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6pm, December 22nd, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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[Mitzi] [redhead1] I went through the Okie post of the 20th line by line like 2012 Jesus suggested - these are important - fiscal cliff will not affect us- no 40% tax increase - no debt settlements - O vacation does not matter - will see better govt structure - safer banks - China is in charge 50-50 on VND going alone

[OILGENRL7] imperium i have a friend who is a friend of Okie and i will tell you Okie is a friend to every one of us. His intentions are for his fellowman...that is a fact....he gives what he can to us

[xyz] "Zebari received Stephen at his office in Baghdad where they discussed the mutual relations and the means of releasing Iraq from the Seventh Charter of the UN's Charter

[WCW] well another broke weekend i have eat my fried crow today-hello everyone

[xyz] WCW hello ...what's going on? at least we survived the end of life

[WCW] xyz yes we did and we just need the rv

[jack1977] Wcw Crow ?

[WCW] jack1977 yes another broke weekend lol
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Med (10:51:40): GM DS

busman: ?med guess that was a driveby The Iraqi president is elected by the House of Representatives and two-thirds majority and the duration of the presidential term of four years and can be re-elected only once. so to be president you need 215 votes mpw,there is your fun fact for the day,lol

Urgent - Brzani and Najafi agree on the need to contain the Issawi crisis quickly



(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only. It is not legal, tax or investment advice. Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

Good Morning Dinar Friends:
NOTICE: These instructions have been put together from conversations with high net worth individuals who have extensive experience in these areas; however, this is only a suggestion and is not to be construed as legal or professional financial advice. You should always seek the counsel of your own attorney or professional financial advisor if you have any questions or concerns. DebTARHeelGirl

Exchange-related In Bank Procedures

There have been several changes due to recent events with Wells Fargo that will dictate how we structure our accounts at the bank for the best level of protection and functionality.

During the initial visit there are several imperative steps that must be taken. I will separate the two based upon whether one would have a trust established before the RV or whether there is no pre-established trust.

I. Procedure if NO Trust is established prior to exchange:

1. Request the bank to open a NEW non-interest bearing account. They will try and establish an interest bearing account. It must be NON-INTEREST as of now. This is called Account #1.
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It is the policy of Dinar Recaps to not have any direct advertising from any Dinar Dealer.

Dinar Recaps apologizes to all our readers for posting about the BGG call which was clearly a 20 minute infomercial for a Dinar Dealer.

For a undetermined amount of time, Dinar Recaps will NOT be making any PRE call announcements for BGG and his Dinar Updates calls. You can go to his website for that information.

Dinar Recaps thanks all our loyal readers and sincerely apologizes for this post we made.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Vice Kordstani: A delegation from the region to visit Baghdad next Monday and priorities of work to resolve the security crisis disputed areas
12/22/2012 12:43:42 Saturday

Erbil (news) : A member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mehdi Haji, that a delegation of the Kurdistan Region will visit Baghdad next Monday, to meet with the federal government, noting that the priorities of the delegation solve the problem of security in the disputed areas.

said Haji told the reporter (of the Agency news): The Kurdistan Egypt seriously to solve the problems with the federal government through dialogue, declaring: visit political delegation from the region comprising specialists affairs military and oil, to Baghdad on Monday, a meeting with the Federal Government and to agree on mechanisms to resolve problems between the two parties .
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Deputy for the rule of law: talk about the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki "a waste of time"
12/22/2012 12:55:24 Saturday

Baghdad (news) : I consider a member of a coalition of state law, MP / National Alliance / Sadiq gum, talk some political blocs by resorting to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, "waste of time" and does not serve the political process.

