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Tlar: Article: "Rikabi: customs tariffs pending the introduction of electronic technology as a system to prevent corruption at border crossing points" To me these are positive articles. They say two things to me.

The first is that the articles say tariffs are postponed until 2013. They don't say when in 2013 but many previous articles saying essentially the same thing, have indicated that it would be in early 2013.

The second thing that is important is we know and the government has implied, they can't introduce the tariffs until they raise the value of the currency. It is too inflationary.

If we assume that earlier articles stating the early part of 2013 are real and still on target, then it follows that the new currency value would have to be in place before then.

I've always said that the tariff and tax laws, one of the three tools Shabibi told the IMF in 2008 he could use to control inflation and support the exchange rate, is the most important indicator of how close we are to an RV.


Deborah L: A good friend of mine told me a few months ago that she saw with her own eyes and heard with her own ears a UN broadcast about 2 years ago. They said that one of the requirements for being removed from Ch 7 is indeed to have an internationally tradable currency. I have no reason not to believe her.

I would guess that they're planning on being compliant in all Ch 7 related issues before they meet about it on the 15th

  Mountainman: Iraq is one step closer to being released from Chap 7 with the new strategic partnership agreement they are signing during this next term. The statement said that this will pave the way for Chap 7 removal and enhance Iraq/Kuwait relations. The UNSC is running out of excuses to keep Iraq under sanctions and the international support for this cause is growing


Highlander: Iraq is the fastest growing economy right now because of oil alone not because of the private sector. They are talking about the restrictions on the movement of money , the laws that govern outside investment, etc that are still in place right now are making it unattractive to invest in Iraq.

You have to have 100,000.00 US Dollars just to start a business in Iraq as a non Iraqi. This is given to the Iraqi government and you can't have it back until you close the business and clear all taxes etc owed to the government and you are not paid interest on it either.

This is why getting out of chapter 7 with the UN and moving from article 14 to article 8 compliance with the IMF is huge for Iraq as it affects not only outside investors but it also affects Iraqi citizens trying to do business with the international community.

As to why it is so hard to get out of chapter 7 that is a conversation that could take days. First you have to have all legislation and agreements in place and have shown good faith to complete them. As we have watched for years now, getting legislation in place is something Iraq struggles with. Second the Security council has 5 permanent seats and the rest of them rotate monthly.

So you get different opinions on the council on a monthly basis as to what a country does or does not need to accomplish to complete the goal of getting released from Chapter 7.

Iraq is closer than they have ever been but they still have some very significant pieces of legislation to pass on demarcation of the borders and they need to get the farmers moved and compensated for starters.

And then the politics of getting out of Chapter 7 begins which is where the constant public bickering between the political parties comes into play and will also have the affect of keeping them in chapter 7 even though that is not a specific issue in the sanctions.

The head butting between Kurdistan and Baghdad and the clashes over territory do not sit well with the UN and will keep Iraq in chapter 7 imo.


    med (09:41:30):    stop    please    read the first line    this needs to be investigated    or i need differen t translations    first anyone here    this is important    what does the first line    of that post of busmans say
    someone post it    not the title    but the actual first line    remember every word in arabic

    busman: which one med, just got back?

    med:    has a responsibility    the one on th rv    this morning


    med:    yes    what is the first line    first word

    busman: that one?

    med: yes

    spankyi: excluded for economic and investment commission parliamentary, sunday, that the new year would witness the birth of the new iraqi currency deleted three zeros, noting that the central bank of iraq was aspires to equal the value of one dinar per dollar.


Regarding avoiding taxation, I have seen these arguments and similar arguments for a long time now. No matter how much I keep telling people about how it really works, they just keep popping up when people have forgotten me. :)

The original post said:

Quote When you are going to exchange our money go to a bank that has a international foreign exchange currency department and you trade for one of three things: Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, or Canadian dollar.

If you designate it in those denominations it is not a taxable event. That is an honest currency exchange (a 1031 exchange).

Treasury Regulations, Subchapter A, Sec. 1.988-2 (a)(1)(ii) states as follows:

"Clarification of section 1031. An amount of one nonfunctional currency is not "property of like kind" with respect to an amount of a different nonfunctional currency."


