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10am, December 18th, 2012  


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Posted in comments and a very good read Thank You Carolyn
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Folks hang on.... Remember nothing RV now has NOTHING to do with Iraq, all the leaders can get sick or quit, jump off bridges or fight till dooms day, Iraq will always have issues but their issues WILL NOT EFFECT THE SHOWING OF THIS RV, remember they signed over the RV way earlier this year to the BIS and IMF and the World Bank, its OUT OF THEIR HANDS - now take that to the bank - VERY SOON -  its all good!!!

What a great word below from the Father to us on MY Birthday no less- thank you LORD!!!  Father, we receive your blessing and direction!  

From KIM POTTER 12-18-12 = It is not a small thing when people began declaring and decreeing the same thing and even the world is declaring that it is a set time for a wealth transfer. Remember the children of Israel?  They were being led out of Egypt and the Bible says they went out with the spoil; they had an amazing transfer of wealth.  It is time for that again.  I believe that God is showing me that it is being declared and it is begin declared for this year. Expect a wealth transfer this year.  Expect it.  Declare it.  Decree it and expect it.  It is coming! 

12-18-12 Expect an increase of the demonstration of My Kingdom in your life. Yes, there will be an increase.


The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call for 12/18/2 Tuesday, 8:00PM ET

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Joey, KJ, A-33, T-Dawg, Whiskey-6 and Vic would like to thank Dinar Recaps for all their hard work and continued support.

We definitely are going to Bring It! The Gkp'ers


[winalot] forex markets are going crazy.... up .. then down.. then back up...

 [Sparkles] winalot WoW

 [winalot] Sparkles gold was just up 3... now down... oops! back up!

 [dsatmhk7] winalot - maybe the market can't determine if he is dead or alive either :)

 [healthscans] MsDiva recaps won't know which to post!

 [MsDiva] It's so much smoke I can't breathe

[winalot] just off the pphone with iraq... said that Talabani not even making the headlines over there

[goin4broke] 48 minutes till closed door UNSC meeting in regards to Iraq/Kuwait. Anyone got a take on this as Terry K is gagged and other Gurus are in hiding.

[goin4broke] Anyone see where Turki, Shabibi's replacement was in Amman with IMF meeting with Shabaibi? What a web they weeve over in Iraq. Now Talabani is supposedly on life support. Wow just show me the money and let me get on with life.

[goin4broke] Anyone see the movie "The Perfect Storm"? I think we are living it. Fiscal cliff sounds like it has been fixed, UN meeting now on Iraq, Talabani some articles say he has passed others say he is fine. Diversion and doubt that is what this RV is all about. Like a thief in the night we've been told will come the RV. I for one am ready for it.



 [ebu712] A source in the party Talabani: no truth to the news and the death of the President of the Republic

[BGG] h-spot - too early to tell, and I'm a little mystified by the potential assignment of powers.

[R&R] BGG can you refresh us the succession scenario in the event Talabani is no longer President?

[dwsdad] mystified????

[dwsdad] Just announced T is in a coma and in stable condition  on Fox

[BGG] R&R - I'm a little at a loss...I was under the impression it would be Najafi...

[Sam] just on fox talabani in a coma

[BGG] Just on Fox news that Talabani is in a coma.

[clay] BGG thought that too

[BGG] He's dead.

[newmonies] Iraqi Constitution: Vice President shall preside in the event of vacancy until the election of a president within 30 days


Dec 18 6:01 AM [chattels] President Talabani suffers a stroke; Moved to ventilator and possibly, clinically dead Posted: December 18, 2012 :

Dec 18 6:02 AM [love it 2] Welll here we go AGAIN.....more wonderful news to start the day does this effect the RV... like we dont know already :(

Dec 18 6:04 AM [chattels] In the event of Talabani's death or incapacitation; Iraq Constitution requires lawmakers to elect replacement within 30 days :

Dec 18 6:04 AM [Toby1ton] why does this remind me of kuwait, a king dying and it rvs. can only hope

Dec 18 6:05 AM [love it 2] Toby1ton yeah ...thats going to repeat itself? Dont think this time it will :(

Dec 18 6:05 AM [angus] Toby1ton thats what I was thinking

Dec 18 6:05 AM [Toby1ton] who knows, but if it is true then it sucks

Dec 18 6:05 AM [love it 2] you can only play a "hand" one time... and the same hand never appears twice IMHO

Dec 18 6:06 AM [love it 2] Toby1ton oh well.. nothing gained.. nothing lost ... LOL

Dec 18 6:06 AM [angus] Toby1ton and he ended up being fine... is what I remember ...



