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6pm, December 1st, 2012  


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Saturday Morning Dinar Chatter
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 11am email
Med Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
"Get It Straight" Blaino CC Replay Info
BWM in Chat at 3S's Friday evening
Early Friday Evening BGG's Dinar Updates post emailed to Recaps
Friday Night Dinar Chatter
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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12-1-12 Okie Oil Man: You need to stop and consider that some of these rates that you guys are talking about according to the G7 informed me that they are strictly placement holder rates.

And this is also connected to these philanthropic and humanitarian programs (Prosperity Packages) with this because they are symbiotically related.

So it is all tied together. It doesn't come from the same kitty but it starts from the same source and that source is China.

The Indian Rupee is going to be an optimum investment in the future and, believe this or not, the Iranian currency has dropped by � this year. It is worth � of what it was so after they get the Iranian situation straightened out that probably will be our next opportunity because Iran is floating in oil.

3:34 PM [badgerbill] Wow...i just listened to Okie on a call last night....Okie is really fired-up.....Go R/V.........
3:35 PM [.~dinarmama7] badgerbill It was an informative call
3:36 PM [nostradamas] .~dinarmama7 did you listen to it and was that really him ?
3:36 PM [badgerbill] Yes but if you read between the lines....we are very close to victory.... Thank you Lord!!!!!
3:36 PM [.~dinarmama7] nostradamas Yes it was OKIE
3:36 PM [nostradamas] .~dinarmama7 ty
3:37 PM [.~dinarmama7] nostradamas Sambo will post about it

3:37 pm [..sambo] good afternoon all the following is to help clarify that okie was on a conference call last night - i have talked with okie and he was on the call last night - okie has stated in the past that he does not usually do conference calls but a close friend requested he be on the call - okie did say he wants to rebuild friendships with all sites and to remember we may be on different boats but we are all sailing to the same port - okie is the one of the finest people i know for practicing "what would jesus do?" - he said it was a very informative call and with that said god bless and keep your prayers going.

3:38 PM [.~dinarmama7] ..SAMBO Amen
3:38 PM [nostradamas] ..SAMBO TY
3:38 PM [badgerbill] ..SAMBO Thank you for the confirmation....Okie is a great Man of GOD!!!!!
3:40 PM [coffeehound17] ..SAMBO - Thank you sir!
3:40 PM [blessingsabundant] I went on the call to simply hear Okie's voice for the first time as people have said you would recognize him. It was very deep and clear. I only heard him at the very end because I skimmed thru it all. I did not have 1 hr. and 40 mins. to listten.
3:41 PM [.~dinarmama7] blessingsabundant He is on about 1 hr 5 minutes into call
3:44 PM [.~dinarmama7] blessingsabundant It is a wonderful comforting voice.
3:46 PM [tgbuff] Ok...Nuff said!
3:47 PM [tgbuff] blessingsabundant you should go back when you have time and start at the 60 minute mark...great info! Man O Man!
3:48 PM [tgbuff] ..SAMBO Thanks for sharing...sincerely!

med (07:51:45): gm well all i can say after reading all the news is holy ***** this thing is about to explode it appears that maliki is pushing and pushing the kurds into a corner and he is looking for them to either buckle and then maliki is the winner takes all or he is looking for an actual fight

tmac096: what is his end game, the move to be dictator

dinarfrank: med, he's a mental midget

med: so far i have seen nothing to make me believe that maliki wont use any tactic

tmac096: does he think the us will let that happen? really?

med: right now the integrity commission which is investigating his son and others maliki has come out this morning and charge the integrity commission with corruption now he is a piece of work the people who are suppose to be righteous

tmac096: i don't see any reason for him to bluff, what will he gain if he has to back down?


[WILDDUCK] Waiting looking good listen to the call and diial in on the info it iwas the real real deal last night.


