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6pm, November 7th, 2012  


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The IQD Team~~Highlights Replay Conf Call Nov 6
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The below posts were in our 6pm email
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KUANYIN:  I have been a member here for only a year and an investor and active in other forums for about 4 yrs  - In that span of time I have seen and experienced many highs and lows -  If there was nothing else going  on in the  world  or my life  then "maybe" I would not  have reason to get so excited about the possible change in value or so disappointed when the Guru's  rumtel was wrong - AGAIN  -

In the past 4 years we have had 2 major- very emotionally heated Presidential elections in the United States-  We have been involved even if just mentally - with the elections and government forming with Iraq  -- we have had several devastating catastrophes - BP Oil Spill - Japan's Tsunami & Hurricane Sandy to  just mention a few --  I do not know about you  and I do confess to being very  sensitive  but these things  hit me pretty hard -  I truly feel that most people even if not directly affected  physically by these events were still "affected"  mentally and  / or emotionally - and without  emotions being on their sleeves -

It was evident to me by the many responses that others are experiencing an elevation  in emotions right now -  It was  perceived and expressed by many as negative - I did not take the post and words as being negative at all --  It takes a lot of courage to be honest and expose ones  human vulnerability  --  to risk being  criticized, ridiculed, and a disappointment - It also takes strength, passion, compassion,  perseverance,  and dedication to hang around when many,  many gurus have come and gone due to the pressure  of delivering  RV Hopium  day after day after day  -- (which satisfies only for a few hours as there has  been no delivery of the real RV prize)

11-7-12 Freebird: Iraq's Foreign Ministry has released some very promising statements today about the possibility of their Chp 7 release after the meetings with Kobler from the UN.

The UNSC seems to be in full support assuming they continue to follow through with reparations. I can't think of a much bigger step for Iraq to take to show the world they are independent and and ready to stand on their own and use the dinar as their main currency once again.

They are a proud people and using the currency of a country that they were at war with as their primary is not their goal. There was a report a couple weeks ago that this month they may issue some new lower denoms.

They used the excuse that the old were damaged but lets see what happens. If the CBI is going to get the IQD to 1 to 1 by January they need to make a move soon. For what it's worth, I do believe we are close. Keep the faith.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Legal parliamentary majority agrees on the enactment of the mandates of the three presidencies
07/11/2012 17:05:00

Revealed the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, for the consent of a majority of its members on the legislation law to determine the states of the three presidencies.

A member of the Committee MP Mustafa nice that his committee and approved by a majority of its members at a meeting held today, approved the legislation law requires mandatory paragraph states the three presidencies. "

The head of the Liberal bloc parliamentary internalized in the National Alliance Bahaa al-Araji had announced in July last year, with a number of independent MPs, from providing mass proposed law requires mandatory states three presidencies two sessions only, revealing signature hundred deputies to this proposal.

Political observers believe that the mandate of Prime Minister will end the current political crisis, as it would block of the uniqueness of the judgment and the marginalization of the other.


Kuwait: start marking the border with Iraq this week
November 7 2012

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said Iraq would end its financial obligations towards Kuwait during the two years, revealed that the end of this week will see the start marking the border between the two countries.

Khalid said that "Iraqi relations - Kuwaiti booming and unprecedented development and will culminate with the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait to Baghdad next month to sign agreements and joint working protocols and discuss the remainder of the files to be settled." And Adalv that "the issue of compensation will end in two years or two and a half years at the latest," he said.

Immortal revealed "a UN team in Iraq after his visit to Kuwait recently, and this team will end this week, marking the border starting from the first mark after the commitment of the two countries to pay the amount of money needed to implement this project."

Click for Link


Vice Posted: withdrawals from the Iraqi List is is normal that list do not represent a political project
Wednesday 07/11/2012 08:05 pm

BAGHDAD - Samer Saeed : Iraqi List undergo cracking through a new withdrawals of them and join the retreating to new alliances Ktasas entities or embolization to other blocs such as the mass law which sources confirmed to the intention of joining Saleh al-Mutlaq, Deputy Prime Minister Rafie al-Issawi and current Finance Minister, also saw Accord Movement, led by head of the Iraqi withdrawal its members in the provinces of Diwaniyah and Wasit has confirmed member of the Iraqi's (citizen) said on Wednesday that "withdrawals from the Iraqi List is is normal that list do not represent a political project, but it's made up of several components political collected national project and it's practically ended when the formation of the government" He Salman he was "not defective can resort to any component of the list to new alliances or establishing new entities or withdrawal members of them and resorting to alliances or establish a new alliance, both within existing or abroad, as happened with the bloc white," adding that "in spite of For withdrawals in the list, but it does not mean repudiation of the national project "of his part, the leader of the National Dialogue Front, were part of the Iraqi List, Hamid al-Mutlaq for the formation of a new political movement under his leadership for" correct "the front and Iraqi project.


