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10am, November 5th, 2012  


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Member of the Committee on economy: Central Bank sales declined currency will help stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar  (Article posted at end of  page)

SCALP:  When they say stabalize the exchange rate I hope they mean decrease the exchange rate against the dollar :)  Doesnt look good for shabby does it....selling currency in the auctions to fake companies

ZUL: Shab knew what he was doing. I think his plan was to pull as much dinar as possible from Iran and Syria..../ Nothing wrong with that.

But Maliki had other plans for both countries, who had given him shelter during his 20 yrs in exile. So under the pretext of halting money laundering, Maliki took over CBI. That's why we dont see any intervention from US, UN, IMF or World Bank,

So now, being at helm, his plan for Iran and Syria began to move or escalated. Suddenly we hear they are ready to replace the 250/1000 damaged notes, ready to delete 3 zeros in Jan 2013 and barely 2 week after Shab is gone, they already have in place "special equipment" to replace the damaged currency. ,

A revalued dinar would not only increases Iran and Syria foreign reserves but would also improves the value of their currencies. And this is what I think Maliki wants. I'm just thinking aloud..../ Peace.

[devildogmom]  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you :

[Stitch] Josey Wales THIS IS FOR YOU and devildogmom !! USO tour of a US Marine Base

[Stitch] pastored "It's a Beautiful Morning" - Carroll Roberson

[weneedit] Hay I got it lets all chip in send captaincaveman to Iraq so we can get the real scoop what do you say captaincaveman ?

 [captaincaveman] weneedit I'm ready rofl,  but i already know what's going on and it has nothing to do with iraq

[TLane] captaincaveman Well tell me!

[captaincaveman] TLane Everything is done. We are simply waiting for the process to play out and when it's our turn we will know

[whitelions] captaincaveman what process?

TLAR:  here's that nasty ole constitutional issues starting to raise it's ugly head.  The parliament meets next Tuesday.  Their first order of business will not be to defend Shabibi but rather to defend its own constitutional rights. 

Parliament is endowed with many rights one of which is to make decisions on who or how the CBI operates.  It is their right to decide who will run the CBI and it is their right to remove a govenor when he is not performing his expected duties.

 It looks as though they are tired of Maliki using the constitution as a proof source only when it benifits him and as a doormat when it does not.  Brace yourselfs.  I see a major lot of news coming out Iraq concerning their constitution starting on Tuesday. 

I see the papers reporting the blow by blow action on who really controls Iraq, parliament or Maliki.  This is a battle that  if parliament really does want to try to re-aquire their constitutional rights and reverse what has been going on since they recessed, they must fight. 

Maliki cannot win this fight  unless he uses his military or secret forces to stop it.  IMHO there are 13,000 reasons why this is not a reasonable choice for him.  Parliament either reasserts its constitutional rights immediately when they return or they might as well learn to curtsey and bow in Maliki's presence. 

I think they know this.  If they don't fight for their rights and they let Maliki run roughshod over the constitution, then Iraq will become a one man show.  At least itt ought to make for an interesting show.

This is an overview of the past week and  where things are now  according  to  Blaino - Some of this info  of course  -being an overview  - is repeated  from previous  posts  this past week -  mingled  with some  new -

9:30 PM target: [Blaino] FROM TUESDAY: [Blaino] Getting NOTHING today from all the regular contacts... just like yesterday.... Which as Charlie Chan might have said on the silver screen 7 decades ago, "leaves two possibilities:

" The first is the easily acceptable "Nothing IS happening"... period.

The other choice is that what ever IS happening is at levels that have such security and involve such people of high position that even the best contacts are uninformed or denied access to the meetings, schedules and topics of discussion.

I am informed from my Primary sources that this is in fact our scenario. "They" do know that we are watching and that they have "leaks" at the high up levels too, so they are ramping up security as well as increasing the onslaught of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies!

If you have ANY doubt on this, review the last several weeks of "POO-tel that has been released by numerous 'guru' types! To date, back screens, bank screens, "All Done" and "Any minute now's" have sadly failed to materialize!

