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11am, December 29th, 2012  


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Maliki: political rivalries and insults disrupted the country
BAGHDAD / obelisk: expressed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday, his willingness to take responsibility towards the Iraqi people, while noting that the world is making fun of Iraq because of disputes between politicians on television and that disrupted everything in the country, explained that there are some politicians disbanding service projects to benefit electorally.  FULL ARTICLE AND LINK BELOW

TLAR: I see this as a veiled attempt to push blame for the problems on all the other parties. In the article, Maliki is saying:   "Al-Maliki added that "everything is disabled in this country against the backdrop of political rivalries," noting that "the projects and decisions, laws and budgets code because of insults and political rivalries." ,therefore shoving the blame off of him to the "bad" guys from the other blocks who are self serving and only care about themselves. 

He is trying to appeal to the demonstrators like he is the only one who cares about Iraq as a country.  He goes on to say:  "Maliki said that "today total aims responsibility to the Prime Minister and I take responsibility for and ready for everything," Maliki asked "Why do not ministers responsible ministries divided between all the components".


12-29-12 Atty1980: I am a newby, having IQD for only about 6 months. But I have read every post on DD for more than 3 months. I am hoping BlueDog or SWFloridaGuy can provide an answer to a question that is concerning me. It involves the deleting of the 3 zero's. Here is my concern.

First some background. Generally speaking, a million IQD costs approx $1,160. Assuming my understanding is correct, if they delete 3 zero's off the existing currency, a million IQD becomes 1,000 IQD. So here is what is bothering me.

What is keeping the GOI from issuing new currency that requires everyone to exchange their current currency for new currency, so our million IQD becomes 1,000 IQD, and then have an RV on that new 1,000 IQD at, for example, $3.22 (an amount that seems to be tossed out a lot by posters), thus resulting in the new 1,000 IQD being worth $3,220?

If that happened, then the IQD has increased about 2.7 times, an immediate benefit to the Iraq citizens, and the GOI has the burden of covering 1,000 IQD's at $3.22 rather than the burden of covering a million IQD's at the same $3.22.

I am sure there is a logical reason, but I sure don't know what it is, and would love for either of you guys to explain that to me.
12-29-12 SWFloridaGuy (Response to Atty about Lop): Hello Atty1980. Thanks for that great question. The short answer to your question is that this is a concern that we all have and I can't prove what the CBI is going to do one way or another and neither can anyone else.

The long version, which I apologize for being a long winded explanation but it's a good question that deserves a real answer and not me just shrugging it off. I will reiterate my theory for you.




GOP: unbelievable


GOP: they must have thought they could control M


rlcribbs: med with maliki being ousted how do u think things shape up in your opinon


rlcribbs: yea unpredictable


Stryker: "Reveal the intentions of raising the value of each Iraqi dinars to equal one dollar." Adding that everyone knows that the central bank succeeded actually raise the value of the dinar is thoughtful and intelligent since 2003 .....


*** until now that the price of the dollar equivalent of 240 dinars





[chrivers] You guys remember in at the VERY end of this ride, there will be A LOT of BS out there.... Do Not Believe the smoke!

[hopeful2&2] heres a thought, they don't want a lasting bill passed at this time, and washington may not be holding this up, it may be going to happen in the next few days and they just want a bill passed that will raise the taxes on rich folks before the first so that when the rv happens they will get more money from us. if you listened to what he said, if you can't pass a bill that all will agree on, then at least pass a bill that will not raise taxes on 250,000 and down. sounds like what is going on to me

[findmoney] Monday is gonna be hell on wheels. Markets will sell off like crazy

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] findmoney dont they sell after the year, so they dont have to pay taxes on profits,

 [redhead1] Drakefortruth - I am not hearing anyone discuss the VND - what is happening with it - is there any chance it will go alone?

 [findmoney] No If no deal and cap gain taxes go to 20% Jan 1 from 15% now its gonna be cows to the slaughter house

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 my opinion cant see that happening, if it did, dinar sales would rocket up,  including my own

 [ram1] findmoney how about for short term?

[findmoney] Its all a setup. These jackwagons are staging this


BWM: Good Evening Everyone.. another friday night of fun... well if sitting around the house on friday night is your idea of fun

BWM: made a fun call today.... called the Federal Reserve.... they're still open by the way at this time...