The Iraqi List, has alluded to resort to the option of withdrawing confidence from Maliki, If you do not release the protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, who were arrested recently.

said chewing gum in a statement (of the Agency news): The threat of some resorting to withdraw confidence from the Maliki, is just a "waste of time", and disrupts the state institutions do not serve the political process, stressing the lack of a parliamentary majority in the House of Representatives real this option.
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Member Services Committee: Iraq is losing $ 15 million a month due to suspension of Airbus
22/12/2012 08:42 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: According to a member of the Services Committee MP Mohammad Reza Fawzi, Saturday, that the Ministry of Transport lose fifteen million dollars a month due to run Airbus imported recently, while stated that the reason was due to the lack of crews Iraqi able to run. Fawzi said "The Ministry of Transport and within its plan to modernize the fleet Iraqi brought five aircraft Airbus at the beginning of the tenth month of this year at a cost of $ 400 million each, "explaining that" these planes have not used so far and is still stuck on the ground at Baghdad International Airport. "

Fawzi said, that "the loss of ministry by stop all aircraft of $ 3 million a month, "adding that" stopped the aircraft back to the lack of crews an Iraqi pilots or engineers working on Airbus aircraft, as Iraq imports of this type of aircraft for the first time. "

He said, "Iraq , and since the founding of the Iraqi Airways, inventory Taakedath aircraft Boeing has never bought Airbus, "explaining that" this explains the lack of Iraq to crews of these aircraft. "
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Source: the benefit of the most prominent and infallible to succeed Talabani and filtration depends on the medical report
22/12/2012 09:41 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: Political source revealed, Saturday, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, President of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Fuad Masum, the most prominent candidates to succeed Jalal Talabani for the presidency if the recommendation of the medical team for the latter not to exercise his political duties.

The source said that "the continuation of President Jalal Talabani in office will depend on the medical reports of the competent medical team, if the majority indicate that the president needs to comfort the permanent and complete." And that "the presidency of the Republic is taking place on several names, notably, Barham Saleh, Fuad Masum," noting that "the official nomination depends on the final medical report of the state of health Talabani."

Currently Talabani presence in Germany and is subject to intensive treatment after suffering a stroke last week.

The President of the Republic of Iraq is the top management position in the governmental structure of the Iraqi state, according to the Constitution, which states in Article sixty-seventh that the head of state "represents the sovereignty of the country and oversees the guarantees of adherence to the constitution, and the preservation of Iraq's independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity."
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Albzona: Disable the Federal Court Act is due to fears of the politicization of the Court
12/22/2012 12:30 pm

MP for the National Alliance Jawad Albzona the need to speed up the approval of the Federal Court Act by the House of Representatives.

Remains the adoption of several laws pending in the House of Representatives because of the incompatibility of the political blocs to formats such laws or claim to hold some modifications such as amnesty laws and payment on credit and the Federal Court and the oil and gas industry.

Said Albzona in a press statement on Saturday that "passing laws pending in the House of Representatives is very necessary, especially in the current period to suspend some of the interests of the homeland and the citizen what makes it imperative for the House of Representatives to speed up the approval."
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Iraqi announces boycott of its ministers to cabinet meetings and authorize their leaders to withdraw from the government and parliament
12/22/2012 11:00 am

MP for the Iraqi List Raad Dahlaki lack of presence of the ministers of the Iraqi List cabinet meeting scheduled Anakaldh next Tuesday, and expected withdrawal of existing government and parliament, stressing the signing of all the members to withdraw. " said Aldhlki in a press statement today that "the recent meeting of the Iraqi decide not to attend the ministers Iraqi List to the cabinet meeting next Tuesday on the back of Mdahmt Office Protection Officer and Finance Minister leader of the Iraqi List, Rafie al-Issawi, adding that he "will thread the meeting of the Iraqi List once other next Tuesday."

He expressed his expectations withdrawal of the Iraqi List has been informing the leaders of the list if There is no intention of Ansahb of the government and parliament by signing all members and ministers belonging to the Iraqi list to withdraw. "

On re the subject of withdrawal Althaghy Maliki said Aldhlki that "Project withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be difficult in this period, especially in the absence of President Jalal Talabani."
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Budget expectations: the proportion growth Alajtmaah services (13.9%) during 2013

BAGHDAD / JD : Revealed estimates in the report of the budget in 2013, submitted to the Council of Representatives for approval that the percentage growth social services sector reached (13.9%) as a result of the financial allocations for social welfare network.