10:56 PM [toni1960] (*)    December 17, 2012 10:13pm est [9:56:05 pm] Nancy(nano36):
 [terryk] im here  hey  wow do i have news  i have a gag order no crap if that tells you anything

[kaycee]  noooooooooooooooooooooo

[terryk] yesssssssssssssssssssss  yea its why i have not been on all day

[jtolsn] is there a time frame on the gag. Like really short?

[terryk] yep jtolsn it can be

[superdj567] how long will the gag order last?

[terryk] i cant tell u  that super but i do have some hot frickin news  thanks cjs


[bluwolf] Looks like the wh got what they wanted on the tax on the rich,if so everything looks good from this point on.

[iamsoready] bluwolf what did they decide on for taxes onthe rich?

[bluwolf] iamsoready you would have to hear the news feeds to get the insights on that issue

[EnoughAlready] Blu we're hearing some exchange dealers on the island of PR are indicating tomorrow is thevday comments please

[bluwolf] EnoughAlready that is new to me,but please remember that p.r. Has direct contact with the cbi


[BOBGETZ6] I heard some encouraging news this afternoon and it came from someone who is not chat involved. This person studies Iraq, a lot, and feels as if they have been working feverishly the last two days, to accomplish whatever needs to be done. It is too early yet to obtain the results, but this person was positive.

[Tenizen] So, from the sound of it, everyone is starting to say "Its here"...And I mean people that aren't pumpers. Articles are looking positive as well.

 [BOBGETZ6] Tenizen I have heard both sides of that story today, but the close outweighs the not so close.

 [Tenizen] Thats certainly interesting. I haven't heard one 'not close'... From my understanding, this could go at any moment. But what do I know? I'm a peon in this giant chess game.


 [PICK3KING] chrivers whats up chrivers chrivers

 [chrivers] PICK3KING I hope a big sign flashin "GO TO BANK" !!!! lol

[PICK3KING] chrivers coming soon

 [okrocks] I like this: [flashing] we are in a different ball game . a real one. so be happy

 [PICK3KING] chrivers you know i was told back in early sept.. if not by sept 30 it would be jan 2013

[chrivers] PICK3KING I am saying 24 hrs!!!! ;)


12-17-12 Yota691 (Dinar Vets): Here it is, this subject was brought up at the first of this year when they had the articles that talk about the 1000..Basically they raise the rate until 1000 dinars equals 1 US dollar. That gives them an in country rate and a starting point to let it trade with the market.

At that point they can have both currencies in the market (old and new) at the same time and educate the Iraqis to the new value and its buying power. Now at one point there was a multiplier in place for all out of country investors that varied from country to country as far as the rate goes.

I don't know if there will be a multiplier used on a forced RV. So if we had to eventually come back to complete the Gov't reforms that were agreed upon the most we could see would be an RI, plus inflation. It's hard to say with all that has occurred whether or not we see an RV or a float or even a little of both.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Iraqi Constitution: Vice President shall preside in the event of vacancy until the election of a president within 30 days
12/18/2012 2:39 pm

Prevails political circles of great concern to the health of President Jalal Talabani, who is seen as a respected figure everyone and he was seeking a rapprochement and understanding and dialogue between the political blocs.

According to Article [67] Van President is head of state and the symbol of unity of the nation, and oversees the guarantees of adherence to the constitution, and the preservation of Iraq's independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity, and in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, and elect the House of Representatives President, two-thirds majority of its members and determine the mandate of the President Republic four years, and may be re-elected for a second term only.

Political leaders hoped that the president of recovering and fear that leads the viewer health according to the official statement to the loss of a safety valve in the power struggle and the search for a replacement may not have the same influence in political circles.

The Iraqi constitution stipulates in Article 75 ter "The Vice President shall replace the President when the post is vacant for any reason, and the House of Representatives elect a new president, during a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of the vacancy.


