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11am November 28th, 2015

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Early Saturday Morning:

Dinar Updates: 

Q:  [u r talkin Dec to enter the world market?]

wmawhite : The translation from the IMF came out a couple of different ways. I read it has an expectation the IMF has that Iraq will be re-entering the global markets sometime within the first half of 2016. In order to do so what does Iraq need to have?

Answer: a currency it calls its own with a value that reflect the true wealth of Iraq.

I don't think they are waiting on is evident that the CBI/GOI/IMF plus a few we don't know about have been working together to the IMF said, bring Iraq back into the economic markets by sometime during the first half of 2016.

Iraq wants the world to know...they want all folks to see them as a great place to invests. They want the IQD to be used worldwide...because that runs the value of the IQD up.


Martha:  The day isn't over and we need the RI to be in before the 30th.

The UN operational rate isn't even done yet and people are already looking toward Jan.
IMO China is giving us a gift of a lead (to exchange before public)to prevent the storming of the banks.

THE RV HAS HAPPENED ALREADY actually several times since April 22,2015.

We are hearing that no one is stopping this. I see some people are throwing dispersions at Bruce because we don't have the 800# right this second.

The negativity is unbelievable.   We still hear that the plan is in place and we will be able to go  in before the 30th.

The rates are in place and they are better than expected. The rates may go up more on the 30th/dec.1.Also remember the Rial can be exchanged on Dec 2.

No news is good news. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. I am waiting on info on the pvt group to see if they were funded today.

The plan was quite defined and so far things have happened on schedule with some minor banking issues.

I just saw an article that stated how bad black Friday is financially. Well, we have 3 weeks to help correct it.

Keeping Iraq Together May Be A Fading Hope  (OPINION)
Parliamentary debate about potential British airstrikes also concerns de facto partition at home and abroad. Will Labour formally split before or after the world recognises that Iraq and Syria probably cannot continue in their current form?
First, David Cameron's government must win enough MPs to agree that RAF jets fly over Syria and help crush Daesh. Cameron's campaign of persuasion began with a detailed Commons statement where he calmly answered questions from 103 MPs.


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Iko Ward: If Forex remains at 1166 and sets that way for the weekend I'd say they are aligning with the CBI so a new rate can be set Sunday Night.

Iko Ward :   I also believe we will RV before Sunday night. If we have not RV'd by Monday 11/30, when the IMF and the Chinese are set to announce China's inclusion as an official reserve currency, we will see an Asian revolt and unilateral moves by Russia and China and probably a few others who are keeping a low profile to force the Dinar RV. Enough is enough. The arrogance of the West must be called ti the carpet.

Rock1941:  IKO only problem the west has always been able to kick the can down the road, hope there are constraints this time!!


Wealthwatch Friday Chat 11-27-15  

OOTW: i still see nothing at the supreme judiciary's site re the decision on the vp's
Doug_W: sooo    Doug_W: we Wait.......
 In #Kirkuk area alone Arabs accuse Kurds of demolishing more than 50 villages previously held by Islamic State #Iraq
chattels: MAINZ, Germany - Germany said it is bolstering its military presence in Iraq's Kurdistan Region and deploy jets in the fight against ISIS, following a French plea to EU allies after the deadly bombings in Paris. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and ministers decided on extending the German military mission in the war against the Islamic State.
Update: Nori al -Maliki Saga

Today I am presenting you with an article that tells us where the case against Maliki stands in the court system of Iraq. Here is the juicy part of this article below-

I quote directly from the article- "According to judicial sources private Iraqi, he 'was an implicit agreement to freeze proceedings against al-Maliki, which led to the overthrow of three prominent judges, and refer them to retire, after they refused to comply with the recommendations of the government and parliament".

In other words now we know why the proceedings against Maliki were stalled in Iraq for his actions concerning Mosul. Basically three of the judges froze the proceedings and refused to hear the case further. So we now see these judges are being forced into retirement. Seems to me they want to (and will) move forward with this case.

They are also telling us the evidence is overwhelming against Maliki.

(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6840 - "The CBI Halted the 50k Note Distribution- Why?"  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Sorry everyone. Today's news letter is VERY long once again. Really I am trying to shorten them. It is all very interesting especially about two very controversial articles from the CBI as of lately. These articles seem to be contradicting all the efforts made in the last month on the project to "delete the zeros". It can get confusing.

I am only reporting on these articles and trying to make sense of them just like you are. So let's work together and see if we can make any sense of this latest news and what it means to our investment and this ongoing RV saga. 
Today's News

Emailed to Recaps:

Martha:  It seems that the only concern now is date and rate.  I have heard that the plan is in motion and that those of us in Dinarland have the opportunity to be first in .....before the whole world see this.

Also hearing that the forex isn't going to change until the 30th/12/1,when the Renminbi  is announced officially.

Bruce mentioned the 29th.... of course depending on the time zone....The 29th would normally be the day to release new money and move money.

Hearing that Iraq was told to move the LD's sooner.

With all these minor glitches, today 11/27 is the full moon, a sign of completion and hopefully we will be at the bank shortly.

I am hearing that we will be given the honor, before the rest of the world to receive this blessing.

The basket of currency has been in place and moving since the beginning of November. Also note that the Rial is not available for 48 hours after the RV (11/30) is (hopefully) officially released.

 Realize that the RV dates will differ in the history books but the 20th- 22nd will be the day of month.

We have been full of could have, should have, and didn't have for various reasons.

We lived this history and I for one am ready for a change.

Russia's Central Bank Adds Yuan To Reserve Currency Basket
Russia's Central Bank Adds Yuan To Reserve Currency Basket - sources
Business & Economy  November 27, 16:29 UTC+3

According to the sources, the share of Russian reserves in yuan in the near future will remain small and symbolic
MOSCOW, November 27. /TASS/. Russia's Central Bank has added the Chinese yuan to the foreign exchange reserve basket, two sources close to the bank told TASS. They added the bank does not plan purchasing operations of yuan-nominated assets in the near future.