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10am, November 6th, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
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[devildogmom]  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you

[heartfelt] Could you imagine if we had this rv and each dinarian just took in 1 family and helped them get on their feet again during these days how grateful everyone would be and it would be the start of unity in America.

[flashing] Baghdad (AIN) -The new US Ambassador to Iraq, Robert Bikroft, arrived the parliament building on Tuesday. Parliamentary source stated to AIN "Bikroft arrived at the parliament building and he is expected to meet some officials." The source did not explain the reasons behind Bikroft's visit to the parliament but it is usually comes to discuss bilateral relations and the political updates in addition to the regional developments according to the statements issued by the Speaker and his deputies.  "the source did not explain the reasons behind Bikroft's visit" hmmm. is this the guy that was talking about the release of ch 7 too .

 [flashing] something is coming and is big happy happy

[flashing] Stitch- happy

[sananddan24] Flashing I sure hope so!

[flashing] commercial exchange betwwen France and Iraq more than 1.6 billion in 2011 hmmmm

[weneedit] Hi all gm happy Election Day for all you Americans

[weneedit] My call for rv is late tonight just my guess

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Good Bless America and all our Troops
The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Deputy warns of Iraq's continued dependence on oil revenues in the construction of the federal budget
11/06/2012 07:31:56 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) :Warned member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, the survival of dependence on oil revenues to build the federal budget because it will be the country of the danger, calling for restructuring the banking sector to big role in promoting the country's economy.

Yasiri said (of the Agency news): Despite indications that the growth of the national economy annually, but he was still a yield dependent on oil revenues, the continued dependence threatens the country risk. added: that the development of the national economy comes through activation of both the important agricultural and industrial and give full play to the private sector, as well as re- restructuring of the banking sector, which is the interface that reflect real activity of the economies of the countries.


Blair: Iraq's fastest growing economies after the departure of Saddam

BAGHDAD / translation dinars : confirmed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair that the Iraqi economy has progressed and has become the fastest growing after the departure of Saddam Hussein, and expected growth in Iraq to three times in 2020.

Blair said during a conference held by the board of Iraqi businessmen and the British newspaper reported (Daily Telegraph) British: The mistakes of the Saddam, poor planning, hampering economic growth in Iraq.

Blair said that economic growth in Iraq continued, but growth will reach triple in 2020, pointing out that the revenue from oil is currently up to $ 100 billion annually.


The start of the parliamentary session to read the amendment of the law the State Council and discuss the policy of the Central Bank

House of Representatives held its regular reading of a number of bills after the holiday, which lasted for 20 days, and after that lifted its Tuesday half an hour to a lack of quorum for the session.

The parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday, "The House of Representatives held its regular headed first deputy chairman of the Council Qusay al-Suhail The agenda of the meeting the first reading of the draft law by the Fifth Amendment to the Law of the State Council No. [65] for the year 1979 and the first reading Rent bill farmland and the second reading of the draft law on ratification of agreement to amend the Convention for the establishment of the Arab Company for the construction and repair of ships, ratified by law No. 58 of 1974. "


Expectations GDP growth of 33% in Iraq

BAGHDAD / JD : study showed the first of its kind conducted by TNS that the time has come to take advantage of consumer confidence and should marketers understand the motives of a population of 32 million people.

said Steve Hamilton Clark, CEO of TNS Middle East and Africa one of the largest companies marketing research in the world, that he expected Iraq to become the hot zone following business and marketers local deal quickly with the nuances of the market.

said that GDP of Iraq will grow quickly, including an estimated 33% over the next three years, where will follow income levels suit and work to create a middle class distinct.

"highlights Iraq quickly, with his move to the next stage, a market big consumer as home to the third largest population in the region's 32 million people.



Parliamentary security and defense: the investigation is under way on the prisoners escaped and there are clues to prove the involvement of politicians

Said a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary presence clues implicating politicians escape of prisoners from Iraqi jails, and the investigation is still underway in this regard by the Paradise, with the concerned authorities, indicating that the results of the investigation will be presented in a report to Parliament.