[weneedit] WILDDUCK ANGELQUEST thanks for your input, It was alot of info.:


[chillimac] ..SweetQueen i heard you hun


[weneedit] ..SweetQueen how do you think your Country will fair after the rv ?
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[WILDDUCK] Stitch Good morning

[WILDDUCK] PinkPrincess gm quiet in here this AM

[PinkPrincess] WILDDUCK everyone is still asleep lol

[WILDDUCK] all listening to call

oucrazy] WILDDUCK. . . what call?

[WILDDUCK] oucrazy see recaps the call of the decade

[cruiser] GM all!

[WILDDUCK] cruiser gm

[cruiser] Seems very quiet this morning. All Must be busy listening roflmao

[presley] cruiser did you listen to the call yet?? Lol

[WILDDUCK] cruiser did you catch the last few minutes to see who was saying hello roflmao

[cruiser] WILDDUCK It was nothing I have heard already.
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[heartfelt] I truly love the information that is coming out. For once it seems the is unity amongst the intel providers and I was happy to see that last night.

[willietrader] it sure was a confusing day yesterday but the call seemed to clear alot up.

[heartfelt] Cannot stand bickering amongst people. We all have opinions, we all are allowed to voice them. If you don't agree then discuss your reasons you differ but don't bash each other and tear that person down. We are all human.... or at least I think I am...[for now] lol

[willietrader] heartfelt I agree

[scan] heartfelt , can you share what Okie said last night? ty

[heartfelt] scan omg, the call was 2.5 hrs long.....where am I to begin????

[scan] heartfelt , I didn't realize that it was that long. Was Okie very positive about everything?
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Maliki: the highest voice in the integrity pay {e} million to disable the committee charged in the case Shabibi
12/01/2012 1:41 pm

Ali Aldhargam : Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said he did not stop to take any action to prove the charge in the case of the central bank.

Maliki said in a press conference held in the building of the Council of Ministers subsidiary correspondent Euphrates News Agency {} on Saturday that he "did not stop to take any action on those found him guilty in the case of the central bank, and higher voice in fairness pay {5} million to disrupt the work of the Committee in charge in the investigation of the cause Shabibi in reference to the head of the Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji. "
Maliki: the winds of change may reach Kurdistan, Talabani acknowledged constitutional violations committed by the province
Saturday 1 December 2012

Warned Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from the coverage of Kurdistan, "the winds of change that the region is witnessing."

Maliki said during a press conference held in the Council of Ministers on Saturday that "the winds of change as possible to reach Kurdistan if the province continues its current policies towards its own people and the lack of attention to it and pay attention to him and play political differences."

He added that "the President of the Republic passed us several times the existence of constitutional violations committed by the province

M. J
House of Representatives raises its after Monday after the vote on the bills and discuss the general budget
Saturday 1 December 2012

Follow-up - and babysit : The House voted at its thirty-fifth held under the chairmanship of its President Osama Najafi and the presence of 179 deputies today on two bills and ended the first and second readings of the eight laws and discussed the federal budget overall in 2013 before announcing the adjournment to Monday.

At the beginning of the meeting the Council voted on a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation and submitted by the 'security and defense services, ages and external relations for the purpose of contributing to save the security and peace and strengthen international cooperation to combat illegal acts against the safety of maritime navigation and prosecute and punished.
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An adviser to Maliki denies the appointment of the Minister of Human Rights tasks spokesman for the government rather than al-Dabbagh
Saturday 1 December 2012

Follow-up - and babysit : denied legal adviser to the Prime Minister Fadel Muhammad news that talked about the appointment of Mohammed Xiaa Human Rights Minister tasks spokesman for the government instead of Ali al-Dabbagh, who was sacked last Thursday.