Al-Maliki: abolish ration step under reform
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 20: 05

Baghdad: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki described the decision to abolish ration step within the framework of the reform.

The statement quoted Prime Minister's Office received all Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, Al-Maliki said during a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Hosseinieh in Hosseinieh area hospital balrashadet North of the capital Baghdad "we told Iraq needs reforms, development and introduction, and repair of all systems that we inherited in the areas of health, agriculture, industry, education, housing, etc. and even ration system in need of reform, in the Council of Ministers take a step in this framework resolution provision when it issued Articles on markets and give each Iraqi citizen amount [15] 1,000 dinars, we are involved in reforming the systems of all sectors, particularly in health and specialist hospitals, health centres and hospitals to treat difficult cases. "

"With each step and each room we give in the process of rebuilding Iraq, are overwhelmed with joy and happiness, because we move after decades of suffering and destructive policies of the former regime, which spared no sector of the State, perhaps the most serious of the health sector, it is unacceptable that obstructed what we seek from development under any circumstances, because it is possible to disagree politically, but could not be at the expense of the interests of the citizen."


Remove nftagi: Obama policy with Iraq in second presidential session will be better than the first
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 19: 43

Baghdad: The parliamentary foreign Committee member predicted Zala nftagi be US President Barack Obama political in the second presidential session with Iraq better than the first session.

She nftagi to every [where] Iraq today that "Obama will resolve a lot of issues with Iraq and will complete the implementation of all items of the FM signed between the two countries that have not yet been implemented only some of the previous session.


Parliamentary economic gathering 100 signature for enactment of strategic economic Council
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 10: 04

Baghdad: Member of the parliamentary economic detection for collecting 100 signing for the House of representatives, to develop a strategic economic Council, which will draw the Iraqi economic policy, noting that "this law under study".

According to Attorney Yosef Al-taei told each Iraq [where] yesterday, has collected more than 100 signatures of deputies to pass a law to develop a strategic economic Council, as the Council adopts all economic topics, and outlines economic policy in Iraq through the investment expertise of many economists and academics.

The Deputy from the Liberal block that "the establishment of this Council was caused by motion blur and random draw Iraqi economy, so there should be a centre specializing in economic policy-making, particularly in this period of fiscal and monetary policy started wandering and take random turn, there should be a law consistent with that of the economy."


The value of the Iraqi dinar fall against the dollar at a rate of 11 points during the day on Wednesday to record 1210 per dollar 
NOVEMBER 7, 2012

BAGHDAD: fallen value of the national currency Iraqi dinar for the third straight day at a fast pace recorded value of the currency in the exchange markets day on Tuesday an exchange rate of 1210 dinars to the dollar drop of 11 points, and traders said the foreign exchange market, Iraqi dinar day Monday was 1199 dinars, while the exchange rate was Sunday 1188 dinars to the dollar, which means that the value of the Iraqi dinar was down by eleven points for a total decline of 48 hours only twenty-two points.

Click for Link


Parliamentary Legal Committee ratified the Law of the mandate of the three presidencies retroactively
01:10  7 / 11/2012

Khandan - ratified the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives shortly before the draft law of the mandate of the three presidencies and retroactively by majority vote.

The reporter revealed "Khandan" in Baghdad that the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives ratified shortly before the draft law of the mandate of the three presidencies majority vote.

The reporter said, "Khandan" Ten members out of 16 members voted in favor of the draft law of the mandate of the three presidencies, while others opposed 6 law and are 5 members of a coalition of state law and a member of the mass of patriots.

And the reporter, "Khandan" The law now been referred to the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for inclusion in the agenda of the Council in the coming sessions.

