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6pm, December 3rd, 2012  


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[BondLady] good morning all
[BondLady] 1st we will start with some law info
[BondLady] found by timmy and her and shredd will begin there chat per those
[BondLady] ty both
[tlm724] ty BondLady ty 
[BondLady] yqw

  [tlm724] there has been several arts recently telling us what parl has been working on
[tlm724] and there was a bill being read that caught my attention
[tlm724] "We will also see the session the second reading of a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the establishment of the International Islamic Trade Finance"

[tlm724] here is a link to the ITFC
[tlm724] that of course made me look into this
[tlm724] we would like to share some of the information that was discovered about this organization
[tlm724] shredd will give you indepth opinion but i will start by saying


[nolaspice] Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?

[nolaspice] We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars!

[JudahTribe8] ANGELQUEST you still here?

 [ANGELQUEST] JudahTribe8 yes for a moment how are you

 [JudahTribe8] saw only a little of what you were saying when i came in ANGELQUEST but missed a bit. you were saying something about when this might happen. Did i see before Christmas from you?

 [ANGELQUEST] JudahTribe8 yes you did and straight from me.............. lol

 [JudahTribe8] ANGELQUEST that sure sounds good to me my friend!

 [JudahTribe8] angelquest it's time

 [ANGELQUEST] JudahTribe8 way overdue but it is the world not the dinar and we dinarians........ lol


[nolaspice] . i just need to say - lets all agree to love and respect one another and we will be all happy. Its as simple and as difficult as that!!

[BigB] . You know, I used to think a lot of the "stuff" going on in the world was made up - I have learned that much turns out to be fact!

[Waiting] BigB I know - have learned so much

[BigB] Waiting Mitzi We have to read all with an open mind but not believe everything until proof is seen.

[captaincaveman] Are we rich yet??

[Waiting] captaincaveman Hope so!!!

[BigB] captaincaveman You know the difference between being poor and broke? Poor is a state of mind. Broke is a temporary condition!

[sananddan24] Does anyone know when the banks align this morning?

believer55] 1 or 2 pm


[dsatmhk7] ANGELQUEST - what should we be looking at?


[MarineMom]  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you

 [pappyy] ANGELQUEST gm

[dsatmhk7] ANGELQUEST - are we still just as excited about our timing?? :)

[ANGELQUEST] yes all is still good.................

buddydog] angelquest When will it be great??? Lol

[ANGELQUEST] buddydog well depends on when they want to do it.... rmofl

[buddydog] ANGELQUEST I hate that we don't get to have OUR timing... kinda like life itself I guess...

 [ANGELQUEST] personally i would watch and see what happens in china, greece and the good ole usa

[ANGELQUEST] buddydog yes i understand but...........we are many for the OUR.......... lol

[dsatmhk7] ANGELQUEST - will be watching............

[ANGELQUEST] today is a good day...............but remember Mondays are catch up days for the stocks and banks so stay grounded


CoolClownFish] please forward the following temp link . peeps can log on through there if you can't get on MIG the usual way:

[BOBGETZ6] Folks, I have heard it is done and until I get a phone call with the 800 number for the WF exchange, IT IS NOT DONE. Could we see to today, maybe by this afternoon, yes. Has Obama not been told to quit stopping it before, yes. Has he ever listened to a Supreme Court subpoena or a Federal judge's direction, not to my knowledge.

[BOBGETZ6] So, based on what I know, I relax and wait. I have invested in many things over the years, and excitement has a tendancy to lead to letdowns.

[pepper] BOBGETZ6 yeah we must be close because even bondlady who never gets excited is excited

[pepper] she is not saying its done but she feels good about where we are at

[BOBGETZ6] I have three sources who will call me within minutes of the rv. Until then, it hasn;'t happened.

[BOBGETZ6] pepper Well if she is excited, at least there must be a glimmer of hope. What did Bondlady say exactly?

[sisterbreen] BOBGETZ6 its soooo good

[sisterbreen] BOBGETZ6 am sure it will get to recaps


[nolaspice] welcome each new day because it is a chance to do more and be more. By actively searching for ways to improve my life, I take responsibility for my choices and actions. There are times when I am disappointed with how I handle a situation. I am not angry with myself when this happens because I know I can grow from my flaws. This is why I incorporate thoughtful self-reflection into my life.