BWM: I actually got transferred to someone to discuss the new notes coming out...they have printed federal reserve notes... apparently I went over the guys "pay grade" in part of my discussion... he couldn't discuss when the new notes were printed or such...

 BWM: as long as you still see the Federal Reserve on the notes (new notes) I can't see them putting out UST notes... I have had a couple of discussions with bank ppl about UST vs. FRN and it is all over the place...bottom line is that no one can prove the UST notes exist to me... which makes it difficult to understand how they can just have them available at "some" banks and not others...

BWM: I could see a plan where the UST notes could come out and there be a period of time where you would exchange and such... but if the Fed continues to print money I can't possibly see where that could co-exist in that manner


PM [Blue Knight] tina So far so good my friend

PM [Blue Knight]    Yes sir and how are you my friend?


PM [Blue Knight]    Going through a nice pow wow with IRS at the moment ! Obama sent them out on my trail !    


PM [Blue Knight]    yes ! This is round 6 !    

PM [BamaSteve]    Any chance of getting an update around 11:00 eastern (before bed)?

PM [tina] BamaSteve    you are killing me



The Case Of The Mistaken  Identity -- The question of "bluedog" / BlueDog and the recent posts has  stirred some concern - 

After hours of  inquiry we have discovered that there are  two  users in the Dinar Community  with the same user name  -  both members at different forums -

We wish to clear this mistaken identity up with apologies and ask for your understanding  towards all as no confusison or harm was ever intended -

One "bluedog" is a member  of GET Forum -- Member since December 2010
 Last post (until today) was Dec 14 and before that July  06

The recent poster BlueDog is a member at Dinar Detectives Forum  - a member only  since December 26 2012 -

His name has been shown at this forum as Bluedog / BluDog /  BlueDog / Blue Dog - To distinguish between the two BlueDog is the "Trader" (currency trader) and pay attention to placement of capital D  -- Thank You

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Deputy calls for new legislation for banks

BAGHDAD - morning : warned member of the Finance Committee, MP Hassan al-Bayati, of the implementation of the proposal to reduce the state-owned banks by merging, adding that the banking sector needs to be new legislation to promote it.

Bayati said: The proposal made one economist merging banks with each government and reduce the dominance is not a solution to the advancement of the banking sector, but new legislation should support the private banking sector.

continued that the current law does not help to support and develop the government and private banks because it still working according to the old regimes "backward" which was followed by the former regime, noting that sophisticated international banks operating in accordance with the laws and legislation sober.

mentioned that the banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks, as well as Central Bank and distributed by property (7) government and banks (30) waged, including banks (7) Islamic banks, in addition to (6) of foreign banks.


Determining exchange rates 2012 budget end of the month

BAGHDAD - morning : said parliamentary Finance Committee, said that the ratios exchange investment budget of the provinces and ministries for the last two months of this year will end this month, indicating that it has received ratios of exchange up to 31 from last October.

says BSA that reports disbursement investment ministries and provinces issued by the periods of time over the year can not measure the extent of the exchange rate unless there is a year-end report summarizing exchange rates carefully.

said a member of the Secretary of the Committee Hadi's (IMN) "The Finance Committee received exchange rates investment budget for the year 2012 for the governorates and ministries to 31 from last October, and will be completed to determine the rates of exchange for the two months remaining of the year by the end of this month. "


Reintroduce the law of infrastructure after the adoption of the budget

BAGHDAD - morning : announced the parliamentary economic committee that it has agreed with its financial counterpart, the re-launch infrastructure law after approving the budget early next year.

A member of the Committee of Economic Salman al-Moussawi's (IMN) "The financial and economic committees have agreed to provide law the end of next January," he said, adding that he will be submitted after the approval of the general budget ".

"He will be the adoption of this law in order to implement strategic projects that will address some of the joints important services, including the development of border crossings and extending rail and address the lack of schools in the country.

Moussawi said that "there are political bargains on this law by some parties in order to pass in parliament.


Iraqi Deputy calls for the formation of a committee of wise men to surround the political crises
Friday 28 December 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : called the Iraqi List MP Abdul Dhiab government and parliament to form a committee of wise men from the national-minded to contain the political crisis in preparation for the termination.