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Bluwolf Email Posted by SweetQueen at I4u Forum


Well those that restraint the rv for political placement and credit have failed by the outcome, so now they should be out of the way for they have no other agendas up there sleeves. As of early this morning all is clear for a double digit rv. There is no negative news or issues coming out of Iraq and as off this morning a great man loved by the world as God said got re-elected, changes to all will come to be and they should be around within a few. Sure looking forward for all to be holding the faith and there dinars, for nothing negative is in the scenario for the near future. Be blessed Blu

jonnywg on Bella Grits post.... 4:15 P.M. EST 11/7/2012

After reading the post of Bella Grits yesterday I feel that I must commend her on the statements made
It is refreshing that she has stepped up to the plate with honesty and I agree.

it is apparent that the information supplied to many Intel providers has being a planned misinformation campaign for the best part of the last 6 months by the PTB

I totally agree with Bellas statements and in fact will say it now that Bella will be known as the matriarch of the dinar and the leader of the people the leader that brought it all together

Bella has made many personal and financial sacrifices to assemble the team that has finally diagnosed the truth.

Sources say that Bella has worked 15 hours a day 7 days a week for the last 9 months in a tireless efforts to discover the truth

we all wish her well in her quest to discover the truth and for her to continue her efforts to the end

The IQD Team~~Highlights Replay Conf Call Nov 6~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Bad week for Maliki and The Shabinator WILL BE BACK

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call
Theme: Bad WEEK for Maliki & The Shabinator (Shabibi) WILL BE BACK

Conference Call Replay - Nov 6, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

We had some great CBI articles and discussion about each article which follows below - Mikes analysis & Recap follows after each article:

"90 MPs demanding disclosure of the politicians' names involved in central bank issue"

You would think that Shabibi would know that since he has been there since 2004...looks like there is going to be some kind of party for me??....No No...Party for Shabibi lets hope......looks like they are starting to demand more information and it looks like Shabibi is getting ready too.....Everybody is kinda understanding whats going on - You have to remember as we talked about this last call..hopefully you can follow along - You have things that were going on before Shabibi was there and supposedly he was dealing with it and if you look at the auctions you can see the differences in the auctions each day - certain amount of money that is no longer moving out and into banks one of two things happened - the banks are deciding not to participate because they do not want to kill the economy or kill the exchange rate and/or the banks that were stealing have decided to back out

Intel4U Members Thoughts and Opinions Wed. Afternoon

[calidinarhope] flashing There should be a separate Guru dictionary that has all the terminology a Guru should use

[Papa Bear] Use your shovels and discernment

[flashing] calidinarhope gag order

[calidinarhope] flashing how would you define it

[Looking4arvie06] flashing i have no secret code

[oucrazy] Papa Bear . . . so you're asking us to dig deep and think. . .

[TLane] So, now that we have heard that during the election would be a good time to rv.. what is the next guess?

[TLane] During the Big China Election? Christmas .. New YEars .. Valentines Day?

calidinarhope] flashing what do you think about the Dow closing 313 points down? How is that related to our RV, if any?

[flashing] calidinarhope franky speaking am happy

[Looking4arvie06] someone has to bring happy to the castle

[BigB] flashing 2012jesus Dow down 308. I still think is is strange that the 3 markets (Dow, S & P, And Nasdaq) are all done almost the exact percentage 2.33, 2.35, & 2.48 respectively. They were much closer throughout most of the day. Never see them that close.

Victgk in chat at OOM&F posted by Kini Wednesday noon





[Kini] vic1tgk TOTALLY agree!!! We need to find a way to work together, once again!



BondLady Chat - Post By Tlm724 BondLadys Corner

[BondLady] you have to remember all the things we talk about here what have i said to never ever forget about Iraq or the people who are in charge what motivates and drives them greed and power always greed and power so lets talk about this a second

[BondLady] what do they love - Iraq oil gold money living like kings power over the people
what do they want more than almost anything next to greed and power - imortality

[BondLady] you see how for every holiday they have literally millons of people drudge through the long hot desert in what we would think is winter clothes head to toe and walk hundreds of miles to pay homage to a leader or a saint or a prophet etc

[BondLady] their religion goes back to the beginning of mankind so do their holidays and maliki from the begiinning of him in his 1st pm wanted to be loved and adored and feared and respected by all of iraq and the rest of the world

[BondLady] he wants to be remembered throughout history like some of these great people in biblical history to have people come 100's and 1000's of miles to pay homage...respect to him as a great leader

SWFloridaGuy "Iraq Moving Forward" - Post By Dinar Detectives

11-7-12 SWFloridaGuy: Well, we waited for the House of Representatives to reconvene after yet another holiday. They were forced to disband after only 30 minutes for a lack of quorum. You'd think with so many important items on the docket (CBI policy etc.), deputies would show up for work.

