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6pm November 28th, 2015

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Dinar Updates Chat  11-27-15  Part 1 of 2
Pablo says to wmawhite():  What do you think Maliki's going to do now in light of the recent judicial decision?
wmawhite saysHere is a very good new media outlet from Kurdistan. I check it every morning:
wmawhite says to PabloI expect that he will continue to debate and negotiate until something concrete is decided concerning him. Remember: it is not over until it is over............some great NY Yankee catcher said that once...........I think.........
_firefly_ says to wmawhite: Reduction of 6 trillion dinars from the budget ceiling and the adoption of US $ 40 as the price for a barrel of oil - November 25, 2015
_firefly_ says Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the drafting of a parliamentary proposal to cut about 6 trillion dinars of the total expenses of the general budget for the new year 2016,


Sundancer: Does anyone know why UN rate was posted first time in 5 YEARS for iraq but no change at 1170. Does this seem a slap in the face to China, and Russia and Dinarians by the PTB?

OK Rocks:  Sundancer that is great news! they are there, and the rates can be updated at any time, to have them listed is awesome!

Sundancer:  You mean it says ok Iraq this is the rate you can change it as you will?
luvwulfs : sundancer GM, I don't think it was even listed before, so for it to be on the board period, is a good thing

OK Rocks:  Sundancer it means they have now included Iraq! as they state on UN site these rates can be updated at any time

Sundancer:  Then we are finally here Iraq has the permission from UN to change as it wills then!!!!

FreedomBoomer: Sundancer hasn't that been there all along?


Wealthwatch Friday Chat 11-27-15  Part 2 of 2

TxBrand: Baghdad] Federal Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of Osama Al-nujaifi, the abolition of the posts of Vice-Presidents of the Republic under the resolutions of the reforms made by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi. 
Legal expert said Tariq Harb for each agency in Iraq that "the Tribunal responded the appeal of one of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic [covered by cancellation of senior positions]," Noting that "this challenge confirms the constitutionality of the decision to abolish these posts".
Federal Supreme Court, has deferred on the 17th of this month to consider two complaints submitted by the head of a coalition uniting Osama Al-nujaifi, to challenge the decision to abolish the post of Deputy President to 24 month [Tuesday] for the purpose of completing legal procedures, and provide the parties own reply.

The Cabinet was voted in 11 August, approving a package of government reforms included the abolition of Deputy Ministers Presidents. finished

Wealthwatch Friday Chat 11-27-15  Part 1 of 2

Donnie: Economic parliamentary: the currency of the 50 000 dinars does not affect the value of the Iraqi dinar
Donnie: Najib said in a press statement that "the printed 50 000 dinars category soon and put on the market will not affect the value of the Iraqi currency at all."
Lauren305: [Where] published the text of the response of the Federal Court to appeal against the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic [Baghdad-where] The Federal Supreme Court rejected the appeal submitted by Osama Najafi to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic within the reforms made by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decisions and approved by the House of Representatives.
My personal thoughts from Martha

As usual I did some homework early this Saturday  AM.

I re- read OM notes from Okie, a person I have known vicariously thru the Internet and whom highly respect.

He was quite positive about this week (call was 11/23). Okay, so as of yesterday still no 800#.

Iko made mention of a possible move of money this weekend but by whom?

If you have been watching, It seems they have been "baiting" the so called hedgers and then arresting them and returning the money. You should start seeing  more arrests publicly.
Now, we all know the RV is on our doorstep. Right?

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter
Early Saturday Morning:

Dinar Updates: 

Q:  [u r talkin Dec to enter the world market?]

wmawhite : The translation from the IMF came out a couple of different ways. I read it has an expectation the IMF has that Iraq will be re-entering the global markets sometime within the first half of 2016. In order to do so what does Iraq need to have?

Answer: a currency it calls its own with a value that reflect the true wealth of Iraq.

I don't think they are waiting on is evident that the CBI/GOI/IMF plus a few we don't know about have been working together to the IMF said, bring Iraq back into the economic markets by sometime during the first half of 2016.

Iraq wants the world to know...they want all folks to see them as a great place to invests. They want the IQD to be used worldwide...because that runs the value of the IQD up.


Martha:  The day isn't over and we need the RI to be in before the 30th.

The UN operational rate isn't even done yet and people are already looking toward Jan.
IMO China is giving us a gift of a lead (to exchange before public)to prevent the storming of the banks.

THE RV HAS HAPPENED ALREADY actually several times since April 22,2015.

We are hearing that no one is stopping this. I see some people are throwing dispersions at Bruce because we don't have the 800# right this second.

The negativity is unbelievable.   We still hear that the plan is in place and we will be able to go  in before the 30th.

The rates are in place and they are better than expected. The rates may go up more on the 30th/dec.1.Also remember the Rial can be exchanged on Dec 2.

No news is good news. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. I am waiting on info on the pvt group to see if they were funded today.

The plan was quite defined and so far things have happened on schedule with some minor banking issues.

I just saw an article that stated how bad black Friday is financially. Well, we have 3 weeks to help correct it.

Keeping Iraq Together May Be A Fading Hope  (OPINION)
Parliamentary debate about potential British airstrikes also concerns de facto partition at home and abroad. Will Labour formally split before or after the world recognises that Iraq and Syria probably cannot continue in their current form?
First, David Cameron's government must win enough MPs to agree that RAF jets fly over Syria and help crush Daesh. Cameron's campaign of persuasion began with a detailed Commons statement where he calmly answered questions from 103 MPs.