Association of private banks: serious accusations of central and private banks will affect the economy of Iraq
9:14 am December 18, 2012

BAGHDAD (Iba) : Director of the Association of Banks denied eligibility Abdul Aziz Hassoun reported involvement of some private banks financial corruption in central bank sales, demanding: all throw charges to private banks by highlighting documents and reliable data to prove real piece and not the words of circulated the economy of Iraq.

He said Hassoun in a statement singled out by the independent press (Iba) ... Tuesday, "The report investigative committees in the case of the Central Bank will not be completed will not be shown Annan and there is no real data for each of the accused private banks by acquiring money through participation auction the central bank."


Maliki, Saleh and Shaways visiting Talabani in refinery without access to it being in intensive care 
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visited Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Kurdish delegation of President Jalal Talabani in the refinery without access to it being in intensive care.

said source told all of Iraq today that Maliki and was preceded by a Kurdish delegation includes Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways, deputy secretary general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh and a number of leaders and Kurdish officials visiting Talabani currently without access to it being in intensive care.

was the source had confirmed the Agency's medical team of the Iraqi hospital Adnan in medicine continue his efforts to achieve stability in the health status of President Jalal Talabani.
referred to the Office of President Jalal Talabani said in a statement his exposure to a health emergency transfer on its impact on Monday evening to a hospital in Baghdad.


Denied reports about the death of President Talabani
18/12/2012 16:14:43 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) : source denied early on Tuesday, the reports about the death of President Jalal Talabani.


Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Hospital after Stroke
December 18 2012

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani (pictured) has suffered a stroke and is being treated in hospital.

A statement on his website said he was admitted on Monday night suffering from "fatigue and tiredness". His medical team is trying to stabilise him.

According to the report from BBC, Mr Talabani has struggled with his health in recent years and has often been treated abroad.

Talabani, 79, is a member of Iraq's Kurdish minority, and is Iraq's first president from the ethnic group. He has frequently used the post to mediate between Iraq's various sects and ethnic groups.


Mullah: Najafi travel to India contributed to disrupt the parliamentary session yesterday
December 18 2012

A spokesman for the Iraqi List Haider Mulla

Alsumaria News / Baghdad: Considered a spokesman for the Iraqi List, Tuesday, that the travel of the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi to India contributed to disrupt the parliamentary session yesterday, stressing that the trips undertaken by Najafi and the House of Representatives have become part of the Council's agenda.

Haider Mulla said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The Travel House Speaker Osama Najafi to India accompanied by forty deputies shares in disable session of the House of Representatives for a day, Monday, due to lack of quorum."

Al Mulla said that "trips undertaken by Nujaifi and a group of MPs have become part of the Council's agenda," and wondered about the "size of the relationship between Iraq and India that calls travel speaker accompanied by forty Vice".


The stability of the Iraqi president's health after suffering a stroke
December 18 2012

Iraqi presidency announced, Tuesday, that the state of President Jalal Talabani has become stable after suffering a stroke Enter evacuated to hospital, where he is currently undergoing intensive medical care.

A statement posted on the presidential website that �state of health of President stable and is subject to medical attention focused under the supervision of a specialized Iraqi medical team integrated, adding:� As the tests showed that the normal body functions.

The Iraqi president was admitted to the Medical City Hospital in Baghdad, on Monday evening, following a 'health emergency', and he underwent a series of laboratory and radiological examinations, showed that the health status of the emergency caused by 'hardening of the arteries, according to a presidential statement.

The below posts were in our 10pm email

12/17/12 [Agent 007] message from bluwolf: well looks like we might be able to have a wonderful and prosperous christmas, if the white house gets the deal on the taxes on the rich like i have expressed.

Imo if these agreements are on the presidents desk soon [ like in a couple of days ] this rv should be around by christmas, i think the timing is just great at this point in time,remember that with the taxes the capitol gains will fall into play as well [ it shall appear like a thief in the silence of the night ] and the rates have not changed at all so lets keep it real.

Now i must say that i hope that all of you are holding on to your dinars and dong,do not let yourselves get carried away with all the negative info that may appear,do no let anybody get into your minds and hold on to your faith for all is about to appear.