This is not a new phenomenon. Attendance is such a huge problem in parliament that they were actually forced to institute a penalty system.

The parliamentary bylaws say that the parliamentary presidency can issue a written warning to deputies that are absent 5 times in a row or 10 times during the course of the legislative year.

Unfortunately, that system is corrupt also. There are plenty of loopholes deputies choose to abuse, whereby a distinction can be made between a legitimate absence (health reasons, away on business etc.) and they are rarely penalized for not showing up for work because of this.

Iraq is moving forward IMO but they sure do it at their own pace, which is way too slow for us Westerners. Despite their best efforts, I do think that Iraq will become a leader in the region.

Eventually, international pressure and corporate investment will appeal to the politicians sense of greed, which makes an economic recovery most likely inevitable.

Adam Montana Chat - Post By Dinar Vets

[Adam Montana] ok, off we go then! Good morning everyone

[Adam Montana] Well, for better or worse - it's November 7th. Obama has been re-elected for a second term some of us are happy, some of us will probably get fired for throwing a computer monitor out a window at some point today but no matter which side you are on, our elections have been decided....

[Adam Montana] if you've read my last couple chats, you already know where I'm going with this. I firmly believed (and stated) that nothing would get done during the heat of that battle, and again I'll say that I don't expect anything to happen today or tomorrow either...

There is a "watch and see" period happening right now as in, the rest of the world is going to watch and see what Obama is going to do immediately now that he has taken his second term

[Adam Montana] I know I'm not the only one that understands this... but now that Obama has no re-election to worry about or hold him back, we can expect to see some drastic movements on his part

[moneymagnet] Everyone should go and listen to FF call from last night. Changed my perspective this morning. And my perspective was the was no hope - I was soooooooo wrong!!!!

FF RECORDED 1-559-726-1159 123456# PIN

[Imperium] 11-7-12 Footforward: Where are we in the process? We are just waiting for the last few pieces to be put in place so we can cash out safely, so the economy doesn't fall apart after we cash out. The GOI has no say in the CBI. Maliki is not the problem, Shabibi is not the problem. Maliki & Shabibi have both been placed in their positions of power for a reason. Ignore everything coming out of Iraq. Iraq is not in control.

Iraq wants a powerful currency, a strong currency, one that is recognized internationally. At the end of the day, they all want to RV their currency. We are at the precipice of this thing going, now is the time. The rate is going to be good & cash out will be easy.

11-7-12 Freeway Bill: We are on the brink of something very wonderful! Our journey seems to be at the end and our Blessing is upon us.

[calidinarhope] Without the RV, I don't see how our economy will get any better. Printing more money and handing it out without creating jobs and opportunities will not help our economy. We need the RV soon.

[BigB] 2012jesus flashing Dow down 304 points. And all 3 are down 2.3%! When has that ever happened? Makes you go Hmmmmmmmmm

"The Sad Truth" & Member Comments - Post By Kaperoni Dinar Alert

The Sad Truth...

Many times I am like many of you, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. In fact, I think it may even be harder on me when I spend so much time researching this investment.

We all hear the gurus come up with RV dates, or rates and this or that for the RV to occur. I have spent years putting piece by piece together in this puzzle hoping that it lead me down the path to the wealth we all are looking for.

The sad reality is, there are pieces to this puzzle that can never be foreseen, pieces that come out of no where and sidetrack this investment, pieces that we never anticipated.

As a result, many of us become discouraged, many even sell their dinar, lose our homes & business assets as we have been waiting for this to play out. We have all been told... "never buy more than you can afford to lose" but the reality sinks in only when time runs out on our personal lives.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Saadi denies revealing the names of those involved with money laundering and currency smuggling

Saadi denies revealing the names of those involved with money laundering and currency smuggling  2012-11-07 14:13:53

BAGHDAD (Iba) : denied a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP for the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi revealing any names of those involved with money laundering and currency smuggling.