** Be sure to join our daily chats at 6:30 PM EST and our Round Table Chats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST at *

 [millionday] check this out and be proud that you are in America or in Canada if that is the case

 [millionday] Supreme Criminal Court has issued a new provision to death convicted fugitive Tareq al-Hashemi and his chief Ahmed Qahtan, after the judiciary confirmed completion of all elements of the decision. The head of the body first, Prime Central Criminal Court Judge Baligh Hamdi Hikmat has spoken during the meeting on Sunday in the presence of the (morning) Governing hanged to death right Tareq al-Hashemi and Ahmad Qahtan in the case of booby-trapping a car in the cities declaring access to firm conviction after scrutiny and deliberation and look at the evidence Realized of utterances holding members of the detachment, which coincided with a number of statements of the accused as witnesses with records of settings and building on what is stated in Article IV / 1 and in terms of Articles 3 and 7 of the Anti-terrorism Act.

     tudor (21:53:28): it should get exciting tuesday after parliament gets back to work


        tudor: well, I hope it does


        tudor: way too many times you would think, but they dont seem to want to earn their pay


        tudor: I missed that



billuke: BWM what's the best news you heard in the last day or two about the RV?

BWM: billuke still on a thought process that we have a small time period before I start looking at first of the year... I think Tuesday will at least put us on an answer page we can begin determining some ideas on

HeIsFaithful: BWM are you STILL hopeful? or what?

mcmc: BWM My biggest worry is this will never happen

BWM: HeIsFaithful I know it WILL happen... I just don't want to worry about "having" to have it happen asn

mcmc: BWM i gave up an asn a long time ago but happy to see you think it will happen someday

TRADEVIPER: Ok I got a question BWM, if China is the backbone to the CE and helping to get it done, why in the debates did both O and R take shots at China

BWM: TRADEVIPER china has their "elections" on the 8th

dietcokeandice: BWM good evening---I have a question---Do you think that with the Ronmey campaign talking about China and the currency it will push this along

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[masterT] Help is on the way...The PTB are Masters at what they do. They want us to get discurouaged and give up but YOU hav one of the greatest investment of our times. hang in there and Feel your Blessing is on it's way.

 [masterT] BELIEVE in Your Prayers...GOD will not Leave YOU nor Forsake YOU. IT WILL Happen in due time. IF You should lose everyting. HE has given you an investment that WILL Replace EVERYTHING 10 fold.

masterT]. Know THIS GOD has something even greater plan for you and your family. NOW is the the time to be faithful and pay it forward WHEN It happen.

[masterT] IF..You can come to the understanding that it is not about us, the little people BUT WE will benefit from the decision of the major players. We will be OK in the long run

masterT] I think that when the CE happens WE Will see a WORLD come together not as NEVER before....RV..paying it forward..













Greetings and Salutations;

So the east coast was dealt lemons, some one had the foresight to make lemonade. No wasting off time and throwing the hands up in disappointment. Steady effective pressure applied to realize the dream and negate the nightmares. For some reason humans find it easier to assume the worst and give strength to the negative. So be it, I will smile and move on and hope you catch up some day. The world needs our collective help so we can all breathe again, drink fresh pure water again. I tasted pure water once and I've never forgotten was just cold and had no taste. Imagine that. Not much to say today. Assume flight position. Instruction are very simple and the confusion is to be ignored, pre-reception. Listen to the song again and read the words, it may trigger something.

Last minute consults,

Love and Kisses,

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Kubler: Kuwait has agreed to invest a large part of the Taweidadtha in Iraq
11/05/2012 13:54:49 Monday

Baghdad (news) : Prime United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler approval Kuwait Investment Taweidadtha in Iraq.

said Kuebler in a statement received (News Agency for news) copy of it on Monday: The Kuwait has agreed to convert a large part of the compensation to the investment in Basra and a number of provinces.


Parliament: Central sales declined from the dollar helps to stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar

BAGHDAD - morning: ills member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Ibrahim Rikabi, reasons behind the decline central bank sales of dollar into overdrive fake companies that were buying currencies and large quantities of bank auction, stressing that this decline will help stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.