The MP said the governor Zamili told all of Iraq [where] today that "for security and defense committee parliamentary still investigating the subject of the prisoners escaped from Iraqi prisons were called Director of Prisons correctional, and will be called officers from the Interior Ministry, and will be announced in the coming weeks the results of the investigation."

The MP added the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, "it was to reach clues suggest the involvement of a number of political prisoners in the smuggling operation but the investigation is under way in this matter and results will be announced after the completion of it."


In its first session after the holidays ..... Parliament lifted its half-hour for lack of quorum
11/06/2012 11:34 AM

A parliamentary source said on Tuesday that "the parliament to lift its day, half an hour for lack of quorum needed to hold them."

It is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives on Tuesday its regular reading of a number of bills after the holiday, which lasted for 20 days.

The agenda for today's meeting to read a number of draft laws, notably the draft law amending the Law on the State Council, in addition to the discussion of central bank policy.

The House of Representatives raise its regular in 15 of last October to the sixth of the current month of November, due to lack of quorum, after the withdrawal of deputies block a coalition of state law from the meeting, due to the lack of agreement on a proposed amnesty law


Professor Shabibi: we have documents that confirm the success of the central bank in exchange rate stability and I will return to Baghdad next Thursday
11/06/2012  11:03 AM

Revealed Professor Shabibi, who had his hand was withdrawn from Directors of the Central Bank and has served as the governor and outgoing an arrest warrant for possession of documents which confirm the success of the bank in the custody of the stability of the Iraqi currency and the exchange rate.

Shabibi said in a statement singled out by telephone told all of Iraq [where] that "central bank officials have documents indicating that they have succeeded in stabilizing the exchange rate and they Aataamilon with businessmen or traders through private banks," pointing out that he "will return to the capital Baghdad next Thursday to clarify the facts and pay the charges carries a political character. says.

He added that "the central bank gets blamed for it possesses no database that is true because we Anmtlk customization to employ qualified competent in providing database Exact" indicating "that he did not deal with private banks without the other, but to deal evenly and according to regulations set for the auction."


Hamid al-Mutlaq: Parliament sessions for the coming days will be important because of widening differences
11/06/2012 10:40 AM

Noted MP / coalition in Iraq : Hamid al-Mutlaq, supporting the importance of parliamentary sessions, which will begin on Tuesday, explaining that it would be limited to the normal Guanyin and this case will continue for the next day.

Mutlaq said in a press statement on Tuesday: The differences are expanding by the day that everything has become an anonymous,

He pointed out that all of the talk about a good position is untrue that the current situation lost, laws task Kalafo year and infrastructure will not pass and the budget in 2013 may be returned to the government because there is feedback on them, and therefore, the holiday legislative disrupt parliamentary sessions and remain the case as it is for the month Last. added: that all the meetings that took place were not serious and was to compliment and not dialogues solution, Valenwaya true national spirit does not exist and balloons media to discredit the other play a role in increasing the dispute at a time when the country retreat security and, service remarkable.


Newspapers today: the issue of the central bank .. Cord on the tractor and promised severe fall "big heads"
11/06/2012 10:25 AM

Her most prominent newspapers this morning, inter alia political, economic and security, primarily statements of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed to them that investigations issue central bank will overthrow heads and Cefvha "considerable ability", as well as ordering severe benefit accounting of people over the checkpoints security whatever their status, as well as the repercussions postponed visit by Iranian President to Baghdad sensitivity Tehran towards the insistence by the Iraqi government to inspect its planes bound for Damascus.

morning newspaper official issued by the Iraqi Media Network, highlighted in the front page Maliki's remarks on the issue of the central bank, she wrote: Maliki ordering accounting squatters on security checkpoints .. He said: investigations central bank will overthrow heads big. ordered the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accounting both exceed the checkpoints security and violates contexts inspection procedures, as stated in another matter that the investigation in the case of the central bank will overthrow heads big. came in a statement issued by the spokesman Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces: The checkpoints security open in the streets of Baghdad and Iraq's cities promote the task of protecting the security of citizens and their safety, and improving the state of security and stability prevailing in the country, and require everyone to cooperate with its members and positive interaction with their national duty.