Saadi said in a press statement on Wednesday that disclosure of these names is a legal offense as well as he prejudice to the dignity of the persons concerned, and we distance Bnevsna from such illegal acts and defamatory.

Saadi added that all the news reported that I had disclosed the names of those involved are only telling unfounded.

A number of media have been attributed to the forearm recent news that he disclose the names of those involved with money laundering and currency smuggling.

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait: Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are blossoming unprecedented development

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait: Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are blossoming unprecedented development  2012-11-07 12:43:14

BAGHDAD (Iba): Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said Iraq would end its financial obligations towards Kuwait in two years, and this weekend will see the start of marking the border between the two countries.

The immortal when he meets the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate supporter Lami and media delegation Iraqi: that Iraqi relations - Kuwaiti booming and unprecedented development and will culminate in the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait to Baghdad next month to sign agreements and protocols joint work and discuss the remaining files to be sorted out.

He added: that the issue of compensation will end in two years or two and a half years at the latest, and expressed his thanks to the Iraqi government for its commitment to pay on a regular basis.  

Abbawi meets Kobler in Baghdad

Abbawi meets Kobler in Baghdad 07/11/2012 13:05:00

BAGHDAD / NINA : Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry for Policy Planning and bilateral relations, Labeed Abbawi discussed with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler several topics including Iraq's desire to get out of Chapter 7 and the implementation of mutual obligations in terms of decisions remaining of Kuwait.

A statement issued today 7, Nov by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that "Abbawi met, at the headquarters of the ministry, with Kobler and Stephen Vasil from the Department of Political Affairs of the UN with the presence of Associate Chairman of the Department organizations and international cooperation Khaldoun al-Jamia'a, and they also discussed, during the meeting, the situation in the region.

Kurdistan: Iraqi constitution with Barzani in his State contract agreements

Kurdistan: Iraqi constitution with Barzani in his State contract agreements 11/07/2012

Alsumaria News : Baghdad Deputy Chairman of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Muhsin al-Sadoun, Wednesday, that the Iraqi constitution with visits Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani Foreign and contract agreements, as he emphasized that these visits serve the welfare of public benefit all Iraqis. Sadoun said in an interview for "Alsumaria News" , "The visit of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to Gulf states came an official invitation by the investing countries in the region to strengthen trade and economic relations and not to political agreements," noting that "the Iraqi constitution with visits Barzani to the States and trade agreements and economic."

said Sadoun that "The visit of Barzani pour welfare public benefit all Iraqis, not just for the Kurdistan region," pointing to "that she agreed to the constitution, according to the concept federal contained."  

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sends a telegram of congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sends a telegram of congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama 11/07/2012

Sent the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki a congratulatory telegram to U.S. President Barack Obama on his victory in the U.S. presidential election for a new cycle.

expressed Mr. Prime Minister for Iraq's desire to continue to develop friendly relations between the two countries in various fields, also expressed the hope that reinforce these appropriate approach of dialogue and moderation in solving international problems and firmness in the face of extremism, violence and terrorism and to help in achieving security and stability in the region and the world. Information Office of the Prime Minister

American Exxon Mobil tells Iraq wants to quit West Qurna oilfield

American Exxon Mobil tells Iraq wants to quit West Qurna oilfield November 7, 2012

BAGHDAD, Reuters: Exxon Mobil has told Iraq's government it wants to sell its share in the West Qurna-1 oilfield, Iraqi officials said on Wednesday, the first official confirmation the U.S. giant is looking to pull out of the project in southern Iraq.

Exxon's decision to quit the $50 billion project will exacerbate tensions between Baghdad and the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan, where Exxon signed oil deals seen as more lucrative but dismissed by the central government as illegal.

Exxon is now at the heart of the long-running dispute over oil reserves and territory between the Arab-led central government and ethnic Kurds who have run their own regional administration in northern Iraq since 1991. 

Legal parliamentary majority agrees on the enactment of the mandates of the three presidencies

Legal parliamentary majority agrees on the enactment of the mandates of the three presidencies 07/11/2012 17:05:00

Revealed the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, for the consent of a majority of its members on the legislation law to determine the states of the three presidencies.