He said that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki did not cost Xiaa post of government spokesman was not until now, the nomination of any person for the job."
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House of Representatives raises its next Monday after they voted on bills and other finished reading eight
01/12/2012 16:58:16 Saturday

Baghdad (news) : The House voted at the thirty-fifth held under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi House Speaker and attended by 179 MPs, Saturday, Ali bills and finished reading the first and second eight laws in resumed debate the federal budget overall in 2013, to raise after its to next Monday.

statement said the Council received Agency (news) copy of it: that the council voted on the bill join the Republic of Iraq to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation and submitted by the defense and security services and ages and external relations for the purpose of contributing to save the security and peace and enhancing international cooperation to combat illegal acts against the safety of maritime navigation and prosecuted and punished.

statement added: The Council completed voting on the draft law of the First Amendment to the command of the Coalition Provisional Authority dissolved No. (86) for the year 2004 and submitted by the committees of security, defense and legal for the purpose of regulating the transfer of ownership of vehicles registered Before 04.09.2003, which entered the Republic of Iraq and to document to ensure the right of ownership.
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Parliamentary economy: the customs tariff law pending the introduction of electronic technology
Saturday 1 December 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Ibrahim al-Rikabi, the application of the law of customs tariff awaits the introduction of electronic technology as a system to prevent corruption at border crossing points.

Rikabi said in a statement received by the public opinion news agency copy of it today, "customs tariff is very important, because it contributes to the diversity of the Iraqi economy.
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The below posts were in our 11am email


med (23:48:42): to me maliki is making a huge blunder in errors now he cuts the salaries of the kurdish military instead of calming the fires it seems like almost maliki is purposely trying to divide the country into a civiil war

i wish i was a fly on the wall of the meetings when the big three talibani allawi and barzani meet

junebug : just don't get "swatted"............ lol

med: lol
junebug: it is a sad situation when there is so much hate for one another

med: it is but we have gone through the same thing and are in translation
junebug: problems everywhere

med: yes well look at our own country jb we were in our infancy it took 18 yrs to ratify our us constitution

junebug: true, and we are still in a big mess

med: then we got into a division over slavery see i dont think so oh it isnt 100%  brb
junebug: k



 Guest Dewey, Ronnie Milsap,(Singer) Panda Express  -- Texas Tommy (OKIEOILMAN)

PLAYBACK 530-881-1399 PIN 789185#  RUN TIME 143:22       MP3 LINK


[BWM] well getting to the dinar discussion.... still a lot of discussion about things on the bank screens... don't care what anyone says... It's been there before... heck, it's even been live on a bank screen before it opened once... so don't buy into the "first time it's occurred"

[BWM] lots of stuff flying all over today... you can get your weekend hopium looking at a few of those... and suddenly you notice the lights have come on... cuz lots of dinaroaches scrambling to post again all of a sudden

[HeIsFaithful] BWM is there any REAL news that YOU see as hopeful??

[BWM] HeIsFaithful yes there is actually...

[beachdreaming] BWM you said that they were given the okay to go ahead and revalue.. is that right? if so, how confident are you in that?

[BWM] beachdreaming oh yeah... didn't get to finish that statement when the room closed... they have been given approval but like other economies they need the dinar to push the value to where they would truly like to be... it could be the difference in .01 and .15 cents or more depending on who you want to listen to


Dinar Updates...

As I'm sure everyone may be hearing...

Earlier today - Dinar Updates posted a rumor in our chat room....

It was essentially detailed that my good friend Dewey had seen a rate of 3.22 for the Dinar and .45 cents for the Dong (which seems pretty high to me) with a "US Treasury hold" on a Wells Fargo currency screen (with his own eyes) sometime yesterday.

I have spoken with Dewey in the last few minutes (as of this writing)...this information is incorrect - in that he did not personally see it and was not personally involved. That is unfortunate for many reasons. For him, his name was inaccurately brought into the matter. For us - had it come directly from him, it would obviously bring far more credibility to the scenario (which is not the case). Typically, we do not pass along unconfirmed rumors (of any kind). I am sure the reason this gained so much traction, so quickly, is the great respect and appreciation we  here at have for Dewey. I will comment no further on this element...