Dabbagh: the Council of Ministers decided to replace the ration card system a cash amount of 15 thousand dinars per person per month
11/06/2012 15:43:22 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) : confirmed by government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the Cabinet decided to replace the ration card system a sum of money of 15 thousand dinars per person per month.

said in a statement today: The resolution included a binding controls for pricing flour to ensure that no manipulation that begins the implementation of the resolution in 01/03/2013.

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Terry K & GET Team Member Chat



8:56 PM [msjeta1] Praying for the right results


8:57 PM [michigander0131] your welcome sir


Thoughts - Opinions & Discussion In DinarLand

7:23 PM DevaronDLH: One thing is certain... no one, and I mean no one knows the date or the rate of the RV... Honestly I think even Iraq does NOT know this information.... sure it could happen tomorrow, its 50/50 so your guess is just as good as anyone else. Tomorrow is election day, finally... lets get through that first.

7:24 PM target: DevaronDLH Well someone has to know. one person or a few key people have to know.

7:25 PM DevaronDLH: target It is possible no one actually knows... if they are working on it then it may tell them when to go but not in the way we think... that it has to be such a such of a rate done on a certain date...

7:26 PM blessed1: Poppy3 does have a good point but the unknown is if it all already done IMO. And I would say yes it has to be done because it was supposed to have happened several times before.

7:27 PM blessed1: Not the RV done but everything that needs to be done to RV

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National Prayer Call Tonight 9:30PM EST

National Prayer call Posted by DebTarheelgirl

Dinar Investors! Join us Today, Monday 11-5-2012 , 9:30 pm EST for the next Dinar Prayer Call and Prayer for America Call. :

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 code: 1016947#

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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Al-Maliki: first Iraqi army troops in Turkish Kurdistan

Al-Maliki: first Iraqi army troops in Turkish Kurdistan 05-11-2012-14: 58

Zulal: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Monday, objections to Tigris operations a flagrant violation of the Constitution, in the first Iraqi army troops in Turkish Kurdistan, noting the presence of tanks, armored vehicles and Turkish planes in the region speak one.

Al-Maliki said speaking on the brackets which will be broadcast later on Sumerian space, "objections to Tigris operations a flagrant violation of the Constitution and is hit on the head", stating that "there are no restrictions on the movement of Iraqi army by the Constitution of a federal army have the right to be in Basra or Zakho and no one prevented."

Al-Maliki said that "all Iraq divided into operations leaders didn't talk one of them because it's normal procedure," he said, adding that "no right to talk to the Governor of Kirkuk, and this constitutional violation."

The Prime Minister said that "Kirkuk province of Iraq and the Iraqi army as the Constitution enters Kirkuk, Erbil and Salahaddin, Sulaymaniyah," pointing out that "there are intentions under the curtain and don't want to be the federal authority control or presence or prosecution". 

Economy and Investment parliamentary: the need to provide the final accounts for the year 2012 and previous years to parliament by the government

Economy and Investment parliamentary: the need to provide the final accounts for the year 2012 and previous years to parliament by the government
November 5 2012

Solution : Stressed member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary MP Ibrahim Rikabi for the rule of law on the need to provide the final accounts for the year 2012 and previous years to parliament by the Iraqi government.

Rikabi, in a press statement today the agency received solution (News) a copy of 'approving the federal budget for 2013, must be coupled with submission of final accounts for the year 2012 financial by the government to know where and how it was disbursement in state institutions all, and on its impact is determined and divided budget Federal 2013.

