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10pm, November 29th, 2012  


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History is Repeating Itself - Bluwolf Email to Dinar Recaps
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Historian GET Team CC Transcript - Post By Barb GET Team Forum
BWM and MIG Members Chat Early Thursday Afternoon
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Discussion On New Currency & Printing - Post By Dinar Alert
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Nassif, calling on the government to file a lawsuit against the Kurdistan due to the acquisition of the equipment of the former regime
Thursday November 29, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : MP for the coalition demanded the Iraqi government free high Nassif establishment of a lawsuit against the authority of Kurdistan on the equipment of the former regime, which was acquired.

He said Nassif in a statement quoted by the Information Office of the coalition and received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of "There is evidence and evidence that forces of Kurdistan acquired many of machinery and equipment of the former regime, whether Army Special former Iraqi who left these mechanisms in various places during the the 2003 war, or for a number of previous civilian facilities. "
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Naieli: Talabani fears on arms deals "not justified"
Thursday November 29, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : MP from the coalition of state law, Abdul Ilah Naieli President Talabani's remarks regarding arming the Iraqi army as "unjustified".

And Naieli said in a statement to public radio on Thursday "can not be used weapons that had been contracted to strike any region of Iraq, including Kurdistan and therefore defensive weapons, not offensive."

"It's supposed to President Talabani to be neutral in dealing with problems and crises in the country as it was before and should not be part of the decision-Kurdish".
Daini: withdraw confidence from the three presidencies will not solve the existing differences
Thursday November 29, 2012

Agencies : confirmed member of the coalition, the Iraqi MP Nahida Daini to withdraw confidence from the three presidencies will not solve the differences, but exacerbated the situation, noting that the work in the government and the House of Representatives will remain Matlan to the end of the electoral cycle.

Daini said in a press statement that "the withdrawal of confidence from the three presidencies will not solve the differences, but held crisis because of fear of what is happening after the elections and the incompatibility of the political blocs."
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Economic parliamentary: foreign investors reluctant to enter Iraq as a result of the worsening political situation and not to raise the seventh item
Thursday November 29, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : noted a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Ibrahim al-Rikabi, constantly hesitation foreign investors from entering the Iraqi environment for the purpose of investment due to the instability of the political situation and the continuation of the situation in Iraq under Chapter VII.

Rikabi said in a press statement: despite the availability of economic fundamentals and the large investment opportunities, but the movement of the wheel still slow investment in the country.
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Periodic calls for Iraqis to claim the right to the distribution of oil revenues, rather than distributed to other countries
Wednesday November 28, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : called an MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Maha league Iraqi people to claim the right to distribute oil revenues instead of being distributed to other countries.

She said in a press conference held at the parliament building today attended News Agency correspondent public opinion (and babysit) announced today that "Parliament had previously passed law distribution of 25% of oil imports to the people within the budget in 2012, but the government refrain from distributing this quota and instead distributed free States 100 thousand barrels of oil and that gave him as a gift ", wondering" Is Iraq the calamity-stricken and spoiler is giving gifts, or is it needs to be a humanitarian gesture towards him? ".
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Iraq and U.S. sign agreements of services and the environment
11/29/2012 12:16:01 Thursday

Baghdad (news) : chaired Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq first meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee of Iraq - U.S. special areas to improve the situation of services and the environment, transportation and technology.

According to a statement of the Office of Mutlaq received Agency (news) copy of it on Thursday: The two sides of Iraq and the U.S. signed agreements in the fields of agriculture, transport, municipalities, and discussed ways to improve the reality of health and the possibility of the establishment of factories for medicines and medical supplies.
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Expert: restructuring the government and private banks conduct necessary to support the national economy
11/29/2012 12:21:30 Thursday

Baghdad (news) : Chief Economist Jalil al-Rubaie, the importance of restructuring the banking sector branches of government and private sectors through the capital increase and the introduction of technology of modern banking in their work, for the advancement of the national economy.

Rubaie said (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The Iraqi banking system fails a lot about the evolution in international banks as a result of wars and international sanctions that were imposed on Iraq during the nineties of the last century, Iraqi banks lacks modern methods and mechanisms that facilitate banking and complete transactions as quickly as possible.
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The current crisis, the central bank does not affect the deletion of zeros
29/11/2012 09:25

Ruled out by the Finance Committee MP Amin Hadi Abbas, the impact of the crisis the central bank the current project to delete three zeros from the national currency, stressing that the implementation of existing and probably will be during the year (2014).