[nolaspice] Lord, teach me to be patient - with life, with people,and with myself. I sometimes try to hurry things along too much, and I push for answers before the time is right. Teach me to trust Your sense of timing rather than my ownand to surrender my will to Your greater and wiser plan. Help me let life unfold slowly, like the small rosebud whose petals unravel bit by bit, and remind me that in hurrying the bloom along, I destroy the bud and much of the beauty therein. Instead, let me wait for all to unfold in its own time. Each moment and state of growth contains a loveliness. Teach me to slow down enough to appreciate life and all it holds. Amen.

ok rocks] as the dinar world turns... from Kabuki " Got some clarification on the confusion yesterday. The POOF video will return soon when the all clear signal is given. We were a tad early. Sorry for the dust and smoke.

[Believer55] if the treasury is truly in control which is what i believe we are truly close

 [Believer55] we deserve a huge payout for dealing with all the crap all these years

[ [Believer55] watch movements in china they are king

[WCW] the U.S. has vetopower at the U.N. and controls the IMF so it is possible for the U.S. or PTB to delay/control ANY world-wide event

[Believer55] wcw china seems to have more stroke than us


5:46 PM [Dee1031] Hey everyone

5:46 PM [Bear5642] Greetings everyone   Yes is me the one that got banned from OOM
Well I can tell you are extremely close for the RV

5:48 PM [Dee1031] Bear5642 a huh
5:48 PM [cigarman] whats happening Bear 5642

5:49 PM [goodgrins] bear how close we been hearing that for years

5:49 PM [Dee1031] goodgrins amen

5:49 PM [Bear5642] I was banned from OOM because I challenged the bank codes

5:49 PM [Jamaica30] What's up Bear 5642

5:50 PM [Dee1031] Bear5642 that is a stupid reason

5:50 PM [Bear5642] I really can't share some of the info I have because some people would get in trouble especially me

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Sari: Budget 2013 included faulty points, including the ration card and retirees
12/01/2012 8:52 am

MP for the mass citizen Faleh force that the financial budget for next year contains a number of flaws in some T_khasisatha including ration card and retirees.

He said in a press statement on Saturday that "the House of Representatives began discussing the federal budget for the next year and began offering his observations about it."

The effect that "the budget where many of the flaws must be corrected and corrected and must be addressed, including the issue of ration card because allocations are where very little is not enough only for ten months and must be the House of Representatives to hold transfers necessary for the ration card as there is a clear flaw with respect pensions as no assignments if we take into consideration that there is a new law on retirees will be issued so the government should take into account the financial allocations on them. "


Former spokesman for al-Hashemi: Iraqi List, was receiving funds from the terrorist organization created
12/01/2012 8:11 am

Said Abdul Ilah Kazim, a former member of the Iraqi List coalition spokesman convicted fugitive from justice former Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, the parties in the Iraqi List, were receiving money regularly from the Organization of Iran (PMOI).

The Kazim in a press statement from the province of Basra, "that these funds paid through accounts and foreign banks abroad," adding that among those receiving money from the organization to create "is Tareq al-Hashemi and Ayad Allawi and Saleh al-Mutlaq and Haider Mulla and Falah al-Naqib Maysoon al."


Dhi Qar check exchange rate amounted to 37% of the regional development budget for this year
12/01/2012 8:07 am

Economic / news agency Buratha: Technical Associate revealed to the governor of Dhi Qar Rahim Khaqani achieve exchange rate amounted to about 37% of the balanced development of regions for the current year.

Khaqani said that about 300 billion Iraqi dinars were paid this year of 422 billion, pointing out that some of the remaining amount will be spent on strategic projects, including the project Shatra General Hospital and the project passed the second through Nasiriyah - Suq and Cornish Nazareth Project


Iraq sets date for next month to close the debt owed to Kuwait Airways
12/01/2012 12:09 am

BAGHDAD : morning announced governmental committee in charge of the settlement of debts of Iraqi Airways for the Kuwaiti counterpart that an agreement signed with Kuwait to close the file of debt next month. said Chairman of State Committee and Advisor to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs Fadel Mohammed Jawad's �Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network�, Friday, �commissioned by the Council of Ministers headed by the State Commission in charge of settling debts Iraqi Airways in favor of Kuwait has been emphasized with the Kuwaitis on the agreement, which delayed its implementation�.
added that �the file debt will close by end of this year after Iraq opened a bank account to deposit $ 500 million and Snstrt in its launch to provide the Kuwaiti side proves drop all lawsuits against Iraqi Airways in the world, especially in Canada and England �.