Rikabi, through a statement quoted by him (News Agency): The reason sales fell Central Bank of hard currency back to the committees formed by the House of Representatives revealed the existence of violations in the sale of hard currency auction the central bank through the deal with fake companies and by (80 percent). continued Rikabi and this is what led to the depletion of foreign currency during the past period and the reason for increasing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, noting after the disclosure of such operations companies retreated from its in the process of buying dollars from the auction.


Deputy proposes the formation of a body to monitor the federal budget disbursements

BAGHDAD - morning : suggest Deputy Finance Committee Chairman MP Ahmed Faizullah, the formation of an independent body especially to monitor exchange revenues of the federal budget given to the ministries and provinces, to regulate the fiscal spending of the country. said Faizullah: must form an independent body specialized to monitor exchange public budget allocations to the provinces and ministries as It determines how much money allocated through an extensive study and accurate what they need from investment projects and strategy in the country. stipulated that authority will be linked to the Council of Representatives and be is responsible for them to assess their work and shall be composed of representatives of all parliamentary blocs in order to organize the process of fiscal spending in the country and reduce of financial corruption by public budget allocations exchange for the provinces and the province and the government ministries and departments.


60 percent of the modern custom designs for residential cities

Baghdad Ali Mowaffaq : revealed the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works for the 60 percent of the spaces of cities according to the designs basic modern allocated Purpose residential.

said media adviser to the Ministry Jassim Mohammed Salim told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): The ministry has faced during the past ten years the problem exhaustion spaces Purpose residential vast proportion of the designs and basic urban as well as space for the areas public service, including school buildings, health centers, markets and recreational areas.


Finance Committee: action against the bank maintained the two-thirds of the hard currency

BAGHDAD / JD : Finance Committee confirmed that the recent actions, which affected the central bank maintained the two-thirds of hard currency in Iraq.

committee member said deputy state law Haitham al-Jubouri's / JD /: The "Miba size now in the Central Bank of hard currency ranges between the (90 - 130) million after recent actions, and in the past, what is sold up to 350 million dollars. "

and between Jubouri, if the sale has maintained a more than two-thirds of hard currency within the bank.

added, that the Iraqi dinar has appreciated against dollar, when it was sold to (350) million reached the exchange rate of the dollar then to (1300) and now price of (1119), regarding it as accomplishment great.


Government discussed the formation of a committee to manage the Social Solidarity Fund

BAGHDAD / JD : discussed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to form a committee to manage the Social Solidarity Fund.

said a statement issued by the Secretariat received / JD / copy of it: The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers meeting (25) of its meetings.

added: The meeting discussed topics table Business which included the formation of a committee to manage the Social Solidarity Fund and listen to follow-up report some health projects and educational in Maysan province.


Obeidi: Adoption of budget 2013 faces many obstacles unless the final accounts of the House of Representatives
11/05/2012 12:42 pm

Stressed the MP for the Iraqi List, Faiza al-Obeidi to pass the budget bill for the country for 2013 will face many obstacles in the case had not received the House of Representatives of the final accounts.

Obeidi said the Euphrates News Agency {} said Monday that he "can not pass budget 2013 only after receipt of the final accounts for the House of Representatives, but the federal government since 2003 and to this day has not made any final accounts with money that has been spent."


Festival ends tomorrow Parliament will reconvene to read the amendment of the law the State Council and discuss the policy of the Central Bank
11/05/2012 10:02 AM

Hold the House of Representatives on Tuesday its regular reading of a number of bills after the holiday, which lasted for 20 days.