He said in a press statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of today's "need to be involved in the Committee of Wise Men of all political blocs to work on the provision of policy advice to encircle political crises in preparation for the termination, and prevent a slide into money dire consequences."

He stated that "the political forces in Iraq to pay attention to the problems and concerns of the Iraqi people and not to inflame political conflicts that would raise the fire of sedition, and sit down at the negotiating table and work to build a state of institutions and citizens make the interests of the country above all other considerations."


Festival kicks off reconciliation and sovereignty in the presence of al-Maliki
Friday 28 December 2012

Festival began today (reconciliation and national sovereignty) in Baghdad.

A reporter and news agency public opinion (and babysit) that "the festival of reconciliation and national sovereignty was launched today in the presence Prime Wazzroua Nuri al-Maliki and a number of governmental and parliamentary figures. Q, Q

The below posts were in our 6pm email
[pianoman] .. it is, I have recieved information that is really reliable, and was told the "The Fat Lady is now dressed, and is ready for her grand finale." She has been rushed to start warming up. That's it.. Take it as a rumor....Thank you.. My contacts came from London and Madrid. Both are bankers, at what level I do not know. Only the HSBC is showing live rates and at one point was ready to push the release rates. These guys have never been this excited before.

[mac] pianoman RATE?

[pappyy] pianoman greatly appreciated your info, thank you for sharing

[lovely] sounds like it is all coming together

[misskitty05] I wonder how long the fat lady needs to warm up roflmao

[pianoman] mac I rather not. Maybe I should never have posted. This has been a roller coaster ride for so many folks, I would never post anything that I didn't feel had substance.

[2012jesus] it goes with what poppy3 and steve1 said about iraq the 27th

[nathansmom] Whether it RV s this weekend or not... this is the FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME we have had real hopium---

MarkZ] My WF contact just recieved an internal memo to not exchange any dinar yet even though they are showing a live rate on their screens that they must await the ok..... Get excited! I am hoping Okie will have great news for us soon!
Read More

(*) bluedog 11:20 pm cdt 12/27/2012

[bluedog] asia cell has given Iraq 30 days to get it done basiclly or out we go..............Iraq needs them folks............need a new rate WF Bank trained and newly trained ready first of Jan 2013

[cjswest] me ready too, i need a new wf bank account

[bluedog] to handle currency of Iraq and others many trained ISX ready to go with toilet paper currency Global

[cjswest] bluedog isx required new rate to start trading or just pretending ?

[bluedog] cjswest naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

[cjswest] bluedog had thought they were still going to open 2nd or 3rd of january with or without new rate

[bluedog] Iraqi banks electroniclly ready for lift off for sometime Talabani in good shape Maliki not in good shape Maliki just invested in TUMS yes served from the UN

National Prayer call Posted by DebTarheelgirl

Dinar Investors! Join us Friday Dec. 28, 10pm EST ... for the next Dinar Prayer Call

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 Code: 1016947#

Hebrews 6:10-11 New International Version (NIV) 10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. 11 We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors

SWFloridaGuy: We are hearing a lot of speculation regarding Iraq's accession to the WTO, after the release of several conflicting articles. This is a complex process and the WTO is currently negotiating their terms with Iraq. WTO membership is considered on an individual, case-specific basis.

There are private requirements and stipulations in addition to the basic, general guidelines we see in print. Iraq has to lay out all their economic and trade policies that relate to WTO agreements. When Iraq submits this memorandum a panel will consider the application.

When the principles and policies are in place, additional negotiations will commence between Iraq and other countries. Once the terms are finalized, they are submitted to the WTO's General Council. If two-thirds of the members vote in favor, than Iraq may accede to the WTO.

[MarkZ] HSBC London showing live rate in their currency division

[.ladybug65] MarkZ MarkZ MarkZ MarkZ WOW

[marmee] am I permitted to tell you about a call I recieved about an hr ago?

[buybyeby] MarkZ live rate = ?

[marmee] I NEVER have news like this to tell!!

[.ladybug65] MarkZ Thats wonderful news, right?

[marmee] I have a friend of 30+ years . He fills ATM machines

[MarkZ] .ladybug65 very good news. High 3's. Street rate only, we should do much better.