I have to say the following my heart goes out to thows babies that were kill in the elementary school and to the 6 adults who were the heroes of the moment. I think that a lot has to be done to get these guns laws monitor in order to make our livelihoods a secure and save one for all americans with no disrespect to the nra.

This tragedy has hit the hole world and when babies get killed we must say that the bus stops here for if not maybe one of your kids could be next so call your congressman and tell them how you feel on this subject, it will be a different world if we can control these automatic weapons from getting into the wrong hands.

Well we are so close to our lords birth date, i wish for all to have a merry christmas, please be safe and have fun. Be bless all and feliz navidad.. Bluwolf

nolaspice] This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life!!

[flashing] weneedit i just received a call that one of the big dealer in pr is expecting it tommorow also another person told me dealers are getting ready for it . :

[FRV] flashing :whoohoo: :whoohoo:

[weneedit] Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

[mkay] flashing what is pr?

[okrocks] flashing flashing wee yipeee party

[flashing] mkay puerto rico

[mkay] flashing oh ok ty

[Dakotaman] flashing Ok Hold on what is ( it ) Just making sure... lol

[bbwantsrv] flashing post rv it will stand for Partying Rich!

[Blessingsabundant] flashing The announcement tomorrow, or the public RV tomorrow, or what are we expecting tomorrow
Read More

I want to share some more information that might help some people understand the situation. However, after reading this morning's Recaps article regarding the Comments section, as well as comments on Poof's article, there is something important to address. Personal Responsibility. Understand no one is responsible for your own emotions, your own anger, your own 'roller-coaster ride" except YOU! Why can different people have different reactions to the exact same event? Because the event doesn't cause the emotions, the individual person chooses how they react to the event.

The guru's did NOT create your roller-coaster ride of emotions - you are choosing to create your own roller-coaster ride. If you get angry over a situation, you are choosing to be angry. If you are offended by someone writing Xmas instead of Christmas, you are choosing to be offended. If other people can choose not to ride the roller-coaster, not to get angry, not to be offended, so can you. Take personal responsibility for yourself and your own emotions and reactions and quit playing the blame-game. Quit playing the victim. Use your own discernment. If a guru was once telling you it's going to RV at a high rate and is now saying it's going to come in at a low rate and pip up, what does that tell you about that guru's sources and the sources' intent (but don't shoot the messenger of these sources).

Do you own the Recaps website? If not, then you have no right to get angry or upset about what they post or what they don't post; if you don't like it simply choose not to get angry and go to another site.
Read More

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Ten cooperation agreements between Iraq and Kuwait

Baghdad morning : sign Iraq and Kuwait during the period the next few tenth joint cooperation agreements in a move that demonstrates the improvement and normalization of relations between the two countries.

and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah dealing Kuwait flexible to help Iraq out of Chapter VII and its readiness to provide any assistance to the Iraqi side to complete the objective remains of Kuwaiti prisoners and Kuwaiti property to accelerate the closure of this file.

explained immortal that Iraq met a lot of its international obligations, leaving them little, again confirmed that Kuwait are fully prepared to provide any assistance to Iraq in the subject remains of Kuwaitis and others, or the archives and property Kuwaiti and provide any information to speed the completion of this file.

and on the date of the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to Iraq, said immortal: that Kuwait and Iraq seek to prepare tenth agreements between the two countries in various fields and areas.
Read More
An invitation for the formation of a supreme body for the monitor the performance of the work of banks

BAGHDAD - morning : member suggested the Finance Committee MP Hassan Auzmn Bayati, the establishment of an independent supreme means banks and monitors the performance of its work, noting that the central bank has proved its inability to follow up and guide the banks in the country.

