mailman17 (16:56:56):  hello    (})
    junebug: hello, mailman.............did u find the rv
     mailman17: yes
    junebug: i knew u would lol

    mailman17:    med and i had a very nice chat as we always do    when we put our minds together....fill in the blank..

    junebug: i give us the bottom line from your conversation

    mailman17:    the one thing i reiterated to him was this though    as i said before...this chat and admins and newshounds are number 1    me and med give different perspective    as it should be   two sides of a coin are better than 1    but we almost always see eye to eye

    the thing about bond lady that caught my eye is that she is one of only a couple outside this forum i respect    if she and her newshounds saw something in respect to the gazette    i believe her    now that said    if it wasnt there when med and the rest of ds looked....  thats also correct cant see whats not there anymore    they pulled it   and fast


11-27-12 blaino: tomorrow may be the fulcrum upon which our future turns, rejoice and be glad of it. i am with much knowledge, the telling of which must await the fullness of time and the turning of the markers but this is the sum of that which can be shared:

those who know, say that we are indeed upon the brink in many ways, the follower may become the leader, the value of the follower, once become the leader is ten fold the expected, and opens the game! the leader if converted to the follower will be restored to former position and be increased in a small way for the time spent chained.

think on this and the unmentionable truth will be revealed to you, but query not in a public way on this, else all may be lost! be still and think, for the purpose for acquiring knowledge is to use that knowledge to think.

you are closer than you may know to the pinnacle of the promise. consider all of this in silence and gather your strength, such as you concieve it to be, focus that upon the goal and accept what comes your way, even now.

 i think we will see it very soon, not after the 1st of january! watch out for confiscatory rates (taxes)!   way better than iqd for increase in value!!!

the vnd has been sitting at 2.08 to the usd off and on all day today and yesterday. that means that last week you got 20,755 vnd to one usd. now you get 2.08516 vnd to one usd or about 48 cents and change for each vnd. way better than iqd for increase in value!!!
The below posts shaded in green
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Nineveh is negotiating with oil to petro-dollar coverage draft

Mosul morning announced the Nineveh provincial council for the formation of a committee will negotiate with the Oil Ministry for the inclusion of the province within the project petrodollars, and appealed to a source in the local government for the implementation of refinery maintenance being owns 15 percent of the stock of the country's oil. between official source at the Council of Nineveh told (Center Brief Iraqi Media Network), "The Oil Ministry has agreed to post conservative policy oil own," stressing that "next week will announce a committee that includes members of the Nineveh provincial council and experts oilfields and advisers from the Court of the province, will cost to negotiate with the Ministry of Oil on exploration of new in Nineveh and share of the province, including within the project petro-dollars. "said Chairman Media Committee of the Board of Nineveh Saad Talius's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that" owning maintain 15 percent of the stock of the country's oil enhances the idea of establishing oil refinery in the province to eliminate the scarcity of fuel suffered by the province for many years ", and appealed to" members of the local government to exercise their role in pressuring the oil ministry to include the construction of the refinery in Mosul within the next projects. "


America's ambassador in Jordan: Iraq will import movement active in the field of reconstruction

BAGHDAD / JD : confirmed U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Stuart Jones role port "obstacle" vital in the field of maritime transport and logistics which would maximize benefit and take advantage of the arrival of goods through the port to Iraq that will see the movement of import active in the field of reconstruction and construction.

said Jones, during his meeting with Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the authority of Aqaba Special Economic Zone full Mahadin The Aqaba a success story, "adding that America on fully to provide all possible support to move forward with this story developmental sophisticated.


Claim parliamentary add 2 billion dinars to the health allocations in the budget

BAGHDAD / JD : trying to Health and Environment Committee parliamentary claim to add 2 billion dinars for allocations within the budget in 2013, so as to develop the health situation in the country.

said Deputy Chairman of the Committee Iraqi List MP Hamza Alkrtani's / JD /: "The health situation in the Iraq worsening and need to allocations of additional development. "

He Alkrtani, if the amount to be added to the allocations health of up to 2 billion dinars, to build hospitals and bring foreign labor, and Achtsa�aan.


Agreement 2009: Kurdish options

Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar carp may not be agreement that was recently between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which led to the withdrawal of troops on both sides to their positions prior final solution to the existing problems between the two parties, so that these problems deeper than the recent crisis, which may not look only the tip of the iceberg. It is no secret that between Baghdad and Erbil structural and constitutional problems and many political and oil.
If the agreement of 2009 provided a quick solution to the crisis last, it might not only be a quick solution, or �aspirin�, or perhaps the deportation of the crisis deeper concerning, as is the case in all the political crises community deep, wealth and land, power and identity of the state.

