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6pm, December 23rd, 2012  


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Hope... is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles. -- Samuel Smiles

In all things it is better to hope than Despair - Goethe

You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for our own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful. -- Marie Curie

This is a wonderful article on "keeping the faith" as you pursue your dreams in life.

Keep Watering Your Bamboo Tree - Eric Aronson

In the Far East, there is a tree called the Chinese bamboo tree. This remarkable tree is different from most trees in that it doesn't grow in the usual fashion. While most trees grow steadily over a period of years, the Chinese bamboo tree doesn't break through the ground for the first four years.

Then, in the fifth year, an amazing thing happens - the tree begins to grow at an astonishing rate. In fact, in a period of just five weeks, a Chinese bamboo tree can grow to a height of 90 feet. It's almost as if you can actually see the tree growing before your very eyes.

[vrandyshell] If the 27th is Moon report or release from Chapter 7 wouldn't RV need to happen first like maybe the 24th or 25th? No on would be looking and this is a global event not just United States

[diverdown] puppylove HI, is anyone feeling or hearing, we may see our blessing today when the forex opens

[puppylove] diverdown hello, i have not heard that but maybe someone else has

[wheezer2] diverdown they have been saying that for the past year! :)

[Moonchild] diverdown anything is possible but this is a really unlikely time for it to happen

[okrocks] diverdown and Moonchild perhaps the unlikeliness makes it more likely ... anything is possible

[Moonchild] burk50 the forex is closed to public trading (the institutions still trade) from friday afternoon until sunday afternoon and many people think that the RV will show when the forex reopens on sunday afternoon. Personally I would vote for wednesday night when the forex reconciles for the week.

crossways] Moonchild...I also see Wednesday as a good night to rv...but still not counting out any day

[Dakotaman] diverdown okrocks Hello This was posted here just a bit ago.. The people that have any high up sources for intel have been told to clam up. To quote one of my favourite guys from way up high: "Just sit back, shut up, and colour"

[okrocks] Dakotaman I am ready to color... I like some red 25k note and green USD notes lol
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The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call

Sunday December 23rd, 2012 @ 8:00 PM (EST)

Main # (760) 569 - 7676 Pin # 378652

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No Intel, No Rumors, No Rumtel!

We Search for It, We Bring It so our callers GET IT!

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your support.

Happy Holiday's to all from The Gatekeepers Team


[redhead1] Flashing - it is going to be morning in Iraq soon - do you think it will release at that time or is it coming from some other area of the world?

[flashing] redhead1 i don't know the exact date but i am expecting anytime now. later i will post something about ban ki which support my position.

[raptor22] flashing gm r we really finally totally un questionble there this time? lol

[redhead1] Flashing - go for it kid - we need you

[kazorlando] flashing If Iraq is out of it why do we care what day and time it is there??

[flashing] of course previously there were security, peace and financial issues outstanding which preclude the release of the rv. now they are done. again this is the first time the rv is possible. Imo

[burk50] What law needs to pass for the RV to be able to go live?, Read that on recaps yesterday.Flashing ,do you know what law? Thx

[raptor22] Mitzi why are we worried about what time it is is Iraq

[flashing] well i will not say iraq is out of it. iraq is no the one taking the final decision but their performance affect the release. i will explain everything later with articles. a lot of people shooting unsupported things out there including the rock stars

[flashing] raptor22 praying but very confident
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Nechirvan Barzani: We need to convince at least a neighboring country and a world power to our declaration of independence

Nechirvan Barzani: We need to convince at least a neighboring country and a world power to our declaration of independence  12/23/2012 11:15 AM

Haider Ali Jawad : Prime Minister revealed the Kurdistan region in an interview with "Time" magazine U.S. that the Kurds are now closer than ever to declare their independence, and they need to convince a regional and at least one and support a global power to declare a state.

At that time however, when saying that current aims to achieve economic independence within a unified Iraq, considered the performance of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a threat to the safety of Iraq, and that he aimed to get sophisticated weapons to negotiate with us from the position of "the strongest."

While counting the door of hope for Turkey to Kurdistan, confirmed to pursue other options, if the Kurds hope to the Constitution.

