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6pm December 27th, 2015

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Wealthwatch  Saturday Night  Chat 12-26-15   Part 2 of 2
chattels: "the parliamentary Committee in connection with a meeting common to the Ministries of Planning, Finance and Industry and the interior of the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to implement the collection of customs tariffs and increase fiscal revenue for the state. "
chattels: " the general budget in 2016 passed by the Parliament include forcing the government to apply customs tariff as one of the laws in force and applicable. "
chattels: "The main problem encountered in the collection of customs tariffs according to the law, relating to non-state control of all border crossings."

Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion
Wealthwatch  Saturday Night  Chat 12-26-15   Part 1 of 2
chattels: Satellite images of the area around Zakho show the presence of 12 thousand oil tanker on the border with Turkey
chattels: Russian General Staff published satellite images of the areas in the vicinity of the city of Zakho in the far north of the Kurdistan region of Iraq show the presence of nearly 12 thousand oil tanker in the border between Iraq and Turkey.
chattels: Russian General Staff did not say whether these carriers to Daash or she returns to the exports of the Kurdistan region to Turkey.
chattels: the exports of the Kurdistan region to Turkey.

Emailed to Recaps:

From Martha...I received this late last night and it is clear that we are probably on the door on the intel that came from someone in the HB market was called back to Hong Kong for Tuesday.

This info lines up with other info on om (Open Mic)  as well as lining up with many other intel providers scenarios.

How many times I have said good-bye only to have to hang in there again.

At this time, I can honestly say I firmly believe that the football game is over and China has won and US has lost but China has won for Humanity.

I think markets will open still in quiet mode. I will say that Iraq has been ready for so long it is sad that they were used as a pawn in a vicious chess game

We should be very thankful that Abadi knew how to play the US and went with the BRICS over a year ago.  Martha

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter
Early Sunday Morning:

Emailed to Recaps:

Martha: I just got some second hand info out of Hong Kong to watch Tuesday /Wednesday. I am trying to get more info but it's extremely quiet and I don't wish to upset anything.

I'm waiting for another call . It has to do with HB market and lines up with what we are seeing for Thus 29th/30th as we head into another 3 day weekend.....

Another thought... if on the 29th - money moves and 2 days later Iran sanctions are really done 12-31 and 1-1 Iraq starts tariffs and new rates.

This doesn't mean we wait till 1-1 to start.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Martha


NEWSTIME WITH BGG Saturday, 12/26/2015  Part 2 of 2
Pablo says(7:42 PM):   Based upon SteveI's comments on the Observer, I get the impression that some Iraq banks were either expecting the RV a couple of days ago, or else any time now. Is that what you are hearing?
BGG says to Pablo(7:42 PM):   I have heard that rumor - it is not impossible...
larrykn says(7:45 PM):   the new fiscal year sounds good to me
BGG says to Pablo(7:45 PM):   Dude...
trout1 says(7:45 PM):   very intresting
BGG says to Pablo(7:45 PM):   I'm really not trying to sound like a " Magic 8 ball"...
BGG says to Pablo(7:46 PM):   I'm just not sure how much I believe it... maybe 50/50...
BGG says to Pablo(7:46 PM):   maybe a little better...


NEWSTIME WITH BGG Saturday, 12/26/2015  Part 1 of 2
BGG says to jims(7:09 PM):  I love dropping everything with 6 minutes notice to answer 183 peoples questions. Can't wait.
jims says(7:09 PM):   Well, feel free to call me any time...
jims says(7:10 PM):   I am now very confident, with all the good news, that we are right there
BGG says to jims(7:10 PM):   Let's do an "impromptu" Q & A - shall we??
 Pablo says(7:11 PM):    MD can't be here?
Savannah says to Pablo(7:11 PM):   no... computer/internet issues again



Truckerbabe67:  20 questions to ask a financial adviser before hiring them ( really good one to print out & take with you)

20 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor

Don't let your prospective advisor ask all the questions. Be sure to bring some of your own.
Be sure to ask how much the advisor costs and how he or she will be compensated if selected.

By Lou Carlozo April 8, 2015

Remember the game "20 questions"? It's no game at all if you're hunting down the best financial advisor that your time, money and portfolio can buy. Yet the quest to find the right advisor is too often turned on its head, with potential clients considering themselves lucky to meet with an investment professional.  
Here, we list 20 questions the experts say you should ask before getting down to business with a new advisor. 



Truckerbabe67: I found this article & thought It would be very helpful for all of us who are about to come into allot of money really soon,  like a lot of us dinarians!  

 5 Things to Do If You Receive a Windfall (Or RV)

Getting rich can be easy compared with staying rich.

It isn't likely that you will become fabulously wealthy overnight, but it can happen.

You could learn of a rich uncle who left you a fortune in his will. The lottery gods may bless you. You might be really good at March Madness picks and win $1 billion promised by Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans for correctly guessing the winners of 67 basketball games.

So just for kicks, and for the few readers who find themselves in this position, what should you do if you suddenly, practically overnight, become fantastically rich beyond your wildest imagination?