[.ladybug65] MarkZ When will we see this?

[marmee] He filled an ATM machine at a store near Myrtle Beach

[marmee] The store owner told him that HIS family in Iraq reported that it rv'd there yesterday

[vic406] Well that fits mid to high 3s plus 20%

[marmee] Anyone else hearing that? Just wondering
Read More

[BOBGETZ6] heartfelt Wonderin what the meeting with Obama, Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and Mitchell will turn out.

[heartfelt] BOBGETZ6 I'm not certain but sure hope they get an answer today. We've heard both over the cliff and a settlement. I am praying it will be satisfied to our favor.

[hardtorecall] BOBGETZ6 If it ever happens!

[BOBGETZ6] heartfelt I wonder what, if anything, the rv might play in that meeting. They know the value of it, so....

[BOBGETZ6] hardtorecall It will and I think the investment is very sound. I would not sell any of my dinar nor dong.

hardtorecall] BOBGETZ6 I sure hope you are right.

[BOBGETZ6] hardtorecall I am, sometimes, just don't ask my wife.

[xyz] collie M feels the heat ... URGENT :: Maliki responds to the demonstrators and agrees to transfer a file to prisons Anbar

[heartfelt] BOBGETZ6 hardtorecall There is no way they would be selling a legitimate legal currency through the UST/dealers and then say it's illegal. Not a scam.. only a matter of when it increases in value.
Read More

12-27-12 BlueDog: I surely stepped in a large hole when I invited emails. I trade 9 hours a day and am exhausted. I have received more than 150 emails today --- answered about 100 so far. Cannot handle any more --- please.

I am NOT a poster on any blog or site. That post yesterday was a reply to a thread question --- I had no idea it would make any main pages !

I WILL try tomorrow to write one more good, clear explanation of the U.S. financial condition as it relates to this very much needed global currency reset. PLEASE no more emails. I feel as if I was hit by a large truck.

12-28-12 Footforward: It's never been a matter of "if," it's a matter of "when." I know this is going to happen. I'm not 100% sure it will be before the end of the year. I never believed we would get into 2013. Is there potential that this can still go this year? Yes.

I believe that we are on the threshold. My guys are saying that they are still looking to push this through as fast as possible; this can go at any moment, quickly.

I still expect the rate to be really good. The rate needs to come in high; one dollar does not solve Iraq's problems.
(DebTarHeelGirl) We are all tired of this dinar endeavor - we have a right to be - its a roller coaster ride for sure with the broken words of NOW, TODAY, TOMORROW FOR SURE etc.

But I pray that each of you try to balance out your emotions with the intel given or heard or read, OR, for what ever trial you may be facing right now, with the FAITH in the Word of God and His promises that have been spoken over this wealth transfer -

it is written for us to use to keep our sanity and its really the ONLY word we can trust = KNOWING GOD will answer when HIS timing for us is perfected... trust till then - do NOT look at the circumstances - if you are and its effecting you negatively, back off for while and rest in Him, do something productive at home and for others this holiday weekend... I am - you may not hear from me at all unless there is something exciting to share or a great word of encouragement the Lord prompts me to send to you

redhead1] Flashing - how do you see our chances over the next few days to achieve RV - all of the gurus on Guru and Recaps are starting to backpeddle and the articles are taking on a negative tone to "if ever" - I know you always maintain a positive attitude but what is the realistic expectations.

[flashing] redhead1 they always have been wrong :

[redhead1] Flashing - then what are our chances over the next few days?
Read More

[xyz] freedom13 what's your take on ...

xyz] The conference of the Sovereignty and Reconciliation started in Baghdad on Friday. The reporter of All Iraq News Agency AIN stated "The conference of the National Sovereignty and Reconciliation started in Baghdad on Friday in presence of the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki and a number of parliamentary and governmental figures."