And started the magazine the meeting the following comment, "If there is one man deserves praise for its development convergence Turkish Kurdish, is the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani, as it 5 years ago everyone was, laughs when he says Barzani said he wants oil exports to Turkey, already suffering from intractable problem with its large Kurdish minority. "  

Nassif: There are no such thing as the Iraqi List
23.12.2012 9:42

BAGHDAD / Farah Asim al-Tai: Confirmed an MP for the Iraqi bloc free high Nassif that the Iraqi List, lost its first day of its establishment after the uniqueness of its senior leaders in for the benefit of themselves and left the draft list behind their backs.

Nassif said the newspaper "integrity electronic" There is no such thing as the Iraqi List, because it wastes its national project for the benefit of the leaders of the list without considering the national project posed at the beginning of its formation.

Nassif noted that Iraqi wastes in its national project, which it was possible to unite the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Arabic reflects the draft in the region and did not adhere to the rules of procedure, which put her.

She Nassif has Frtoa rights did not respect the electoral program your Baerakip and is today a clear Voaad Allawi came down list individually in the elections and Saleh al-Mutlaq and Karbouli in one list, and so the case of Osama Najafi and Issawi also in the list and one is no longer there is nothing called the Iraqi List.
U.S. Embassy denies providing information to Aissaoui on the involvement of his bodyguards and near arrest
Sunday, 23 December 2012 12:43

Baghdad Ambassador: News: Denied U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, submitted a CD to Finance Minister looked forward through the accusations that goes on a number of his bodyguards, and the government's intention arrest. and denied Frank Fanfr, U.S. Embassy spokesman in Baghdad, told the "world", the "embassy providing CD-ROM or Information to the Minister of Finance on the issue of arrest elements of protection and accusations against them. "

While urging Fanfr "Iraqi leaders of all stripes political hold on to the legal obligations and respect the Constitution," said that "any behavior incite ethnic or sectarian is a great danger and would that undermines progress towards peace and stability, and all important work carried out by the United States and Iraq in this regard. " sources had said the newspaper "the world," that the American Embassy in Baghdad, seen Rafie al-Issawi, Minister of Finance information via CD stating the existence of charges involving members of the force protection and that there are arrest warrants issued against them.
Stressing that provoked to cover up what is the greatest source .. National Alliance: Issawi file exists in the drawers of the government six years ago
Sunday 23/12/2012 09:54 AM

Confirmed leader of the National Alliance, a telephone call with newspaper people Baghdadiya to open a file Issawi and security Hamayate comes against the backdrop of coverage on Russian arms deal scandal and occupancy to public opinion and the political class security theme rather than a file and realistic!.

The leader, who declined to be named in the dial Issawi crisis would cover the glare Russian deal in an attempt to avoid further accusations of failing security and national relations as well as higher tensile between the government and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee.

He added that if the government continued Multi weapons without distracting public opinion and parliament another subject more unity and intensity, it will enter a dark tunnel and the rule of law will be the slope of the electoral loses its brilliance!.
Read More
Center for Global Studies criticizes Iraq borrow from the World Bank, despite the growth and stability of oil revenues poverty
Sunday 12/23/2012

Star Hussein: Criticized the "Global Center for Development Studies," the Iraqi government's desire to borrow $ 900 million from the World Bank, despite the continuous rise in Iraqi oil revenues during the recent times, and that did not succeed in reducing the number of poor Iraqis whose numbers swelled to 8 million citizens.

The center, based in London, said in a statement that "the rise in world oil prices and increased production of Iraqi oil, which reached the level of 3.35 million barrels per day, not Wigan Iraq from resorting to borrowing."

The World Bank announced its intention to lend Iraq $ 900 million over 4 years, and while pointing out that Iraq is still fragile and the public sector dominates the economy as a result of the legacy of central, stressed that good management of oil wealth and large human resources in Iraq, as well as find investment climate effectively will be the key to growth and job creation.
Read More
Denying he was ill. Media Advisor "newsletter": Al-Maliki enjoys good health
2012/12/23 20: 05: 34 Sunday

Baghdad (newsletter) : Denied the Prime Minister's media adviser Ali al-Mosawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to ill, calling the reports that rushed to hospital with baseless.

Moussaoui said in statement singled out the (News Agency news) on Sunday: that Al-Maliki is healthy and there is no truth to reports that he was ill taraeh, describing such reports as baseless and tendentious, and called on the media to be precise in reporting and they are drawn from her confiscate.

Some media reported that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was taken to a hospital in Baghdad after the ill.