A statement by the Information Office of the Council of Representatives received the agency Buratha copy on Monday that "the agenda of the session of parliament on Tuesday includes the first reading of the draft law by the Fifth Amendment to the Law of the State Council No. [65] for the year 1979 and the first reading of the draft law rent farmland and the second reading of the draft law ratification of the Convention to amend the Convention for the establishment of the Arab Company for the construction and repair of ships, ratified by law No. 58 of 1974. "

"It will also include the agenda second reading of the bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and the second reading of the draft law the First Amendment to the command of the Coalition Provisional Authority dissolved No. [86] for the year 2004 and the second reading of the draft law the First Amendment to the Highway Code No. [35] for the year 2002, as well as discuss the policy of the Central Bank of Iraq. "


Protect the corrupt and embezzlement of state funds fraud .. Highlighted the concerns of today's papers
11/05/2012 9:42 am

Focused most prominent newspapers this morning, inter alia, education and other economic, as well as mutual accusations between the blocs and parties to protect spoilers, as well as accusing the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Maliki of trying to seize on the central bank and the nomination of those close to him for his administration.

morning newspaper official issued by Iraqi Media Network, focused on the results of the central acceptance that sparked a wave of protests among students exposed them, because they do not fit your grades, and she wrote: Education decided to amend the nominations and extend the acceptance of and objections ..


Parliamentary economy: the return of the central market early next year
11/05/2012 7:54 am

Economic / Buratha News: Committee revealed the economy and investment parliamentary, that next year will bring life to the central markets, indicating it is in the process of putting the final touches on the new markets.

Said committee member Rep. Nahida Daini said in a press statement yesterday that "the Ministry of Commerce has completed a series of contracts for which materials will be provided by supermarkets and westward from the origins of the global solid and affordable compared to commercial markets fully funded by the Ministry of Commerce."

Daini added that "the Ministry of Commerce notified the staff supermarkets to return to their districts to conduct their business, indicating that the markets should be back as in the past as a pilot experiment in Iraq." She noted that "the economic and investment commission consider BASF severe to the reluctance of many of the owners of capital for large commercial complexes sector (malls), which has become a prominent commercial phenomenon in most of the neighboring countries and the developed countries."

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Dinar Updates Chat by Newmonies - Posted in Dinar Updates Forum

12:34 PM [newmonies] Hey Roomies... a quick run down of the news today with my opinion ?
12:35 PM [glryan11] newmonies plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
12:35 PM [NUKEM] new. Yes!
12:35 PM [newmonies] State Law: We have the record for the formation of a majority government and "described as" return to origin
12:35 PM [newmonies] Revealed a (Dummy) MP coalition state law, Sunday, possession of a sufficient number of popular votes to form a majority government in the event of failure of the National Conference...

Sunday Afternoon Dinar Chatter

[devildogmom] I guess some people haven't noticed that we are just waiting, no one is going to tell us ahead of time. It will just happen. Until then, I choose to take inventory, family, friends, good deeds. Then make it a better day for everyone I can; one smile, one hug, one word, one act of kindness at a time. What if it was going to happen and you never knew about it in the first place? There are so many people in dire straights that have nothing to look forward to. My life is richer everyday for the people that pass through and stay a while.

[tomzom] I've stumbled across a formula that mathematically measures the level of every single dinar holder's frustrations at this moment: 2 /{≠f(x)=a_0+∑_(n=1)^∞(a_n cosnπx/L+b_n sinnπx/L ) `∫_(-∞)^∞e^(-x^2 ) dx=[∫_(-∞)^∞e^(-x^2 ) dx ∫_(-∞)^∞e^(-y^2 ) dy]^(1\/2)=[∫_0^2π∫_0^∞e^(-r^2 ) rrθ]^(1\/2)=[π∫_0^:(:

[cruiser] Hi all. Hope everyone is doing good!! Just stopped in to say hi . Lot of cleaning up and battling with the insurance company.

[cruiser] it could have been alot worse.

[redhead1] Cruiser - so glad to see you are okay

[iblucky] cruiser the insurance companies never battle with us while we are paying the premiums lol

[cruiser] kyf58 I am surprised that we are still waiting. But things are good.

Nice, Inspirational Story emailed to Recaps Sun. Afternoon

This will give you the chills....... GOOD chills.

A young man had been to Wednesday Night Bible Study.
The Pastor had shared about listening to God and obeying the Lord's
voice. The young man couldn't help but wonder, 'Does God still speak to people?'

After service, he went out with some friends for coffee and pie and they discussed the message..Several different ones talked about how God had led them in different ways.