Hello fellow investors, It's been a while since I've posted anything here simply because I have not been in touch with any of the two contacts I have in Iraq. If I don't have anything to share, then I wouldn't post unless I come across an article for everyone to check out.

Well the latest info I've received is that people in Iraq are still waiting for the RV just like we are. They are happy that they are nearly out of Chapter 7 but I was told by them that being released from Chapter 7 does not need to happen before the RV.

They do not expect the rate to be less than $1 dollar which I have gave my own opinion many times before that I'd expect a rate between $1.13 and $2.47. There are some people out there who are saying that the RV is done but has not been announced yet. This is NOT true.


On behalf of the entire Dinarian Community, I would ask "GURUS" to refrain from posting things that you just have no credible evidence about!  I have told all of my friends for some time that anyone that REALLY knows even close to where we are would not be giving this type of information on the sites.  It would be careless and endanger the outcome.

When you see the sites that have changed in the past year from people who really had contacts and could balance their information among absolute truths to a satisfactory degree to what we have now, a bunch of people who post just to have something to post or ones (even worse) that are doing it for personal gain such as donations through PayPal (what a disgrace).

Whether you are right or wrong, why post it?  If it is confidential material, why post it? If you care about anything disrupting this blessing, why post it?

Turn your computers off and go outside and look at the season turning from Fall to Winter.  Did the leaves fall without you noticing?  Did the crispness of the cold air miss you because you were glued to a site about the dinar?


Greetings and Salutations;

I must apologize for the interview that folks heard on the net, I have turned down many interviews in the past, this time I did not know I was being recorded so, I was little 'blue' for some listeners. Much info I have been sitting on for years and have kept to myself. When you Know the game and the players, you know the lies being perpetrated thru the media.

When the info is given to the public, I won't be one of the people shocked by what is told, I'll be relieved. And my head won't be exploding anymore with 'contained' intel and info. Just because you know something doesn't mean you need to speak it out to the uninitiated that have no background in understanding.

I know the world you are entering but to explain it in detail, I would fail miserably because it is of something that is far from people's experience. What they've been taught since youth.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
News reports : raise the census of the budget allocations
December 3 2012

Union: Minister of Planning Ali Shukri said his ministry has completed all the technical arrangements for conducting the general census of population, but we were surprised to lift the annual financial allocation for the next year.

We do not demand additional funds, because the previous amount has not been spent, and sent many of the official books to Parliament and the Council of Ministers, and the lack of financial allocation means not the census, while A member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP for the coalition of state law Abdulhussain Yasiri that Article 11 of the Budget pointed to the existence of a population census in the year 2013, and that means and unconvincing allocating money to the census. Has been postponed a census in Iraq several years ago due to political disagreements related to the disputed areas.


Shaways: Iraq's oil exports last month amounted to 81.3 million barrels
Monday, 03 January 2012 12:05

Twilight News : Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, Rose Nuri Shaways, Monday, expressed optimism about the agreement between the federal governments and the Kurdistan Regional Government in the field of oil and gas, indicating the arrival of Iraq's oil exports to 81.3 million barrels.

Said Shaways, in his speech to the Conference II oil and gas in the Kurdistan Region, which opened this morning in Irbil, and attended by " Twilight News ", that" the federal government is serious about removing all obstacles that hinder the age of oil and gas law, "noting that" the recent agreement between the two governments to circumvent the difficulties resolving differences that opens the way for the oil and gas law agreement between the center and the provincial and local governments. "

He Shaways, that the conference held in Arbil, "is to complete and continue previous efforts through economic conferences and numerous investment held in Baghdad and Erbil, London", "We in the federal government and the provincial government are waiting to these conferences as provide us with new opportunities for economic cooperation and investment, especially in the oil and gas field and other fields of economic and service to restore the construction and development process. "


Kurdistan declares quest export 250 thousand barrels of oil per day provides $ 8 billion for Iraq
Monday, 03 December 2012 11:44

Twilight News : announced the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barzani Naچervan, Monday, said his government was working to achieve the export capacity of crude oil of 250 million barrels per day, adding that this will provide more than eight billion dollars for the Iraqi budget.