She said that Al-Maliki, who suffers from diabetes admitted to Ibn Sina hospital in the green zone because ill emergency caused a temporary coma.
Jabbar Yawar stressed the need to manage the disputed areas by the army and two 2012/03/23 19: 46: 03 Sunday

Erbil (newsletter) : Called two of the need to manage the disputed areas, jointly between the two forces and Iraqi army forces, until the implementation of article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.

According to a statement issued by the two got (News Agency news) copy: US delegation led by Brett mcrik, Special Envoy of the US State Department on Iraq and Stephen j. official political and economic section at the u.s. Consulate in Erbil wetimos baunds US Consul in Kirkuk, visited two and was greeted by both Yawar and Jabbar group sherwan Abdulrahman.

It added: the Panel Jabbar Yawar of the Secretary-General for the two US delegation explained the recent tensions between Kurdistan and the Central Government, noting: the formation of Tigris operations, is contrary to the Constitution and the Convention signed between the region and Baghdad.

Yawar, said during the meeting: the need to manage "the Kurdish regions outside the territory" by the two forces and the Iraqi army, until article 140 for those areas.
Presidency of the province: there is no basis for Allawi's nomination for the presidency and await the return of Talabani
Sunday, 23 December 2012 14:26

Twilight News : denied the presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Sunday, news that reported the existence of an agreement between the Kurdish leadership and the Iraqi List, for the nomination of Iyad Allawi for the presidency as part of a deal.

The Chairman of the Presidium of the region, Fouad Hussein, in an interview with "Twilight News", "The press reports that talked about the agreement between the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi List to nominate its leader Iyad Allawi for the position of president of the republic are unfounded."
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Meeting Barzani and Najafi: face-Maliki and activate measures to discredit his government
Sunday 12/23/2012 01:36 pm

Authorized House Speaker Osama Najafi, head of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to take any position it deems appropriate to modify the course of the political process in Iraq, including the current government headed by Nouri al-Maliki.

This came in a statement issued by the Presidency of the Kurdistan region in the wake of the meeting between the president of the region and the head of the House of Representatives.

The statement said that Barzani and Nujaifi stressed that Iraq does not assume any political crises, and Nuri al-Maliki, taking into account the delicate situation of Iraq, and also the health status of the President of the Republic!

Barzani called Najafi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to respect Talabani's efforts to find radical solutions to the problems in Iraq, especially the problem of governance that works to expand Maliki himself.

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The below posts were in our 11am email

KAPERONI: That is as clear as it gets. TY Tgirl. The BSA cleared Shabs and Saleh.

SADIE: I like the last of the the intro best...."the government violated the law"....Now what are you going to do about that???And when are you bring Shabbs back??? hopefully before Maliki steals all your 31 tons of gold.

ART: imo if real justice prevails the reinstatement of shabibi is still a possibility great research tx again

Friday ruled out his involvement on charges of corruption and money laundering .. The government violated the law

BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tamimi Date: Saturday 22/12/2012 08:31 pm

He attributed a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee did not reach the investigative substantiation involvement Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi in any breaches legal to integrity latter and the issue confined to two money laundering and supplements business in some capitals.

Said committee member Aziz Ugaili's (citizen): �I from the beginning that the issue of involvement Shabibi in corruption cases is a logical �. added� There breaches legal in two first in the issue of money laundering and the second on the side of working Attaches business in Dubai, Oman and others �. explaining� that Shabibi nothing to do these things because the Bank is selling Dollar takes interview dinar �.

[redhead1] It is about 5pm in Iraq - correct - have a strong feeling we could be seeing our RV anytime - nothing to base it on except we need it so badly

[~healthy3] redhead1 I like your thinking. I will take an rv any time from now to the end of Dec.2012

[~healthy3] As the year is nearing to it's end, I really pray that we see the end to this investment. It has been exciting, a great history class, a wonderful way to meet so many intelligent and loving people but, I am ready to move on to the next phase of my life.

[redhead1 we are at a time where it could happen momentairly (I hate ASN) - I really do expect to see it in the next few days - and I am prepared for it - I hope our doubters at least have written instructions because the rest of his will be to crazy to think.

[imperium] As much as I hate to consider it, I can't imagine at this point that "they" will allow any cashing- in in the 2012 tax season. I'm afraid it's true they are awaiting the new 2013 tax laws.

[ivy10] imperium gm looks like it for sure.