's report said the budget obtained by the agency / JD /: that the social services sector will witness during 2013 growth rate of up to (13.9%) as a result of the establishment of centers for people with special needs and securing financial allocations for social welfare network.

, the report added: will cover retired military veterans salary pension and end of service benefits contained law military retirement and insurance ration card items, in addition to granting loans to citizens by agricultural and industrial bank and fund interest-free housing, and attracting qualified Iraqi.

According to the report, too, that the high growth rate comes from social services during file processing displaced and deported.
A parliamentary committee plans to allocate 10% of the Budgeting for the agricultural sector

BAGHDAD / JD : plans to the Committee on Agriculture and Water parliament to allocate 10% of the budget that next year for the agricultural sector.

said decision of the Parliamentary Committee MP for the Iraqi List reproach league's / JD /: The Committee determined and strongly to make balancing the agricultural sector 10% of the Balancing of 2013, to support the farmer and the land, livestock and other sector requirements.

drew league that the Iraqi agricultural sector deteriorated after 2003, revealing hosting anticipated by the Committee for the officials in the Ministry of Agriculture to determine the problems plaguing the agricultural situation in Iraq.

At XVI this month held the Committee on Agriculture and Water parliamentary meeting hosted Faisal Rashid adviser to the Ministry of Agriculture and Hamoudi Shaker department head of animal production in the Department of Planning and Follow-up in the ministry.

noteworthy that the percentage identified within the budget next year was b (2.68) trillion 1.94.
Finance Committee receive notes of Representatives on the federal budget
Saturday, 22 December 2012 07:11

Baghdad / Orr News: The parliamentary Finance Committee said it has completed the receipt of all Deputies written comments on the federal budget next year, saying that there was a meeting soon with the Ministers of Finance and Planning to discuss the paragraphs of the budget.

A member of the Committee secretary Hadi said that "Committee financial Astmmelt all the written observations of the House of Representatives and the Committee shall sorting of these notes to be held later meeting between the Commission and the ministers of finance and planning for answers on some paragraphs of government budget."

Hadi explained that "the government is supposed to answer some of the paragraphs relating to the budget related to adding the budgets of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council on the overall budget for next year." "The government has no right to object to the budget of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council."
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Financial lift the World Bank's strategy to the Council of Ministers to decide
Saturday, 22 December 2012 07:15

Baghdad / Orr News: Finance Ministry said it had raised the Bank's strategy for Iraq for 2013 to the Council of Ministers for approval, indicating that among the items contained in the strategy, give Iraq a loan of $ 900 million.

Said Undersecretary Fadel Prophet "The Ministry of Finance submitted to the Council of Ministers World Bank's strategy for Iraq for the next year and the latter authorized approval or not," noting that "a clause in the strategy includes giving Iraq a loan financially facilitator $ 900 million, but until now, Iraq has not announced for his approval or rejection. "

He added that "the Ministry of Finance has a vision possibility to accept the World Bank loan for some projects now that the ministry rejected a proposal of the bank to grant a loan for the purpose of training the staff, but there is a possibility for Iraq not to extend his dealings with the World Bank or reject loan or acceptance."

The World Bank said in a statement Wednesday its intention to lend Iraq $ 900 million over 4 years, and called for the need to find good management of oil wealth and large human resources in Iraq, in addition to finding investment climate effectively will be the key to growth and job creation.
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The below posts were in our 11am email
[.ladybug65] flashing What do you know this morning?

[flashing] .ladybug65 i still very very happy

[redhead1] Flashing - is there a possibility for the RV without the meeting?

[.ladybug65] flashing if you're happy then I'm happy !