Bayati said: There is no real control of what the banks of the works banking by the Central Bank, making private banks operate, including it pleases without controls and laws oblige. added: that the central bank has proved its inability to control the work of government and private banks, so we should form a supreme body specialized independent to monitor the performance of the work of banks and working on issuing monthly reports evaluated through performance work each bank, to see banks committed controls and other banks to the contrary.

explained: that the body should be composed of financial experts, economists and professionals and they have a long history in the business of banks to be controlled work banks two branches of public and private. mentioned that the system Iraq's banking consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by property (7) government and banks (30) waged, including banks (7) Islamic banks, in addition to (6) of foreign banks.
Cabinet decides economic For international companies to tender across the Iraqi embassies

BAGHDAD - morning : and sent to the Committee on Economic Affairs in the Council of Ministers to brief international companies on the copies of the tender announcements by Iraqi embassies and Missions abroad in advance of the closing and in order to put in the picture for the possibility of entering into them. . Came during its thirty-fourth session under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Roژ Nuri Shaways Chairman of the Economic Committee and the presence of members of the committee also issued several economic decisions.

An authoritative source (morning), said the committee dealt with in the discussion of residential project economic importance and its role in reducing the housing crisis in Baghdad and its outskirts.
Read More
Iraqi Stock Exchange bring in sophisticated systems

BAGHDAD - Hkuran Fatlawi : said Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities Taha Ahmed Rubaie said the market in cooperation with the Federation of Euro-train and raise the skills of workers to apply electronic systems modern and advanced in the stock market.

Rubaie said in an interview for "morning" of market activities also the development of electronic systems in

cooperation with the company World NASDAQ. They will discuss and determine the study designs required for the new system "X-Stream".

and the implications of these technologies on the performance of the market Rubaie added, saying: it increases the turnover of stocks and thus fulfill the principle of liquidity and its ability high to implement dozens of contracts at the same moment when the conditions for its implementation.
Read More
US-Iraq ties still evolving a year after war's end
December 17 2012

BAGHDAD (AP) : A year after the last American troops rumbled out of Iraq, the two countries are still trying to get comfortable with a looser, more nuanced relationship as the young democracy struggles to cope with political upheaval and the legacy of war.

The military pullout a year ago Tuesday did not end Washington's engagement. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, a fortress-like campus as big as Vatican City, remains a highly visible reminder of America's ongoing interest in Iraq's future.

Several senior U.S. officials have visited Baghdad over the past year, and America's role as Iraq's biggest arms supplier ensures continuing ties to the Iraqi military for years to come.

U.S. companies are hunting for Iraqi oil, and Chevrolet Malibus and Dodge Chargers increasingly cruise Baghdad streets still dotted with checkpoints. Iraqi Airways just days ago got its first Boeing jetliner in three decades, and it's waiting for dozens more.

But Iraq is at the same time busily pursuing its own interests - sometimes against America's wishes - as it seeks to balance its position in a precarious part of the world and reestablish itself as a regional power.
Read More
Sayadi: Sentan adoption law of the Supreme Judicial Council to amend and re-vote
12/17/2012 21:14:41 Monday

Baghdad (news) : considered independent MP Kazem Sayadi, passing a law the Supreme Judicial Council voted by the House of Representatives in session Saturday that the law was "invalid" because of a lack of quorum of the parliament during the session that voted the law.

said Sayadi in a statement to his press office received the Agency (news) on Monday: that the law was passed it was contrary to the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, while noting that he will submit an appeal against the law of the Supreme Judicial Council to amend and re-vote on it. added: that the political blocs want to keep Judicial Council for its independence and trying to make it an enterprise of the parties and subject to the whims of politicians and the large blocs.
The private sector .. Between official economic vision and policy support absent

After that declined support for the GNP

BAGHDAD - Haider al-Rubaie Flaih : Iraqi economy is affected by a host of factors that have contributed collectively to cause structural imbalances have affected the overall sustainable development projects, and subsequently caused to double the number of unemployed and increased rates of inflation, and perhaps the most prominent factors that negatively affected the national economy security is the fact that Iraq has passed through after the year 2003, which did not allow much to set up economic activities, especially those undertaken in the habit of the private sector, which is the sector most affected during the that period, especially with the loss of that many pictures taken, notably migration of capital, and stopped laboratories and factories, and the openness of the Covenant wide iron to the imported goods, and the demobilization of manpower.