[redhead1] imperium - I thought we had someone post that it is to late for them to tax us for 2013 because the tax laws are already written - that our tax would come in 2014 - and if China pulls the strings on this RV - China wants it in 2012.

[2012jesus] imperium i dont think its about taxes for us until we start making money on our investments
Read More
Palladium: Read the 2nd paragraph everyone.

This is good confirmation of the float that is coming sooner rather than later. 2013 is beginning to appear to be the year for the movement of the exchange rate............ FINALLY!!!

Nugget: I agree Pall and thanks for bringing attention to that paragraph! Thanks for the post T!

Written by Administrator Sunday, December 23, 2012 04:46

Intervention banks in spiral Alvesadj administrative, financial and Amelliat money laundering, which increased talk about and raised doubts about Aljhalt behind them While, allowed CBE board encouraging Iraqi banks approved to open credits the central bank comes claims parliamentary demands to tighten control the central bank to perform the work of banks civil, to curb corruption and money laundering amid calls for the establishment of another civil banks encourage agricultural and industrial sectors and the need for civil support to achieve the aspirations of the citizens and contribute to the development of investments.

As Central Bank of Iraq to allow Iraqi banks open Alaatmadt documentary, while also decided to increase the share auction weekly and granted to the exchange companies and money transfer, also made a decision authorizing the Governor of the Bank to reduce the sale price of the dollar as the market demands.,

Currency Chatter Conference Call: 3:00 pm Central Time Sunday - Dec. 23 , 2012

Please USE THE WEB First To Listen. You may also (Listen Only) by calling - 712-432-0075 pin # 541268. at / 3:00pm Central / as this AUDIO streaming allows for up to 100,000 listeners


To attend the call and write in any questions.

Please use the 206-402-0100 number first, and then when that number is full and rejecting callers, THEN have the callers use the full list of alternative numbers as the backup:

Secondary Number: (804) 205-3697 The GUEST~CALL IN: PIN is 169470# The below numbers may also be found at:

On the first day of Christmas my guru said to me,
"Good day America and ships at sea"

On the second day of Christmas my guru said to me,
2 o'clock update, and "Good day America and ships at sea"

On the third day of Christmas my guru said to me,
3 confirmations, 2 o'clock update
and "Good day America and ships at sea"

On the fourth day of Christmas my guru said to me,
4 calls receiving, 3 confirmations, 2 o'clock update
and "Good day America and ships at sea"

On the fifth day of Christmas my guru said to me,
5 twen-ty 5 !!! ...
4 calls received, 3 confirmations, 2 o'clock update
and "Good day America and ships at sea"
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This is in response to a well thought out post by Tlar of Dinar Alert, which was then re-posted on the Dinar Recaps comments section of their blog. Iraq is not out of Chapter 7, Iraq still has not passed the HCL, permanent ministers are not seated and China is not in control of Iraq's currency.

The CBI, Finance Committee, United Nations and CoM have all said that reform (power sharing, HCL, ministers, Strategic Council, Article 140 etc), that supports stability is necessary to move forward both economically and politically.

Maliki could certainly throw a wrench in the process as he's done many times in the past but of course we hope that's not going to be the case for once.

Currently the Minister of State for National Security, Minister of State for National Dialogue, Works & Planning Minister, Women's Affairs Minister, Trade Minister, Municipalities and Public Works Minister, Electricity Minister, Defense Minister and Interior Minister are all still interim and need to be appointed but the Defense Ministers are the most crucial at this time.
Read More

Unitedrich, on 21 December 2012 - 05:30 PM, said:
Been silent for quite a while now, but I too am hopefully optimistic that our roller coaster ride is ending relatively soon. While the articles seem to point to that end, the media cannot be believed in that part of the world. After 7 long years and 7 hopeful Christmases, let us all hope and pray that this time, the fast paced rush to get things accomplished is not for naught, and 7 becomes 6, and they actually step up to the plate and restore the Iraqi currency to some semblance of it's former glory. :)

Steve1 said:
Yes a long time, but this will be your last one of the past. It will be after Christmas but it is close enough that it should count. I feel we will have this done within the next (less than) two weeks Blessings, Steve1

Haus said:
Would you be willing to share what "information" you have that causes you to push the window out to Jan 13 until Feb 23rd? We appreciate opinions, but it helps our members to know how you reach that opinion. B) Merry Christmas! HAUS

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Transportation: We will open Airlines to anywhere in the world after the end of the crisis with Kuwait

BAGHDAD / Haider Jaber: A media adviser to the Ministry of Transport Karim Nouri end the crisis with Kuwait on Iraqi Airways will open new horizons for the work.

