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Wise Words - "HOPE"
Reallynow posted in PTR chat Nitrobujzz friend spoke to a Iraqi that can see a rate
Fresh and WangDang Recording From Christmas Eve
Freeway Bill posted on PTR chat Sun afternoon RV could happen any moment
PAPAJACK UPDATE -...Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
DebTarHeelGirl posted on MIG chat noon Sun
DAN Call UPDATE - Replay #'s and Recording Link
The below posts were in our 11am email
Merry Christmas - Emailed in by Rod
DEALING WITH A BANKER - The Exchange of Exotic Currencies into US Dollars - By ECOE
Footforward & BellaGrits Call Recording and Replay #'s Late Saturday Night
Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution has been IMPLEMENTED!
Correction emailed to us
NENO'S MEMBER CHAT - Post By Csd.9013
MED CHAT - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Dinar Recaps
would like to wish you
A Very Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad 
A Happy Hanukkah 
A Happy Kwanza 
A Safe, Happy and Prosperous 
New Year

(Comments may be made on this subject and will be posted upon approval - Thank you)

You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for our own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful. -- Marie Curie

To hope means to be ready at every moment for that which is not yet born, and yet not become desperate if there is no birth in our lifetime.  -- Erich Fromm

If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance.  -- Orville Wright

You believe that easily which you hope for earnestly -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton

In all things it is better to hope than Despair - Goethe

You cannot put a great hope into a small soul -- J L Jones

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[reallynow] 4:06 PM: Nitrobuzz: Just dropped in to give you guys a little christmas present....best friend spoke directly to an Iraqi living in Iraq and the cliff notes version is this.....they can and do see a rate of $4.57...RV, here we come baby!!!! JudahTribe8: inside country? Nitrobuzz: JudahTribe8 ...in country Nitrobuzz: JudahTribe8 .....can't say...but my belief is it will be slightly higher for us Nitrobuzz: Just so everyone understands.....this came directly from an Iraqi citizen to my best friends ears.


ok this confirms what Hammerman said obout important docs signed early but dated 12/28 Nitrobuzz: One more bit offo guy's......there is a UN doc. (site is shut down now) that states the "official end to the war is signed for the 28th Dec...HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! 




Fresh and WangDang with PeopleInvested.com Christmas Eve call - almost 3.5 hours long!  This call has a lot of information and we had a bunch of callers asking great questions!


Playback number: (209) 647-1699
Participant access code: 621116

203 Minutes

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Fresh and WangDang  


[FREEWAY BILL] information that i have at this moment is saying that rv could happen at any MOMENT..... The system has been working this through for days and it is been on a virtual timer aiming to hit in this three day window of yesterday, today or tomorrow.... If you listened to Foot4ward's call, you should have read between the lines that his sources are saying the same things as mine. The best thing i can tell you is to get ready.... have a Merry Christmas as you will remember this weekend forever!



CREDIT: BLOOMBERG: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-12-25/china-japan-to-promote-direct-trading-of-currencies-to-cut-company-costs.html

China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies

Japan and China will promote direct trading of yen and yuan without using dollars and will encourage the development of a market for the exchange, to cut costs for companies, the Japanese government said. Japan will also apply to buy Chinese bonds next year, the Japanese government said in a statement after a meeting between Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing yesterday.

The deals between the world's second and third-largest economies come as the two-year-old European debt crisis keeps global financial markets volatile. Japan will start to buy "a small amount" of China's bonds, a Japanese government official said on condition of anonymity because of the ministry's policy, without elaborating on when and how much of the debt the nation plans to purchase.


[BULLY! BULLY!] Trader Tracks Situational Alert Saturday, 12-24-11 -Christmas Eve at 740am PST - roger wiegand -Traderrog: "We have received a report of unusual banking activity. Banking screens on 138 different currencies are show 00.000.

Some rate fluctuations are beginning to appear. There have been no answers on this activity but banks have been notified to expect a large change in currency rates." (quote not attributed to protect the source).

In our view, what is happening is a massive devaluation in probably the Euro Currency relative to the values versus individual nations. The ECB loaned over $600 Billion (produced out of thin air with no collateral) last week to European Central Bank Member Nations.