[ceethree] redhead1 The ISX is due to open on jan 2 the pricing aspect or the exchange is supposed to be done on 12/25 let's hope that it happens

flashing] redhead1 imo and just my opinion i am just focusing in Kuwait Prime MInister visit because i think the u s a people have a small agreement hided

[vic406] Ceethree dead on let's hope sooner

flashing] redhead1 imo and just my opinion i am just focusing in Kuwait Prime MInister visit because i think the u s a people have a small agreemnt hided

~healthy3] well, so much for no more broke weekends. I am wandering if the PTB will eveer let us have our money. So, I owe, I owe and off to work I go. gm all

[flashing] ~healthy3 u will be happy and surprised too happy
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TLAR: Iraq to my knowledge does not have any insurance for any depositor like FDIC insurance.

I know at one time they talked about this but I have not seen anything done in the years I've been reading. If this is the case and there is no governmental insurance as of yet, anyone with deposits in Warka is at a greater risk than just owning the currency. TLAR & OTHER'S COMMENTS BELOW

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Central Bank has given the Warka Bank for ten days to comply with its decisions Judge deposit of $ 200 billion Iraqi dinars and not to damage the interests of its clients.

A statement issued by the bank and got the obelisk, a copy of "I faced the Warka Bank for Investment and Finance several problems and committed his administration a lot of mistakes, which summoned the Iraqi Central Bank to impose trusteeship upon start act Capricorn liquidate him has offered major shareholders in the bank several proposals for his rehabilitation."

"The keep the bank on this case is contrary to trends central bank in building a Iraqi bank Rezin and strengthen confidence" past to say "it Council decided to extend a warning to the Warka Bank until 12/31/2012 to pay what was agreed upon deposit of $ 200 billion dinars, Otherwise take the Central Bank of the necessary measures to eliminate him. "

KAPERONI: FYI, if any of you have money in Warka, might be time to get it out.

Tlar from Dinar Alert
For those of you who are new to this investment, let me tell you what I believe to be how this investment will come to pass.

This month the CBI will reduce the exchange rate to 1000 to one. Maliki will be put on the ropes and finished within the next 90 days. He will be removed from office within three months. His own party the NA will abandon him and join with the opposition.

The international community will protect the institution of the bank and the oil production during Maliki's removal over the next 3 months. Iraq will not get out of Chapter VII until Maliki is gone.

The standoff between the Iraqi army and the Kurdish army will be defused by the international community. Kirkuk and the disputed territories will end up autonomous following in the steps of Kurdistan.

pat888] Reuters asks, What will be the funding currency of 2013? 12/21/12 interesting as they ask this question gold coins are coming off the press and the $ is definately not mentioned as a good funding currency

[rustyc] pat888 I dont see a date it is a series 2006 A

[pat888] rustyc oh okay ty, I don't think they've released anything since 2009- note the video above "Cash is King" says production problems have delayed the launch of the new $100 for over a year now (yeah right!) though an announcement is expected soon ( lol have we heard that word soon some where else before lol )

[rustyc] pat888 I just hope we are not caught in a ground hog day scenario lol

BOBGETZ6] So...What is everybody hearing?

hopeful2&2] not much bob

[surviver] We are near the end of all currency, These are the last trevails of such matters

[BOBGETZ6] hopeful2&2 Don't think we will, it will just happened as someone or a group has planned.
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The following question was asked at Peoples Dinar, and below is SteveI reply post.


I will say better than an 80% now. The actual winners of this will be the Iraqi Citizens, we are just going to benefit for supporting it and believing in it. I have never felt better.

Matter of fact, here is how I feel it will play out. I will officially go on record with this. If I am wrong, so what, I was wrong only one other time. I generally do not make the same mistakes twice.

I think it will happen in this order.

The Parliament will pass the 2013 budget and put it into law within the next several days. They cannot delay this any longer. You all have read the articles to support it.

Next, in my other comments, Ban Ki moon fully supports the lifting of Iraq from Chapter VII. Iraq has come to far to be set back for months on end.