Rikabi added that 'final accounts will be pending in the neck of the government and must be submitted sooner or later, noting that' the House of Representatives will discuss the federal budget law for the year 2013 and raised to the specialists and will be voted on later even though there is no final accounts.

Trade completed the third negotiating round action with the World Trade Organization

Trade completed the third negotiating round action with the World Trade Organization
November 5 2012

Baghdad / Orr News: Completed and the Ministry of Commerce measures the third negotiating round with the member states of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and private goods file.

The general director of trade relations Hashim Mohammed Hatem "The ministry has completed a detailed report on the file of goods to a third negotiating round with the member states of the World Trade Organization."

He added that "The ministry is in the process of the formation of the negotiating team which will be headed by Minister of Commerce and includes the ministries of planning, finance and customs and Control Bureau of Finance and the Central Bank and a number of experts and legal."  

Al-Maliki: the amnesty law is illegal and will not release terrorists

Al-Maliki: the amnesty law is illegal and will not release terrorists 05-11-2012-13: 30

Zulal: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Monday, amnesty bill "illegal", saying his refusal to release "terrorists" or accused of "terrorism".

He said Al-Maliki "parentheses", which siibth later in the day on Sumerian "space", that "Parliament has no right of legislation by the Government give its opinion," the origin of the draft amnesty law illegal because it came from within the Parliament. "

Al-Maliki stressed that "would not accept the release of terrorists or terrorism suspects," an exception of law of innocent blood on their hands are too important to exclude those who planned, supported and covered up the crimes of terrorism ". 

Al-Maliki: Brown Act laid out electoral accounts will induce many laws

Al-Maliki: Brown Act laid out electoral accounts will induce many laws 05-11-2012-13: 26

Zulal: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for not optimistic adoption law infrastructure, saying he "laid out", with stressed that electoral calculations will induce many laws and interests that the Government is seeking to achieve.

Al-Maliki said in an exclusive interview with "space" Sumerian to be broadcast Monday evening, that the infrastructure did not commonly yet, but laid out "," the political and electoral calculations the quarrelings dominate many interests and laws that the Government works for the unfortunate backgrounds. "

Al-Maliki warned that continuing the quarrelings, saying that "we will be the fact that nation-building is not accessible".

Al-Maliki said "there is a glimmer of hope a few days ago at my meeting began with Iraq, which he said would put operation law (in Parliament), plus some projects (laws)", but that "the law will be voted on during the next week if asked, but I am not optimistic." 

Cabinet raises the budget 2013 to the Parliament for ratification
05-11-2012-12: 37

Zulal: Cabinet, announced Monday, to lift federal Iraq budget next year 2013 to the Parliament for ratification, pointing at the same time it is 138 trillion Iraqi dinars.

He said the Ministry's Secretary General Ali Mohsen Ismail in a statement issued Monday, and received "alsumaria news", "the Cabinet lift balancing federal Iraq next year to the House finalized for approval."

Ismail said that the federal budget would total 138 trillion dinars ", stating that" investment budget will amount to 55 trillion dinars, with operational budget will amount to 83 trillion dinars ".

Oil signs final with Pakistani company to invest invasive exploratory area 8
05-11-2012-12: 02

Zulal: The Iraqi oil Ministry, Monday, final contract with a company to invest in eighth invasive exploratory area provinces of Wasit and Diyala, indicating that the cost of a $ 100 million investment in the investment will provide employment in these two provinces as well as "petrodollar revenues.

Undersecretary for oil refineries and gas industry Ahmed Al-shamma told a press conference today, and was attended by "", "the Ministry signed a final contract today with Pakistan Petroleum Ltd to invest and develop invasive exploratory area in eighth round fourth licenses", stating that "exploratory area located between the provinces of Wasit and Diyala is 6,000 sq.

Chandler said that "winning company provided cost of production per barrel equivalent per five dollars and 38 cents", pointing out that "the cost of investment for the first phase of the field in the $ 100 million".