When I identify how I could have done better, I allow myself the opportunity to be better the next time I encounter similar circumstances. Every day, I strive to improve myself and become a better person. Though each day may begin with a sunrise and end with a sunset, all that happens in between is unique. I love the possibility that each new day holds. Becoming the person I desire is always within my reach.

highhopes] Terryk may have been off on his prediction last night from what his sources told him, but all other intel-providers, and news is still pointing to RV happening at any moment. So I'm still hopeful and positive today!!

[highhopes] So many positive economic indicators from Cruiser and flashing, the Okie,Dewey, Blaino Call with the changes on Forex, the banks are all ready for us, China and other countries applying presssure to US,Its all lining up to "Payday" for patient Dinarians-IMO!!!

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Government instruct TBI open a letter of credit in the amount of $ 500 million to Kuwait
8:39 am, December 3, 2012

BAGHDAD (Iba) : the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations contained in the minutes of the meeting of the negotiations that took place between the delegations of the Republic of Iraq and Kuwait on Kuwait Airways lawsuit against Iraqi Airways.

According to a statement issued by the Council received the independent press (Iba) ... today that "the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations contained in the minutes of the meeting of the negotiations between the delegations of the Republic of Iraq and Kuwait on a lawsuit Kuwait Airways toward Iraqi Airways and to instruct the Trade Bank of Iraq to open adoption documentary credit in the amount of five hundred million dollars this year and guaranteed by the Ministry of Finance and conditions agreed between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides. "

The statement added that "the Council and approved by the Ministry of Finance to add the amount of 2945 billion dinars for publication treasury transfers granted by the bank Rafidain and Rasheed for projects and the Ministry of Electricity paid in 2010 for contract companies GE and Siemens for the purpose of enabling the Ministry of Electricity to benefit from the allocations in 2012 for new projects and ongoing and add the amount of 1500 dinars to repay a loan Trade Bank of Iraq granted to it in 2010 to pay the shortfall in the ration card items during the year, and for the purpose enable them to benefit from the allocations in 2012 to import the new allocation of $ 500 million for electricity projects for the advance granted to them in 2012 under Council resolution Ministers No. 253 for the year 2012 and the establishment of the Ministry of Planning by the ministry or organization is not related to the Ministry, which spent 100% of the allocations earmarked projects within budget, and the amounts that have been reduced by 20% when the budget preparation to enable the Ministry of Finance added.


Zebari and the UN Development Organization discuss plans for achieving sustainable development in Iraq
Monday, 03 December 2012 14:41

Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari with Director UNDP Helen Clark programs and plans of the organization in Iraq to achieve sustainable development and administrative reform of the public sector and the management of water resources and the fight against poverty and the empowerment of women and youth.

A statement from the Ministry of the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "Zebari met at the headquarters of the Ministry Director UNDP During the meeting, attended by Undersecretary of Multilateral Relations and Chairman of the Department organizations discuss the level of achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Iraq, and the program's role in helping ministries concerned. "
Click for Link


Qusay al-Abadi: budget did not include foreign exchange required

BAGHDAD / JD : revealed Economic Committee that the budget 2013 presented to Parliament did not include balancing cash pleural required for expenses fiscal year.


Zebari looking with Kubler relations with Kuwait and ways to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
03/12/2012 17:15:36 Monday

Baghdad (news) : Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Monday, in the office of the ministry, with Martin Kobler head of the UN mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Iraqi relations - Kuwait and ways to overcome obstacles to get Iraq out of Chapter VII.

said a Foreign Ministry statement received (Agency news) copy of it on Monday: that the two sides discussed relations, Iraq - Kuwait and ways to overcome obstacles to get Iraq out of Chapter VII, and in the light of his recent report to the Security Council on the functions and mandate of the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).

Mekdad Sharifi: Council of Ministers approved the installation of staff contracts, the Electoral Commission
03/12/2012 14:59:23 Monday

Baghdad (news) : Prime electoral administration Mekdad Sharifi for approval, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to install staff Electoral Commission for elections and who meet the Commission Act No. 11 of 2007 as amended.

statement said the UNHCR received Agency (news) copy of it on Monday : The approval included installing the national office staff and UNHCR offices in the provinces and the staff of the registration centers, adding that the installation will be issued orders before the end of this year.