Abbas said: The device's central bank large and complex, as it contains sections multiple and large number of financial experts and economists, so the projects strategy is not linked to a particular person in the bank (governor).
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Finance Committee announces OPEN project to delete the zeros next year

Righteousness electronic / Baghdad: Ruled out a member of the Finance Committee secretary Hadi Abbas, the impact of the current crisis, the central bank on the project to delete the three zeroes from the national currency, stressing its implementation and probably will be based during the year (2014).

Abbas said: The device of the central bank a large and complex, as it contains multiple sections, and a large number of financial experts and economists, therefore, strategic projects are not linked to a particular person in the bank.
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The below posts were in our 6pm email


Tlar:  Don't dispair Sherry.  Remember the removal of the zeros project is at least a one year, start to finish project.  I personally do not believe that they will wait this long to start.  Abbas is giving his opinion only as indicated in the first paragraph of the first article when he says "probably".  Although being on the Finance Committee, it is not his decision to make.

  Just follow the CBI/IMF news. The next round of articles will be more telling.  If they start to print the new smalls by the first of the year would tell me that remove the zeros is going forward the first half of the year (Jan-Jun). They most lilely would not print this currency a year in advance.

Article Of Discussion :
                Member of the Finance Committee: the current crisis, the central bank does not affect the project to delete the zeros .. And will be implemented through the year (2014)|en&

LESLIE:  The revalue of the currency will need to precede the deletion of the zeros (an introduction of new small notes) Maybe they want to "float" the value for a year prior to deleting the zeros.  As I understand it...they are two separate events

Thank you DA gang for all the insight!! I'm with Carrello, it is great to see articles again on "deleting zeros, timelines and printing new currency." Also, with that Kap has stated time and time again, the RV/Float will have to occur WAY before the new currency is released. "As dinar investors, we will be long finished before the new currency is released. Great news!!"Oh Happy Day!!"



Special Representative for Iraq Martin Kobler briefs the United Nations Security Council today:

29 November 2012 - Highlighting improvements in relations between Iraq and Kuwait, the United Nations top official in Iraq today said that progress will "depend on the restoration of confidence between both sides" and encouraged further momentum from the two countries.

In a briefing to the Security Council on the situation in the Middle Eastern country, the Secretary-General's Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler, noted how, earlier this year, Iraq demonstrated renewed commitment to improving its bilateral relations with Kuwait, and how he had "stepped-up" engagement with the two countries to see how the UN could best help resolve any outstanding issues in accordance with relevant Council resolutions.


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The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call

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[flashing] The International Monetary Fund is "reviewing" its position on capital controls and will come out with a new policy soon, one which addresses the "significant consequences" of currency appreciation in emerging markets such as the Philippines.

 [raptor22] flashing what is the word for today?

 [flashing] raptor22 stay positive because for the first time things are really close as per current news.

 [raptor22] flashing always am friend

 [raptor22] flashing just praying before Christmas!!

[Rocky49] flashing Do you really think so? I sure hope so.

 [flashing] raptor22 praying

 [nolaspice] flashing and i appreciate you doing so - you are one of my most favorite peeps!

 [sananddan24] Flashing if you are Robin Hood where are hiding the RV?


[kaycee] Mac?

[soccermama] Mac speaking.... everytime he hears historian... he learns more and has more questions Good to be on the Call...  Mac wants to share something with us  he has a friend who runs a funnel cake stand... mom from Brazil one point in BRazil's history they were to change the currency   all debt would be forgiven  he didnt really believe it but he found out that Brazil has RD's their currency 12 times from 1833 through 1994

[kaycee] It's interesting because they transistioned from a previous name cruzerio

[soccermama] They transition from cruzeilo  thanks - sorry spelling! They are renaming their currency again  now the rial

[kaycee] The rate for 1 rial is 47 cents

[soccermama] He found it very interesting to look at the history of currency revaluation

[kaycee] Brazil is a good example because they did it on their own have no major political struggles the previous currency to the rial was starting to devalue did not like that

 [kaycee] global resets have been done  Maliki's son is in a bunch of hot water he was involved in the Russian arms deal $450m involved

Historian GET Team CC Transcript - Post By Barb GET Team Forum



[kktwahoo] Amen and thanks Sam!