Source for the future of Iraq: Iraqi postponed their differences with al-Maliki �eyes gains

Source for the future of Iraq: Iraqi postponed their differences with al-Maliki �eyes gains 11/05/2012

The future of Iraq / special : parliamentary source said that the leaders of the Iraqi List pressured the existing leader Iyad Allawi to stop his differences with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The source, who declined to be named in an interview for "Future of Iraq" The leaders of the list saw it was able to achieve a "gain" many in the current government, which paid to "pressure" on Allawi to stop or postpone his differences with Maliki, "which are almost personal" , as he put it.

He pointed out that the existing dispute over delayed Supreme Council policy that was supposed to be customized to the Erbil that led by Allawi, because of their access to positions of the sovereign in a government of national partnership formed by al-Maliki.

Parliamentary Finance Committee reveal names for Iraqi politicians involved money laundering?

Parliamentary Finance Committee reveal names for Iraqi politicians involved money laundering? November 5 2012

Palm : revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy, "Haitham al-Jubouri" about the involvement of known Iraqi politicians and their staff from the central bank in the money laundering operations.

Committee member said Haitham al-Jubouri in a media interview that the committee reached documents and recordings have implicated a number of politicians acts of money laundering and smuggling of currency, and deposit it in banks Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan.

Jubouri said it formed a committee of Parliament and detect people involved in this business and will be held accountable and questioning after Eid al-Adha.  

Blair says Iraq's economy thriving since 2003 invasion and toppling of Saddam Hussein

Blair says Iraq's economy thriving since 2003 invasion and toppling of Saddam Hussein November 05, 2012

Associated Press LONDON : Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said Monday that British forces should be proud of their role in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, citing what he claimed was major social and economic progress since the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Blair said that Iraq was likely to be one of the world's fastest growing economies over the next decade. He hailed drastically lower child mortality rates and trumpeted developments in the southern city of Basra, where most U.K. forces were based after the invasion.

However, making a rare speech on Iraq - the most divisive issue of his decade in power - the ex-leader acknowledged that parts of the country continued to suffer from terrorism and destabilizing political tensions.

Underscoring the security challenges, two car bombs exploded Monday around Baghdad, killing four people and wounding at least 17, according to police and hospital officials. 

The below posts were in our 6pm email
11-5-12 Mountainman: Parliament Energy announced that the HCL will be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote in the next few days which is great news for Iraq and us if they get this resolved finally.

The committees in the region and Baghdad came up with recommendations and submitted to the CoM and claim that all outstanding matters have been agreed to and this allows the province to export 20 thousand barrels per day. Parliament resumes session tomorrow, let's see if they adopt this law and the committees recommendations like they are promising to.

11- 5-2012 8Ball Article:"A forthcoming meeting of the three presidencies to discuss the current political crisis and the search in the possibility of holding a national meeting"  quote:  "the national meeting which was supposed to take place a few weeks ago explaining that the date of the meeting is very close"  [It wouldn't surprise me if this is the natl meeting???]  Would be nice...could be a BIG week.
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11-5-12 Charra55 (Regarding Reno Scam): Like I have said in my past post NO ONE, repeat NO ONE is going to do any better with GETTING A BETTER RATE OR DOING IT ANY SOONER UNTIL IT IS ON THE FOREX! PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

My bank (BANK OF COLORADO) said that WHEN it is a tradeable currency I can cash in through them and its only 15.00 Regardless if you have 1,000 Dinar or 50,000,000 Dinar.

Please use common sense when people say they can do better. It seems that GREED or IMPATIENCE will get you nowhere except taken. REMEMBER IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!

The only difference would be the spread. If you have 1,000,000 IQD and it should RV at 1:1 and the spread is even 10 Cents that still leaves you with $900,000. If that is not enough after an investment of only $800.00 to a $1,000.00, then you fall into the catagory of GREED.