[freedom13] xyz today thru jan 2nd ,,for what i read ,,and are told and what do i know anymore ,,i do know banks are ready as of a week ago. that i do know. i have bank contacts in WF , so i know this is true

[xyz] freedom13 and i am ready lol

[heartfelt] freedom13 I agree with you.. the articles that xyz and others bring in are great to hear and good news for us. The info pat brought in last night was also good stuff but was making my head spin. The hammer under HLS, I bet he is!!!! lol

[freedom13] we are alllllllllll ready

[freedom13] the fiscal cliff is a joke

heartfelt] freedom13 yes it is. I heard Reid talking on it and others and what a bunch of drama they like to make it to be! Geeez

[willietrader] heartfelt so this was a untrue ? or the whole Reagan-Wanta ?IMF President Christine Lagarde has reached agreement with the U.S. branch of the IMF, U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Austrian banks on the bilateral tax agreement between the U.S. and European IMF wings that will lead to the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols that will put $1.5 TRILLION back in the U.S. Treasury.
Read More

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Khbayractsada describes the oil revenues to "wealth cursed" because it froze economic activity sectors in the country
12/28/2012 12:53:50 Friday

Baghdad (news) : Description economist peace Quraishi, oil resources to "wealth cursed" .

explained Quraishi (of the Agency news): "The wealth damned" is a term global fired by some organizations International oil revenues,  Klibia, Nigeria and Iraq relies heavily on oil to build their budgets financial, leaving other economic sectors.

and pointed out: that Iraq has elements of great economic could exploit in diversifying sources of national income added: that the government is required to diversify state revenues financial and non-dependence on oil in order to build Iraqi economy strong and unshakable any global crisis gets.
Agriculture invites foreign companies to invest

Babinaoz - agencies: The Ministry of Agriculture called foreign companies, on Thursday, to invest in Iraq to promote agricultural reality.

The ministry she invited foreign companies to invest in Iraq to promote agricultural reality in a time the country is experiencing a remarkable development in this new phase and a serious approach by foreign investors to search for investment opportunities and cooperation for the establishment of agricultural projects and manufacturing expanded promote the country. "

And Noting there that "Director General of the organization of agricultural investments Essam Jaafar al-Hassani met Professor (Pfevar) that works with its partners for investments German engineering was discussed with Prof. German who in turn expressed interest in investment projects major works to cover the local market and meet the needs of the consumer according to the terms and conditions of scientific ".

He added that the "General Manager of the Authority confirmed the readiness of the Commission to cooperate with the German side and any foreign investors in the provision of facilities to invest fundamentalism in Iraq in accordance with the instructions and legal controls to serve the citizens and the advancement of the country.
Parliamentary services: International reports that ranked Iraq as part of failed states were sincere
12/28/2012 11:18 AM

A member of the Parliamentary Service Commission, Mohammad Reza al-Khafaji, said international reports that ranked Iraq as part of the worst countries came matching what is happening today.

Khafaji said in a press statement that "international organizations many has ranked Iraq as the worst country in the world, and the report capitals or countries that can not live there, Iraq obtained ranked tenth, and there are reports of Iraq obtained the fourth place in the financial and administrative corruption."

"The government officials are lying all these reports and news, but I see that what appeared in those reports is actually assessing the situation in Iraq, and I see identical hundred percent of what is happening today in Iraq from rampant corruption of financial and administrative in all joints countries."
Read More
Sadrists: We will not participate in any demonstration flying the flags of the former regime or the Free Army
12/28/2012 11:00 am

Sadrists announced, Friday, that he would not participate in any demonstration flying the flags of the former regime or "Free Army."

The leader of the movement of quitting in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Sadrist movement with a peaceful demonstration to claim any legitimate right," noting that he "will not participate in any demonstration raises the flag of the former regime or the flag of the so-called free army".

The Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement, announced on Thursday (27 December 2012), its solidarity with the people of Anbar province demonstrations "against corruption and dictatorship", calling on them to thwart attempts to politicize their demands and stained with sectarianism.

But the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr expressed, on Thursday, expressed regret repeating slogans "provocative sectarian and non-national" in Anbar demonstrations.