reliable and many international countries on the role and ability of private sector in the management of the economic wheel, especially countries where the economy is (open) or a market economy, which is the approach taken by Iraq and passed in the national constitution, and this type of economies requires the government to reduce its economic activities for the benefit of the private sector, which has not been touch according to economist David Ani, who criticized the government blunders designed to revitalize the role of this sector, he stressed touch real intentions to activate the ability of this sector, especially in terms of legislation and laws that He said: It's going combined to rely entirely on the role and effectiveness of the private sector in the management of the economic reins in Iraq, however, that al-Ani said a delay in how to implement those decisions on the ground, attributing this to the administrative routine which is still pursuing a holistic picture of the economy in the implementation of orders and decisions that serve the interests of the private sector, according to Ani.
Read More
Umm Qasr port begins the early stages of the e-governance project
17/12/2012 12:18 PM

Basra - electronic integrity: A director in the port of Umm Qasr Safaa Abdel Hussein port administration sought to apply the electronic management system " IT SISTEM "and get rid of the way paper written in collaboration with a Japanese company specializing.

To this administration ended the port of Umm Qasr lifting operations Aguarq and secure navigation routes sound around him, saying to add Khoznah space equivalent to one-third of the original port.

The general director of the port of Umm Qasr, "the port became free from all Aguarq after the adjournment of navigational channels leading to the port and became locked navigational and Balawamat furnished."

He said Abdul-Hussein said that "correspondences underway with Takrav German manufacturer of cranes port old and stalled the 34 crane and it is hoped that are fixed during the next year and returned to work, leading to run manpower and extra increases the speed of cargo handling as specialized and can reach to the farthest point in the ship. "
The below posts were in our 6pm email




[telemar59] are we looking good Okie?


 [Cindieloohoo] ..okieoilman it is sgood to hear positive intel again. I had pretty much given up.



Would you like to hear the truth daily, if that truth was, that none of the Gurus know for sure, that information simply does not leak?
Would you prefer to hear about "possabilites", that are given due to some bits and pieces of information that are achieved in some way...
Would it be better to have no dialoge at all? It would save so much time and stress for the intel providers, they do a lot of research, and they do bring us (the newly coined work) hopium at real cost of their time and energy.

As things are stated to be rumers, we can determine that nothing is set in stone. By the same token, we HAVE BEEN TOLD, repeatedly,
that it is best for all the obvious (aren't they obvious?) reasons, that we will not be told the real time, if it were known. You know why. Or should, at this point.
So if you understand that there may be Gurus that are trying to help us, Gurus that are plants to mislead a bit (from the good PTB, to perhaps ensnare some of the bad PTB by seeing their reactions),
and some Gurus may be planted from the cabal, to get the weaker of heart to sell their investment and give up.
So, given that group of possabilities, how can anyone justify any
really negative comments? All things positive help keep spirits up,
some of the information is no doubt true that is trickling through the good dedicated ones, and lastly:
Don't you think the negative PTB delight in any negativily that throws people off base? It serves them in many ways.
Maybe the genuine Gurus will give up, maybe people will sell their dinar, maybe it will stir up negative animosisty that seperates people.
I think you all have to take things with a grain of sand. I also think you must use your discernment, intuition, insight, and ability to read between the lines using those powers, to help yourself understand.
You are not paying for this advice, nor is anyone forcing you to take it. You will take it on whatever level you are able to, and use it in the same manner. Like other things in life, you learn as per your are able.
As to new investors.. Perhaps there should be a brief discaimer/warning at the top of Dinar Recaps that simply states:

The Gurus and contributers here, are from various backgrounds, and have different sources they share. Some are genuine, and try to bring to us useful intel, and some are probably here to spread a bit of confusion, if not downright mis-information. It is the nature of this
unusual, unprecedented opportunity, and your best discernment is advised. There is truth, and there is hope, and there is some mis-information brought here. We at dinar-recaps do not have any way to know which is absolutely which. We bring you the best we have.


  "What's done is done," is an idiom in English.  The expression uses the word "done" in the sense of "finished" or "settled," a usage, which dates back to the first half of the 1400s.  As recent as last night, I was told by someone "that it is done in Iraq, and has been for a long time and is all done elsewhere also."  What's done?