 [kktwahoo] terryk now

[kaycee] Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Got some great speakers on here

Historian and Janna will be having a dialogue  Mac will be digesting some of the articles
Got an IM from one of the guys I deal with in Switzerland says they stopped issuing dinar
Will save the news for end of call tonight  Historian, Janna, PQ, Tina other great speakers

 [kktwahoo] Frank or Robert - word on street is that have stopped issuing dinar for a purpose

[kktwahoo] Frank - have not heard that - are expecting a shipment in next few days that we acquired over the next week or ten days Will make a phone call and let terryk   know what he finds out

[kktwahoo] Thanks Frank -terryk    will pass on to web site - info just over an old by way of text to me   Been on the phone with a lot of people;

[kaycee] china wants their money now from the US  Otherwise they may exercise foreclosure on the US   Our wonderful group in Washington is pushing for 40% capital gains tax

[kaycee] White House wanting to exercise additional taxes on wealth; all commodities, on an annual basis  A lot of crazy things with taxes going on and proposals to try to get this done before the first of the year


[BWM] Good Morning MIG...

[beenready] BWM How are you this fine day

[BWM] beenready up and about...

[beenready] BWM that's all we can hope for

 [beenready] BWM any new hope out there or is recaps up to

 [BWM] beenready lot's of speculation... and as you see, the usual "confliction" is going on in the articles about the zeros...

 [beenready] BWM are you on board with Jan 1st being the most likely of scenerios?

[beenready] BWM or better yet would you consider that your drop dead date of anything happening soon?

[BWM] beenready that particular date isn't really in my scenarios... I just don't see a "hard" date like that... it seems too easy IMO

[jtolsn] can i ask a ?

 [BWM] beenready had 3 different scenarios... can't really say that I've put a "hard" date on any of those tho...


[cruiser] GM all! Very interesting day in NYC. Grid lock alert around the United Nations, for those who care about the traffic.

[dinar1203] cruiser - what's new in NYC?? roflmao

 [sandytob] cruiser hi. why grid lock alert....someone important visiting?

[BigB] cruiser Is this just normal NY traffic or is there something else causing this?

 [cruiser] dinar1203 Grid lock alert is to warn about even more traffic.

 [Stitch] cruiser traffic alert!! :superlachen:

[sandytob] cruiser so, why?

[cruiser] sandytob Important people.

 [sandytob] cruiser do you know who?

[sananddan24] Cruiser when is the meeting over?

 [BigB] cruiser What was scheduled for today?

[cruiser] BigB something about Palestine gaining a bigger spot in the UN.

socalcutie] cruiser GM did you see the artcile that 2012jesue posted. out in the open now, EVERYBODY read this, it is OUT and published, RV on the way  talks clearly and concisely of the revaluation of currencies and specifically IRAQ


TLAR:  Kap I have the same take as you.  The word disengagment is key as it describes that the Council of Ministers had some say in the printing of the new currency which that just abdicated to the CBI.  IMHO this is about the new 3 language smalls.

Details House disengagement rivers of the Central Bank
BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Council of Ministers approved in its disengagement House Mesopotamia from the central bank and attached to the Ministry of Education, also agreed to consider convert Iraqis schools in abroad to central funding next year.

The statement said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the council approved the continuation of the system of self-financing for schools Iraqi abroad for the academic year 2012 - 2013 and look to transfer to central funding in the next academic year that the Ministry of Education with the support of these schools of its budget as needed in the case of insufficient allocations The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance to provide the necessary funds to support these schools, maintenance and continuity.

He added: The Council also approved a bill disengagement House Mesopotamia for printing of the Central Bank of Iraq and attached to the Ministry of Education and the deletion of paragraph 2 of the project and forwarded to the House of Representatives

KAPERONI:  This has shown up in the past on Parliament agenda...I remember it being read once or twice.    It appears from the article below, that this is significant in some way to the new currency.    And now it appears that the Council of Ministers has approved it.   

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Maliki directed to vacate the house Khairallah Telfah in Tikrit after being taken by rapid reaction forces as its headquarters
Thursday November 29, 2012

Agencies : Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, to vacate the house Khairallah Telfah by NRF day after its adoption based, also ordered the opening of the road leading to the stadium Tikrit after ten years of closure.