It's better to have SOME than NONE. But then again I am not a greedy man. Please, Please use common sense. BUT this is JMHO. God Bless. Go RV.
[jack1977] nolaspice so T says nuttin? not this year,,,, thud

 [flashing] jack1977 who is t ? tony?

[jack1977] flashing yep

[flashing] one more time the casttle is ahead of the curve. i told you this morning a lot of smoke will become from iraq and from gurus today roflmao

 [olesailor] nolaspice not just Tony, Tony and Gary if you are going to tell, tell all

[KajunRedBull] flashing ...And the more Smoke the Better 4 Us! Go RV

 [blessedinohio] nolaspice And only 2 of Tony's sources are saying Feb, many are still before the end of the year which he believes also...

 [olesailor] it's rv time

 [flashing] moonchild i just informed ourpeeps to not become discouraged by gurus and iraq news today

 [olesailor] blessedinohio but Tony said more more than I have verification of personally the World Hertiage Fund has been paid out to the Trustees 48 of them and that is from the secretary on ONE of the Trustees now I understand that the PP's are also being paid too and Tony and Gary implied they heard that too

[KajunRedBull] flashing Correcto! Go back and look at the pattern of Iraq...They allow their media to say something is planned then we find out later it already occurred.

[olesailor] but I got it from PP receipants and WGS receipants

 [olesailor] so everybody chill tranquillo it is time to prepare and keep positive

 [ShieldedHeart] What are the PPs?

 [olesailor] thnk about it If the WGS are out and the PP's are being paid, the ONLY way the countries can benefit is IF THEIR CURRENCY HAS A FAIR MARKET VALUE, thus the rv is necessary to have meaning to this madness




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The following is the text of a speech to be delivered this morning by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is addressing the Iraq Britain Business Council's 4th London Conference on the theme: "Iraq: The Road To Success?"

This conference I know is one of several taking place that highlight the economic opportunity Iraq presents for the future, for Britain but also for investors from all over the world. Today, in particular, is a follow on from the IBBC Baghdad conference at the end of September.

The challenges that Iraq still faces are obvious: continuing security problems of terrorism, especially around Baghdad; services and infrastructure still far below what they can and should be; and bureaucracy and corruption in Iraq as elsewhere, a major source of discontent, And of course the political tensions remain high and often lead to paralysis when the country urgently needs movement. There is also the turmoil in the region not least in Syria. So the difficulties are manifest

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Streaming Updates Call - Nov 5th (3:00pm EST) with BGG and guests

Just click on the "Straight Talk Radio" banner @ and listen.

[redhead1] WCW - what are your thoughts on the RV happening during the election?

 [bamanana] redhead1 it would be a good time to go under the radar

 [mbd4049] bamanana exactly what I was thinking -- the election and with the storm situations it would be a great cover

[weimar] I think there is hopium, but not hearing anybody who is thinking for sure....

 [flashing] : almost there

[weimar] flashing really? :)

 [flashing] weimar yea the finish line is there  

[louthunder] Dow is down at the opening bell and USD is up. Can you feel how everything is starting to line up? watch for oil and gold to drop today and the USD to go over 81...... go rv
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
kubler: Kuwait has agreed to invest a large part of the Taweidadtha in Iraq
11/05/2012 13:54:49 Monday

Baghdad (news) : Prime United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler approval Kuwait Investment Taweidadtha in Iraq.

said Kuebler in a statement received (News Agency for news) copy of it on Monday: The Kuwait has agreed to convert a large part of the compensation to the investment in Basra and a number of provinces.


Kuwaiti Prime Minister during his meeting with the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate: no problem between Iraq and Kuwait and I will sign important agreements during my visit to Baghdad month

BAGHDAD: said Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah said that the two peoples and governments of Iraq and Kuwait are looking forward to building future relations advanced in various fields particularly as we have seen from the Iraqi government, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said there great response to end the last decade experienced by countries because of the actions of the former regime and not the Iraqi people responsible who cherish and appreciate his sincere feelings toward the Kuwaiti people.