It was about ten o'clock when the young man started driving home. Sitting in his car, he just began to pray,'God...If you still speak to people, speak to me. I will listen. I will do my best to obey.'

As he drove down the main street of his town, he had the strangest thought to stop and buy a gallon of milk.He shook his head and said out loud, 'God is that you?' He didn't get a reply and started on toward home.But again, the thought, buy a gallon of milk.

The young man thought about Samuel and how he didn't recognize the voice of God, and how
little Samuel ran to Eli.

'Okay, God, in case that is you, I will buy the milk.' It didn't seem like too hard a test of
obedience. He could always use the milk. He stopped and purchased the gallon of milk and started off toward home.

As he passed Seventh Street, he again felt the urge, 'Turn Down that street

Bluedog at GET posted in the forum by Janna

Bluedog: **********We know that Parliament will start working on the first reading of the 2013 Budget Rate is inside of it

***********We know they want it finished b4 the 14th of this month .....not to cut their Vacations time down if they do not get it done they will have to stay.......Their vacation starts on the 15th

*************We know they are working fast at Chpt7

************We know we have Military there taking on a special mission ........C1-30s were brought in what did they deliver ???? and our military has special forces to deal with Currency ......because they were there 2 years ago to help Iraq get prepared

********* We know Today we see in the media the talk of a Media Blackout

**********WE know Jabari said the change of guards at the CBI will not affect the 3 zeros and that it is on schedule

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Najaf: the formation of a committee to investigate the exchange of a large amount of money on projects without ratification by the Provincial Council

Najaf: the formation of a committee to investigate the exchange of a large amount of money on projects without ratification by the Provincial Council Sunday, 04, November 2012 18:09

Najaf: Euphrates News: A member of the bloc citizen Najaf Governorate Council for the formation of a committee to investigate the exchange of {250} billion dinars on projects created without ratification by the provincial council.

A member of the Najaf provincial council Farouk al-Ghazali told {Euphrates News} today, "it was more exchange of {250} billion Iraqi dinars on the projects have been implemented by the reconstruction of the province without the approval of the provincial council."

He pointed out that "these sums were spent on these projects are considered preliminary statistical", pointing out that he "has been the formation of committees to scrutinize these numbers to compare the projects is approved."

Click for Link

Deputy for the law: contrasting views of the political blocs destroyed the structure of the state and head into the State of Allamassat
Sunday, 04, 2 2012 16:05

Baghdad: Euphrates News: MP for the coalition of state law Mansour al-Tamimi, a major contradiction in the views of the political blocs led to the destruction of the structure of the state, and reflected negatively on institutional building.

Tamimi said in a press statement issued by his press office and received and Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of it on Sunday that "Iraq is moving towards state Allamassat because of sectarian and the government as if the partnership is limited to a number of individuals."

"I do not find a real role for parliamentary opposition conscious contribute to the building of institutions, or a real role for the government to be influential in the construction."

Parliamentary Finance: the nomination of two characters to take over as Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

Parliamentary Finance: the nomination of two characters to take over as Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq 04 November, 2012 07:27:00

Revealed Parliamentary Finance Committee on the nomination of two characters assume someone was Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, namely Ahmed ��ČŃ�ĺ� and Ali Allawi, former Finance Minister.

explained Parliamentary Finance Committee that the Iraqi parliament form a joint committee of the committees of financial and economic to choose a candidate who serves as governor of the Iraqi Central Bank. It is worth mentioning that the position of Governor of the Central Bank and managed by the head of agency BSA Abdul Basit Turki after recent actions, which affected a number of bank employees.

Kuwaiti Information Minister Meets Iraqi media delegation to discuss ways of activating the media and cultural relations between the two countries

Kuwaiti Information Minister Meets Iraqi media delegation to discuss ways of activating the media and cultural relations between the two countries 04 November, 2012 06:58:00

Met Kuwaiti Information Minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah media delegation Iraqi who is visiting Kuwait headed by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate supporter Lami and its membership includes the heads of media organizations and academic prominent Iraqi.
During the meeting, which was attended by heads of media institutions in Kuwait discuss ways to develop a program of media and cultural common The development of relations between the two countries in various levels of creative and reviewed the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and the reality of journalistic work in Iraq and the huge development in an area of freedom enjoyed by Iraqi journalists and their efforts to consolidate the concepts of freedom, democracy and cooperation they get from official authorities and community to facilitate their work journalism and media in Iraq.