I believe you will hear the announcement made official for sure next week, probably on or before the 27th. Now with that being said, boy are they out of time. I think you will see a revaluation shortly after that so everything can be in place prior to the first.
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Friday Conference Call with Fresh and Millionday from PeopleInvested:

We had a great call this afternoon breaking down the latest developments with Iraq in a very in depth discussion of the exciting things developing in the dinar community! Our listeners have given great feedback and excitement that joined us live and we hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


Playback number: (209) 647-1699
Participant access code: 201783

91 Minutes
[nolaspice] The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas. I hope each of you have a magical weekend! Thanks for being the wonderful friends each of you are! Be kind, be respectful, be worthy and GEAUX RV!

watercolor] thought for the day: some people are like slinkies - not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when they're pushed down the stairs.

Jeff] So this week Bank's have their credit rating increase (wowser), Greece's credit rating goes up 6 points (wowser) and NYSE is purchased by some company that we know nothing about and then there is the fiscal cliff Merry Christmas


[okrocks] for your viewing pleasure from earlier today - JimmytheD: Keep eyes & ears open....there seems to be much afoot in the currencies market. Lot's of "quiet chatter" that could be leading where we need it. Just MHO, there is obviously a need for a "currency reset" of some kind.

[mkay] WCW do you still think a chance before Christmas?

[WCW] mkay i hope so we wait and see everyone says o aint the hold up, but why are we waiting on this deal to get done IMO
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Iraq boosts gold reserves for the first time in years
December 21 2012

Twilight news: Iraq has taken the first major step in years to strengthen its reserves of gold in the past few months to join other central banks from emerging market economies such as Brazil and Russia to diversify foreign reserves.

Central Bank purchases was one of the major reasons behind the rising gold prices since 2010 the year that saw the Central Bank turned into buyers which naturally concludes of the precious metal for the first time in 20 years with growing doubts about the stability of the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

The monthly report showed the IMF Statistics seen by "twilight news" that during the three months between August and October this year Iraq gold stocks have quadrupled to $ 31.07 tons.
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Finance Committee: the division of the investment budget proposal within a five-year plan and annual successful
21/12/2012 - 12:18 pm

BAGHDAD (Iba) : I consider a member of the Finance Committee, MP Hassan al-Bayati, said the division of the investment budget proposal on strategic projects within the five-year plan and other routine annual projects successful proposal and will contribute to the completion of all projects that disrupted in the past years despite the allocation has substantial financial interests.

Bayati said in a statement to Agence independent press (Iba) .. Friday "that the proposal offered by some members of the Iraqi parliament split the investment budget on strategic projects within the five-year plan and other projects annual routine will completion of all projects that disrupted in the past years despite the allocation of his quota substantial financial, stressing: that Sir investment budget without a strategic plan will lead to failure and loss amounts service projects. "

He added: that the Iraqi parliament will not bear any plan at all Moisnath the past which led to the non-implementation of service projects in the durations specified, stressing: that the House has no visions and planned to divide the investment budget makes a proposal some lawmakers dividing the investment budget to an annual and five-year proposal successful .
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Nijaifi, Mutlaq, Essawi hold meeting behind closed doors
21/12/2012 18:50:00

Baghdad (NINA) : Leaders of Iraqiya slate, Usama al-Nijaifi, Saleh al-Mutlaq and Rafi al-Essawi held a meeting behind closed doors to discuss the effects of arresting Essawi's guardsmen.

Informed source said on Friday, Dec. 21, that members of Iraqiya slate demanded the immediate release of the detainees.
Janabi: Maliki orders checkpoints not to allow IS MPs to enter Baghdad
Friday, 21 December 2012 18:45

Baghdad (AIN) : MP, Mudhhir al-Janabi, of the Iraqiya Slate revealed that the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, ordered the checkpoints not to allow the MPs of the Iraqiya Slate to enter Baghdad without a permission form his office.
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Talabani's medical team announces stability of Talabani's health condition
Friday, 21 December 2012 19:22

Baghdad (AIN) : The medical team that treats the President, Jalal Talabani, announced that Talabani's health condition is stable and he is responding to the treatment.