The Council announced the tribal leaders of Anbar province, on Thursday (27 December 2012), he received a letter from the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr confirms where he stood with mobility maintenance and adherence to tribal unity and combat sectarianism
He influenced more than the general public .. Deputy for a coalition of law reveals that the postponement of the parliamentary sessions was due to heavy rains and not for another reason
12/28/2012 9:52 am

A member of a coalition of state law, MP Sadiq gum, there is no reason to postpone the meeting of the Council of Representatives for last Wednesday but heavy rains, indicating that the government has declared a public holiday for all institutions and the parliament also postponed its eighth of next month.

added frankincense in a press statement: statements Some lawmakers who have confirmed that the parliament has postponed its inter linked enter armed groups to some provinces to conduct terrorist operations as charges for certain parties, stressing that the adjournment of the meeting was due to bad weather. mentioned that the House of Representatives has announced the postponement of its regular scheduled on Wednesday to the eighth month of next January 2013.
Jihad: Baghdad and Erbil agreed to all the contentious issues on the military presence in disputed areas
Friday, December 28 2012 09:54

Baghdad: Euphrates News: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance and a member of the security and defense committee MP Hassan Jihad secretary that the meeting of the two delegations Kurdish military and government in Baghdad has been fruitful and resulted in agreement on all the issues of contention between the two sides.

Hassan said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} said Friday that "the most prominent outcomes of the meeting of the Kurdish delegation of military and military delegation in Baghdad represented a delegation from the Ministry of Defense and Interior is the withdrawal of troops next to the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil to what it was previously, as well as finding a new mechanism for the distribution of these forces in these areas and the joint forces while the application of Article 140 of the Constitution. "

He added, "It was also agreed to continue the revitalization of the Joint Coordination work {former} to fill gaps and problems that occurred in the previous period, with emphasis on full implementation of the plan fully and without any segmentation stages and paragraphs."
Read More
Iraq's acceptance of a permanent member of the Organization of the Extractive Industries Transparency International
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28 2012 14:37

Twilight News : oil ministry welcomed Iraq's acceptance of a permanent member of the Organization of the Extractive Industries Transparency International meets the conditions and requirements of permanent membership in the organization.

A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said in a statement reported for " Twilight News ", that Iraq's acceptance as a permanent member of the initiative was the result of transparency in publishing monthly reports regular on exports of oil and imports achieved them and is done through statements The Media and press releases by the Information Office of the Ministry of broadcast media on an ongoing basis. "

He added, "Furthermore, the ministry to disclose the total oil contracts signed with international companies that have been concluded within the licensing rounds petroleum four or other contracts," adding, "We can not forget the role of the media to receive information and dissemination honestly and impartially is a distinct role and Sand Transparency. "

He added that "to give Iraq a permanent membership would have a significant impact as the largest oil producing state between the member states of the Organization."

Parliamentary Finance: the position of Governor of the Central Bank managed proxy and the government has not provided so far as its candidate
Friday, December 28 2012 10:05

Baghdad: Euphrates News: parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the position of Governor of the Central Bank is still run by proxy and the government did not provide until now a candidate for the job.

A member of the Committee Faleh sari told {Euphrates News} said Friday that "the Central Bank of institutions very important and vital, which have a major impact on the reputation of the country's economic, and recent statistics indicated higher reserves Iraq of gold and this is a proof that the policy that was followed by the central bank cash was successful and led to be these precautions and increase these numbers tripled. "

He stressed that "We must be chosen according to conservative contexts and standards be accepted by international organizations and specialists in economic institutions in the country."
Read More

Mass citizen: retirement and students Siderjan grant within the budget of 2013

Mass citizen: retirement and students Siderjan grant within the budget of 2013  Friday 28 December 2012

Follow-up - and babysit : MP for mass citizen Hassoun Fatlawi students and grant legal retirement General Siderjan within the budget year 2013 during the budget discussion in parliament and there will be a financial transfers to the introduction of these laws into effect.

And Fatlawi said that "mass citizen seriously seeking to incorporate legal scholarship students and public pension within the last year's budget and to provide the necessary allocations for Edjalmha into force service for the public good."
Read More

Nujaifi warns of attitudes and broke a civil war
28/12/2012 08:32 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: Warned the governor of Nineveh province, Atheel Najafi, Friday, of a civil war in the country against the backdrop of the arrest of protection and Finance Minister Sabir al-Issawi, criticizing exclusivity and exclusion and marginalization faced by partners in the political process.

Najafi said that "early election campaign fever could lead the country to dire consequences."

Nujaifi pointed out that "the method of creating a crisis to get out of the existing problems is the method that will be followed in some quarters," noting that "most of these crises were very serious and may cause a civil war if erupted attitudes."
Read More

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