Massoud Barzani says my concerns Iraqi before being Kurdish, we will not accept but to
December 3, 2012

ERBIL-Hewl�r, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',: The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani confirmed on Sunday that the Iraqi issues are his main concern before the Kurdish issues, noting that Iraq's capital Baghdad belongs to all and is not restricted to one person.

The President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani said in an interview with Zaman newspaper, that "my concerns are primarily Iraqi before being Kurdish and I was keen that a decent living services would reach the Iraqis in the far south of Iraq just like I want to Kurdistan Region."

He noted that "Baghdad belongs to all and is not restricted to one person and no one can exclude the Kurds from Iraq."

"The Kurds are essential partners in Iraq and that the constitution will remain the judge in their eyes and the President of the government must commit in it and not overcome it, pointing out that the region is keen on the unity of Iraq and will not be a reason in dividing it."


Maliki agrees to appoint Mohammed al-Rubaie as Baghdad's governor
Monday, 03 December 2012 10:10

Shafaq News : Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki approved on Monday to give the post of Baghdad's governor to Baghdad Provincial Council member , Mohammed al-Rubaie officially.

Mohammed al-Rubaie said in an interview with "Shafaq News" that "the Prime Minister has agreed to give me the task of Baghdad's governor officially."


Baghdad Central Bank Governor: No stressful factors to raise the price of the dollar
03/12/2012 03:20

Central bank denied the existence of factors help to increase demand for the dollar in the Iraqi market and thus raise prices locally. The governor of the Bank and Agency Abdul Basit Turki said that "the central bank provides any amount required within the markets, and that, of course, aimed at a ceiling price reached a specific and added that the bank controls the movement of the currency and prevent smuggling. And pointed out that" the dollar is officially 1166 and the bank sells commission added is 13 dinars for banks, which in turn provided by controls at 1189 Iraqi dinars. "


25% of the surplus oil imports for the social care network

BAGHDAD - menopausal Hossam Acommok : The government unveiled the existence and financial abundance for the distribution ratio of 25 percent of the surplus oil imports between citizens, demanding the House of Representatives seeking to re-inclusion of this provision in the budget for the coming year 2013, comes at a time likely to economic and investment commission that limited distribution covered by a network of social welfare of others as slide most needed.

He said Planning Minister Ali Yousef Shukri in a statement obtained (New Morning), a copy of which said that �there is an abundance of financial distribution ratio of 25 percent of the surplus oil imports between citizens and according to the law of the state budget for the year 2012�, indicating that �the text inserted in this side in the current year budget is a law implemented must therefore be applied as the rest of the laws that have been legislation.

The below posts were in our 10am email


Tlar: Article: "Rikabi: customs tariffs pending the introduction of electronic technology as a system to prevent corruption at border crossing points" To me these are positive articles. They say two things to me.

The first is that the articles say tariffs are postponed until 2013. They don't say when in 2013 but many previous articles saying essentially the same thing, have indicated that it would be in early 2013.

The second thing that is important is we know and the government has implied, they can't introduce the tariffs until they raise the value of the currency. It is too inflationary.

If we assume that earlier articles stating the early part of 2013 are real and still on target, then it follows that the new currency value would have to be in place before then.

I've always said that the tariff and tax laws, one of the three tools Shabibi told the IMF in 2008 he could use to control inflation and support the exchange rate, is the most important indicator of how close we are to an RV.


Deborah L: A good friend of mine told me a few months ago that she saw with her own eyes and heard with her own ears a UN broadcast about 2 years ago. They said that one of the requirements for being removed from Ch 7 is indeed to have an internationally tradable currency. I have no reason not to believe her.

I would guess that they're planning on being compliant in all Ch 7 related issues before they meet about it on the 15th

  Mountainman: Iraq is one step closer to being released from Chap 7 with the new strategic partnership agreement they are signing during this next term. The statement said that this will pave the way for Chap 7 removal and enhance Iraq/Kuwait relations. The UNSC is running out of excuses to keep Iraq under sanctions and the international support for this cause is growing


Highlander: Iraq is the fastest growing economy right now because of oil alone not because of the private sector. They are talking about the restrictions on the movement of money , the laws that govern outside investment, etc that are still in place right now are making it unattractive to invest in Iraq.