A presidential statement received by AIN on Friday cited "The medical team made several tests in the Germany hospital on Thursday morning."

"The doctors assured that Talabani's health condition is stable and he is responding to the treatment," the statement concluded.

Talabani was transported to Germany on Thursday morning to be treated after being admitted to the hospital in Baghdad on Monday.
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Iraq confirms arrest of minister's bodyguards
December 21 2012

BAGHDAD (AP) : Iraqi authorities said Friday they've arrested 10 bodyguards of the country's Sunni finance minister in a terrorism-related sweep, the first official confirmation in a case that is inflaming the nation's simmering political and sectarian tensions.

Protests broke out in response to the detentions in at least two cities in Sunni-dominated western Anbar province, and the United States said in unusually strong terms that it is pressing Iraq's Shiite-led government to uphold its commitment to the law.

In the year since the last American troops left Iraq, the country has been wracked by sectarian violence and political stalemate. Iraq's Sunni vice president is on the run after being convicted in absentia and sentenced to death on terror charges, and bloody attacks by Sunni extremists against Shiites still take place frequently.

Critics of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki accuse him of unfairly sidelining Sunni political rivals while seeking to consolidate power in the hands of Iraq's majority Shiites. Al-Maliki's government says it is committed to the rule of law and does not follow a sectarian agenda.
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BREAKING NEWS - Nijaifi arrives in Erbil to meet with Barazani
21/12/2012 21:17:00

Baghdad (NINA) : Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, arrived on Friday evening, Dec. 21, in Erbil to meet with the President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barazani.

Parliament's Secretary, Mohammed al-Khalidi, told NINA that the visit comes in light of recent developments related to the arrests of the bodyguards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Essawi, to acquaint the Kurds of the case, being partners in the political process.

He added that the meeting will take place later in the evening, and Nijaifi is to return to Baghdad on Saturday.
President of the Free Iraqi coalition Dr. Qutaybah Jubouri calling for a truce between Baghdad and Erbil, out of respect for the efforts made by Talabani to bring the views

Prime coalition in Iraq free Dr. Qutaybah Jubouri political parties to abide by the truce between Baghdad and Erbil in order to bring the views.

said in a statement moved the Information Office of the coalition: "President Talabani, who lay on the bedside worth of everyone pray for a speedy recovery, for his efforts and-sought in order to end the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, and all must abide calm respect for the initiatives of President Talabani to end their differences and get things back on the right track. "

and added: "The brothers Kurds are essential partners in the political process, has received a number of ministries, institutions and important positions in Baghdad, and Ntosm them to express their attachment to the national interest of Iraq and the keenness on the unity of Iraq from north to south. "

and continued: "The differences must be resolved logic of reason and wisdom by sitting to the dialogue table and put all issues contentious relationship objectively and in good faith, and complete what he began President Talabani, who was still a tent for the Iraqis to proposals submitted rational and objective. "
Missed 'firefighter' Jalal Talabani crisis broke out between the Kurds and Baghdad

BAGHDAD - bright Abbas Friday, December 21, 2012 crisis erupted between the KRG and the federal government when he was President Jalal Talabani spend convalescing lasted for months in a hospital, German, and after deciding Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in July the formation of a military force as �processes Tigris� Ki The security in Kirkuk, angry Kurds began sides mobilized their forces in preparation for military confrontation.

does not hesitate close to Talabani (79 years old), who left Baghdad yesterday, in the medical trip after suffering a stroke, to emphasize that the repercussions of the crisis and the pressure will cause a tremendous amount of speculation about the fate of political consensus prone to collapse.

Although the tone of reassurance that tried to Iraqi parties different diffusion during the past two days and reiterated her commitment Armistice Agreement that Talabani was succeeded in the agreement between Maliki and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, the history of political conflict in Iraq does not refer to the possibility of commitment such agreement in the absence of his patron.
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