A forthcoming meeting of the three presidencies to discuss the current political crisis and the search in the possibility of holding a national meeting
04 November, 2012 06:28:13

Tends President Jalal Talabani to convene a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Najafi after the failure of efforts to meet national expanded includes parties to resolve the political crisis.

MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Jihad that the President will call for a few days to a meeting of the three presidencies to discuss the crisis political and research into the possibility of holding the national meeting which was supposed to take place a few weeks ago explaining that the date of the meeting is very close and that he will discuss the political differences existing in addition to discussing the important laws that require approval by Parliament, led by the issue of the central bank and the security situation and the federal budget for next year.
Parliamentary bloc splinter Iraq is Maliki's refusal to candidates for the defense portfolio "right step"
11/04/2012 09:
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: considered a parliamentary bloc splinter from the Iraqi List, Sunday, that the refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the candidates list for the post of defense minister was "right step", "attributed the reason to not enjoy the candidates to" experience and professionalism and impartiality. "

said parliamentary for the coalition in Iraq free (split from the Iraqi List), Lubna Rahim, in a statement issued this morning, and received by the agency (Voices of Iraq) a copy of it, that the refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the candidates nominated by the Iraqi List, for the post of defense minister was "a true in the interest of the Iraqi citizens regarding the security file, "noting that the candidates" lack the qualities required defense minister, "according to her opinion.

Dinars reveal details of the sale fake dollar bills through the Central Bank


Dinars reveal details of the sale fake dollar bills through the Central Bank

BAGHDAD / JD : revealed Parliamentary Finance Committee on the sale of central bank bills worth 50 billion dollars last year, 10 of which fact and $ 40 billion a fake.

said committee member deputy state law Haitham al-Jubouri's / JD /: The Commission's investigation in charge of the work of the bank Central by taking two samples from a group comprising 201 bills purchase invoice, only two of them real, explaining: that the two bills out of the 201 introduced materials to Iraq.

explained Jubouri: If divided 40 billion dollars over the year shows that in one week out of Iraq $ 800 million as the newspaper said the U.S. Wall Street Journal.

Keywords: money smuggled through Central Bank went to militias and terrorism

Keywords: money smuggled through Central Bank went to militias and terrorism 04/11/2012

BAGHDAD / JD : hinted Economic Commission parliamentary to hard currency that came illegally from the central bank went to militias and terrorist groups, noting that the coming days will expose all the actors involved money laundering.

Committee Chairman MP for the Iraqi List / JD /: "The Commission's investigation, which was formed to follow up the file money laundering at the Central Bank revealed the involvement of several points raised suspicions about some of the political figures, and the possibility that a section of the hard currency that came out of the bank went to the militias and terrorist groups operating in Iraq."

he added Alwani, said that an investigation into money laundering raised suspicions about political parties and banks inside and outside Iraq.

between MP, said that the central bank deals with banks several deals in turn with companies and personalities, noting that the committee is working on an investigation objectively and professionally.  

MPs are not entitled to enjoy the holiday by legislative vote on the supplementary budget for the current year

MPs are not entitled to enjoy the holiday by legislative vote on the supplementary budget for the current year Sunday, 04, November 2012 17:38

Baghdad : According to a member citizen's parliamentary bloc MP Ali inch that Parliament had not received the final accounts for the federal budget in 2012 from the government, adding that "members of the House of Representatives are not entitled to enjoy the holiday by legislative vote on the supplementary budget for the year 2012."

He said an inch in a press statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "it reaches the House of Representatives just statements on the budget and not final accounts," stressing "the need to make the final accounts to parliament to see where and how the spent money budget."

He added that "in accordance with the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives can not be members of the House of Representatives to enjoy the holiday unless legislative vote on the supplementary budget law for the year 2012." 

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