These are the four pillars that erupt because of wars, civil or international. and the recent crisis were not far from the war option, has been moving troops in the skies psychological and political congested, and it was possible to break out with the simplest friction or error in judgment or because even a stray bullet emanating from a gun carried by a young soldier, or Peshmerga young, because of psychological stress experienced by each. options Kurds in the recent crisis revolves around three things: separation, war, seizing the disputed areas, or mixed, as in the recent term trading. remain the option of secession, or independence exists with or without this crisis. Day after day increasingly convinced the Kurds that they nation deserves independence and the nation-state.


House disengagement rivers of the Central Bank

BAGHDAD / JD : The Council of Ministers approved in its disengagement House Mesopotamia from the central bank and attached to the Ministry of Education, also agreed to consider convert Iraqis schools in abroad to central funding next year.

The statement said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the council approved the continuation of the system of self-financing for schools Iraqi abroad for the academic year 2012 - 2013 and look to transfer to central funding in the next academic year that the Ministry of Education with the support of these schools of its budget as needed in the case of insufficient allocations The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance to provide the necessary funds to support these schools, maintenance and continuity.

He added: The Council also approved a bill disengagement House Mesopotamia for printing of the Central Bank of Iraq and attached to the Ministry of Education and the deletion of paragraph 2 of the project and forwarded to the House of Representatives.


Medhat al-Mahmoud: We will release all female �Central� if the end of the investigation
11/28/2012 11:44 AM

Attributed the Supreme Judicial Council not to release 20 female employees central bank reserves more than a month ago not to the end of the interrogation, adding that the investigation is still in its early stages.

He stressed that he would be released on bail or certified the patent if the end of the investigation, stressing his commitment to provide justice and maintain their dignity.

On the other hand, the Board considered the Supreme Judicial, that the memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday, with his Italian counterpart is a road map should be activated to reach the broad prospects of cooperation with Italy, saying he needed to experience Italian judiciary in the fight against money laundering and cross-border crimes.

Said Medhat al-Mahmoud, head of the Supreme Judicial Council that he "will be released for 20 employee of female central bank bail or certified innocence immediately after the investigation, which is still in its early stages," stressing that "in spite of keeping them in custody, we are dedicated to providing justice and maintenance of dignity , as each prisoner, but we look for the accused and the victim took one look a look at the law. "


Parliament votes today on a bill communications, information and discuss the final accounts
11/28/2012 10:27 AM

Vote of the House of Representatives on Wednesday at its thirty-fourth on the bill communications and information and discuss the final accounts of the general budget .

A statement from the Information Office of the House of Representatives that "the House of Representatives will read the first reading of the draft law, animal health and the First Amendment of the Act Agricultural Credit Fund Act of peasants and small farmers {28} for the year 2009. "


Larijani confirmed the parking of the Islamic Republic with the unity and stability of Iraq
11/28/2012 12:53 AM

Visited Shura Council Chairman Ali Larijani references the Big Four in the holy city of Najaf, saying that his country emphasizes the unity and integrity and independence of Iraq.

oversees Mr. Ali Larijani visited references four from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani in his office on Tuesday in addition to the rest of the references adults are ayatollahs Mr. Mohammed Said al-Hakim and Sheikh Mohammed Ishaq Al-Fayad and Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi in addition to his visit to the headquarters of Mr. Mohammed Bahr al-Ulum. "


Formation of a committee to establish contract controls companies and the Ministry of Industry with local and international companies 
28/11/2012 14:13:35 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Formed in the Cabinet Secretariat of the Commission shall determine the mechanism and to develop appropriate controls for contracting companies and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals with Iraqi companies, Arab and foreign.

According to a statement of the Secretariat received Agency (news) copy of it on Wednesday: The Committee aims to develop production and performance of the companies that submit its recommendations to General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers later. added: Committee was formed based on the command Diwani (112) for the year 2012 and headed by Assistant Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers for Administrative and Financial Affairs Obaid replaced Freeh and representatives from the Ministries of Justice and Industry and Minerals and BSA.


Member of the Finance Committee: the current crisis, the central bank does not affect the project to delete the zeros .. And will be implemented through the year (2014)
28/11/2012 08:22:38 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Ruled out by the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Amin Hadi Abbas, the impact of the crisis the central bank the current project to delete the three zeroes from the national currency, stressing implementation exists and will probably be during the year (2014).

Abbas said (of the Agency news): The device Bank Central large and complex, as it contains multiple partitions and a large number of financial experts and economists, so the projects strategy is not linked to a particular person in the bank (governor).

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