Said Mayor Tikrit Omar Tarek in a press statement that "the leadership of Police Salahuddin released at noon today, house, the father wife of former President Saddam Hussein and former defense minister, a day after its adoption by the force of the rapid intervention based," asserting that it came directly from the by the commander in chief of the armed forces, Nouri al-Maliki. "

Tariq added that he "was raised concrete barriers around the house, opening the road to Tikrit Stadium, after being closed for ten years."

The Board of Salahuddin province, had announced, on Wednesday, that the rapid intervention forces seized the house, the father Khairallah Telfah .. p / h


Adjournment of Parliament to next Saturday because of a verbal altercation
Thursday November 29, 2012

Agencies : a parliamentary source said the adjournment of the House of Representatives on Saturday because of an altercation.

The source said in a press statement Thursday that "today's session lifted because of an altercation between the deputies of the Iraqi and other state law against the backdrop of a statement she wanted the Women's Commission read about the International Day of violence against women, and when you read the statement was about the rape of women in prisons." P / h


The governor of Nineveh: soon offset the occupants of the Sunni Waqf property in St. pedal after the decision to invest
11/29/2012 13:31:58 Thursday

Mosul (news) : He noted the governor of Nineveh Atheel Najafi, near titling affected who occupy the properties of the Sunni Endowment in street pedal.

Nujaifi said (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The preservation demanded by the Commission to consider the issues of citizens who occupants properties Sunni Endowment after the decision invested. added: there there injustice and clear waste of public money after the decision to reveal investing endowment funds in street pedal, stressing near titling some shops and non-coverage of investment due to the conditions of the occupants.


Suhail office in response to Mullah: First Deputy pursue corrupt files away from the media hype and partisan sensitivities
11/29/2012 14:07:41 Thursday

Baghdad (news) : Office issued first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives maximum Suhail Todha concerning statements MP / coalition Iraqi / Haidar al-Mulla, in which he stated that the first deputy prevent questioning of the Minister of Education Ali al-Adeeb said matters relating to informed work within the ministry.

statement said the Office of Suhail received Agency (news ) copy of it on Thursday: The tasks of the first deputy in conjunction with the Presidency concentrated in the proper application of the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives and strengthening legislative and oversight role of the Council and this is confirmed by the views of the First Deputy regarding informed work within the House of Representatives and enhance its prestige as the supreme authority in the country.


Deputy: fiscal surplus for the current year amounted to (22) trillion dinars .. The rate of implementation of the investment budget did not exceed (45%) 
11/29/2012 07:58:11 Thursday

Baghdad (news) : Criticized member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Auzmn Bayati, claimants increase budget allocations investment at the expense of operational due to non-payment of all the money allocated for investment projects for the provinces and ministries.
Bayati said (of the Agency news): The fiscal surplus is derived from oil sales for the year current until last October amounted to (22) trillion Iraqi dinars has not been invested so far due to lack of knowledge and experience full how to employ the money by the government.


Government confirms its commitment to the separation of powers

Nujaifi: laying the foundations of democracy can not be achieved only with the cooperation of the three presidencies

BAGHDAD - morning : Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki government's commitment to the separation of powers and not to the possibility of building a strong system and is capable and stable without judicial system developed, while stressing House Speaker Osama Nujaifi that the transition to democracy and the establishment of substrates construction can be achieved only with the cooperation of the three authorities.

In the meantime, the Deputy President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie that Iraq has an independent judiciary and everyone is keen on independence. Prime Minister in his official office on Wednesday, Vice President of the Italian Judicial Council Michael Jesse Viti and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of President of the Iraqi Judicial Council Medhat al-Mahmoud.


Planning: Iraq one of the largest states in population growth rates

Seeks to activate the compulsory education and improve employment opportunities and poverty eradication

Baghdad Ali Mowaffaq : Ministry confirmed planning that Iraq is one of the world's biggest population growth rates as up to 3 percent annually, while confirmed the presence of a distinct lack of services compared to population growth taking place in the country.

The Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation Dr. Ali Yousef Shukri conference held ministry yesterday on population and development in the country and attended (morning): that Iraq was not immune to population variables global, as the number of the population in Iraq increased significantly over the past decades and constant changes in the geographical distribution as are those increases weight and a burden on the social and economic development if left population issue during the next term, especially as the countries of the world take over the population issue of great importance, as it took focus in their development plans on the drawing and determine the situation of population in order to develop awareness of integrated problems of population and challenges for the future.