DebTarHeelGirl] PaPaJack1952 do you have some good news I can send to my peeps this morning before church?

[PaPaJack1952] DebTarHeelGirl we have crossed the finish line it is on it's way we should see it any time now


Dec 25 12:20 PM [DebTarHeelGirl] 11:50 AM Debbra: Rj, they are calling on it to show up tonight around 9 pm with all things giong like they are.

Many good info coming in from over seas with the banks there. If we don't see it today, then we will when banks open on Tuesday Debbra: with all the information out there from overseas banks and Iraq as well as here with the revised tax forms for this year, I dont see why it wouldn't go through this year

12:00 NOON CAP1: And, the CBI can update at anytime.


Update from Dan    


760 569 7699 pin 308741


11 Minutes

The below posts were in our 11am email


I'd like to give a little gift to all of you now. My other job is as a singer/engineer/producer. It's become a tradition each year for me to arrange and perform an acapella Christmas song as a gift to everyone for the holiday season. This year I chose one of my favorites written by my friend Buddy Greene. It's just my simple way of being able to give all my friends and family a little bit of shared love here at Christmas time. Please feel free to share with everyone and spread a little holiday cheer. I wish peace and goodwill to all of you throughout the Christmas season and into 2012!

Mary Did You Know
Mary Did You Know


(Dinar Recaps Note: This is an EXCELLANT post that we think EVERYONE should print out now.)

DISCLAIMER: Like any other post on any Forum, this post is for informational purposes only. It is not legal, tax or investment advice. The only advice I can provide is that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek advice from Professionals to do with tax, legal, accounting and/or investment matters.


Dear Dinar Enthusiasts,

Most everyone has heard the horror stories to do with the "Spread Fees" Banks charge to exchange (buy or sell) currencies, especially with what is known as 'Exotic Currencies' such as the IQD.

So let's get right to it...

Dealing with a Banker
- How to Get "Spread Fees" Waved From Exchange of Exotic Currencies into Dollars

It's no secret that Banks charge fees for services rendered...
- Like any Business it is simply one of the ways Banks make money.

When it comes to foreign currencies, Bank Personnel will always tell you "We will not charge you a fee if you have an account with us" but that isn't exactly the entire truth, because Banks actually have two (2) levels of fees they charge for services rendered.

These 2 fees are:
1) - Fees charged to the Public who do not have an account.
2) - Fees charged to their Customers who do have an account.

Customers do not have to pay the fees that the Public pay, whereas the Public have to pay both the Public fees and Customer fees.


Footforward & BellaGrits did a late Christmas Eve 30 minute update call, not much new info, but a good call.


Playback Number: (209) 647-1699
Access Code: 668064


from Eagle Has Landed....

Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution has been IMPLEMENTED!

Article 140 consists of three phases. The first is called "normalization" whereby displaced Kurdish families would return to their homes and Arab families brought by the former Iraqi regime to largely Kurdish areas would have to leave. The second phase is to carry out a census; the third and final stage is to carry out a public referendum on whether residents in disputed territories want their areas to be governed by the central authorities or join the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region.


If not for Christmas, this would have been reported the other day, sorry for the delay.

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cap1 DID NOT make the bet that is posted, it was someone he was chatting with, I was on chat with them, I know this is an error.  Please correct it.


 DIAMOND Z - ]they have a problem with security thats starting to worry me
 gingerbread Z -  I heard what happened yesterday..did duck comment on that

 DIAMOND Z - kobler an unsc isnt talkin good bout them
 lrichards Z - b ut...there have always had trouble with security...
 DIAMOND Z - havent heard from duck
 DIAMOND Z - yes lonnie but its got no one to get control of it

 gingerbread Z -  I hope that this incident doesn't send us into another year..If it continues..I guess we are situated all around Iraq..we can always go back in

 DIAMOND Z - ginger that would cost a lot of trouble
 gingerbread Z -  I guess you might be right
 DIAMOND Z - the thing that i think about is unsc can add sanctions as well as remove them
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Med (16:41:30): HEY DS

Indian 1:


indian 1:
IS THAT good for us


indian 1: yes



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