A member of the Committee MP Mustafa nice that his committee and approved by a majority of its members at a meeting held today, approved the legislation law requires mandatory paragraph states the three presidencies. " 

Kuwait immortal: start marking the border with Iraq this weekend

Kuwait immortal: start marking the border with Iraq this weekend 07/11/2012 03:44

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said Iraq and Kuwait and a roadmap for the situation to close all outstanding issues during a period of record. Immortal in a statement to the Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network explained that the team is currently visiting Iraq internationalist after his visit to the marking the border between the two countries.

He added that Iraq would end the issue of payment of compensation to Kuwait in two years, and expressed his thanks the Iraqi government for its commitment to pay on a regular basis. He added that Iraqi relations - Kuwaiti booming and unprecedented development and will culminate with the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait to Baghdad next month to sign agreements and joint working protocols.

Crisis, the Central Bank of Iraq / restructuring stations
07/11/2012 10:40 AM

The first stop: economic freedom: For decades there was Keynesian thought based on the effective state intervention in economic life to adjust and markets address Achtlaladtha and down to the highest run of the energies of productivity, employment and controlling inflation. Go thought Keynesian of premises objective such as lack of markets itself to adjust the economy but Bklv economic and social very high in other words that the market forces will lead to cases of contraction and prosperity successive take ranges of time is nothing short and affect positively or negatively in all aspects of life, therefore, the state's role became radically to adjust the pace of economic activity, accompanied this vision of historically intense competition between socialist thought and its applications and capitalist thought and the need to seek the triumph of capitalist thought in the face of phenomena fully operational and distributive justice and health and social care and free education in socialist societies.

Thought wins big and succeeded in leading capitalist societies towards the welfare state and the emergence of a broad middle class, but in contrast trimmed relatively size business profits.

On the other hand adopted Milton Friedman and the University of Chicago fierce attack on thought from that markets are themselves on the amendment itself without any need for state intervention, but that state intervention in any form will lead to a distortion of the market. Sums up the role of the state, according to Friedman in the army, security and justice (protect the system from external and internal enemies) and public administration.

Maliki announces a network of roads linking Iraq to Europe
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 14:46

Twilight News : Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, for the planning of Iraq to create a network of roads linking Iraq to Europe.

Maliki said in a statement received "Twilight News" copy during a meeting Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Armen KFOR entity and the delegation accompanying him that "Iraq is planning to establish a network of roads and railways, which could make it a conduit for goods and commodities to Europe."

The below posts were in our 10am email






Dear Father God:  Sometimes we feel like we have poured ourselves into something or someone, and worked and fought for a cause, only to see no fruits for our labors. It all seemed in vain. But we know that You can work in all of that to fulfill a greater purpose. Please, don't let the labor of our heart and hands be in vain.

We pray that all we do would be as unto You and for a good purpose and eternal value. Please bless the works of our heart and hands for Your glory. Please empower us with wisdom and insight through Your Holy Spirit. Please guide us every step and every day, to have a greater part in reaching this world for You and ministering to those we love and to those you send us to love.

For You have called us to such as time as this, a time to be salt and light in the darkness that is upon our land, our towns, cities and nation. USE ME LORD, SEND ME, forgive me for falling into doubt and fear that our prayers were not heard.  What a great platform to be used in desperate times to show everyone You place in our path JUST WHO YOU ARE

This nation is going to make Your grace.

Footforward Tues. Night 11-6-12 on the Big call- RECORDED 1-559-726-1159 123456# PIN

laurelei: Great quote of the day: It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well. ~ Descartes


bouv] Lee Greenwood-God Bless the USA

Tues: Late Night
[cruiser] Good evening all. Well here is the good part. The formality of the election is out of the way and nothing changed. The U.S will still have a debt problem. The Fiscal Cliff will be something that really needs to be addressed. NOW!! Europe is sinking, since Germany is now heading into a recession. Japan is Broke. China is running out of money. I think there is still a problem and it needs to be corrected NOW!!!

 [cruiser] Greece has a vote tomorrow. Whoever wins will decide on whether of not they stay in the Euro.

 [TLane] cruiser Who do we want to win?

 [cruiser] TLane Which ever gets us paid quicker.

[TLane] cruiser Amen

[Canadinar] cruiser anyone who thought the RV might be being held until Romney's inauguration on January 20 doesn't have THAT delay argument left! Might this have any effect on the RV's timing?