Looking foreign policy evolution of relations, Iraq - Kuwait

BAGHDAD - morning : presided over by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday a meeting of the committee to draw foreign policies. During the meeting, a comprehensive assessment of the issue of relations with neighboring countries, especially with the State of Kuwait and discuss the latest developments in relations between the two countries. gave team leader Iraqi negotiator on the issue of Airlines legal advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister a report on developments in the dialogue and the two sides to reach an agreement to close this file. Committee also discussed the conference to be held in Baghdad of Palestinian prisoners.


Launch of staff advances early next year

Agreement parliamentary government to cancel the benefits of loans small businesses and housing
BAGHDAD - morning : announced parliamentary Finance Committee directed the government to launch advances to employees early next year, as revealed Committee itself for a new proposal on investment advance the 100 salary for the construction of housing units.

said a source familiar with the committee's � Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network �that� launch advances linked passage of the general budget and abundance of Finance, and these two are to be completed either by the end of the year �.

The below posts were in our 10am email


[heyu288] China markets lower due to stagnate markets there, everybody waiting for something to happen lol this from CNBC:

flashing] Obama said after European markets closed yesterday that the two political parties can agree on a framework for a budget deal to prevent $607 billion of automatic tax increases and spending cuts from coming into effect in January. "My hope is to get this done before Christmas,"

flashing] European stocks climb amid optimism on U.S. Budget Talks.

[Bnsells] Good morning! Flashing do you know the time of the UN meeting today regarding Iraq?

sananddan24] Flashing that is good news!

[flashing] Bnsells no i don't know. But imo nothing will happen before december 1. The kuwait airways agreement need to be ratified by Kuwait parliament and this will be done on DEcember 1.

[flashing] Bnsells by the way i am not saying it will happen on dec. 1.- rv

flashing] as i stated more than a month ago nothing will happen earlier than december 1.


The IQD Team
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The IQD Team
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Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News


Dinar Updates Q&A Conference Call Wedn.  Nov 28th with BGG and Guests Audio Player
1:26:48 long

(in email, click title for audio player)


Supporting Archived Articles From Miskebam Emailed To Recaps

When we got the article today about the 2013 budget being free of zeros... it motivated me to gather up some articles since July... where they stated that:

#1 It would increase the value of the dinar
#2 Delete the zeros MUST be done at the beginning of the fiscal year
#3 one article has the ISX linking up live in 2013 ...

I love being able to convince myself of this investment through articles, because speculations sometimes get me down... so I thought I would share :) Miskebam

So it looks like, in my opinion we will see this January 1st, 2013.

Delete the zeros MUST be at the beginning of a fiscal year - Supporting Archived Articles


SEPT 6, 2012 - Does the project will remain a dead letter permission as described by Central Bank Deputy Director Mohammad Saleh appearance? .... Was the decision to delete zeros of the Iraqi currency in many opinions Pro and con, economists believed that the resolution would lead to the collapse of the national currency and some other that he would return to the country with great interest and unfortunately its await as a joint venture between the Government and the Central Bank.

As long as the Government seeks to postponed due to security concern, it could not be implemented this year or the year after - as Deputy Director of the Central Bank - the timing is very important in this case and that its implementation must coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year, so you will not find a space for implementation this year inevitably ...

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Talabani: Kurds will not secede from Iraq

To reach agreement on 14 points .. And religious authority supports truce

BAGHDAD - morning - Alaa al-Tai : new President Jalal Talabani rejected the withdrawal of confidence from the government, while confirmed the religious authority to support the efforts of the truce between the center and the region in order to reach an appropriate solution to the current crisis. while stressed Congress, that an agreement between the parties ( technical delegation Kurdish and military commanders in the army) were on 14 points confirm all a truce and activate the 2009 and abide by the constitution. denied President Jalal Talabani in an interview with Al Arabiya television in his party headquarters in Erbil, and is broadcast in full on Friday: to provide the Kurds to secede for Iraq, despite the frequent problems that beset the territorial Government and the Government Center.
It quoted Talabani as saying that the Kurds voted for the constitution by a majority underlying the federal governance in Iraq today, and the Kurdish people willingly agreed to the Constitution when he was offered after the fall of the dictatorial regime in 2003 , describing, logo separation that �unrealistic�.