The morning during a meeting with the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate supporter Lami and media delegation Iraqi currently visiting Kuwait at the invitation of the Amiri Diwan and Information Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah: It is our duty to forget the past and look to the future and common interests that bind the two peoples of Iraq and Kuwait, praising at the same time the continuity of delegations elitism between the two countries to melt each plaque expressing looked forward to signing a number of agreements during his visit to Iraq next month at the invitation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and he also looks forward to a visit by Maliki to Kuwait for the sustainability of these relationships that contributed to projecting the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah During his meetings with al-Maliki, especially his visit to Baghdad while attending the Arab Summit. He also expressed his appreciation for the role played by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and the family Iraqi journalist to promote positive media speech contributes to building positive relations between the two peoples and the two governments.



Bayati expects next week to witness wide efforts to solve crisis
Monday, 05 November 2012 09:22

Baghdad (AIN) : MP, Abbas al-Bayati, of the State of Law Coalition expected the next week to witness wide political efforts to solve the current crisis.

Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he said "Baghdad will witness political movements at the level of the three Presidencies and the heads of the political blocs."

"The efforts come to endorse the laws and to reach agreement over the mechanisms of settling the disputes," he assured.

"There were positive meetings during Eid al-Adha and there will be exchanged visits in the next days among the various political sides," he concluded.
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In order to break up Iraq, readings reveal: a meeting between al-Maliki with Mishaan al-Jubouri at the same table
November 5 2012

A source from within the Office of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said last met in his private office with Mishaan Jubouri Green Zone a few days ago.

And (p. Q) that al-Maliki demanded Jubouri entry in the list of single Sunni away from Iraq in the coming elections on the condition that dismantles the Iraqi List and the Sunni leaders did not public about it and the formation of a strong government ruled by law.

He said al-Maliki promised Jubouri extradite him one of the ministries for the implementation of this Agreement.


Information to prove corruption in the Central Bank of "customs" and the Tax Authority
November 5 2012

Conscious / Baghdad / Haidar al-Bakri

Politicians haggling and courtesies are waging war on the Central Bank figures

Vajina CBI this time asking New represented Amendments doubling amounts of foreign currency ceilings sold in cash to banks a week and confirmed The legitimacy of banks to determine the price of buying and selling to their customers and the abolition of price selections and Monetary sold by citizen Five thousand dollars just by highlighting identity card only And the abolition of other conditions and this point to us and to all the insiders in economic affairs that there are flaws in the plan in force in the monetary policy as well That Mataudna That Central Bank does not work reactions as the dollar has not seen a big rise very baptizing Bank to so policy which prompted the Committee responsible for monitoring the work of the Central Bank and the author of the committees of Economy and Finance parliamentary and president of Supreme Audit to marking cases suspicion of corruption in the sale of the dollar and the insider it all The motivation to search for The truth behind the amendments and double the amount of foreign currency at the central bank personal Aossayash and Mahjm interests also estimated the Iraqi foreign remittances abroad in order to meet the requirements of the trade balance for the year 2011 by more than $ 52 billion, two-thirds of the private sector.


New York Times: The next president must be held accountable Maliki for misuse of power
2012-11-05 12:04:56

NEW YORK (Iba) : The New York Times reported widespread that under the American presidents so far, the regime of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is moving in a climate of impunity, while the U.S. administration focused on calming Iraq and building their way to leave. In the context of fear and Washington how that is reflected by the criticism of Iraq on U.S. policy and its opposition to the critical date for any return of involvement in Iraqi affairs, the curriculum followed may represent in her face away, while moving Iraq, contrary to the strategic interests of the U.S. in the region.

And spins clash current interests on Syria, and it is right, and in line with U.S. interests, to reach the rule of President Bashar al-Assad to end in Syria, and the United States should at least be able to prevent its allies from helping in the transfer of weapons to the Assad regime.