Member of the Committee on Energy: must expand the powers of the province and the oil-producing provinces in the oil industry operations
11/30/2012 14:20:26 Friday

Baghdad (news) : According to a member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / mass change Kurdish / Bayazid Hassan, the importance of expanding the powers of the oil of the region and the oil-producing provinces, for the advancement of the oil sector, calling to speed enactment of a law of oil and gas to end the disputes between Erbil and Baghdad.

Hassan said (of the Agency news) Friday: The differences between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on oil will continue if not accelerate legislation oil and gas law, which regulates the oil industry of the country and ensures the provinces and provincial rights of natural resources.


Iraq takes steps toward April vote
Nov. 30, 2012 at 11:28 AM

BAGHDAD (UPI) : An Iraq analyst said Iraqi elections officials have published what appears to be a list of parties slated to take part in provincial council elections in April.

In early November, the U.N. Assistance Mission in Iraq welcomed the decision by Baghdad to have provincial council elections next April.

Reidar Visser, a noted Iraq expert, writes on his supplement to the site that Iraqi authorities have registered what appears to be a final list of political entities cleared to take part in the April contest.


Kurdish-Iraqi government talks collapse amid fear of civil war
November 30 2012

BAGHDAD, IRAQ: Talks between Kurdish and central government forces aimed at defusing military tension in northern Iraq have collapsed amid fears that bitter political divisions are again bringing the country to the brink of civil war.

The talks in Baghdad between Iraqi and Kurdish military commanders brokered by a three-star American general broke down on Thursday, two days after the prime minister announced both sides had agreed on pulling back forces in part of the disputed areas. Officials on Friday said there were no new talks scheduled.

Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, who has described deployment of Iraqi forces as a plot against the Kurds, accused the Iraqi prime minister of reneging on the agreement and vowed that Kurdish forces would deter Baghdad's "militarism."

QUIZ How well do you know the Middle East? Quiz yourself.


Third Airbus to arrive in Baghdad on Saturday
30/11/2012 20:43:00

Baghdad (NINA) : Informed source announced that a third Airbus plane will arrive in Baghdad on Saturday, Dec. 1.

In a statement to NINA, the source said that the airplane will land in Baghdad International Airport at 6:00 am Saturday; it is an Airbus 330.

He added that the plane is larger and better than the previous two. He said that it is more probable that the Minister of Transport, Hadi al-Amiri, and his Advisor, Kareem al-Nuri, in addition to the Chairman of Iraqi Airways, Majeed al-Amiri, will be at hand at the Airport when the plane arrives.

Last month, Trade Bank of Iraq has purchased two Airbus planes, with a capacity of 200 passengers each.


Maliki discusses with Hakeem means to work out the crisis
30/11/2012 20:58:00

Baghdad (NINA) : Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, discussed with the Leader of Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC), Ammar al-Hakeem, means to work out current political crisis.

Source at the SIIC told NINA on Friday, Nov. 30, that Hakeem paid a visit to Maliki on Saturday evening discussing with him current political crisis and means to solve it.


Ali al-Moussawi: Some names currently been discussed to replace al-Dabbagh
30/11/2012 14:03:00

BAGHDAD / NINA : The media adviser to Prime Minister, Ali al-Moussawi said there are names have been discussed currently to serve as the official spokesman for the government instead of the former spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, whose contract ended.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that there are some candidates for the job to choose one of them soon, adding that no consensus so far on a specific name for the position.

He pointed out that the name will be announced as soon as been agreed on.

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