In our investment, to me, unless I am the only one who thinks as I do, it won't be done until I am at the bank.  I would elude to the last two posts, which BWM made in the last few days, which are on  His information was stellar as well as he gave some sound advice.
I speak with BWM almost on a daily basis.  If you were told, all that he is told daily, and then tried to confirm it; you would already be out of this investment, period.  The repetition of dis-information can sometimes be overwhelming

I don't know if it all is supposedly done in Iraq, as has been said.  I often wonder if that is true. 
In my opinion, there are only a handful of people, who actually know and control the final date, rate, and etc.  For obvious reasons, they are not going to let the information be known, in advance.  That would be catastrophic!
Today is the 17th of December.  Will it happen today as some think, I don't know.  Will it be a "Christmas Miracle," who knows?  There seems to be a need to put substantive value, on every coming event, or piece of news out there.  Do I hope it happens today, or by Christmas?   That is an easy answer.

If everything were truly done, we should have already been at the bank or awaiting our appointments.  When it is truly done, you won't need a guru or some soothsayer to tell you based on their Intel.  There is way too much involved in the finality, to base the outcome on just a few things or times.  Ignore the hype.

I am an eternally optimistic person, and have invested all of my life.  When it is "Done," there is finality.  The bank deposit receipt is the ultimate finality, and then, it is "DONE."


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[sananddan24] This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be exceedly glad in it! happy

[flashing] tidbits while waiting. MP accuses Iraqi Government of deliberately creating financial deficit Baghdad (AIN) -MP Abdul Hussein Resan al-Husseini, member of the Parliamentary Economy & Investment Committee accused the Iraqi Government of deliberately increasing the financial deficit in order to hinder utilizing the complementary budget. Husseini said "The government stipulated addressing the deficit by the oil prices which we consider as a planned deficit," indicating that "There is significant difference between the planned and the actual spending through the retreat of the expenditure rate from the investment budget while the complementary budget is fully wasted." /End/

[heartlandlocked2] GM all looking at netdania it shows no adjustments to usd/vnd - usd/ iqd - eur/vnd since around 22 hundred hours yesterday, but all the other pairs are moving and current????

[flashing] Talabani confirms continuity of his efforts to settle crisis

[candy] flashing what are the chances for today?

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Auzmn MP calls for the formation of a supreme body to monitor the performance of the work of banks
12/17/2012 07:12:28 Monday

Baghdad (news) : Member suggested the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Auzmn Bayati, the establishment of an independent supreme means banks and monitors the performance of its work, noting that the central bank has proved its inability to follow up and guide the banks in the country.

Bayati said (of the Agency news): No censorship real for its banks from the banking business by the central bank, making private banks operate, including it pleases without controls and laws oblige.


Money Laundering Office told the Chairman of the Joint Council for the fight against corruption on the Keywords irregularities of the Central Bank and the latter did not do anything
12/17/2012  8:07 pm

Buratha News : Source revealed that, Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering had told on the Keywords, as Chairman of the Joint Council for the fight against corruption, the existence of suspicions of corruption and irregularities in the auction sale of foreign currency in the Central Bank of Iraq in 2010, but the latter did not take any action, and source noted that administration officials were also aware of these irregularities and is not true to say they support the survival of Shabibi.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, that "the President of the Anti-Money Laundering at the CBI Khaled Cltag told in one meeting of the Joint Council for Anti-Corruption Council President on the Keywords, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, the existence of suspicions and violation of procedures and smuggling currency produced from Auction sale of foreign currency at the central bank, "he said, adding that" the President of the Joint Council for the fight against corruption has not taken any practical action to follow up on those suspicions and irregularities. "

The Joint Council for the fight against corruption a matter Diwani No. 99 in 30/5/2007 headed by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and the membership of the heads: (Supreme Judicial Council and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission) and coordinator of the Prime Minister for regulatory affairs and a representative of the inspectors general.


Postpone the hearing of the House of Representatives until next Sunday
12/17/2012 12:12 pm

Alsumaria News / Baghdad : for the House of Representatives, on Monday, the its usual until next Sunday for lack of a quorum. source said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The vice president of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail decided, this morning, to postpone the hearing of the Council of 42 of the legislative term Year's first legislative third until next Sunday. " It was a parliamentary source said, earlier on Monday, the House of Representatives to hold its the 42 half-hour for lack of quorum. mentions that the presidency of the Iraqi parliament lifted, the first on Saturday (15 December First 2012), the Council meeting of 41 of the first legislative term for the third legislative year to Monday, a parliamentary source said that the meeting witnessed a vote on the law of the Supreme Judicial Council and discuss the ban internal fighting, decided to postpone the vote on the law of the Federal Court.