You have to have 100,000.00 US Dollars just to start a business in Iraq as a non Iraqi. This is given to the Iraqi government and you can't have it back until you close the business and clear all taxes etc owed to the government and you are not paid interest on it either.

This is why getting out of chapter 7 with the UN and moving from article 14 to article 8 compliance with the IMF is huge for Iraq as it affects not only outside investors but it also affects Iraqi citizens trying to do business with the international community.

As to why it is so hard to get out of chapter 7 that is a conversation that could take days. First you have to have all legislation and agreements in place and have shown good faith to complete them. As we have watched for years now, getting legislation in place is something Iraq struggles with. Second the Security council has 5 permanent seats and the rest of them rotate monthly.

So you get different opinions on the council on a monthly basis as to what a country does or does not need to accomplish to complete the goal of getting released from Chapter 7.

Iraq is closer than they have ever been but they still have some very significant pieces of legislation to pass on demarcation of the borders and they need to get the farmers moved and compensated for starters.

And then the politics of getting out of Chapter 7 begins which is where the constant public bickering between the political parties comes into play and will also have the affect of keeping them in chapter 7 even though that is not a specific issue in the sanctions.

The head butting between Kurdistan and Baghdad and the clashes over territory do not sit well with the UN and will keep Iraq in chapter 7 imo.


    med (09:41:30):    stop    please    read the first line    this needs to be investigated    or i need differen t translations    first anyone here    this is important    what does the first line    of that post of busmans say
    someone post it    not the title    but the actual first line    remember every word in arabic

    busman: which one med, just got back?

    med:    has a responsibility    the one on th rv    this morning


    med:    yes    what is the first line    first word

    busman: that one?

    med: yes

    spankyi: excluded for economic and investment commission parliamentary, sunday, that the new year would witness the birth of the new iraqi currency deleted three zeros, noting that the central bank of iraq was aspires to equal the value of one dinar per dollar.


Regarding avoiding taxation, I have seen these arguments and similar arguments for a long time now. No matter how much I keep telling people about how it really works, they just keep popping up when people have forgotten me. :)

The original post said:

Quote When you are going to exchange our money go to a bank that has a international foreign exchange currency department and you trade for one of three things: Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, or Canadian dollar.

If you designate it in those denominations it is not a taxable event. That is an honest currency exchange (a 1031 exchange).

Treasury Regulations, Subchapter A, Sec. 1.988-2 (a)(1)(ii) states as follows:

"Clarification of section 1031. An amount of one nonfunctional currency is not "property of like kind" with respect to an amount of a different nonfunctional currency."


Hello fellow investors, It's been a while since I've posted anything here simply because I have not been in touch with any of the two contacts I have in Iraq. If I don't have anything to share, then I wouldn't post unless I come across an article for everyone to check out.

Well the latest info I've received is that people in Iraq are still waiting for the RV just like we are. They are happy that they are nearly out of Chapter 7 but I was told by them that being released from Chapter 7 does not need to happen before the RV.

They do not expect the rate to be less than $1 dollar which I have gave my own opinion many times before that I'd expect a rate between $1.13 and $2.47. There are some people out there who are saying that the RV is done but has not been announced yet. This is NOT true.


On behalf of the entire Dinarian Community, I would ask "GURUS" to refrain from posting things that you just have no credible evidence about!  I have told all of my friends for some time that anyone that REALLY knows even close to where we are would not be giving this type of information on the sites.  It would be careless and endanger the outcome.

When you see the sites that have changed in the past year from people who really had contacts and could balance their information among absolute truths to a satisfactory degree to what we have now, a bunch of people who post just to have something to post or ones (even worse) that are doing it for personal gain such as donations through PayPal (what a disgrace).

Whether you are right or wrong, why post it?  If it is confidential material, why post it? If you care about anything disrupting this blessing, why post it?

Turn your computers off and go outside and look at the season turning from Fall to Winter.  Did the leaves fall without you noticing?  Did the crispness of the cold air miss you because you were glued to a site about the dinar?