Nouri said the newspaper "electronic integrity" Now we can buy aircraft that we need and the opening lines of the flight to anywhere in the world.

He explained: This measure would not have been possible because of the lawsuits filed against Iraqi Airways in Britain. He stressed that the Kuwaiti side to understand the situation and what has been paid in compensation much less than the amounts demanded by.

He noted that the Kuwaitis want to open a new page with Iraq as the two countries are neighbors and this fact must be understood. And that the ministry is seeking to open new lines with all nations of the world.
Kirkuk demanding an increase allocations of petrodollars

KIRKUK - electronic integrity: Student head of the provincial council in Kirkuk Hassan Turan "to raise the amount of the allocations of the petro-dollar allocated to the province from one to five dollars per barrel," stressing "solidarity with the city of Basra in the balance in allocations from the central government to the provinces of Petroleum Exporting".

Tauran said that "Kirkuk exports oil since 1927, and that oil firms left over those years environmental damage in the province so they deserve increased allocations," stressing that "the increase will contribute to the solution of many problems in Kirkuk, especially since the province is a workshop need For many of the customizations. "
Member of the Parliamentary economy: We will be there optimal transfers in the budget of 2013
Sunday, 23 December 2012 11:58

Baghdad Ambassador: News: Table member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary We will be there optimal reallocation of exchange in the budget of 2013 to provide services to citizens.

Said Abdul-Abbas estrus today that, for example, we have ration card needed to amounts transferred from other sections of the Exchange and also the social welfare network, retirees and students of colleges and institutes who have recently issued against them law by giving them salaries. "

He added that little is left for the end of the Multi discuss the budget 2013 by the members of the House of Representatives. "

The House of Representatives postponed its meeting was slated for today to discuss the budget 2013 and a number of laws on Monday for lack of a quorum.

The Council of Ministers has approved the draft budget for 2013, which amounted to 138 trillion dinars in 23 of last October, now the House of Representatives continues to debate a bill the state budget.
Click for Link
Doctor Talabani: from a medical point of his death more than a month and practically clinically he is dead
Sunday 23/12/2012 01:11 pm

Baghdad _ Mohammed al-Hiti : Dawn Ali Nofal, a member of the medical team supervising the treatment of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani at the Hospital in Berlin to meet with newspaper "Andistsaitong" in its Saturday edition .

German doctor said Palestinian origin that President Talabani, from a medical point by virtue of the deceased clinically, not exceeding stay alive more than a month, noting that in spite of the improvement in the health condition and the work of all its functions almost normally.

Nofal said during his speech for the newspaper that Omar Talabani great to make it not bear signed by a cerebral stroke, stressing that it is not responding to treatment doses described by the medical team.

The office of President Jalal Talabani, announced Friday that German doctors confirmed the stability of the health status of Talabani and response to treatment.
Read More
Deputy for Iraq: provinces should be granted wider powers for the advancement of their betterment and service and economic
12/23/2012 15:14:24 Sunday

Baghdad (news) .. Student member of the National Accord Movement MP / coalition in Iraq / Salem Daly, granting wider powers to the provinces and financial budgets commensurate with the population of each province.

said Daly (of the Agency news): The application of national partnership gives full powers to the provinces in order to develop the work of the province, criticizing the government's work Federal because they are trying to account for all the things in her hand without granting wider powers to the provinces. added: should be given the powers to the provinces to make them able to fulfill their betterment and service, economic, and be residents of the province are Sergeant on her performance, stressing that political differences caused disable state building because the service and economic conditions did not improved since 2003.
Yassin Majeed accused the Iraqi List of fomenting sectarian strife between the sons of Iraq
12/23/2012 15:33:36 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Called coalition of state law Sunni clerics to leave approach sectarian used it some politicians, while carrying the Iraqi List, the responsibility of any serious repercussions may get in the country, stressing that what happened to protect and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi is a court order.

said the leader of the coalition Yassin Majeed In a press conference of the coalition attended the Agency (news) on Sunday: the Sunni component that is not dragged behind repercussions strife for political purposes and electoral, calling Sunni clerics to leave approach sectarian used it some politicians recently for political and electoral at the expense of the blood of the Iraqi people.
Read More

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