The announcement of the new alliance of leaders from Iraq next week
12/17/2012 12:12 pm

Baghdad international news agency - Baghdad / WAP : A source familiar with the next week will announce a new alliance includes the leaders of Iraq.

said the source told the Baghdad international / WAP /: "The alliance includes all of the Dialogue Front led by Saleh al-Mutlaq block solution, headed by the Jamal al-Karbouli, in addition to the Governor Anbar Qassim Fahdawi, and deputies from the Iraqi List Talal Hussein Zobaie and Talal Khudair Zobaie. "

The past few days have seen the emergence of a new alliance has been registered in the Electoral Commission for elections to participate in the upcoming provincial elections as "united, coalition includes Awakening Conference Iraq and Iraqis bloc headed by Osama Najafi and the Future bloc headed by Rafie al-Issawi and independent Turkmen Front headed by Arshad Salhi and Hadba chaired by the Governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq.

are scheduled for the upcoming provincial elections in the twentieth of April 2013 next.


Kuwait: dealing flexibly to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait that his country deal flexibly to help Iraq out of Chapter VII, stressing his country's readiness to help Iraq to complete the outstanding issues between them. explained Deputy Prime Minister Alkurete Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, in a press statement on the sidelines of a ceremony Embassy of the Kingdom Bahrain anniversary 41 years of independence, the flexibility of Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII was in demand from the United Nations to expand the functions its mission to help Iraq (UNAMI) to include search for Kuwaiti property and the remains of the prisoners, which was confirmed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in more than appropriate. explained that Iraq meets a lot of its international obligations, leaving them little again confirmed that Kuwait are fully prepared to provide any assistance to Iraq in the subject remains of Kuwaitis and others, or the archives and Kuwaiti property and provide any information to speed the completion of this file.
On a date to visit Chairman Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to Iraq, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said that Kuwait and Iraq seek to prepare tenth agreements between the two countries in various fields and areas. added that once became such agreements ready it will the Prime Minister a return visit by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait last March. referring to the meeting of the Joint Committee between the two countries, scheduled in the first quarter of next year and the ongoing preparations related to what has been agreed upon at the first meeting of the committee last April. PUKmedia 12.17.2012


Shabibi: CBI's target is to reduce inflation and not import financing
December 17 2012

Baghdad : agencies confirmed Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi issued an arrest warrant, on Saturday, that the central bank's target key is to reduce inflation and encourage savings and not financing import operations.

Shabibi said "Alsumaria News" that "the main objective of the Central Bank is monetary policy to fight inflation and not commercial financing import ", noting that" the recent decision of the Central Bank to allow Iraqi banks approved to open letters of credit and financing by the bank is a business decision. " and added Shabibi that "the goal of the bank is working to pull the dinar from the market and entered in issues auction to reduce inflation , "and urged" the Bank's management new focus on monetary policy, not profitability. "

It was the bank's board decided on 11 December to encourage Iraqi banks approved to open letters of credit and financing by the Bank in accordance with the mechanism designed for this purpose and continuity in the entry window selling foreign currency, indicating The banks covered are Bank of Baghdad, credit and Mansur as a first stage and later include all licensed banks.


Ornaments: There are parties who do not believe in solving problems through dialogue and Talabani should not biased to a specific destination without the other
Monday, December 17, 2012 08:55

Ambassador: News: MP for the coalition of state law, and Walid al-Hilli, President Jalal Atalibanin fairness of the application of the law and the Constitution, and the Non-Aligned to a specific destination.

The ornaments in a press statement, "We are with calm and with the study of the subjects in a legal manner and not in the way defamatory as others do when they started the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the government, and use expressions contrary to Constitution Caldictatureat".

He pointed out that "every political problem in Iraq is solvable through discussion and dialogue, but there are parties that do not believe solving problems through dialogue and debate, and at the same time move forces to control certain areas or do things contrary to the law and the constitution," explaining that "the meaning of the truce is Every problem must be solved in a fair and peaceful manner within the cultural situation of Iraq so that it does not affect the other. "

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