Have reported a Reuters report, finally, that Iraq allows sending individuals and dozens of tons of weapons to Syria through its airspace almost daily, and press reports that the buses carrying as well as individuals of weapons and supplies to the Assad regime has flowed from Iraq to Syria.


Kuwait agrees to transfer "substantial portion" from Taweidadtha to investments in Basra
Monday, 05 November 2012 13:12

Twilight News : announced the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Monday for Kuwait to convert approval "substantial portion" from Taweidadtha to investments in Basra and other provinces.

The reduction of the UN Security Council more than once percentage that were deducted from the proceeds of the sale of oil and gas in Iraq to be directed to a compensation fund of 30% as set out originally to 5% currently.

Iraq still pays five per cent of its oil revenues to the United Nations Compensation Fund to fill $ 18 billion remaining in compensation to Kuwait, after paying 34.3 billion dollars compensation after the occupation of Kuwait by the former regime, including $ 25 billion went to Kuwait.


To protect the corrupt and embezzlement of state funds fraud

Baghdad (news) focused most prominent newspapers this morning, inter alia, education and other economic, as well as mutual accusations between the blocs and parties to protect spoilers, as well as accusing the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Maliki of trying to seize on the central bank and the nomination of those close to him for his administration.

morning newspaper Official issued by the Iraqi Media Network, focused on the results of the central acceptance that sparked a wave of protests among students exposed them, because they do not fit your grades, and she wrote: Education decided to amend the nominations and extend the acceptance of and objections .. Study to accommodate successful in the third round of studies evening. decided Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to allow students the sixth preparatory graduates rates 80 percent or above, to amend their nominations in the acceptance Central, has also decided to extend the deadline for acceptance in universities and institutes as well as the date of the objections to acceptance for a week additional. in the meantime, revealed the education committee parliamentary study to accept students sixth preparatory successful in the third round at colleges evening.


Deterioration of the Iraqi dinar is exhausting burden Iraqis
05/11/2012 10:11

The many Iraqis confidence in the local currency despite the stellar returns earned by Iraq from oil sales, which reached into the billions of dollars a year, witnessing the value of the Iraqi dinar fell seriously against the U.S. dollar and attribute this significant deterioration mainly to smuggle foreign currency (U.S. dollar) to Syria and Iran which suffer from economic sanctions, as well as the direction of traders and businessmen Iraqis to set aside the dollar instead of the Iraqi dinar, which caused a lot of damage on the Iraqi currency and the economic situation in Iraq.

He complains a lot of citizens from falling value of the Iraqi dinar, has Valley high exchange rate of the dollar to the high prices of goods in the Iraqi market, which gets tired a lot of low-Aldkhalafartvaa value of the dollar, which represents the backbone of the trade of Iraq through the import of goods, may form an opportunity the greed merchants to increase the value of these consumables. Iraq was in the light of the policies of Prime CBI supplements friend Dr. Shabibi enhances Iraqi dinar, by subtracting the value of one hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty million dollars U.S. in the market for cover and keep the price the Iraqi dinar.


To ensure the transparency of its work .. Former deputy warns of withholding the announcement of the auction of hard currency at the Central Bank
November 5, 2012

BAGHDAD / Conference: Warned former Rep. Hadi al-Hassani, of making the work of central bank auction for the sale of hard currency is a public front companies and the public because it will lead to financial corruption and affect transparency.

Said Hassani: Can not the Central Bank may resort to withhold the announcement of the sale of foreign currency in the auction for it will affect the transparency and integrity of the central bank, adding in saying can take temporarily to keep the dinar exchange rate and then because selling public. praised MP Hassani: monetary policy pursued by the central bank and described Balrsana because it helped to semi-stable exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar after that saw a big drop in front of difficult international currency, likely to witness a significant improvement in the dinar rate against the dollar in the coming period.

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