My friends,

We are on the brink of something very wonderful!  Our journey seems to be at the end and our Blessing is upon us.  While I agree that certain individuals have worked tremendously hard to secure OUR spot in the cash in process, I want everyone to know that NOBODY will be excluded from taking advantage of a special spot in this event.  The purpose of everything that has been done is to make sure that absolutely as many people get in on this as possible.  When the numbers come out to call for appointments, everyone is encouraged to call or text the numbers to as many people as you can.  DO NOT POST on the sites!

NOBODY will be excluded on purpose by the People Behind the Purchasing, they want your dinar!  I think that all dinar holders should be grateful to the General64/Studley group negotiators, they have done a tremendously good job.  However, there has been several independent negotiators that have helped both their group, and all other holders to have this opportunity.

Tens of thousands of hours have went into this positioning and it does not matter WHO did it because NOBODY is getting paid extra for making it better for everyone else.  They have all done it for the better good of all of us.

Those of us who have worked very hard did not do this for ourselves... We have all been a family and we are so close that we need to go into this united and without any confusion.  We will be confused enough once the blessing comes on what to do next. At that time, many of us will be coming out publicly to assist everyone on what to do next.

GOD BLESS all of you tonight as we are anxiously awaiting the future of our country as we watch the election results and at the same time, anticipating our blessing..... May GOD watch after all of us and be ever so present in our hearts during this very strategic time.

With all the Love and Blessings

Freeway Bill


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Exxon tells Iraq wants to quit huge oil project

BAGHDAD (Reuters) : Exxon Mobil (XOM) has officially informed Iraq's government it wants to pull out of a $50 billion oil project, telling Baghdad in a letter it has started talks with other oil companies to sell its stake, senior Iraqi officials said.

Exxon's decision to quit the West Qurna-1 oilfield will exacerbate tensions between Baghdad and the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region, where Exxon has signed oil deals seen as more lucrative but dismissed by the central government as illegal.

Kurdistan has upset Baghdad by signing deals with foreign companies including Exxon, Chevron (CVX.N) and Total (TOTF.PA). Kurdish officials say that right is enshrined in the constitution.

But Baghdad says only the central government can control oil policy.

Iraq's cabinet also said on Wednesday it was expelling Turkey's state-owned TPAO from its exploration block 9 oilfield but denied that the measure was prompted by any proposed move by the Turkish company into Kurdistan.


Abawi looking with the World Bank representative in Iraq activities that the Bank seeks implementation in Iraq 
07/11/2012 14:32:19 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : reviewed represented the World Bank in Iraq Marie-Helene during her meeting Undersecretary for Policy Planning and bilateral relations, however, Abawi, activities and projects that the Bank seeks to implement in Iraq.

said a Foreign Ministry statement received Agency (news) copy of it today Wednesday: The Helen confirmed its cooperation with Iraqi institutions in the areas of agricultural, industrial and service and investment in the implementation of World Bank projects in Iraq. crossed: Helen hoped to be the bank's activities in Iraq a model for attracting investments in Iraq.


Iraq official: Exxon Mobil wants out of big field
November 7 2012

BAGHDAD (AP) : U.S. oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. has expressed an interest in pulling out of a major oil field development project in the country's south, a senior Iraqi oil ministry official said Wednesday.

The comments by the ministry's licensing and contracts chief, Abdul-Mahdi al-Ameedi, are the first official acknowledgement of reports that Exxon wants to exit the 8.6 billion barrel West Qurna Phase 1 project.

"There is talk about this issue. In fact, Exxon Mobil is interested in selling its whole share or part of it to other companies and leave West Qurna," al-Ameedi told reporters at an event in the Iraqi capital.

Irving, Texas-based Exxon Mobil is the main developer of the West Qurna-1 project. It was awarded rights to work on the field in 2009 along with minority partner Royal Dutch Shell PLC.