Barzani said during the opening of the second conference of oil and gas, which is organized by "CWC" oil cooperation with the provincial government, in Arbil, attended by " Twilight News ", that" Kurdistan is seeking to raise its export of crude oil to the level of 250 thousand barrels per day in the near future. "


Sihail, UNDP sign understanding agreement for mutual cooperation
December 3 2012

Baghdad (AIN) : The first Deputy Speaker, Qusay al-Sihail, signed with the United Nations development Programme (UNDP) an understanding agreement for the mutual cooperation.

A statement by Sihail's office received by AIN on Monday cited "Sihail signed the understanding agreement with UNDP to develop the mutual relations in the future in all the fields."

"Sihail stressed the importance of signing such agreement, appreciating the exerted efforts to support the democratic state in Iraq," the statement added.

"Sihail described the efforts of the UN in all the other fields such as the water and environment fields as good," the statement concluded.

Click for Link


Iraqi senior officer subject to investigations over disappearing huge moneys
December 3 2012

Baghdad (AIN) : Informed source from the Parliamentary Security & Defense Committee reported that the Ministry of Interior is interrogating now with a senior officer on background of disappearing huge amount of money during raiding a house in Baghdad.

The source told All Iraq News Agency "The Interior Ministry launched investigations over an officer affiliated with the Ministry of interior on background of losing more than $ one million after raiding a house related to a terrorist in Baghdad al-Jadeda neighborhood of eastern Baghdad."

Click for Link

The below posts were in our 6pm email


(Thank you GK for emailing this to us.)

Is the Federal Reserve Act going to expire?
No. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913--which established the Federal Reserve as the central bank of the United States--has been amended or altered by the Congress numerous times over the years, but the act has never included an "expiration date" or repeal date. As stated in the law itself, the Federal Reserve Act can only be repealed, amended, or altered by the Congress.

Who owns the Federal Reserve?
The Federal Reserve System fulfills its public mission as an independent entity within government.  It is not "owned" by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution.

As the nation's central bank, the Federal Reserve derives its authority from the Congress of the United States. It is considered an independent central bank because its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by the Congress, and the terms of the members of the Board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.

However, the Federal Reserve is subject to oversight by the Congress, which often reviews the Federal Reserve's activities and can alter its responsibilities by statute. Therefore, the Federal Reserve can be more accurately described as "independent within the government" rather than "independent of government."

Read More


[nolaspice.] We all have moments in life when we want to quit. It is normally in that moment when miracles happen. Could it be we are in that moment? Preparing for a miracle! Who is with me? Happy Sunday! Attitude of Gratitude!

IQD-Jim:  From what i heard on a conference call from the other day, Iraq has NO control of when the RV occurs. Control for the RV will be determined by the BIS "Bank for International Settlements".
President Obama is going on vacation starting on December 17th and stated that everything will be wrapped up before Christmas.

China is also rumored to have "Called In" the US Debt which is owed to them. They want their money and the 5.5 Trillion Iraq Dinar that is held by the US Treasury is going to pay for it.
The Iraqis could eat each other for dinner and that will have NO effect on the RV whatsoever. Iraq is not the issue anymore.

The Trigger will be pulled by the BIS and its coming soon.

[RFrost] well just for fun I looked at netdania and everything is updating but the vnd and IQD they are still stuck on the rates for 11-30.
Read More


The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call Sunday December 02, 2012 @ 8:00 PM (EST)

We Search for IT and We Bring IT so Our callers GET IT!

Main number (760) 569-7676 pin # 378652

Back up number (559) 546-1400 follow prompts

Thanks to the staff of Dinar Recaps for all their support!



Justaguy, Thank you for all your creativity and for making us all smile today~The Dinar Recaps Team!

[justaguy] The 12 Days of RV: 12 dealers selling, 11 mods a greeting, 10 members snarking, 9 gurus guessing, 8 are we there yets, 7 pages crashing, 6 anytime now, 5 Golden Dreams, 4 calling rv's, 3 wild rumors, 2 absolute lies, And an RV that still hasn't come

[justaguy] Twas the night before r.v., when all through the room. Not a member was stirring, it was still as a tomb. Our Dinars were packaged all with great care. In hopes that LaGarde would soon clear the air.

When out on the net there arose such a clatter. Our search engines looked to see what was the matter. I went to my Windows I typed like a flash. Tore open my websites to look for my cash.