Greetings and Salutations;

I must apologize for the interview that folks heard on the net, I have turned down many interviews in the past, this time I did not know I was being recorded so, I was little 'blue' for some listeners. Much info I have been sitting on for years and have kept to myself. When you Know the game and the players, you know the lies being perpetrated thru the media.

When the info is given to the public, I won't be one of the people shocked by what is told, I'll be relieved. And my head won't be exploding anymore with 'contained' intel and info. Just because you know something doesn't mean you need to speak it out to the uninitiated that have no background in understanding.

I know the world you are entering but to explain it in detail, I would fail miserably because it is of something that is far from people's experience. What they've been taught since youth.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
News reports : raise the census of the budget allocations
December 3 2012

Union: Minister of Planning Ali Shukri said his ministry has completed all the technical arrangements for conducting the general census of population, but we were surprised to lift the annual financial allocation for the next year.

We do not demand additional funds, because the previous amount has not been spent, and sent many of the official books to Parliament and the Council of Ministers, and the lack of financial allocation means not the census, while A member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP for the coalition of state law Abdulhussain Yasiri that Article 11 of the Budget pointed to the existence of a population census in the year 2013, and that means and unconvincing allocating money to the census. Has been postponed a census in Iraq several years ago due to political disagreements related to the disputed areas.


Shaways: Iraq's oil exports last month amounted to 81.3 million barrels
Monday, 03 January 2012 12:05

Twilight News : Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, Rose Nuri Shaways, Monday, expressed optimism about the agreement between the federal governments and the Kurdistan Regional Government in the field of oil and gas, indicating the arrival of Iraq's oil exports to 81.3 million barrels.

Said Shaways, in his speech to the Conference II oil and gas in the Kurdistan Region, which opened this morning in Irbil, and attended by " Twilight News ", that" the federal government is serious about removing all obstacles that hinder the age of oil and gas law, "noting that" the recent agreement between the two governments to circumvent the difficulties resolving differences that opens the way for the oil and gas law agreement between the center and the provincial and local governments. "

He Shaways, that the conference held in Arbil, "is to complete and continue previous efforts through economic conferences and numerous investment held in Baghdad and Erbil, London", "We in the federal government and the provincial government are waiting to these conferences as provide us with new opportunities for economic cooperation and investment, especially in the oil and gas field and other fields of economic and service to restore the construction and development process. "


Kurdistan declares quest export 250 thousand barrels of oil per day provides $ 8 billion for Iraq
Monday, 03 December 2012 11:44

Twilight News : announced the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barzani Naچervan, Monday, said his government was working to achieve the export capacity of crude oil of 250 million barrels per day, adding that this will provide more than eight billion dollars for the Iraqi budget.

Barzani said during the opening of the second conference of oil and gas, which is organized by "CWC" oil cooperation with the provincial government, in Arbil, attended by " Twilight News ", that" Kurdistan is seeking to raise its export of crude oil to the level of 250 thousand barrels per day in the near future. "


Sihail, UNDP sign understanding agreement for mutual cooperation
December 3 2012

Baghdad (AIN) : The first Deputy Speaker, Qusay al-Sihail, signed with the United Nations development Programme (UNDP) an understanding agreement for the mutual cooperation.

A statement by Sihail's office received by AIN on Monday cited "Sihail signed the understanding agreement with UNDP to develop the mutual relations in the future in all the fields."

"Sihail stressed the importance of signing such agreement, appreciating the exerted efforts to support the democratic state in Iraq," the statement added.

"Sihail described the efforts of the UN in all the other fields such as the water and environment fields as good," the statement concluded.

Click for Link


Iraqi senior officer subject to investigations over disappearing huge moneys
December 3 2012

Baghdad (AIN) : Informed source from the Parliamentary Security & Defense Committee reported that the Ministry of Interior is interrogating now with a senior officer on background of disappearing huge amount of money during raiding a house in Baghdad.

The source told All Iraq News Agency "The Interior Ministry launched investigations over an officer affiliated with the Ministry of interior on background of losing more than $ one million after raiding a house related to a terrorist in Baghdad al-Jadeda neighborhood of eastern Baghdad."

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