Ministry of Planning: next week held the second conference of the Five-Year National Development Plan 2017-2013 in Arbil 
07/11/2012 07:59:21 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : held the Ministry of Planning Second Conference of the National Development Plan Five 2013-2017 in Erbil next week.

said media spokesman ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi in a statement (of the Agency news): The conference will be held in Erbil

in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways and Minister of Planning and heads of a number of Allgan parliamentary concerned, governors and heads of provincial councils and heads of relevant bodies, including the National Investment Commission and a number of ministers and deputy Wazzarrat and general managers and representatives of the private sector, universities and civil society organizations. added: that the aim of the conference to discuss the final version of the Five-Year Plan, pointing out that the conference will continue for three days from 11 to 13 of this month.


Decision of the Committee on Energy: petrodollars do not need a special law isolated from the general budget
07/11/2012 07:29:36 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Confirmed the decision of the oil and energy MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Qassim Mohammed Mchkta, that petrodollars do not need to enactment of its own by the House of Representatives are isolated from the general budget because rate is determined by the increase in oil production for each province annually.

said Mchkta (News Agency News): Can not the enactment of a special Petro dollars be independently budget bill because the law when legislation necessary executive power applied to the stipulated while representing financial determined according to rate productive each province oil producer could not be relied on percentage and one defined by law.


Finance announces its inability to make payments awarded students of universities and institutes

BAGHDAD / JD : said Higher Education Commission parliamentary The Ministry of Finance informed by its inability to allocate funds to pay give students monthly.

ratified the presidency on a grant university students and institutes Iraqi government last month.

said committee member MP for the National Alliance table Silawi's / JD /: "The Ministry of Higher Education confirmed that it has no assignments give students ratified by the Presidency, noting that the Ministry of Finance said the same thing," I do not have money to pay for granting university students and colleges. "

She Silawi, the allocations of the Ministry of Education are very few and not enough for the distribution of grants students, noting that the ministry is working on a study to reach a conclusion to this matter.


Governor of Baghdad distributed the first installment amounts to aid orphans, DC

BAGHDAD / JD : Baghdad announced the distribution of the first batch of financial aid between the families of the orphans of the capital.

said a statement issued by the province received / JD / copy of it: The governor of Baghdad, Salah Abdul-Razzaq distributed the first installment of financial assistance between the families of orphans by capital 100 orphans, demanding the establishment of a private foundation to take care of the needs of orphaned children.


Exxon notify Iraq of its intention to withdraw from the West Qurna field

BAGHDAD / JD : informed ExxonMobil Iraq its sale of its stake in the oil field West Qurna.
officials said Iraqi oil that ExxonMobil notified Baghdad its sale of its stake in the oil field West Qurna 1 and that Iraq would respond to the resolution by next Sunday.

These statements is the first official confirmation that Exxon wants to withdraw from the West Qurna after signing agreements exploration with the Kurdistan region of Iraq's semi-autonomous northern, a move that led to the aggravation of tensions with the central government in Baghdad.


DNO operating in Kurdistan demanding payment of dues in the end of the year

BAGHDAD / translation dinars: demanded Norwegian oil company DNO of the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay Msthakaha end of this year, after the government pledged in Baghdad payments to foreign companies operating in the region.

, the company said: We aspire to be paid the remainder of the end of the year , expressing optimism after the receipt of the province first payment of Baghdad $ 650 billion dinars.

The company confirmed that its obligations and commitments in the event of stalled reimbursement will hinder their work and will affect it negatively.

agreed the central government in Baghdad with the Kurdistan Regional Government to settle a dispute over payments oil after government pledged region to resume exports and pledged to Baghdad to pay for foreign companies operating in the region.

spokesman said the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the first batch of funds $ 650 billion Iraqi dinars (558.9 million dollars) has been transferred.


4.11% share of UAE investments in Iraqi Kurdistan

BAGHDAD / JD : confirmed data disclosed during a meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in cooperation with the Kurdistan region about investment opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan that the UAE's share of investment projects in the region amounted to 4.11% so far. And replaced the UAE in fifth place in the list of foreign investors in the region also comes UAE companies are ranked sixth in terms of the census of foreign companies registered in the territory of Kurdistan.

, while welcoming the Sinan Chalabi, Minister of Commerce and Industry in the Kurdistan region in an interview with Al Bayan UAE investments UAE in the region.

revealed Abdul Rahman Saif Al Ghurair, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) that the room will be opened over the next year a representative office commercially in Iraqi Kurdistan would be a gateway for investments UAE market Kurdistan promising, as part of its strategy to explore promising markets, and enhance the competitiveness of the business environment in the emirate.

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