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11am December 13th, 2015

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Frank26:  History as we have taught You KTFA FAMILY is repeating itself BOLDLY.

Hence no reason to keep scratching the itch.

MR AT ......DEFCON 1 ............ LOL.


It's coming............. The End.    GET READY !   ITS TIME !!

KTFA !!!   Frank


Wealthwatch  Saturday Chat 12-12-15  Part 2 of 2

OOTW: Turkey's troubled human rights record and EU process Print Page Send to friend » Share on Facebook Dec. 14 will mark another important day in Turkey's bumpy EU accession process, as an EU intergovernmental conference will convene to open Chapter 17 on economy and monetary policy, nearly two years after Turkey opened the last one.
Chapter 17 will be the 15th chapter Turkey has been able to open out of 35, with only one chapter provisionally closed so far. This conference will be followed by the EU Council Summit on Dec. 17, during which Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will be able to hold a meeting with eight EU countries having similar positions in receiving more Syrian refugees.
The joint statement issued by Turkey and the EU on Nov. 29 envisaged intensified political dialogue between the parties on issues concerning both sides, like migration, energy, foreign policy, etc. 


Donnie: Baghdad turns to U.N. as Turks keep troops in Iraq
Donnie: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi instructed his foreign ministry to lodge a formal complaint at the U.N. Security Council over the continued presence of Turkish forces, asking it to order Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq immediately.   Donnie:



CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    He Economists, on Friday, that the steps the central bank to reduce the amount of funds sold through the daily currency auction is useless in the control of corruption and the smuggling of currency outlets, calling for an economic plan that limit the trading of foreign currency within government institutions and the abolition of the daily bank to sell the dollar auction.
 Said economist Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview for "term" that "reducing the amounts sold by the central bank does not necessarily mean control of multiple embezzlement outlets and smuggling money the country abroad."
 He added that "an elaborate economic plan under which the study of the actual need for the local market of the dollar, which is converted to import consumer goods on a daily basis and limited to foreign currency to the country's economic institutions, represented by the Central Bank.


CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    The Ministry of Planning, Monday, for the controls and mechanisms for the implementation of new and ongoing investment projects in a manner postpaid and to be adopted within the next year's budget in 2016.
He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement that representatives of the Ministries of Planning and Finance, and in consultation with the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister acknowledged the controls that will be adopted in the implementation of projects on credit, which stressed that the implementation of projects in this way is for projects developed in accordance with Article 26 of the Budget Law for 2015, taking into consideration ongoing in the draft 2016 budget projects and include text
BGG says to wmawhite    That is a most interesting point...
Nadita says    BGG.. what are you going to do when this rv..? and the chat is overloaded...


BGG Newstime  12-11-2015  Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates Chat Room
BGG  Newstime  12-11-2015  Part 1 of 3
BGG says    here's my insider story for the nite...
BGG says    you guys will likey..
trout1 says    ours have claws all of um
BGG says    Mike (Kaperoni) has worn us all out with this 2% IMF guideline business..
BGG says   a long time ago... I told him... when it's time - they will magically "be in compliance"...



Cleitus:  Frank, if the sharks and whales are waiting for the 1:1 to begin buying into the dinar then who is/are buying it up now at the lesser rate?

Frank26:  This is a superior question.


They are NOW being seeded with the IQD because the next phase is ...........


Too Cool !!!   KTFA      Frank...... Ok .... Ok ....... IMO ......LOL !!!



The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
Sovereign Man  Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
December 12, 2015   Cape Town, South Africa
3 Signs We've Reached 'The Top' In The Financial System 
It was 1720, and Paris was completely mad.
The city's brand new stock exchange, located at the ultra-swanky Hotel de Soissons, swarmed with citizens of all stripes looking to get rich.
Stocks were still a novel concept back then, and the allure of getting rich overnight was so appealing that people lined up for hours to buy shares.
The most popular was the ill-fated Mississippi Company, whose share price frequently rose up to 20% in the course of a single morning.


Wealthwatch  Late Friday Evening Chat 12-11-15  Part 2 of 2

Donnie: '@chattels' "completion of discussions over the next five days"?? so maybe the budget being put off until next month may not be true?
chattels: Artillery shelling with the start of the second page to edit the gray center :: 2015/12/11 20:41 * [Baghdad-where] Joint Special Operations Command announced that, starting the second page of the process of liberalization of the center of the city of Ramadi Daash terrorist gangs.
chattels: '@Donnie' Maybe, but discussions, even if timely and completed, may not result in a vote, eh ?
chattels: We have yet to hear from the Kurds about the budget.
Post From  Chat Room 
News With Links & Discussion

Wealthwatch  Late Friday Evening Chat 12-11-15  Part 1 of 2
chattels: Economic Commission alludes to the possibility of re-draft budget to the government

chattels: He guessed be returned draft of the budget bill to the government to amend some paragraphs and demand from the Council of Ministers of Finance and the Ministry of reformat again about more accurate and detailed." The decision of the Prime Minister to freeze investment projects in the general budget expenses contributed to the expansion into expenses Operating in general. "




Zerb:  ty WS!   the wheels of progress are getting some real traction... Citizens empty your mattresses come get your fresh crisp LD's




Walkingstick:  Abadi calls for the banking sector to transform the quality and quantity and confirms the activation of the role of private banks


Independent) ... Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on the banking sector to make a leap in the quantity and quality of banking activity in Iraq, and stressed the government's determination to activate the role of private banks.