The current crisis, the central bank does not affect the deletion of zeros

BAGHDAD - morning : ruled member of the Finance Committee MP Amin Hadi Abbas, the impact of the crisis the central bank the current project to delete three zeros from the national currency, stressing that the implementation of existing and probably will be during the year (2014). Abbas said: The device's central bank large and complex, where he contains multiple partitions and a large number of financial experts and economists, so the projects strategy is not linked to a particular person in the bank (governor). added: that the draft reform of the national currency when deleting three zeros which is based will not be affected sack central bank governor because he project strategic matter the general public Iraqi and the national economy. likely Abbas: implementation of the project during the year (2014) as the central bank said no intention to implement the project to delete the zeros in the year (2013), calling for the nomination of a personal professional experienced high financial management Central Bank to maintain a stable value of Iraqi dinar, and the balance sovereign hard currency.


Finance parliamentary calls for the formation of a crisis cell to invest oil revenues

BAGHDAD - morning : called a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee on Alsjeri, Wednesday, to the formation of a crisis cell to invest oil revenues, stressing that Iraq lacks a strategic economic, with the exception that the payment of compensations it will change gradually in the economy. said Alsjeri in a press statement , received "morning," a copy of it, that "the citizen can not touch the increase announced by the oil ministry reported in its oil production for the month of October the past and emerged from the large rise in fiscal revenue in the absence of plans and programs that elevate reality service in the country," calling to "the formation of a crisis cell to invest oil revenues."

He Alsjeri that "Iraq lacks a strategic economic and he needs to strategic long-term investment of these funds," blaming everyone responsibility "default." However, a member of the Finance Committee and the Secretary General of the stream people, saying: that "investing those funds at this time is difficult because of go part of the oil revenues as a cover of the Iraqi currency," adding that "the proportion of 5 percent a year also go to Gulf War reparations, which hit Iraq for the most part."


Operating budget: 60% for furniture and cars remaining ministries and salaries

BAGHDAD / JD : revealed Economic Commission parliamentary government provided Budgeting operational in 2013 b (60%) of the requirements of ministries and government institutions, and the remaining salary.

said committee member Iraqi List MP Qusay Ebadi's / JD /: The Budgeting operational next year representing the largest of 60 percent for furniture, cars and accessories and ministries and state institutions, and the ratio at least (40%) of the employees' salaries.

added Ebadi, if these percentages is completely incorrect and could Aalasngina about 50% of this going forward for investment.


National Alliance holds Najafi responsibility for what happened in Parliament and accusing him of "bias"
11/29/2012 2:10 pm

Download the National Alliance, Thursday, House Speaker Osama Nujaifi responsibility for what happened today in the parliament, stressing that it "biased", in what was seen that the alliance is keen on Iraq's unity against sectarian agendas works and external.


Newspaper: Maliki generals withhold him the details of the negotiations Peshmerga and Erbil angry delegation
11/29/2012 12:08 pm

Officials close to the Prime Minister they were optimistic the agreement first between the leaders of the Iraqi army and representatives of the Kurdish Peshmerga on the deployment of joint forces in the disputed areas, but officers Kurdish participated in the talks sponsored by Washington, said Wednesday that the generals Nuri al-Maliki "withheld" details of the negotiations days fully for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, which is something else to come and ministers Kurdistan to Baghdad.

And witnessed spend Tuz Khurmatu in, the 16 of November, clashes between Iraqi forces joint army and police and the strength of the Asayish (Kurdish security) was charged with protecting the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Jalal Talabani amid judiciary actually between (the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin) the predominantly Turkmen , killing one civilian and wounding at least four of the Asayish and three policemen and a soldier. An unprecedented crisis between Baghdad and Erbil led to move Maliki tanks and military pieces stationed south of Kirkuk and sparked undecided between the various political forces, while off mediations and negotiations to contain the crisis.

In an interview for the "long" said a parliamentary source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said the Ministries of Defense and federal Peshmerga signed an agreement during the past few days to install a 21-point security in all disputed areas, and explained that each point of 150 element, spread over 100 items to the Arabs and Turkmen, and 50 element of the Peshmerga.

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