 It sprang from the sites, the news was a wonder. Doublecheck all the info in case of a blunder. But I heard them exclaim and the news was so rife. "Happy R.V. to all, and to all a good life."


Good morning everyone - Its going to be an exciting day - I know we are all frustrated over the wait of our blessing, I am too. Don't be upset or worried. Negative emotions will only drain your strength and creative power to solve problems. Instead of fixating on the problem and racking your nerves, pray about everything. Let God know your concerns, recall and thank Him for the things He has already done. 

Allow the peace of God to invade your thought processes. Sense God's wholeness, knowing everything will come together for good. I've got a feeling that our "vision" is not going to "tarry" much longer at all... 

Never allow yourself to be ruled by "time", My beloved ones, for the vision [dream - revelation] will surely come to pass in the fullness that I intended it to. Rejoice! For all that is being "established" by My Spirit in the hearts of My people in this hour is with a view to the "fullness" of My highest purposes being fulfilled - both in this dispensation, and on into Eternity.  This is a GOD ordain wealth transfer - its massive, globally and when HIS time is right GOD WILL SHOW UP. You can take that to the bank.  We all have trusted this will come and again all the news is solidly great and expected to hear good news ANY TIME.  Stay alert!

 "Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith".... Habakkuk 2:2-4 NASB


  TrinityeXchange: Like it or not the corporations are deemed "citizens" of the State. these citizens push their right and their government to present new investment opportunities as the "pursuit of happiness". Iraq and the strategic framework agreement is a product of government opportunities.

One of the us government's main focus as highlighted in the agreement is that Iraq would give special favor to the American investor. This IS government "taking care of home" because it is taking care of the interest of its citizens to prosper.

One might begin to expand their idea of what "The United States" is. moving away from an ideal taught us through much rhetoric and propaganda, toward the realities of what is documented in its (The United States) very own codes. please do not find offense to my statement my friends. I am simply stating that what we were taught in schools concerning government is not reality.

"The United States" is a corporation (a trust) and will serve the interest of its beneficiaries of the trust. The best thing we can do is accept these truths and relearn how to take better advantage of the situation
Read More

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Military: al-Araji, to pay $ 5 million to cover up the scandal Central Bank

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity: MP for the rule of law Sami al-Askari said Bahaa al-Araji, payment of five million dollars bribe to cover up the scandal of the Central Bank.

The military said in a televised interview that al-Araji accused integrity and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr that investigates all MPs and ministers Sadrist movement because there are suspicions of corruption hovering around them.

The Prime Minister had said in a news conference that the highest voice in the integrity drive (5) million to disable the committee charged in the case Shabibi.

For his part, Bahaa al-Araji told the "integrity of electronic" he would respond today to the charges against him by the military.


Nujaifi discusses the with the delegation of the the UN Development program (UNDP) a human rights file and of the Memorandum of Understanding the Joint
02/12/2012 17:46:21 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Discuss House Speaker Osama Abdulaziz Najafi, with the mission of the UN Development Program in Iraq, headed by Helen Clark, in his office official said Sunday, a human rights and a memorandum of understanding common.

statement said the Office of Najafi received the Agency (news) today Sunday: that the two sides discussed the UN role in the democratic transition in Iraq was and the importance of the signing of a memorandum of understanding common for the development of parliamentary work and focus the work of the Office of the Independent Human Rights in Iraq, women's participation in public life.


Massoud Barzani Looking with the American Ambassador a recent tensions between the government the Federal and the Kurdistan Region
02/12/2012 17:52:19 Sunday

Erbil (news) : Search Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, in the resort of Salahuddin in Arbil, with Stephen Beecroft U.S. ambassador to Iraq and his accompanying delegation, relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region and the recent tensions between the two sides.

said in a statement presidency of the province received ( Agency news) copy of it on Sunday: that the two sides discussed a number of files Iraqi, the most important relationships between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region, and the recent tensions that occurred after bringing troops by the federal government toward areas withheld.

statement noted: that the American ambassador expressed his concern his country of tensions that have occurred in areas "withheld", stressing that change the current reality in the territories "withheld" must be coordination between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region and not by one party.


Iraq's 'al-Qaeda chief' arrested: Officials say counter-terrorism forces have arrested Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, head of the Islamic State of Iraq
02 Dec 2012 15:35

An Iraqi counter-terrorism official tells Al Jazeera that security forces have arrested the top al-Qaeda leader in Iraq and seized a list of names and locations of other operatives.

"We've spoken to an official in the counter-terrorism unit that actually arrested this man, and they maintain that he is the top al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, but they're not releasing his name because they say they're still interrogating him" said Al Jazeera's Jane Arraf, reporting from Baghdad.

"But what they do say is that he was arrested in Baghdad after a two-month long investigation tracking him, and that in addition to arresting him, they also seized the names and locations of other al-Qaeda operatives," said our correspondent.


Dealing in the currency auction proceeding according to the previous format
Sunday 02-12-2012 19:27

A dollar crisis in the face of the Iraqi dinar

BAGHDAD - Alaa Fadel : At the time ruled by parliamentary Finance Committee depreciation Iraqi dinar in the presence of the growing demand for dollar buying from auction of the Central Bank said economic expert said the growing demand for the dollar will lead to instability of the market and therefore will be affected by the Iraqi dinar this aspect.

Expert said Saleh Jameel's (Citizen): "The Iraqi dinar will be influenced by the growing demand for the dollar because of the instability of the market." "The sacking Shabibi although their effects on central bank policy, but the deal in the daily auction of currency going according to pattern the past." explaining "that the measures that have been taken in this regard after the sacking Shabibi was minor. "He continued,"


Maliki announced after meeting with the political blocs to find a solution on the crisis with Arbil
Sunday, 02 December 2012 10:23

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Sunday, that all the groups had agreed on the need to resolve the problems between Baghdad and Arbil, and the formation of joint checkpoints of the army and the Peshmerga and the training and equipping of a number of sons disputed areas.

The Information Office of the owners in a statement issued after a meeting of Prime Minister heads the parliamentary blocs, got "obelisk", a copy of which The latter "called on all political blocs, including the Kurdish groups to attend this meeting and discussed and exchanged views on the latest developments disagreements with the Kurdistan region Iraq on the security management of disputed areas administratively. "

He stressed that "the views of the conferees agreed on the need to resolve the problems the formation of joint checkpoints of the army and the peshmerga return to understandings 2009 - 2010 or train and equip a sufficient number of the people of these regions to undertake this task."


Najafi rule out war between Baghdad and Erbil and parliament investigations indicate corruption of the Central Bank
Sunday, 02 December 2012 14:35

BAGHDAD / obelisk: ruled Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, Sunday, the outbreak of a military confrontation between Baghdad and Erbil, due to the position of rejection of the political forces of internal wars, stressing, on the other hand, the investigation revealed suspicions of corruption in the Central Bank of Iraq.

Nujaifi said at a press conference attended by "obelisk", that "the possibility of military confrontation is between Baghdad and Erbil, but the political forces will not accept the occurrence internal wars in Iraq," adding that "there is a danger between Baghdad and Kurdistan A third party is trying to worsen the political situation", without be called that third party.

Najafi said that the "lack of confidence between Baghdad and Erbil was behind failure to withdraw their forces from the disputed areas," adding that "the federal government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq eternally real desire."


Economic parliamentary: the new year will witness the birth of the new Iraqi currency
SUNDAY, 02 DECEMBER 2012 09:45

Twilight News : excluded for economic and investment commission parliamentary, Sunday, that the new year would witness the birth of the new Iraqi currency deleted three zeros, noting that the Central Bank of Iraq was aspires to equal the value of one dinar per dollar.

He said the Commission's decision Mahma Khalil in an interview with "Twilight News" that "the new year will witness the restructuring Iraqi currency deleting three zeros, and therefore would not be witnessing the birth of new Iraqi currency because of the government's refusal to this project," noting that "the government believes that this work is not of its priorities. "

Khalil added that "the economic and investment commission strongly supported this project with the Governor of the Central Bank because the purpose of it purely economic and is to maintain the Iraqi currency from counterfeiting, damage and fraud."

Khalil pointed out that "there was countries with successful experiences in this area and the re-structure of its currency and deleted some zeros, and we seek to follow suit."

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